Parent PTA Membership Form by linzhengnd


									                                           Lawson PTA
                                           Join Today!
  Please support the Lawson ECC PTA today by joining our PTA
  membership! The cost is only $10 which goes toward programs
     for the students, teacher appreciation and much more!
Your membership alone will give us a BIGGER voice in our school and community! Budget, programs, school events
        & volunteer opportunities will be discussed at monthly meetings (attendance is not mandatory).
 We would love for you to join us at our next meeting and see all the awesome things Lawson PTA has to offer!!!

Keep in mind that anyone can join the PTA; parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, close friends, high school brothers
                                   and sisters, neighbors, church members, etc.
   Any one that has an interest in making your child’s potential a reality can join the PTA and make it possible.
                                    Visit for more information!

                                   Yes, I would like to join the Lawson PTA!
                    Number of memberships :___________( Membership is $10 per person)
            Please return to school with your student, front office or PTA meeting/event. Checks Payable to Lawson
                                ECC PTA. At least one form of communication you have any
                      Please contact Holly Sanchez at if is needed. membership questions.

Best Regards,
            Name 1:___________________________________________________
Holly Sanchez
           Name    2:___________________________________________________
1st VP Membership
            Address: __________________________________________________
            Phone: ____________________________________________________
            Child name/Program: ________________________________________
            Teachers Name: ____________________________________________

                                                                    PTA Use only:

   Date received: ___________________________    Amount: ____________________                   cash      or     Check: # ___________________

   Received by: ______________________________   Membership Date: _______________________       Sent to state: date: __________________________

   Membership card: In person                    Childs backpack:   date: ________________________

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