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   Student-Parent Handbook

“A Leader in Me School”

     McIntyre Elementary School
           19600 Saratoga Blvd.
           Southfield, MI 48076

           (248) 746-7365 Phone
            (248) 746-7663 Fax

    www.southfield.k12.mi.us/McIntyre K-5

          McIntyre Elementary School
     A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
                   McIntyre Elementary School
                               An Exemplary Blue Ribbon School

                             Ms. Kimberly K. Beckwith, Principal
                     19600 Saratoga, Southfield, Michigan 48076
                    Phone: (248) 746-7365          Fax: (248) 746-7663

Dear Parents/Guardians,

McIntyre Elementary School is a Stephen Covey, Leader in Me School. The Leadership
Model Program receives national recognition for its emphasis on developing leadership
in young children. It is grounded in the belief that building cooperative relationships and
nurturing responsibility, kindness and good judgement is the basis for creating a
successful community of learners. By developing the WHOLE child - socially,
emotionally, academically and ethically - the program fosters a climate of principle-
centered and personal leadership.

The principles of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, internationally renowned consultant and author
of the 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, are embedded in the school's
culture and guide the student, faculty and staff in building the leadership model. In
addition, as part of collaboration with the PTO, community members and families are
given the opportunity through seminars to learn about and apply these principles.

Educating the total child goes well beyond the walls of the school building and takes
many teachers. Home, the child’s first learning environment, and the school, must work
together for the success of the student. Communicating and working together are key
factors in education and the purpose for this handbook.

Please read this handbook carefully. It will provide you with necessary information
regarding school procedures and policies. Feel free to contact McIntyre Elementary
School at (248)746-7365 should you have any questions or concerns. Our doors are
always open, and we look forward to our partnership with you throughout the school


Kimberly K. Beckwith

                        McIntyre Elementary School
                   A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
      Important McIntyre Phone Numbers

McIntyre Office ------------------------------------------------------------------(248) 746-7365

McIntyre Fax ---------------------------------------------------------------------(248) 746-7663

Lunch Bookkeeper -------------------------------------------------------------(248) 746-7370

Literacy Coach, Gail Setters -------------------------------------------------(248) 746-7491

Psychologist, Jill Hardin -------------------------------------------------------(248) 746-7613

Social Workers, Barbara Lange, Nancy Lane ---------------------------(248) 746-7496

District Transportation ---------------------------------------------------------(248) 746-8522

District Pupil Registration -----------------------------------------------------(248) 746-7601

Champions Latch Key ---------------------------------------------------------(248) 824-0359

Young Astronaut Program, Tracy Beckett -------------------------------(248) 746-7495

                        McIntyre Elementary School
                   A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School

The Mission of Southfield Public Schools is to cultivate
a continuously improving, collaborative, safe,
supportive and high-quality, student-centered learning
experience in order to prepare dynamic, innovative
learners who realize their maximum potential in a global


Helen McIntyre Elementary School is committed to
educating students to be academically prepared,
socially aware, culturally enriched, and emotionally and
physically healthy; thus enabling them to become
contributing citizens in an ever-changing society.

                McIntyre Elementary School
           A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
Morning bell for Grades K-5 ......................................................... 8:40am
Classes begin for all grades (TARDY BELL) ............................... 8:45am
Grades K, 1, 2, 3 lunch................................................ 11:20am-12:10pm
Grades 4, 5 lunch .......................................................... 12:15pm-1:05pm
Dismissal ...................................................................................... 3:55pm

SCHOOL ARRIVAL: Students who walk or are transported by parents
should not arrive to school until 8:40am. All students are allowed to enter
the building at 8:40am. At 8:45a.m., the tardy bell will ring and classes will
begin. We do not provide supervision for early arrivals. The Champions’
Latch Key program is available to parents who need supervision for their
children before and/or after school.

BUS TRANSPORTATION: Buses usually arrive between 8:30am and
8:35am. Students in grades one through five will be directed to enter and
exit at designated doors. Line-up areas are provided for the various
grades. Kindergarten students line up in front of the building outside of the
Kindergarten classroom doors.

