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					                                                    DATE INSPECTED: 21st August 2008
Ribble Valley Borough Council


Ref: CB
Application No:                3/2008/0668/P
Development Proposed:          Proposed one bedroom bungalow to form granny annex
                               following demolition of existing garage/ stable block at
                               Newshams Farm, Old Buckley Lane, off Stoneygate Lane,
                               Ribchester, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 2ZS.
CONSULTATIONS: Parish/Town Council
Ribchester Parish Council has no objections to this proposal.

CONSULTATIONS: Highway/Water Authority/Other Bodies

CONSULTATIONS: Additional Representations.
No representations have been received.

Policy G1 – Development Control.
Policy G5 – Settlement Strategy.
Policy ENV3 - Development in Open Countryside.
Policy H9 - Extended Family Accommodation.
SPG – “Extensions and Alterations to Dwellings”
The application relates to a former farm, now a private dwelling with stables, off Old Buckly
Lane, accessed from Stoneygate Lane, Knowle Green. The area is designated as Open
Countryside, as defined by the Ribble Valley Districtwide Local Plan (adopted June 1998).

Planning permission is sought for a one-bedroom bungalow used as a granny annex within
the residential curtilage of the main dwelling. The two existing stables and adjoining garage
will be demolished and the bungalow will be positioned on the existing foot print.

The proposed bungalow has maximum dimensions of approximately 7.865m x 8.877m x
4.296m to the ridgeline. The bungalow will have a chimney projecting 700ml above the
ridge. The creation of the extended family accommodation will provide approximately 59
square meters of floor space.

The main matters for consideration are whether the proposal complies with relevant planning
policy, the visual impact of the proposal and impact on residential amenity.

In terms of planning policy, Newshams Farm is situated outside any settlement boundaries
(Policy G5) within Open Countryside (Policy ENV3). Considering the applicants are applying
for annex accommodation within the existing residential curtilage, Policy H9 of the Ribble
Valley Districtwide Local Plan (adopted June 1998) is applicable. The works proposed
comply with the policy which states that the following criteria must be met:

  I. the proposal conforms to provisions of Policy G1 of this plan;
 II. the development must be capable of integration to the main dwelling or a use that is
     ancillary to the use of the main dwelling house when circumstances change.
 III. the extension should generally speaking provide only a modest level of
The proposal, as submitted complies with the policy, as once the proposed use ceases due
to changes in circumstances, the development is suitable to be used as a use ancillary to the
main dwelling house. The annex also complies with the policy as it provides an unexcessive
level of accommodation with a total floor area of 58.7m². The proposal will replace the
existing garage and stables, with a floor area of 59.2m², that comprise of single block work
and rendered walls with corrugated asbestos roofing.

In terms of visual impact, the scale, size and design of the proposal is acceptable
considering that the proposed accommodation will have the same footprint as the existing
outbuildings and is single storey in height. The bungalow will be rendered with a roughcast
finish and painted white to match the main dwelling, the walls below the damp proof course,
the bay window and chimney stack are to be constructed in natural or reconstituted stone to
match areas of the main dwelling and local vernacular. The roof will be tiled with Redland
Richmond grey slate effect interlocking concrete tiles to match the main dwelling, the
windows will be white upvc and the gutters, barge boards and down water pipes are to be
black upvc. The bungalow will have a landscaped patio area to the rear with planting areas
for low level shrubs and flowerbeds that is currently covered in dense foliage, and is part of
the large landscaped garden.

With regards to potential impact on neighbouring properties; there would be no privacy
issues or overshadowing of neighbouring properties caused by the proposed works,
considering the property is located within the large residential curtilage of Newshams Farm
and adjacent to the existing stable yard and riding ménage. There are no properties to the
rear and the properties adjacent are a significant distance away from the farmhouse and the
proposed siting of the bungalow.

With regard to highway safety, although their will be a loss of two car parking spaces caused
by the loss of the garage, there is sufficient space within the curtilage to park up to eight
cars, therefore there should be no highway issues resulting from the creation of a one
bedroom annex.

A bat survey was carried out at the property, dated the 8th July 2008, and it was concluded
that the proposed building operations are unlikely to cause any disturbance to bats or result
in the loss of a bat roost or cause injury or death of bats.

Therefore, taking the above comments into consideration I recommend the application
The proposal represents an appropriate form of development and given its design, size and
location would not result in visual detriment to the surrounding countryside, nor would its use
have an adverse impact on highway safety.
RECOMMENDATION: That conditional planning permission be granted.

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