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									 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1                     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4                  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10
 FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT!                 JAZZED!                             THE WISE HALL
 ROUNDHOUSE                              ROUNDHOUSE                          Time: 7pm (Pg.6)
 Time: 7pm (Pg.4)                        Time: 8pm (Pg.5 )

                                         WORKSHOPS & PANELS                  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11
THE COMEDY OF RYAN                       TOURING – HOW-TO!                   TO MICROPHONE!
MCMAHON                                  Time: 10am – 12noon (Pg.10)         CAFÉ DEUX SOLEILS
ZAWA’S                                                                       Time: 7pm (Pg.6)
                                         ARTIST TALK
Time: 7pm (Pg.7)
                                         ELAINE MILES & RYAN
INSPIRATIONS                             MCMAHON                             SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12
A NIGHT OF DANCE &                       Time: 12:30 - 2pm (Pg.10)           ROBERTA KENNEDY (KWII-
THEATRE                                                                      GE-LI-WANS)
                                         LET’S TALK TOURING
ROUNDHOUSE                                                                   MUSEUM OF
                                         Time: 2:30– 4:30pm (Pg.10)          ANTHROPOLOGY
Time: 8pm (Pg.4)
                                                                             Time: 1pm (Pg.7)
HOLIDAY INN & SUITES                                                         ONDINNOK UP CLOSE
                                         OUR TIMELESS STORIES                STUDIO 16
GRANT WRITING                            VANCOUVER
Time: 10am - 12 noon (Pg.8)                                                  Time: 7:30pm (Pg.7)
                                         FRIENDSHIP CENTRE                   WORKSHOP & PANELS
ARTIST TALK – MICHAEL                    Time: 2pm (Pg.5)                    THE DANCE CENTRE
GREYEYES                                                                     ONDINNOK THEATRE
Time: 12:30pm - 2pm (Pg.8)               AB-ORIGINAL CABARET                 MASTER CLASS
                                         ROUNDHOUSE                          Time: 1:30 - 5:30pm (Pg.10)
                                         Time: 8pm (Pg.5 )
Time: 2:30- 4:30pm (Pg.8)                                                    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13
                                         MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7
                                                                             ALL OUR RELATIONS
 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3                    SALISH SEAS WRITERS                 FESTIVAL
                                         COLLECTIVE                          WRAP PARTY
 AB-ORIGINAL CABARET:                    THE POND TAPAS BAR                  THE WISE HALL
 COMEDY, MUSIC & MORE                    Time: 7pm (Pg.6)                    Time: 7:30pm (Pg.6)
 Time: 8pm (Pg.5)
                                         WORKSHOPS & PANELS
                                         THEATRE MASTER CLASS                 PAY-WHAT-YOU- CAN
 HOLIDAY INN & SUITES                                                         WORKSHOPS & ARTIST
 TAKING IT LIVE!                         BRITANNIA
 MARKETING YOUR LIVE                     Time: 3:30 – 6pm (Pg.10)
 PERFORMANCE                                                                  A selection of daily Artist
 Time: 9am – 12noon (Pg.8)                                                    Talks plus Community and
                                         TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8                  Professional Development
 ARTIST TALK – MIKE DANGELI              TRIBAL STORIES:                      workshops with artists
 Time: 12:30 –2pm (Pg.8)                 FAMILY PROGRAMMING                   that are performing in the
                                         BRITANNIA                            festival.
 PLANNING YOUR SUCCESS                   Time: 7pm (Pg.6)
 THE KEY TO REACHING YOUR                                                     For full details visit
 Time: 2:30 – 5:30pm (Pg.10)             WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9                VISUAL ARTS
                                         TRIBAL STORIES:                      Photographs by Nadya
 CREATION WORKSHOP FOR                                                        Kwandibens (Red Works
 DANCERS                                 FAMILY PROGRAMMING
                                         BRITANNIA                            Studio, Toronto) on exhibit
 The Dance Centre                                                             at the Roundhouse from
 Time: 10am – 12noon (Pg.8)              Time: 7pm (Pg.6)
                                                                              Feb 1 – Feb 9.