If there is a special circumstance where your child needs to get off at
a different stop for a special reason, you must send a note to the
office to be signed by the principal. This note will be given to the
driver. Drivers cannot alter drop off points without written, signed

WALKERS AND BICYCLE RIDERS: A child’s health and safety is a major
concern for all of us. Please discuss the safest and most direct route to and
from school with your child. If your child walks or rides a bicycle to school,
please help them judge the time so that arrival at school is not
earlier than 8:40am. Students in grades one through five
may ride bikes to and from school. Each student is
responsible for locking his or her bike to the bike rack.

Bicycle riders must have a letter on file in the office from
their parent or guardian giving them permission to ride their bike to school.
All bikes are “walked” while on school property.

Please encourage and take measures to ensure that your child will go
directly home after school each day.

                           McIntyre Elementary School
                      A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
FIELD TRIPS: All field trips are carefully planned by the classroom teacher. Field
trips are planned in conjunction with a specific unit of study for the purpose of
enhancing the student’s learning experience. Parents must sign the official
              permission slip of the school in order for a student to participate in a
              field trip. This procedure is for the safety and well-being of your child.
               Our staff spends considerable time planning for these meaningful
               trips, so please return the Field Trip Notices back to the classroom
               teacher as soon as possible. If a parent is invited or volunteers to
               accompany the class, it is understood that the parent assumes a
               degree of responsibility for the safety and conduct of students
               assigned. Oftentimes, the teacher will provide certain tasks that each
group must complete. Therefore, younger siblings cannot accompany parents. No
student will be kept from going on a field trip due to finances. Please contact your
child’s classroom teacher if you have questions, and be assured that the matter will
be handled with the utmost discretion.

SCHOOL PARTIES: All parties are planned by the classroom teachers and their
students. The only approved classroom parties are the day before winter break
and the end of the school year. Each teacher incorporates appropriate recognition
of children who enjoy their birthday during the school year. Birthday treats are
not allowed to be brought to school. Recognition of various significant days is
observed throughout the year in all classrooms. Only kindergartners are allowed
to wear Halloween costumes and parade through the school.

ATTENDANCE: Please call us whenever your child is not coming to school. We
need to know why the student is absent for our weekly Health Reports.
Attendance is reported twice daily. Parents should call by 9:00am or send a
note by a family member or friend to inform the school if a child will be absent.
Excessive absences and/or tardies are a serious concern. After 10 absences
and/or tardies, you will be contacted by school. Excessive absences and/or tardies
may result in contact with the Oakland Country Truancy Department. Long-term
illnesses are not referred.

   1. We request that you do not pick up your child within the thirty minute
      time span just prior to dismissal. The office can be overwhelmed with
      many parents trying to get a jump start on weekends and vacations or
      simply trying to avoid the congestion of traffic during dismissal. It can be
      VERY difficult to contact so many classrooms that late in the day, and even
      more difficult to monitor who is attempting to pick up your child.
   2. Please make every effort to arrange your child’s afterschool plans before
      the start of the school day to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum. If
      events beyond your control make it necessary to change plans during the
      course of the school day, you may call the Main Office and your child’s
      teacher will be informed.

                       McIntyre Elementary School
                  A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
   3. If you child needs to be released during the course of the school day, please
      report to the school Main Office to sign him/her out. Your child will be called
      to the office at this time.
   4. If someone is not listed on your child’s emergency card and will be picking
      your child up, a note should be sent to school with the child, and the adult
      should come prepared to show identification.
   5. Parents who pickup their students are expected to be punctual.

Students are learning throughout the entire school day until 3:55pm,
therefore early dismissal on a regular basis is not permitted. Please plan

EXTENDED ABSENCE: When family vacations do not coincide with school
vacations and cause a student to extend his absence from school, arrangements
can be made to provide compatible assignments or make up the missed work upon
return, if parents notify the school at least a week in advance.

RECESS: We believe in the opportunity for all children to enjoy outdoor recess and
expect all children to participate. School polices indicate that is permissible for
children to enjoy outdoor recess at a wind chill temperature of 20 degrees or
above. When it is 20 degrees wind chill or above, we will have outdoor recess.
Weather factors such as sunlight, wind and dampness will support our discretion in
determining whether there will be indoor or outdoor recess, if the wind chill is less
than 20 degrees. Children who are too ill to enjoy recess outdoors may be
too ill (and often too contagious) to function effectively in the classroom.
When in doubt, an extra day home will contribute to your child’s well being.
Please contact the office regarding any other health concerns in relationship
to recess.
Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for winter weather. Snow
pants, boots, warm coats, hats, scarves, and mittens are recommended for a child
to enjoy outdoor winter recess. Students are reminded to wear boots to school
during the winter months even when there is no snow on the ground. Often snow
begins falling after the children have arrived.

