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									                                              London Specialised Commissioning Group

        Recruiting Patient & Public Representatives to the London SCG
                        Patient & Public Steering Group

The London Specialised Commissioning Group, (London SCG), is committed to
engaging and involving patients and the public so that their views influence decisions
taken about the planning, improvement, monitoring and evaluation of specialised
services in London.

In support of the above the London SCG has a long standing Patient & Public
Engagement Steering Group with membership consisting of the lead commissioners
and the patient and public representatives from the various specialised services
commissioned by the London SCG.

Although the majority of patient and public engagement takes place at the individual
service level - at commissioning meetings; service reviews; workshops or
consultations - the London SCG PPE Steering Group is responsible for oversight of
the overall PPE strategy within the London SCG and for ensuring appropriate patient
and public engagement takes place in all services and at all levels of the
organisation. The Chair of the London SCG PPE Steering Group sits on the London
SCG Board to ensure that the patients’ voice and views are heard.

Current Vacancies:
The London SCG is currently seeking patient and public engagement members for
the following roles:

   1. Membership of the PPE Steering Group: Applicants will likely already be
      involved in one or more specialised services either as a patient or carer or
      may be involved in a specialised service patient organisation. They may
      already engage with the lead commissioners / commissioning process for
      those service(s), but that is not essential. Reasonable expenses in line with
      the London SCG / host PCT policies may be available.

   2. Chair of the London SCG PPE Steering Group: The current Chair of the PPE
      Steering Group has now stepped down after several years in post and the
      London SCG is keen to appoint a new Chair to cover the period up until April
      2013 when the NHS Commissioning Board is expected to take over
      responsibility for the commissioning of specialised services. Applicants will
      have been actively engaged with the London SCG and have a good working
      knowledge of the London SCG and its PPE Steering Group. The role of the
      Chair is to represent and advocate for patient and public engagement in all
      specialised services. As well as Chairing the (quarterly) London SCG Steering
      Group Meeting, the successful candidate will need to attend and contribute at
      (quarterly) London SCG Board Meetings as well as attend and contribute at
      other occasional events, in total an estimated time commitment of one day
      each month.

Whilst the London SCG wants to hear from people interested in and or involved with
any of the specialised services, ( the full list of which is available at ),
we are particularly keen to hear from people interested in or involved in those
specialised services that the London SCG will be taking over responsibility for
commissioning during 2012-13, i.e.:

      Rare Cancers (Children)
      Rare Cancers (Brain / Nervous System)
      Stereotactic Radiosurgery
      Specialised Spinal Surgery
      Specialised Cardiac Services
      Specialised Paediatric Neurosurgery
      Specialised Immunology – Intravenous Immunoglobulins
      Eating Disorders
      Child & Adolescent Mental Health
      Specialised Paediatric Cancer Services
      Specialised Paediatric Cardiac Services
      Cochlear Implants
      Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (for the bends and for carbon monoxide

Application Process:
Interested individuals should review the attached documents and complete the brief
application form. Alternatively feel free to contact any member of the London SCG or
myself in the first instance if you would like to discuss the matter further.

                                                                 October 31st 2011

                                                                       Sean Overett
                                 Assistant Director – North Eastern London Division
                                         London Specialised Commissioning Group
                                                                     Portland House
                                                                          Stag Place
                                                                 London SW1E 5RS
                                                         Direct Line: 020 8433 6856

Attached for Information:
 London SCG – Briefing Paper 2011
 London SCG Annual Report 2010-11
 London SCG Steering Group – Terms of Reference
 London SCG PPE Representatvie – Role Description & Person Specification &
   Standards of Conduct
 Application / Particpating in PPE Form


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