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									                      Best rap singers of our times
       Hip hop singers had a lot of clout, particularly on R&B music. Many singers like Mariah
Carey switched over to R&B because they wanted to connect with a younger group of
listeners. For instance, hip-hop soul singers had hip-hop beats and tracks superimposed
with music that reminded you of the old soul style, but they used lyrics that were hip-hop,
spattered with street lingo and adult ideas.

       It's OK to believe that rap singers are those mean looking guys and gals who went
around looking purposely defiant, impudent even. They had large tattoos, wore leather,
sported chunky jewelry and weird hairstyles. But, many pop singers just cannot stomach this
change even though they shift gears to rap singing. Basically, these rap singers remixed their
albums and incorporated rap. These singles allowed pop singers to retain their signature
styles while entering the new genre of hip hop singing. Ultimately, many remixed tracks
became very popular with audiences, so that rap singing was no longer contained within
any one racial group.

     Some of the best rap singers of all times are a mix of the true blue rap singers and
some pop singers who switched over. Here is a list.

       Eminem: American rap singer who splashed into the limelight basically because of his
controversial lyrics that can be very critical, revealing and intensely personal. Being a white
rap singer is something of a rarity, which is why he has been called the 'great white hope' of
rap. Even so, Eminem became very famous because of his cartoon like character. He even
went on to get triple platinum for The Slim Shady LP. As Eminem's popularity grows, so do
the controversies surrounding his lyrics and albums.

      Beyonce: A voice made for ballads, a strong physique and a body to die for. Beyonce
has a unique standing among rap singers. Her amazing stamina and vocal range coupled
with her electric energy on-stage has made her a favorite with rap lovers the world over.

      Rihanna: Rihanna has always stood out from the competition because of her
impressive work ethics. Releasing three albums in as many years is no mean task. An
impressive voice, upbeat songs and great onstage performances are what make Rihanna
one of the best female rap singers of our time.

      Rap singing has come a long way since it started out in a small way in the hush of the
underground. With their starkly independent way of dressing, singing and handling
themselves, rap singers have fought and succeeded in carving an identity for themselves. A
very attractive identity, one must say.

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