HEALTH: When children are well enough to attend school and do not have a
letter from a physician limiting their activity, they are required to participate in
recess, physical education, and any other activity within our school program. If a
student returns to school with a cast or following any activity that temporarily
restricts their activity, please bring a complete statement from your physician that
1) Gives permission for the student to return to school and, 2) States the limits of
activity and length of time for the limitations.

For the safety and health of all students, please report all contagious diseases to
the office immediately. Some of our students are extremely susceptible to certain
diseases and we MUST be aware of cases they may have been exposed to.

                      McIntyre Elementary School
                 A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
MEDICATION DURING SCHOOL HOURS: If your child must take medication
during school hours, a school form titled “Authorization for Medication” must be
completed by your physician and brought back to school before we can administer
the medication. This form must be renewed each school year. Please contact the
            office for a copy of Authorization for Medication form. Medication is
            only given under adult supervision in the office. By law, a log must be
            kept of student’s name, medication, dosage, and time administered.
            Over-the-counter medications and pills cannot be self-administered by
            the students. These include Tylenol, aspirins, cough syrup, cough
            drops, antacids, etc. Please try to have these administered at home,
            or call the office for further information.

ILLNESSES DURING THE DAY: Students who complain of illness during the day
are directed to the office. If the symptoms are not relieved, parents/guardians are
called to take the students home for further attention. Due to state law, we cannot
administer aspirin, cough syrup, etc. unless prior arrangements have been made in

VISITORS: To protect your child and to avoid interruptions of the educational
process, we require that all visitors and guests register at the school office.
Classroom volunteers/visitors will receive a badge to identify them that should be
visible for the duration of their visit, and then returned to the office at check-out.


School Lunch and Student Behavior: Students are expected to use good
manners and clean up after themselves in the lunchroom. Spills are common
and a lunchroom monitor will assist with these problems. If your child brings a
lunch to school, keep in mind fast food and carbonated beverages, (pop. etc.) are
                   not allowed. Children are also not permitted to trade or accept
                   food from others. Parents with children with food allergies
                   should notify the school office and the classroom teacher to
                   assure accommodations as needed are in place before the first
                  day of school. Expectations for student behavior are the same
in the lunchroom as it is throughout the school. Lunch/Recess is approximately
50 minutes for each grade level. Students are encouraged to use the restroom
before they enter the lunchroom. Chronic disruptive behavior by students
will be referred for disciplinary action and may become the responsibility of
their parent during lunch.

prepayment of milk and lunch may be sent to school with the student as needed.
The school lunch program at McIntyre uses a prepaid debit card system. Each
                       McIntyre Elementary School
                  A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
student has a personal food account through our lunch company, Chartwells.
When a student brings lunch money from home, the amount is scanned and the
appropriate amount is deducted from the child’s account. The credit can be used
at any time during the year. If you have any questions about your child’s lunch
account, please contact Chartwells directly at (248)746-7370 between 9:00 am and
10:30 am, or leave a message in the office. Students who forget their lunch
money, or have a due balance on their lunch account, will be provided an
alternate lunch and parent(s) will be contacted by the Principal. Students will
not be permitted to call home for a lunch or lunch money.

                                              PRICING FOR LUNCH
                 1 DAY .................................................................................... $2.30
                 1 WEEK (5 DAYS) ............................................................... $11.50
                 2 WEEKS (10 DAYS)........................................................... $23.00
                 1 MONTH (30 DAYS)........................................................... $69.00

                                           PRICING FOR MILK/JUICE
                 1 DAY ........................................................................................ 50¢
                 1 WEEK (5 DAYS) ................................................................. $2.50
                 2 WEEKS (10 DAYS)............................................................. $5.00
                 1 MONTH (30 DAYS)........................................................... $15.00

Breakfast is also available for $1.25, however when your student eats breakfast at
school he/she is losing instructional time. When at all possible, please serve
breakfast at home.

