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                               Suspense can be defined as a quality of a literary work that
                               makes the reader or audience uncertain or tense about the
                               outcome of events. Suspense makes the reader ask "What
                                will happen next?" Suspense is greatest when it focuses
                                         attention on a sympathetic character.

List three different scenarios you’ve seen in movies that have created a sense of suspense?



Now return to your notes…what are the two different things does an author do to create suspense?


One way (that you may have not guessed) to really make a piece of writing suspenseful is to focus on Imagery. What
is imagery?

Now you are ready to create some suspense and use imagery! Use the following prompts to create your own
suspenseful scene; remember to write each sentence as a continuation of your scene….
    1. Here is your opening line: “He thought he heard someone in the house…”
    2. Write a sentence describing the disturbing sound he heard:

     3. Write a sentence describing what the character was thinking. Create a question that ran through his mind:

     4. Next he smelled something out of the ordinary; write a sentence describing this:

     5. What memory did this scent remind him of?
6. Connect that memory to the present moment:

7. Write a sentence describing how he has seen something different in the house, something out of the ordinary
   that causes alarm:

8. This sight brought what question to the front of his mind:

9. What does the character want to do now, and what is the character afraid of:

10. Have the character take action:

11. There is something in the character’s way that prevents him from succeeding, describe this:

12. Go back to the memory again and let it give him the courage to go forward:

13. Have the character move closer to the disturbing sound/scent/sight.

14. Conclude the scene:

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