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NZ Army Joining Requirements.docx - uocesecondaryenglish


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Have you got what it takes to join the Army?
You need different skills for different roles in the Army, but there are five main things the Army checks when you are
applying. You need to be medically and physically fit, a New Zealand citizen or able to live here permanently
(Residency) be free from criminal convictions and you must be 17 or older. If you do not meet the requirements, this
can be grounds for exclusion.


All applicants undergo a full medical to ensure they are fit to handle the various physical and mental stresses they
could encounter while serving. This includes working in extremes of climate and temperatures. Some conditions mean
you won't be accepted for enlistment. They include conditions that require medication, degenerative-type diseases,
and disabilities.

Please note that Body Mass Index (BMI) is also taken into consideration, so please ensure you use accurate figures
for your height and weight in your application form. Your recruiter will be happy to talk you through any issues around
this once you have submitted your application.

Citizenship, Permanent Residency and Security Clearances

To be eligible for enlistment into the New Zealand Army, applicants must be New Zealand Citizens or have New
Zealand Permanent Residency; AND (1) have lived in New Zealand for at least five 5 years, or (2) have held
Citizenship of either Australia, Canada, United States of America, or the United Kingdom for at least ten 10 years.
This is necessary for the background checks to be conducted for the Security Clearances required for employment in
the New Zealand Army.

However, the Army has a requirement for all personnel to be ready to be deployed overseas on operational service,
therefore, Army personnel need to be NZ citizens and eligible to hold NZ passports. You may apply to join the Army if
you have been granted NZ Permanent Resident status, but you must sign an undertaking to become a NZ citizen
before you will be enlisted.

Criminal History

The Army is a team-based organisation, with a high dependence on trust and use of technical equipment and
weapons. For those reasons, we are looking for people who are reliable and trustworthy. All applicants undergo a
police records check, and any convictions are assessed on the severity of the offence. You may be advised to sort out
pending matters, asked to serve a period of stand-down or you may be rejected.


There is a minimum joining age of 17. There is no upper age limit for new recruits for Soldier entry. However, for some
Officer entry schemes an upper age limit applies. See individual trade pages for specific requirements.

What's Involved?

These are the basic elements involved in joining the Army. You'll find more detail about what's involved step by step in
our outline of the soldier recruitment process.

       You must do medical, fitness and aptitude tests to check that you're fit and healthy and suited to a career in
        the Army.
       You'll also be interviewed and have to attend Assessment days which include career counselling, physical
        activities and preparation training.
       If you make the grade and are accepted into the Army, you'll either go on to do 16 weeks basic training, for
        Full-Time service.
       Or a attend a shorter course (3 Weeks) for Territorial (Part-Time) Force service. This will prepare you for
        military life. Once you've completed the basic training, you'll go to a unit and join your Corps.

You can start the Online Application process right here on this website or Phone 0800 NZ ARMY (0800 69 2769) or
Call into a Recruiting Office and talk to one of our recruiters if you feel you need further information.
NOTE: Completing and submitting the questionnaire will not commit you to the Army in any way.

This page was last reviewed on 11 May 2010 and is current.


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