*Checks should be made payable to McIntyre Elementary School and put in a
sealed envelope labeled “LUNCH MONEY” with the student’s name, room
number, and amount of money written on it. All cash brought to school, for other
reasons, must be in a sealed envelope with identifying information on the outside.

PARKING: The safety of our children is our number one priority! It is
                   imperative that we all follow the parking lot safety rules and
                   assist the staff and parent volunteers directing dismissal and
                   arrival. Unfortunately, our parking lot is small and the number of
                   people using it within a small window of time is great. Always
                   drive slowly, follow the traffic pattern, and adhere to the rules
                   listed in the handbook on the next page. Thank you for your
help with this most important issue and PLEASE share this information with others.

   Children must always be accompanied by an adult when walking through the parking
   When dropping students off and/or picking students up from school, please use the
    Student Drop Off/Pick Up circle located on the west side of the building.
   Cars are not allowed in the bus circle and will be ticketed.
   Do not stop in the middle of the parking lot, we must keep traffic flowing.
                       McIntyre Elementary School
                  A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
   Do not park in the handicapped parking space (you will be ticketed) unless you have
    the proper permit.
   Follow the directions that are provided by the staff and parent volunteers who
    are assisting with traffic, their goal is to keep everyone safe.

Please leave yourself plenty of time for drop off and pick up. This is especially true
when we have rain or snow. Our tardy bell rings at 8:45 a.m. Students must be
inside their classrooms prior to the tardy bell or they will be marked tardy.

AFTER SCHOOL PICKUP: After school, all first graders through grade five
students can be met by siblings, parent, or friends at the pickup circle at the west
side of the building. Kindergarten students are picked up at their outside
classroom doors. Parents must park in the allocated parking spaces and walk to
the school to meet their children. Please be aware that for safety reasons, it is
imperative to keep the area in front of the school clear at the beginning and end of

LATCH KEY: McIntyre students in kindergarten through fifth grades are eligible to
               participate. A private company, Champions, is handling the Latch
               Key program for the district. To register, call 1-800-246-2154 or
               visit their website at www.discoverchampions.com. The morning
               program is held from 6:30am to 8:40am, and the afternoon
               program is from 3:50pm to 6:00pm. On most days, Champions will
meet with students in the gym. When the location is moved, it will be posted.

McIntyre students are expected to be a part of the school and contribute to its
success in a meaningful way. Actions which hinder the education of the student,
or others, will be dealt with in a firm, but caring way. Appropriate behavior is
expected whether the student’s regular teacher is conducting the class or not.
Respect and proper behavior is especially important when there is a substitute
teacher in charge. If a student is sent out of class by a substitute teacher for
misconduct, he/she may be suspended from that classroom for one day.

Telephone Use by Students: Students should limit the use of the telephone at
school to emergency matters and handle other matters at home. Permission to
use the telephone should be requested of their teachers or office staff. Southfield
Public Schools prohibits elementary students from carrying pocket pagers,
electronic devices, or other personal communication devices to school.

Cell Phones and Electronic Equipment: Students should not bring cell phones,
electronic games, Gameboys, Nintendo’s, cameras, and music players to school.
The school is unable to monitor the appropriateness of the music that may be
downloaded and shared on private equipment. Items of particular concern include
MP3 Players and IPods. With regard to cameras, photos taken by students may
violate the Individual Right to Privacy Laws. Students’ personal items or valuables
should stay home.

                       McIntyre Elementary School
                  A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
Toys and Personal Items: Toys or personal items are not permitted to be brought
to school. Toys are by nature fun and of high interest to children. They are usually
harmless, but often these items are very distracting to our learning environment
and often cause conflicts among students. (This includes cards such as Pokemon,
Yu-Gi-Oh, or sports cards). Classroom rules will guide this practice with special
permission granted as needed by the classroom teacher for defined items. We
appreciate the assistance of parents in making sure that toys or personal items do
not come to school.

