M7 Ward_Compact Accessory brochure 2.2 by panniuniu



Storage basket                            Monitor tray                                   Overbed table
• Part No.: M723-02                       • Part No.: M724-02 (dark grey bed end)        • Part No.: EC2401 00
• SWL: 10kg                               • Part No.: M824-01 (light grey bed end)       • SWL: 25kg
Made from ABS plastic.                    • SWL: 25kg                                    Overbed table has PVC laminate top
                                          Monitor tray has PVC laminate top with         with raised edges and 410mm of height
                                          raised edges.                                  adjustment.

M7 help pole extension
SelfPlug-in Bed 4 hooks
Socket IV pole,                           Socket IV poles, 2 hooks                       Mobile IV pole base
• Part No.: M729-01 (extension)
            M728-07                       • Part No.: M728-02                            • Part No.: WD28-40
  Part No.: HC016 (bolster)
• SWL: 100kgM728-08 (tethered)            • Part No.: M728-01 (tethered)                 • SWL: 20kg
• SWL: 25kg
Self help pole can swivel 90°.-           • SWL: 15kg                                    Mobile IV pole
The bed extension can to factory fitted
Handle height: 730mm be 1000mm with
Made from stainless steel. Telescoping    Made from stainless steel. Telescoping with    • Part No.: IVFP03 00
to the mattress bed. coded
above M7 Ward platform. locking collars
locking collar. Colour                    locking collar. Colour coded locking collars   • SWL: 15kg
are available.                            are available.

Self help pole                            Stamina lift push bar                          M7 Ward Plug-in Bed extension
• Part No.: M729-01                       • Part No.: M720-01                            • Part No.: M721-01 (extension)
• SWL: 100kg                              • SWL: 200kg                                   • SWL: 25kg
Self help pole can swivel 90°.                                                           The bed extension can be attached to
Handle height: 730mm to 1000mm                                                           the foot end of the M7 WARD.
above mattress platform.
Oxygen cylinder carrier                         Inhalo cylinder carrier                                Oxygen cylinder carrier with Parapac
• Part No.: M725-01 (size A/C)                  • Part No.: M725-03                                    holder
• Part No.: M725-02 (size D)                    • SWL: 10kg                                            • Part No.: M725-05
• SWL: 10kg for A/C size, 15kg for D size       Stainless steel carrier can be placed in               • SWL: 15kg for Oxygen cylinder carrier
Stainless steel carrier can be placed in        any accessory socket.                                  • SWL: 7kg for Parapac holder
any accessory socket.                                                                                  D size oxygen cylinder with Parapac 200 D
                                                                                                       ventilator holder. Made from stainless steel.

Mobile oxygen cylinder carrier base             Urine bottle holder                                    Orthopaedic frame
• Part No.: M725-07                             • Part No.: M727-01                                    • Part No.: OR 2.1
• SWL: 26kg                                     • SWL: 2kg                                             • SWL:100kg Self help handle
Powder coated accessory socket for D                                          top bar of
                                                Urine bottle holder fits over the top bar              • SWL: 30kg Orthopaedic frame weights
size Oxygen cylinder (M725-02) and              siderail.
                                                of siderail.                                           Made from stainless steel and aluminium.
cylinder with Parapac holder (M725-05).         Made from stainless steel.

Other Accessories available:

Siderail cover
• Part No.: WD31 (x2 for pair)
Made from bi-elastic foam filled
polyurethane coated stretch knit fabric.

Residual Current Device (RCD)
• Part No.: factory fitted option
The RCD is used to increase the
electrical safety of an electrical appliance.   Blanket cradle
                                                • Part No.: WD32-12
Bolster mattress for M7 WARD                    • SWL: 6kg
• Part No.: HC016                               Durable plastic coated finish.
                                                Supports blankets approximately
                                                480mm above mattress platform.
                                                                                                                                                         M7 Ward_Compact Accessory 2..2, October 2010

Bolster mattress for M7 COMPACT
• Part No.: HC017

Please refer to M7 Ward/Compact
Operators Manual and/or Accessory
Operators Manual for further information.

                                                                     Howard Wright Limited has a policy of continuous product improvement and reserves
                                                                     the right to change product specifications without notice. Howard Wright Limited
                                                                     is certified to AS/NZS ISO9001:2000.

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