     *Prices: Adults / Students Centre, Brittania Community Centre, The Wise Hall, Pay-What-You-Can
Venues: Roundhouse Communityor Seniors / Group rates available. **Prices: PWYC:Café Deux Soleils,
The Pond Tapas Bar, Zawa’s Restaurant
Ticket Buying Information.............................2                     ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Brenda Racanelli and
Welcome ........................................................3           Maria Lopez (The Roundhouse Community
Venue Information & Transportation                                          Arts & Recreation Centre), Beverly Seed
Guide...............................................................3       (Britannia Secondary School), Erin Williams
Talking Stick Festival Programming &                                        (Sir William MacDonald Elementary), Randy
Events ............................................................4        Clark, Darlene Hughes & Annette Vey-Chilton
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation                                      (Point Grey Secondary), Deborah Martel
Centre Performances                                                         (Vancouver School Board), Starbucks, Terra
   A Taste of the Festival - Opening Gala                                   Breads, Fratellis Bakery, Opus Framing and
   Celebration....................................................4         Art Supplies, Chris Randle.
   Inspirations: A Night of Dance &
   Theatre..........................................................4       SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS
   Ab-Original Cabaret......................................5               We extend a special thank you to all our
Community Series Performances                                               wonderful volunteers for sharing their time,
   Writers Collective..........................................6            hearts and gifts with us. Your “give-away” is
   Family Programming at Britannia................6                         what makes this Festival possible.
   Our Home & Métis Land...............................6
   From Talking Stick to the Microphone.........6                           NO PHOTOGRAPHS PLEASE: Taking
   All Our Relations Festival Wrap Party..........6                         photographs and/or video is not permitted.
Festival Plus
   The Comedy of Ryan McMahon..................7                            TICKET INFORMATION
   Roberta Kennedy @ MOA............................7                       For schedule updates go to
   Ondinnok Up Close.....................................7        
Workshops & Artist Talks
   Professional Development Series.............8
   Community Workshop Series...................11                                           Ticket Info: 604.684.2787 or
Other Community Events.............................12                                       Festival Info: 604.683.8993
Holiday Inn & Suites Downtown Indigenous                                                    or
Scholarship Program...................................13
Artist Bios.....................................................13
Full Circle Project........................................22                      Search Talking Stick Festival
Talking Stick Festival Team............................23
Schedule-at-a-glance & Ticket Buying                                     

                   Welcome to 2011 Talking Stick Festival and the territorial lands of Squamish,
                   Musqueam and Tsleil-watuth. This citywide festival of extraordinary
                   Aboriginal performance and art features some of the best emerging
                   and established Aboriginal artists. It provides a stage for artists from a
                   variety of artistic expressions - theatre, storytelling, writing, music, dance,
                   performance art and visual arts. It celebrates the traditional performance of
                   many communities as well as the contemporary and interdisciplinary work of
                   Aboriginal creators.
                    We have many people and organizations to thank for making our 10th Talking
                    Stick a reality – and we ask you to join us in recognizing the generous support
of our volunteers, sponsors and funders who, along with the many others, have given their time
and energy to this festival.
Our 2011 festival brings together many artists who wouldn’t normally have the chance to
meet and share their art and their experiences with us. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we
welcome back some of our favorite artists from across Canada who are developing international
and national reputations of their own. Artists such as Murray Porter, Wayne Lavallee, Leanne
Goose, Janet Rogers, Yvonne Chartrand, Lisa C. Ravensbergen, Sandy Scofield, Don Amero ,
Marie Josee Dandeneau and Git Hayetsk. We are also thrilled to present the following artists for
the first time at TSF: Lara Kramer, Digawolf, Elaine Miles, Ryan McMahon, Roberta Kennedy and
Zaccheus Jackson.
These talented artists join others whose careers are just emerging. All share a passion for
the creative spirit – and a belief in the power of artistic expression to illuminate, renew and
transform. It is the talent and hard work of these artists that bring to life ancient stories, and
point us towards roads not yet traveled. We welcome you and invite you to take in all our festival
has to offer. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

Wey chewx yu,
                                                    VENUE INFORMATION & TRANSPORTATION
Margo Kane, Artistic Managing Director              TIPS
                                                    All venues are easily accessible by public transit
                                                    in the city of Vancouver. Go online to www.
                                           or call 604-953-3333 for transit
MESSAGE FROM CHIEF IAN CAMPBELL                     schedule and information.

On behalf of the Squamish Nation, we                Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation
would like to thank Margo Kane and her              Centre , 181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific),
team for providing 10 years of the Talking          Skytrain Canada Line Roundhouse Station
Stick Festival. This                                Britannia Community Centre Theatre
has provided an                                     1661 Napier Street (enter off Commercial Drive),
excellent venue                                     Vancouver (Bus #20)
to showcase the                                     Café Deux Soleils
rich diversity of                                   2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver (Bus #20)
Aboriginal arts                                     The Pond Restaurant
                                                    1441 Commercial Drive, Vancouver (Bus #20)
and entertainment.
                                                    The Wise Hall
It is an honor to
                                                    1882 Adanac Street, Vancouver
support the artists
                                                    Zawa’s Restaurant
from across our
                                                    920 Commercial Drive, Vancouver (Bus # 20)
great lands as
                                                    Museum of Anthropology @ UBC
they draw forward
                                                    6393 N.W. Marine Drive, Vancouver (Bus #4 or
ancient knowledge
                                                    B-Line to UBC Bus loop)
and apply it in
                                                    The Holiday Inn & Suites
a modern context. This represents a
                                                    1110 Howe Street, Vancouver
continuity of tradition, for what we do today
                                                    The Dance Centre
will someday be traditional. Thank you for
                                                    677 Davie Street, Vancouver
10 great years of Talking Stick Festival in
                                                    Studio 16 (La Maison de la Francophonie)
Coast Salish territory. Chet kwenmantumi
                                                    1555 W. 7th Ave, Vancouver
(it is with gratitude)!
                                                    Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
Chief Ian Campbell                                  1607 East Hastings Street, Vancouver
                                                    WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2
TALKING STICK                                       LARA
FESTIVAL                                            KRAMER
Performance Series
Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation
Centre 181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pa-               Inspirations: A Night of Dance and
cific), Vancouver                                     Theatre
Prices: Adults, Student / Senior, Group rates         Time: 8pm
available                                             Prices: $15 / $12 / Group $11