1. Insubordination - Expected Consequences: Minimum – Conference and parent
   contact. Maximum – Suspension
2. Bullying - Expected Consequences: Minimum – Conference and parent contact and/or
   conference. Maximum – Suspension

3. Cell Phones – Expected Consequences: Minimum – Warning; confiscation; parent
   picks up phone/device. Maximum – Suspension

4. Inappropriate/Unacceptable Behavior - Expected Consequences: Minimum –
   Conference and parent contact and/or conference. Maximum – Suspension
5. Stealing, Vandalism, Items viewed as “weapons:” Minimum - Parent contact.
   Maximum - report filed with police liaison officer and suspension
6. Fighting Expected Consequences: Suspension
   1st fight – 1 to 5 days
   2nd fight – 5 to 10 days
   3rd fight – long-term suspension
7. Bus Violations - Expected Consequences: Minimum – conference and parent contact.
   Maximum – suspension from the bus and/or school
8. Gum chewing and candy - are not allowed in classrooms or in the hallways. Repeated
   behavior will result in a consequence.

When students continue to misbehave after a student conference/ warning, it
                will result in an out of school suspension.

                      McIntyre Elementary School
                 A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
1. Students will be excused during the school day if parents call for them in
   person or send written permission for them to leave with another person (in
   extreme emergency).

2. All students must wait in the office or their room for their parents, if they are to
   leave school before the regular school day ends. Parents must come into
   the office and sign their child out.

3. All visitors (including parents) must come to the office before entering any
   area of the building.

4. Students MAY NOT alter their normal method of going to or coming from
   school without a written note. We will not accept verbal instruction via the

5. Children who are in school for the full day will be expected to take part in all
   school activities, including gym and recess, unless excused by a doctor's

6. If a child becomes ill in school and we feel he should be sent home, the office
   will contact you and arrangements will be made.

7. Southfield Public Schools has implemented a Dress Code Policy. All
   students are expected to adhere to the district policy.

8. Students are not to buy or sell items from one another during school hours
   except for school-sanctioned fundraisers.

9. Children's jackets, coats, boots, gym shoes and other personal items need to
   be labeled. Lost items can be promptly returned to owners when they are
   labeled. Also, names should be written on lunch boxes and book bags to
   eliminate confusion. When glasses are carried, please label the case and the
   glasses. A LOST AND FOUND BOX is maintained in the building. After a
   reasonable amount of time has elapsed and owners of articles are not
   located, unclaimed items will be sent to deserving families or agencies.

Additional information regarding discipline procedures is provided in the District
Code of Conduct that is given to every McIntyre Elementary School family at the
beginning of the school year. Parents and students are responsible for knowing
the contents.

                       McIntyre Elementary School
                  A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
                          SOUTHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                  BUS CONDUCT RULES

Your first class of your                                                  …the school bus is a
morning and your last class                                               continuation of the school
of the day…                                                               classroom.

      Code of Conduct and Bus rules                     Do not fight on or near a bus.
       apply at all times.
                                                         Do not use disruptive language.
      Leave home early. Give yourself
       plenty of time to get to the bus stop.            Malicious destruction of school or
       When you rush, you tend to forget                  private property will not be tolerated.
       traffic safety rules.
                                                         Wait for the bus to stop completely
      Walk on the sidewalks whenever                     before you stand up.
                                                         Take 10 giant steps away from the
      When waiting for the bus, stay away                bus when you get off.
       from traffic on the street. Don’t play
       around because you will be                        If you drop something near the bus,
       distracted and may not follow traffic              don’t pick it up. Ask the driver to get
       safety rules.                                      it for you. If you bend down to pick
                                                          something up, the driver may not
      Use the handrail when getting on the               see you.
       bus so you don’t trip on the stairs.
                                                         If you have to cross the street, wait
      Find a seat and sit down                           until the driver signals to you that it
       immediately, and be sure to keep                   is OK.
       your legs and backpack out of the
       aisle.                                            Stay away from the bus wheels at
      You can talk quietly to your friends               ALL times.
       and laugh, but do not scream
       because it will distract the driver.              Remain in your seat as the bus is in
      Do not put anything out the window,
       including your head, arms, or

       Inappropriate behavior on the bus will result in the loss of transportation privileges.


