E04 - Taking Shape by daet


S6E04 – Taking Shape Opening Scene: The opening scene is where we left Esau with the scrambling others, this time however all the others are dead around him and he is wiping blood off of his hands. The sound of a helicopter gradually becomes noticable until Esau himself realises it. Esau: Finally Esau then walks off into the trees. The scene then switches to the chopper which lands on a grassy area, we see Esau walking out of the trees towards it. The helicopter door opens and Desmond walks out. Esau approaches him Esau: Mr Hume, welcome back Desmond grabs Esau by the neck and throws him to the floor Desmond: Where the hell is my child, brother Esau: I'm here to take you to him, if you follow me I can help you break him free. I'm on your team Desmond: Well we'd better get going then hadn't we Ben then shouts from behind a nearby tree Ben: I wouldn't go with him Desmond Esau: Ben, what are you doing! Ben: Desmond, he is the one who organised the kidnapping of your son, in order to tempt you here and kill you Esau: BEN! Ben: You see i've been doing some thinking. Rather than be your handyman and run the chance of being humiliated again, I should just kill you too. With both you and Jacob out of

the way, who else could the island possibly choose as leader? Esau: You're mad. It'll never work Ben: I, a simple human, born to simple parents was able to kill the most powerful man of all time. What will stop me killing his brother Ben then shoots Esau 3 times in the chest, who falls to the ground Desmond: You'd best know what you're doing brother! END OF OPENING SCENE The next scene begins in the temple with Richard, Sun, Jack, Kate, Hurley, Bram, Ilana and Frank walking along a dimly lit corridor Frank: So, looks like we've lost the majority of our soldiers then eh Richard: Yes Frank, I can see that. Kate: So what now Richard: I DONT KNOW! Sawyer: Jeez, the lady only asked you a question Jack: I know what we should do Richard: What? Jack: Fight Sun: I'm done fighting, I just want to find my husband and get the hell out of here. Why wasn't he with you? Jack: I don't know Richard: How many are there of you missing

Jack: Well Hurley, Jin, Sayid and … Juliet Sawyer looks at the ground Richard: Well my guess is that they are still in 1977.... or dead Sawyer: She aint dead. Richard: Well anyway, when and if they get here that will mean in total there will be 12 of us. Sawyer: That's if we all decide to be on the same side. Jack: What! Sawyer: Alls im saying doc is that there musta been something really bad happen to get that guy all pissed, maybe some of us will agree with him. Richard: You won't agree with him Sun: Do you know what happened? Richard: Yes, I was gonna tell you all once we got to the hall. It's only a little further They all then walk into a large stone hall, where there are wooden benches in rows all pointing towards a little podium in the centre of the room. They all sit down and Richard stands on the podium. Richard: A long time ago a lady named Rebecca gave birth to a boy. A boy named Jacob. No-one knows why but he was...different... in a special way. He could heal people, he could bring things to places....and he could change time. Well he had a brother, who is the man you saw earlier today, his name is Esau and when he was born his mother didnt want him. So jacob raised him. During the next few years Esau developed the same sort of gifts that Jacob had, but he was never quite as good, and he got jealous, so as just a child he made Jacob promise that he would never bring anyone else to the island, so he would always seem speical but never have to suffer the humiliation of people realising he wasnt as good as his brother. Well anyway Jacob did bring people to the island and him and his brother grew wider apart, until they loathed each other and started this war. Sawyer: Why the hell does any of this matter, if what ive been told is true, Jacob is dead. War over

Richard: Jacob's body has been destroyed, not Jacob. Throughout their war they have been laying down some preventative measures. Which means he cannot be fully destroyed until all the things that he has tied himself with also die. Jack: What? Richard: Jacob discovered long ago that he could channel some of his powers into people, causing part of him to live on in them. Kate: But how. even if the what you say is true, Jacob is still dead. Esau won Richard: Not necessarily Sawyer: Oh yeah, what on earth can change any of that? Richard: Desmond End Of Scene The next scene begins with Desmond walking through the jungle with Ben Desmond: I should kill you, ya know Ben: Then why aren't you Desmond: Because I discovered recently that killing someone messes you up inside Ben: Oh, who did you kill then? Desmond: Charles Widmore Ben stops where he is with a shocked look on his face Ben: You killed Charles Widmore? Desmond: Yeah why?

