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               Equipping You to Master your World
                                                               NBC COMMUNICATIONS

                                      The M7                       M7 Features:                   Smaller, Lighter M7 Voice Amplifier
                                                                   Amplifies User’s Voice 75 Meters
                                     Amplifier                     Type Classified
                                                                   Nomenclature M7
                                                                   Field Operator Attachable/Removable
                                                                   NBC Survivable/Decontaminatable
                                                                   Water Resistant
                                                                   Preserves Existing Voicemitter as
                                                                   Communication Back-up
                                    Part #5996 01 381 9012         Spare Kits Available                              Part #: B-181045JSP-TC2
                                    NSN: 5996 01 381 9012          Powered by Standard 9V Battery
                                                                   Compatible with the M40 Mask;
                                                                                                       Over 50% Reduction in Size and
                                                                   M17 Mask with Adapter                Weight from Previous Model

                                                           The New Ultra Light
                                                         MCU-2A/P Mask Amplifier
                                                                        Part #:B-181055

                                                             Amplifies Voice for Indoor or Low Noise
                                                             Light Weight (Less than 5ozs.)
                                                             NSN (Pending)
                                                             Field Operator Attachable/Removable
                                                             Compatible with the MCU-2A/P & 2/P Masks
                                                             NBC Survivable/Decontaminatable
                                                             Water Resistant
                                                             Spare Kits Available
                                                             Powered by 6 Volt Battery Type 28
MCU-2A/P Mask Amplifier                                      (Lithium or Alkaline)

                                                               The MCU-2A and MCU-2A/P
                                                                   Classified Mask Amplifier
                                                                       Part #:5830-01-364-4595


                                                                Amplifies User’s Voice 75M         Water Resistant
                                                                Listed in TA 016                   NSN 5830-01-364-4595
                                                                Listed in T.O. 14P4-15-1           Field Operator Attachable/
                                                                as an Accessory                    Removable
                                                                Compatible with MCU-2/P            NBC Survivable/Decontaminatable
                                                                & 2/AP Masks                       Spare Kits Available
                                                                Preserves Existing Voicemitter     Powered by Standard 9V Battery
              MCU-2A                                            as Communication Back-up
      Classified Mask Amplifier
   The VPU dramatically improves
 communication in NBC environments!

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                      Equipping You to Master your World
                                                                     NBC communication
                        More than a Mask

    The BlackHawk is composed of
    five major components:
                                                                   Ultra Elite® Facepiece
    Ultra Elite® Facepiece
    Two-Stage Regulators
    End-of-Service-Time-Indicator (EOSTI)
    Carrier and Harness Assembly
    Air Cylinder

    Air Cylinders
    The BlackHawk SCBA is available in both                      The BlackHawk Tactical Air Mask
    low-pressure (2216 psi) and high-pressure                                  uses the
    (4500 psi) operating systems.                                MSA Nightfighter® HUD
    Carbon-fiber cylinders available for use are:                as a silent low-pressure warning
    L-30 Stealth (Low Pressure)                                  device and as a cylinder pressure
    H-30 Stealth (High Pressure)                                     gauge. There is no audible
    H-45 LP Low Profile Stealth (High Pressure)                   pressure warning device on this
    H-60 Stealth (High Pressure)                                    unit that would compromise

  Advantage® 1000 Riot Control Gas Mask                                                             MSA Millennium® CBRN Gas Mask

                                               • Durable Hycar rubber facepiece
                                               • 40% Lighter Than Conventional
                                                 Full-face Respirators
                                               • Flexible, 1-piece Polyurethane Lens
                                               • Wide Field of Vision
                                               • Elastic, 6-point Head Harness
                                               • Dual-canister mount

 ESP® II Communications System

 • Hands-free, Clear Voice Amplification
 • Lightweight And Intrinsically Safe
 • Water-resistant                                                                     Features:
 • Designed for use with the Advantage                                                 Optional Butyl-coated nylon hood   Elastic, 6-point head harness,

 1000 Respirator and the Millennium                                                    Easy on/off/ adjustment            Standard Mechanical Speaking Diaphragm

 CBRN Mask                                                                             Optional ESP® II                   Drinking Tube for Hydration is Included

 • Increased safety and productivity                                                   Communications System              2 Check Valve Internal Nose Cup

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