                            McIntyre Elementary School
                       A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School

GROUP CONDUCT: The district has initiated the following policy in regards to
group conduct. In order to protect students from fear, intimidation, or distraction in
school, no student on or about school property, at any school-related activity, or
while in transport on any school owned vehicle shall:
1. Wear or possess any clothing, jewelry, symbol, or other things that may reasonably be
   perceived by any student, teacher, or administrator as evidence of membership in or affiliation
   with any gang;
2. Commit any act, verbal or nonverbal (gestures, handshakes, etc.) that may reasonably be
   perceived by any student, teacher, or administrator as evidence of membership in or affiliation
   with any gang;
3. Commit any act, verbal or nonverbal, in the interest of any gang or gang activity, including but
   not limited to:
   A. Soliciting others for membership in any gang or gang related activity;
   B. Requesting any person to pay protection or otherwise intimidating or threatening any
   C. Committing any other illegal act or violation of school district rules or policies;
   D. Inciting other students to act with physical violence on any other person;
4. The term “gang” as used herein, means a group of two or more person whose purposes or
   activities include the commission of illegal acts or violations of school district rules, policies, or

DRESS CODE: Southfield Public Schools have established a dress code for
students in grades Pre-K - 8. Students must adhere to the following criteria:
                                    Pre K-8 Dress Code
•   Students must wear solid colored dress pants or slacks, knee length dresses,
    jumpers, shorts and skirts in the following colors: tan, black, navy blue and
•   Students must wear collared, short or long sleeved shirts and blouses in the
    following solid colors: tan, black, blue, brown, white, pink and yellow. No
    sleeveless shirts are allowed.
•   Turtlenecks can be worn in the same colors as shirts and blouses.
•   Shirts must be tucked in and belts worn.
•   Sweaters and sweater vests in the above mentioned colors must be worn
    over collared shirts.

DRILLS: Fire, Tornado and Lockdown procedures have been designed and are
practiced with all children under a variety of conditions throughout the year. Fire
drills require students to exit the building in an orderly, quiet fashion with their
teacher. They will be instructed where to gather. Tornado and Lockdown drills are
conducted periodically requiring students to proceed with their teacher to a
designated “safe” area quickly, quietly, and orderly. Once there, they will be asked
to demonstrate the approved method of protecting themselves while in a seated

                          McIntyre Elementary School
                     A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
PROCEDURES: Notifications will be communicated through the Southfield Public
Schools Honeywell Alert System and local news and radio stations.

1. Curriculum Night: Criteria has been established at each grade level to
   incorporate standards for organized and consistent student performance.
   These criteria will be discussed with all parents during Curriculum
   Night presentations by teachers. It is important for parents to
   attend to be aware of the expectations teachers will have for your
   child throughout the school year.

2. Homework: Homework is an extension of classroom lessons,
   used for the purpose of review, reinforcement, and/or enrichment.

3. Parent/Teacher Conferences: Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a
   year. All parents are scheduled for a conference in the fall. In the spring,
   teachers schedule conferences as needed.

4. Continuous Parent/Teacher Communication: In addition to report cards and
   scheduled conferences, parents should feel free to communicate with their
   child’s teacher when the need arises. Appointments can be scheduled directly
   with the teacher by planners, notes, email or telephone.

5. Report Cards: Report cards are marked and sent home four times per year.
   Letter grades are given in grades 3-5. K-2 is graded with an achievement scale
   based on effort applied and skills demonstrated.

6. Parent Connect: This allows you to view your child’s grades and assignments
   on-line, and will follow your child throughout his/her advancement in the
   Southfield Public Schools. This is appropriate for students in grades 3-5. For
   more information please contact the Main Office.

                     McIntyre Elementary School
                A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
                                SUPPORT STAFF

Literacy Coach, Gail Setters: Our Literacy Coach oversees progress in reading
of all students as well as providing specialized support for those students needing
assistance with basic reading, comprehension, or test taking skills.

Social Worker, Barbara Lange and Nancy Lane: The social workers provide
assistance to parents and students on critical issues as well as providing support
for friendship and social issues that the student may have.

Psychologist, Jill Hardin: The school psychologist acts as a resource for parents
who have questions concerning the development or well-being of their student.
The school psychologist also provides assistance for staff members who have
questions or concerns about a student’s progress.

Speech and Language, Margo Williams: Our speech and language specialist
provides assistance for students with language and articulation needs as well as
acting as a resource for the staff.