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1                                 Fragments. This is Montreal (Ojibwa-Cree)
                                                    contemporary dancer and choreographer
                                                    Lara Kramer’s first full-length creation.
                                                    Fragments examines the silent emotions
                                                    and experiences of four young girls who
                                                    attended the Indian residential schools of
                    CHIEF                           Canada. The intent of this piece is not to
                                                    retell the stories of the elders and survivors

                      IAN                           she met though her research work, but
                                                    rather to open a dialogue around this

                                                    difficult part of Canada’s history with the
                                                    aim to healing and simple remembrance.
                                                    Performed by Lara Kramer, Tal Minnie
                                                    Aronson, Gabrielle Desgagnés & Veronique
   Talking Stick Festival Gala Opening              Gaudreau. Further credits: Artistic director,
   A Taste of the Festival – Food &                 Choreographer & Interpreter, Lara Kramer:
   Entertainment!                                   Rehearsal director, Maria Simone: Original
   Time: 7pm                                        cast, Elissar Hanna & Jasmine Inns:
   Prices: $25 / $20 / Group $19                    Creative process member, Marie-Eve
                                                    Demers: Technical Director & Lighting
Our Gala Opening Celebration. Always a              designer, Amélie Bourbonnais: Set-design,
crowd pleaser! Traditional, contemporary,           Robert Pharand: Costumes, Noémi Poulin:
music, comedy, spoken word! Hosted by               Musical arrangement, Lara Kramer & Scott
Hereditary Chief of the Squamish Nation,            Russell:Text compiled by Lara Kramer:
Chief Ian Campbell, the evening will open           Voice, Ida Baptiste &Jason Boissonneault.
with a traditional welcome from Ayateway
(a-yacht-uh-why) and feature a variety              The World Is The World an original
of performances from a diverse scope of             piece created & performed by Lisa
artists including: traditional dancers Git          C. Ravensbergen (Ojibwe-Cree) with
Hayetsk (People of the Copper Shield)               choreography by Michael Greyeyes
presenting masked dance, story, and song ;          (Plains Cree). A multi disciplined, theatre-
Vancouver’s own blues guru Murray Porter            dance piece, it is an unadorned, fearless
(Mohawk, Six Nations) and all the way               exploration of human connection, of the
from Yellowknife, award winning musician            things we cannot bear but carry anyway and
Digawolf, both giving you a taste of the            the need to reclaim and redefine our place
music coming later in the week: spoken              in history. This excerpt from a work-in-
word artist and radio host Janet Rogers;            progress will leave audiences with a unique
the haunting sounds of Cris Dirksen’s cello         glimpse into a complex creation process.
accompanied by fancy dancer Shyama-                 With generous support from Full Circle:
Priya Singh; slam poetry champion                   First Nations Performance and Presentation
Zaccheus Jackson; the smoky sounds of               House Theatre. Seeded by urban ink
Sister Says and more!                               productions’ Resident Artists program.
THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3                               SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5

PORTER                                             ELAINE
 Ab-Original Cabaret: Comedy, Music &
 Time: 8pm                                           Ab-Original Cabaret: Comedy, Music &
 Prices: $15 / $12 / Group $11                       More
                                                     Time: 8pm
An eclectic and exciting mix of song,                Prices: $15 / $12 / Group $11
dance, comedy, and music hosted by Ryan
McMahon, an Ojiway/Métis comedian
who is turning heads as the fastest rising         A night of eclectic and exciting mix of song,
Aboriginal Comedian in North America. The          comedy, and music! Hosted by comedienne
evening features the refreshingly honest           and actress Elaine Miles (Northern
music of Digawolf (Yellowknife) and down-          Exposure), and featuring the bluesy roots
home blues favourite, the Murray Porter            sound of our very own Margo Kane and the
Band.                                              ever popular house band. Leanne Goose
                                                   (Inuvik, NWT) adds the final punctuation to a
                                                   week of festivities at our Roundhouse Series!

