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Mawell Introduction

Timo Koistinen
Imaging Solutions
Mawell Ltd.

Tel. +358 40 560 4655
Email:                     Timo Koistinen
                             Company Overview
   Mawell is an innovative and fast growing technology and service provider
   We focus 100% on healthcare industry
   We are a scandinavian company with offices in Finland and Sweden
   Our objective is to provide healthcare professionals with

   We add value to our customers by improving the effectiveness and efficiency
    of healthcare processes
   We are a trusted solution provider for more than 250 healthcare organizations
   Our services reach 4 Million citizens in Scandinavia
   We trust on networking and co-operation with other companies and
   We believe in
     • Agility and continuous learning
     • Customer satisfaction
     • Balance of life
     • Growth and profitability


    Imaging &                 Selfcare & Disease                  Business
   Clinical Data                 Management                     Intelligence

Mawell Imaging Solutions Offering

                                    Timo Koistinen

Mawell M7

   Imaging and digitalization of medical data is the
    fastest growing segment in healthcare IT
     •   Amount of medical multimedia produced grows more than
         100% annually
     •   New digital modalities and new imaging technologies
     •   For example usage of digital cameras in all medical
         specialties is growing exponentially

   Mawell M7 is the leader in medical multimedia and
     •   M7 is the leading medical multimedia and regional imaging
         solution in Scandinavia
     •   More than 150 installations with over 2 000 professional
         healthcare users
     •   Comprehensive and seamless hospital-wide and regional
         multimedia-enabled electronic patient record solutions

                                              More than 5 million patient cases
                                              are handled using Mawell M7
                                              software annually.
                                              More than 2 000 healthcare
                                              professionals use Mawell M7
                                              software daily.

Imaging & Clinical             Why?
  Data Solutions                To improve efficiency, quality and
                                effectiveness of healthcare operations.

                               How?
                                To provide comprehensive and seamless
                                digital multimedia and image solutions
                                for healthcare professionals.

Mawell Imaging and Clinical Data Solutions

           Typical Mawell M7 solutions
             •   Medical multimedia production, storing, distribution and viewing
             •   Structured reporting
             •   Remote consultation
             •   Double-reading and automated discrepancy reporting
             •   Workflow automation
             •   Integration to HIS, EPR, RIS and PACS systems

           Mawell M7 product family
             •   eConsultation Portal
             •   eForm
             •   Feeback
             •   Infobroker
             •   MediMaker 7
             •   WebViewer
             •   Winceph

           Mawell M7 technology
             •   Easy-to-deploy - web-based software platform
             •   Comprehensive – supports any modality and medical specialty
             •   Seamless workflow – supports open and standard interfaces
             •   Easy-to-integrate – practical integration experience

Customer Examples

                    Timo Koistinen

                       Case: Multimedia solution in
                       Hospital District of Southwest Finland

Second largest Hospital District
in Finland
    56 municipalities and cities
    26 health centers
    University hospital + local
    Providing healthcare
     services to a population
     of 450 000 residents
    Largest city Turku with
     170 000 inhabitants
    Smallest municipality
     Velkua with 250 inhabitants

Volume of services
   5 300 permanent
    560 000 treatment visits
    440 000 inpatient treatment
     days annually
    Annual budget about 300
     million euros

                            Case: Regional Imaging Solution in
                            Västra Götalands Regionen, Sweden

Second largest region in Sweden
    1.5 million citizens
    49 municipalities
    50 000 employees
    Largest city Gothenburg

Regional imaging solution
   Integration of radiological
    imaging between 17
   Integrated PACS systems
       • Agfa
       • Siemens
       • Sectra
   Integrated RIS systems
       • Siemens
       • ADAPT
       • Sectra
   In partnership with GE
   Seamless imaging workflow
    between hospitals and
    different IT systems

                        Case: DigiFundus Imaging Service

Screening service for diabetes patients

     Eye fundus imaging and
     Central repository
     Fully digital and web-based
     Alerting eye specialists by
      SMS/email to report on images
     Service provided to more than
      60 000 patients

    More than 100 municipalities
    Private healthcare providers
     (e.g. Mehiläinen)
    Public healthcare service
     (e.g. Tampereen
    HUS (largest hospital district in
    Distributed around Finland

                          Case: Regional Imaging Solution in
                          Northern Finland

Five Hospital Districts
in Northern Finland
    Covering almost half of the
     geographical area
     of Finland
    Providing healthcare
     services to a population
     of 725 000 residents
    Largest city Oulu with 130
     000 inhabitants
    Long distances and only
     few specialists

Regional imaging solution
   Centralised data centre
    Local modalities connected
     to data centre
    Consultation market place
     for remote consultation
     inside (and outside) of
     RATU area
    Integrations to local EPRs

Customer Service Capabilities

                                Timo Koistinen
                Delivery and Customer Support

 People
    •   Mawell employs more than 100 technology and healthcare
        professionals in Finland and Sweden
    •   Our professionals assist in implementing Mawell solutions for
        customer organizations
 Experience and expertise
    •   Mawell has experience of several successful national, regional
        and local level implementation projects
    •   Our expertise covers all aspects necessary for successful
        implementation from healthcare process consulting to technical
        details of modalities and interfacing
 Customer Care
    •   Our Customer Care service ensures that customers are getting
        the benefits from Mawell M7 solutions continuously
    •   Our services range from help desk support to remote 24/7
        monitoring and maintenance services
               Technology and Partners

 Technology and Standards
   •   Mawell M7 software products are based on modern
       Java technology making them robust, fast and easily
       implemented solutions in large-scale use
   •   Mawell M7 solutions can utilize existing commercial
       or open source software (e.g. Linux) for cost-
       effective implementation
   •   Mawell M7 supports open architecture and standard
       interfaces such as HL/,DICOM, CDA and IHE profiles
       to enable easier integration and lower TCO in
       changing system environments
 Partners
   •   Mawell partners with local EPR/HIS vendors and
       global modality manufacturers and RIS/PACS
       vendors to ensure seamless solutions for customers
   •   Mawell is also an active member and influencer in
       HL7 and IHE associations

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