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Final Exam



   2. This site is fairly easy to use. All the information needed about their family health care
      services is accessible on this site. It also has the practices of each individual doctor,
      which could come in handy when researching a specific topic. It is also good that it has
      testimonials, a press room tab and contact information, if any questions do arise. Also the
      virtual office visit is a good way to see what you’re getting yourself into before you make
      a commitment.
   3. The only thing that annoys me about this site is all the drop down tabs. Scrolling over
      each tab and looking for what you need can be a hassle. If you accidentally move the
      mouse off the tab it goes away. I would make it more user friendly for those less
      technologically advanced.
   4. This site seems pretty accurate with all of its content and I honestly don’t know what
      could be improved.
   5. The information on this site seems to be accurate. They won an award for best general
      practice in Oakland County. I don’t know much about the general practice there, but to be
      voted number one in anything is an accomplishment.
   6. I could use this in my profession because it describes many different services. These
      include, but are not limited to, weight management counseling, body composition
      scanning, pre-participation exams, injury assessment programs, along with weight and
      exercise programs. These could be helpful for me and my clients for pre workout issues
      as well as post workout exams.
   7. This website has quite a few different calculators, for things such as, BMI, calorie intake
      for men and women, calories burned for multiple activities and body weight calculator.
      The BMI calculator was accurate for calculating my personal BMI according to height
      and weight. The recommended calories for my body type and activity levels seem very
      high, as I don’t get nearly the amount they recommend. The ideal body weight is a little
      low as I want to be around 180lbs and it recommends a weight of 160.

2. This site is extremely useful and is really easy to use. The first thing I did was take a quiz
   and gave me instant results, which is very convenient.
3. Like the last site this site can get annoying, there is a lot of clicking on different links just
   to get a little information. Once you get there, the info is good, but going back and forth
   between links a bunch of times annoys me.
4. This site describes how to lose weight with exercise and only exercise. Losing weight is
   much more than that. A healthy balanced diet is also needed to lose and maintain weight.
   The main topic is, lose weight with exercise, and you have to search the fine print to find
   anything about lifestyle changes. The two work together in the weight loss process.
5. The information is accurate and gives good tips and examples on how to exercise and
   become healthy. It also says that all the information is reviewed by the Medical Review
   Board. They have information on just about everything you need, from exercises for each
   muscle group, to cardio routines to burn more calories. Each of these seem to be accurate
   and they have some great advice.
6. I could advise my clients to use this site when not available to meet or talk to me. This
   site could guide them and give them tips on how to maintain exercise routines and even
   add something new into their routine.
7. The first thing I did when I clicked the link was to take a quiz about my activity and
   fitness levels. When that was finished it instantly gave me my results and tips on how I
   could change my routine and add some new stuff into it. I also saw a few different
   quizzes and calculators, but looking through the site, I lost them due to all the different
   links, I couldn’t find them again.

2. This site at first glance is the easiest to use and navigate. The home page is brief and easy
   to read. With each muscle group shown in a picture it is easy for a beginner to correctly
   pick what they want to learn more about. There are too many tabs or links you need to
   click on to get to what you’re looking for.
3. Personally, I like how this site is set up; it is easy to use and gets to the point. The other
   sites were confusing, but this one is short and sweet.
4. The only problem with this site is that it was created by your average Joe. This Blake guy
   has his personal training certificate by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. You
   have to read his bio to get that information. I’ve never heard of him and don’t know if his
   content is all that good. Maybe some references or qualifications would make me a
5. From my experience in the gym and weight lifting over the past 6 years, his information
   and knowledge about exercise seems accurate. He describes and demonstrates different
   workout routines for each muscle group. From my personal knowledge of weight lifting,
   this information seems to be accurate. If someone who wasn’t familiar with weight
   lifting, they might not believe this stuff due to lack of accreditation.
6. I don’t know if I would use this site in my profession, it seems to be all the information I
   would provide.
7. There are no quizzes or calculators available on this site.

2. This site is easy to use and navigate. Most of the information on this page is accessed
   only by a membership, but you can still use most of the tools available on the site.
3. I don’t really get the whole membership to view a website deal, but I guess they can do
   whatever they want. I don’t know if you have to pay to become a member or not, but I
   personally would never pay to be a member. If I could change one thing it would be that
   the site would be accessible to all.
4. Again I cannot access much information on this site and again the only thing I would
   change is the membership, they are annoying.
5. I don’t know how factually correct all the information is because I am not a member, but
   all the tools and calculators seem to give accurate results when used correctly.
6. I could easily use the tools available such as target heart rate, healthy weight, BMI,
   calorie burn and food analyzer. I don’t know if I would specifically have to use this site,
   but it’s an option.
7. My target heart rate and ideal body mass seem to be accurate. The calorie burn tool was
   interesting to use, it gave me accurate readings on activities that I never really thought
   about before and it is accurate information.

2. This site can be confusing for someone who has just begun or wants to learn more
   information before they begin working out. Not everyone knows how much they can lift
   before the start working out. It’s easy to navigate and could be useful for someone more
3. This site is designed for a more experienced audience and if they want to gain more
   people they could add Information and calculators for the less experienced crowd.
4. It can get pretty confusing with all these numbers and percentages everywhere, with little
   or no explanation to what they all mean. A tool bar with information to what everything
   needs could improve the content and people could understand it more clearly.
5. If you’re knowledgeable about the material it is accurate, yes, but if you don’t know what
   it means then this site is pretty much useless to you.
6. I could use the many different calculators available on this site. There are fitness tests,
   metabolic calculators, Diet and nutrition information, timers, converters, and other
   calculators and resources available. These could be used to determine someone’s fitness
   level and help them set goals. I could also teach clients how to use these on their own so
   they can test fitness levels at home if they wanted to.
7. Some of the calculators can be very confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing or
   don’t know what to put in the boxes. It seems you need to have everything written down
   in order to get results from a lot of these tests. Since I know what I can lift, the one rep
   max calculator accurately told me what my 1RM is in many of the power lifts. I don’t
   know if this could be used by the inexperienced.

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