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					                                                                                              Asbestos Checklist
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 1.0         Asbestos Definition
 Asbestos waste means a waste containing asbestos in a concentration greater than 1% by weight.
 Alberta Infrastructure disposes all quantities of asbestos waste as regulated waste dangerous goods.

 2.0         Emergency Response                                                              Notes:
 2.1         The Contractor has submitted a site-specific
             emergency preparedness and response plan

 2.2         The EPRP should include provisions for spills/
             releases and fire.

 2.3         Local authority may have further requirements.

 3.0         Handling                                                                        Notes:
 3.1         Workers packaging asbestos waste for disposal will
             have completed the Asbestos Workers Certification
             acceptable to Alberta Human Resources and
             Employment, Workplace Health and Safety and be
             certified to remove asbestos.

 3.2         Workers are trained in accordance with the
             Dangerous Goods Transportation and Handling

 3.3         Non certified workers (i.e. heavy equipment
             operators) have completed the Dangerous Goods
             Transportation and Handling Act.

2004-11-15 Version
Document valid only on day of printing. Printed on December 19, 2011                                         1
                                                                        Asbestos Checklist

 4.0        Packaging                                                  Notes:
 4.1        Asbestos is packaged in plastic bags that is
            designed and manufactured to contain a
            maximum net mass of 50kg. The bags are
            sufficiently strong to resist pressure and shocks
            that occur under normal conditions of transport.
            Bags containing waste asbestos are marked with a
            shipping and UN number.

 4.2        Asbestos waste is packaged in drums that are
            sturdy non-reusable, steel, aluminum or plastic,
            with tight fitting lids. Drums are appropriately

 4.0        Packaging                                                  Notes:
 4.3        Bulky asbestos waste is packaged in two separate
            layers (150 micrometer thick), each layer sealed
            with water-resistant plastic duct tape.

 4.4        The resulting package is constructed, filled and
            closed so that, under normal conditions of
            handling and transport, there will be no discharge,
            emission or escape of waste that could constitute
            a danger to public safety.

 4.5        Asbestos is not mixed with other types of wastes.

 4.6        Asbestos waste is secured and transported within
            an enclosed vehicle or covered by a tarpaulin or
            net when transported in a vehicle that is not

 5.0        Temporary Waste Storage                                    Notes:
 5.1        Signage is posted in asbestos storage areas.
            Storage areas are secure and only accessible to
            authorized personnel.

2004-11-15 Version
Document valid only on day of printing. Printed on December 19, 2011                   2
                                                                        Asbestos Checklist

 6.0        Transportation                                             Notes:
 6.1        Any persons transporting or handling dangerous
            goods has a TDG certificate.

 6.2        Contractor transporting hazardous waste has
            correct TDG placarding on vehicles.

 6.3        Contractor responsible to provide required
            manifests. Project Manager to provide generator

 6.4        Friable asbestos waste is only transported in
            vehicles equipped with emergency spill clean-up
            equipment that includes a shovel, a broom,
            wetting agent, protective clothing, polyethylene
            bags, bag closures and respiratory equipment.

 7.0        Disposal                                                   Notes:
 7.1        Asbestos has been disposed of by a licensed
            waste disposal facility (to be verified by copy of

 7.2        Asbestos waste is sent to a landfill approved by
            the local Board of Health or a Class I or II
            industrial landfill.

 8.0        Records                                                    Notes:
 8.1        Records of all inspections conducted on site.

 8.2        Copy of Shipping documents and manifests for
            transportation of waste.

 8.3        Records of individuals who are fit tested and
            issued with respiratory equipment.

 8.4        Copy of EPRP.

2004-11-15 Version
Document valid only on day of printing. Printed on December 19, 2011                   3
                                                                        Asbestos Checklist

 9.0        Reportable limits                                          Notes:
 9.1        An immediate report of incident to the local
            police is completed if a spill, emission or
            discharge of asbestos waste is in excess of 50kg
            (during transportation).

 9.2        As asbestos waste is classified as class 9, a spill
            or release, from the transport, exceeding 25 kg is
            reportable to Alberta Transportation and the local

2004-11-15 Version
Document valid only on day of printing. Printed on December 19, 2011                   4

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