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					Nouns question

The ____was started by the bursting light bulb.(class)

The steering ____meets every Wednesday afternoon.(committee)

The ____is dining on take-out chicken tonight.(jury)

The only luggage that was lost was the _____.(prime minister’s)

The children circled around the headmaster and shouted, “are you a ____or a man?”(mouse)

The ____seats are very uncomfortable.(bus)

Where do you buy the ____?(pen)

Why are you so fierce ____?(dog)

If you want to send that ____?(work)

This ____ usually played by the radio?(music)

Pronouns question

____ going to wear these?(you’re)

This is the best ____ can do?(you)

Why did ____ miss the soccer banquet?(she)

The record album was signed by Garth Brooks ____.(himself)

____ is a beautiful house!(that)

For Hendry’s birthday,____ is next Tuesday,sarah will bake a cake.(which)

____ on the faculty wrote the school song.(someone)

Mr.Tan reminded ____ to order ticket as soon as possible.(herself)

____ of Linda’s neighbors were extremely friendly.(most)

____ did Ahmad invite to the dance?(whom)
Verbs question

____ Maria John’s sister?(is)

____ you twenty-five years old?(are)

____ I in your way?(am)

The students ____ all their courses.(passed)

The car ____ the restaurant.(demolished)

The leaves ____ red and sickly.(were)

My grumpy old English teacher ____ at the plate of cold meatloaf.(smiled)

Theo’s overworked computer ____ in a spray of sparks,(exploded)

The curious toddler ____ a grasshopper into her mouth.(popped)

Francisco’s comic book collection ____ worth RM10,000.00.(is)

Adjectives question

She is a ____ tennis player.(good)

She did extremely ____ on the exam.(well)

Alaska is ____ than Missisippi.(colder)

In the bicyclye race,Harold was ____than Michael.(faster)

We are the ____ readers in the whole school,(best)

The world trade center is the ____ building in new York city.(tallest)

These pecans taste ____ than last years crop.(worse)

The ____ balloon floated over the treerops.(truck-shaped)

My room was filled with large,____ rain boots((yellow)

The ____ mines are dark and dank.(coal)
Adverbs question

The dog look ____ to find the cat.(everywhere)

Michael waited____ than david.(more patiently)

The baby opened his eyes ____.(slowly)

Of all the boy in the race,he ran the ____.(most quickly)

Homer ran ____ to the corner store.(quickly)

The kitten play with each other ____.(happily)

The sun shone ____ through the trees.(brightly)

Today we practiced ____ than we did yesterday.(harder)

The big lion roared ____.(loudly)

Dan jumped ____ of all the student in his class.(highest)

Prepositions question

He came ____the hairdressers looking very different.(out of)

Can you put her ____ for the night?(up)

I was ____ the road to Eastbourne at the time.(on)

Open the book ____ page 10.(at)

I’ll do it ____ the weekend.(over)

Her sat unhappily ____ the corner.(in)

He’s asked me to sit ____ the committee.(on)

You can rely ____ me to do it.(on)

Him put it on the table and covered it ____ a cloth.(with)

Push the door ____ and we’ll talk privately.(to)
Conjunction question

I like chicken ____ not fish.(but)

I like both dogs ____ cats.(and)

The item are on sale in the local store ____ not online.(though)

Neither my mother ____ my father will be able to attend the party on Sunday.(or)

Luke was late to the party ____ his car broke down on the highway.(because)

Why is your face ____ her identical?(and)

They are good friend ____ of different religions,why?(but)

____ you want to go from here?(if)

____ the rain stopped,the dog ran into the mud to play.(after)

The snowman melted ____ the sun came out.(because)

Interjections question

I heard one guy say to another guy , “he has a new car,____?”(eh)

“____, what did him say?”

“shall we go?” “____.”(uh-huh)

“____ that hurts!”(ouch!)

“____,please say ‘yes’!”(oh)

“____i don’t know the answer to that.”(uh..)

“____. I’m not so sure.”(hmm..)

“____ what’s new?”(hi!)

“____ look at that!”(hey!)

“____ my car’s gone!”(hello!)

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