Ben: He was mine to kill, you shouldn't have done that Desmond: I don't care about any of that, I just wanna get Charlie and get the hell home to Penny. She's Ill Ben: Penny is Ill? Desmond: Charles accidentally shot her. Ben: Oh, well anyway I have some bad news for you Desmond. You're not going home quite yet. Desmond: Oh I think I am. Ben: It's not possible, you were only able to be brought here because that man scheduled it so. Now he's dead and there is no sub, you're here for good. Desmond grabs Ben by the neck Desmond: Oh I'll find a way to leave brother, believe me At this point there is the “time-travelling flash and noise” in the near distance. Desmond: What the hell was that Ben: I believe not everyone had returned from '77 End Of Scene The Next Scene begins showing Hurley's shocked face, as he looks around he sees Jin lying on the floor next to him Hurley: JIN! Hurley rushes over to Jin and shakes him Jin: Hurley, Hurley, I'm fine. Where are we? Hurley: I don't know, dude. Do you think we are back?

Jin: Sun! Jin begins to run and hurley begrudgingly follows him. Hurley: Slow down! Eventually Hurley completely loses Jin and is alone in the jungle. He sits down on a rock when rustling can be heard from nearby. Claire walks out of the jungle. Hurley: OH NO, OH NO, i'm cracking up again. Claire: Hello to you to Hurley Hurley: You're dead aren't you? Claire: Claire isn't dead Hurley: Oh. Well....Where the hell were you? Claire: Claire has been taking part in something very important to the welfare of everyone on this planet. Hurley: Why are you talking in the third person? Claire: Take me to Kate Hurley: Why?... Claire: (pulling out a gun) TAKE ME TO KATE NOW! End Of Scene. The next scene starts with Jin still running through the jungle. He runs into Desmond and Ben. Ben: Oh Jin, nice of you to join us. Enjoy your days with Dharma? Jin:

Where is Sun? Desmond: I still don't get it, how is it possible that you just came back from 1977? Jin: WHERE IS SUN! Ben: If you stay with us, I will take you to her, OK Jin: You had better Ben: Jin tell me, did anyone other than you return just now? Jin: Hurley Ben: OK, Lets go and find Hurley Jin: No, we find Sun Desmond: No, we find Charlie. Ben: Look you two, if you help me with this small task, I will do everything in my power to help you both find who you are looking for. Desmond: Oh aye, and how long will this take, brother? Ben: Not long, but we need to find Hurley, and anyone else for that matter. Jin: What for? Ben: The war isn't finished yet! End Of scene The final scene starts with a man walking through the jungle, we cannot see his face. He walks and we eventually realise that he is following Hurley and Claire. There is a point in time where Hurley wanders off a little and the man who is following them is revealed to be Sayid. Sayid runs over to Claire and hits her in the back of the head with a rifle. Hurley walks back just in time to see it.

Hurley: SAYID!!, what are you doing! Sayid: Saving you Hurley, come with me quick. Hurley: Erm, ok, which one of you is dead ? Sayid: I'm not dead Hurley. But Claire is. Hurley: But Sayid, where have you been. Sayid: Sayid has been someplace else. At this point Sayid shows Hurley his bullet wound. Hurley: But then who is that [points to Claire] Sayid: I saw a pillar of black smoke transform into her just as I began to try and find someone. Hurley: Dude, lets get away from her then. Sayid then knocks Hurley out as he walks past him. Sayid then transforms into a monster exactly the same as the black smoke, but he is pure white. Then both the smoke covers Hurley and both the smoke and Hurley disappear from view. LOST

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