                          PARENT INVOLVEMENT
We encourage you to find at least eight hours to volunteer in some capacity
each school year. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to the
P.T.O: McIntyre’s P.T.O. is a cooperative effort of parents, teachers, and
administrators to enhance our children’s educational experiences. The P.T.O.
organizes and sponsors many programs with the help of volunteer parents.
Parents are invited to join for a nominal membership fee. Watch for our monthly
meeting schedule and please plan to attend as often as possible. YOUR
Young Astronauts – Parents teach in-depth space exploration study
Guest Readers – Parents bring a favorite book or story in to read to a class
Classroom Assistance – Parents help teachers in the areas of computers,
science, music, and language arts
Lunchroom Assistance – Parents assist students and staff during lunch hours
Morning & Afternoon Dismissals – Parents would assist staff in the orderly
arrival and dismissal of students
Banking Program – Parents assist in the Michigan First Credit Union banking
Field Trip Chaperone
PTO Events

                      McIntyre Elementary School
                 A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School
ASSIGNMENT TO TEACHERS: A great deal of care and concern go into the
development of class lists. Teachers who have worked with the children during the
year have a major role in constructing the lists for the following year. They take
many factors into consideration, such as unique traits and learning needs of
children, ranges of ability, gender differences and styles of learning. A
heterogeneous balance is sought in order to encourage equivalent opportunities
for all children regardless of the class to which they are assigned.

Once the class lists are completed it is very difficult to make alterations without
affecting the makeup of whole groups of children. For this reason, changes will be
made only if very serious educational reasons exist to warrant such a change.

If you have a particular concern about your child’s education, our recommendation
is to remedy these concerns by meeting with your child’s teacher early in the fall to
discuss the expectations and/or concerns that you have in mind so that they can
be known and addressed.

However, if after due consideration, you feel you have a serious concern about
your child’s placement; you must express your concerns in writing to the principal.
Such requests must be received prior to May 1 of each year.

                      McIntyre Elementary School
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                                          McIntyre Elementary School
                                        SCHOOL-HOME Learning Contract

Parent: ________________________ Student: _______________________ Teacher: _____________________
                   (Print)                                    (Print)                          (Print)

As the PRINCIPAL, _____________________________________________ (signature) I will:
 Provide a school where all feel welcome and proud to be part of the community
 Hire the most capable employees to ensure the safety and success of your child
 Seek first to understand your concerns and suggestions and maintain an “Open Door” Policy
 Maintain only the highest of expectations for students and staff
 Be fair and consistent with all children and demonstrate a respect for cultural diversity
 Put students first in all of our decisions
 Provide an environment that is safe, civil, and conducive to leaning
 Be Proactive by enforcing school-wide dress code and procedures
 Show respect for each staff member, student, family, and the community
As the TEACHER, __________________________________________ (signature) I will:
 Provide high quality instruction in a safe and organized environment that is conducive to learning
 Believe that every student can learn and grow to his/her full potential
 Show respect for each child and his/her family
 Maintain and initiate open lines of communication with students and parents, including parent-teacher
     conferences and other parent contacts as needed.
 Involve parents in their child’s learning and school activities, by joining the PTO, and by participating in school-
     sponsored family activities.
 Come to class prepared to teach, demonstrating professional behavior and a positive attitude.
 Be Proactive by enforcing and monitoring school-wide dress code and procedures.
As the PARENT/GUARDIAN, _____________________________________ (signature) I will:
 Show respect for my child’s teacher, substitute teachers, and staff members.
 See that my child attends school regularly and arrives on time.
 Provide a safe and non-threatening home environment that encourages my child to learn.
 Check my child’s homework, planner, and backpack daily and sign documents when required.
 Encourage my child to read at home, neatly complete all assignments, and do his/her personal best.
 Be an active listener and communicate with my child and his/her teacher.
 Monitor my child’s extracurricular activities and use of technology including TV, phone/texting, computer,
     internet, and video games.
 Become involved in my school by joining the PTO, helping in my student’s classroom when needed, and/or
     participating in school sponsored activities. I will commit up to 8 hours of service to my student’s school.
 Support school dress code, classroom rules, and school-wide rules and procedures.

As the STUDENT, ____________________________________ (signature) I will:
 Do my best work (both class work and homework) and show my best behavior.
 Show respect to my teachers, substitutes and staff, my classmates, my family, my friends, and myself.
 Arrive on time, prepared, with a positive attitude and willingness to learn and participate.
 Believe that I can and will learn and that I am a leader.
 Follow the school dress code, and obey classroom, school, and bus rules and procedures.

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                                  McIntyre Elementary School
                             A Stephen Covey Leader in Me School

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