                                                   Various venues located throughout
                                                   Prices: PYWYC (Pay-What-You-Can)

                                                   SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5

  Ab-Original Cabaret: Jazzed!                     ROBERTA
  Time: 8pm
  Prices: $15 / $12 / Group $11                    KENNEDY
Back by popular demand! Canada’s premiere           Our Timeless Stories
Aboriginal singers and musicians come               Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre
together to give audiences a smokin’ evening        1607 East Hastings Street
of jazz! Manitoba Musical Director, Marie           Time: 2pm
Josee Dandeneau leads band members
-David Larocque, David Says &Todd Biffard          For families! Storytelling and spoken word
-with vocals by Gillian Thompson, Margo            by Janet Rogers and Roberta Kennedy
Kane, Wayne Lavallee & Sandy Scofield.             (Kwii-Ge-Ii-Wans). Two of Canada’ finest
We close the evening with the soulful sounds       wordsmiths engage all ages in an afternoon
of Winnipeg’s Don Amero.                           of laughter, song and dance.
MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7                                  theatrical telling of Christine Frederick’s
                                                    (Edmonton) new children’s book Minosis
                                                    Gathers Hope plus performances by the
 Salish Sea Writers Collective                      Secondary Slam 2 (students from the Poetry
 The Pond Restaurant                                Slam Master Class), spoken work artist
 1441 Commercial Drive                              Janet Rogers and traditional welcome by
 Time: 7pm                                          NYAC (Native Youth Artist Collective).

Readings and excerpts by Canada’s top               THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10
aboriginal writers and songwriters in one
of the Drives’ newest tapas bars. Grab an
appie and kick back with the words of Lee            Our Home & Métis Land
Maracle, Joanne Arnott, Janet Rogers, Wil            The Wise Hall
George, Gunargie O’Sullivan, Wanda John              1882 Adanac Street
alongside songwriter / musicians Russell             Time: 7pm
Wallace and Greg Coyes.
                                                    For the whole family! Jigging, fiddling, and
                                                    dancing! Master Jigger Yvonne Chartrand,
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8                                 Compagni V’ni Dansi & special guests!
                                                    The Louis Riel Metis Dancers will perform
 Tribal Stories                                     “Daughters of the Country,” the “Red River
 Britannia Community                                Jig” and the “Orange Blossom Special.” They
 Centre Theatre                                     will be accompanied by Amy Eustergerling
 1661 Napier Street                                 on piano, and Keith Hill and Kathleen Nesbit
 Time: 7pm                                          on fiddle. Also featuring performances by
                                                    Maddy McCallum, Lisa Sheppard, Arlett
Family Programming! Storytelling, comedy,           Alcock, Greg Coyes and the Maple Sugar
music and more! With a traditional welcome          Jiggers, and storytelling by Doreen Sinclair.
by NYAC (Native Youth Artist Collective),           High-energy fun in the Metis tradition!
this evening features a performance of
Global Savages from acclaimed storytellers          FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11
Debajehmujig (Manitoulin Island, Ont), a
theatrical telling of Christine Frederick’s
(Edmonton) new children’s book Minosis
Gathers Hope plus performances by the
Secondary Slam 1 (students from the
Poetry Slam Master Class), “East Van ghetto
poet” Zaccheus Jackson, (who has twice
been honoured to represent Vancouver and            ZACCHEUS
Western Canada at the Individual World
Poetry Slam) more!                          JACKSON
Step across the Drive & drop by Zawa’s after        From Talking Stick to Microphone!
the show – our neighbourhood party place!           Café Deux Soleils
Artists and audience alike! Have a chat, grab       2096 Commercial Drive
a bite, sip a drink! Requested minimum $10          Time: 7pm
food and beverage order per person 920
Commercial Drive                                    A selection of this countries best
                                                    independent musicians and slam poets
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9                               going head to head! Lucia Misch, Chris
                                                    Gilpin, Magpie Ulysses, Zaccheus Jackson,
                                                    Fernando Rageuro & music By Friends W/
 Tribal Stories                                     The Help, Jakubevolved and Tamzone.
 Britannia Community
 Centre Theatre
 1661 Napier Street
                                                    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13
 Time: 7pm
                                                     All Our Relations Festival Wrap Party
                                                     The Wise Hall
Family Programming! Storytelling, comedy,            1882 Adanac Street
music and more! Includes a performance of            Time: 7pm
Global Savages from acclaimed storytellers           Prices: $15 / $12 / Group $11
Debajehmujig (Manitoulin Island, Ont),
The perfect way to close the festival! Food          (great great great grandmother), Isabella
& entertainment! Opening prayers by                  Edenshaw, on exhibit at the Museum of
Hereditary Chief Dennis Joseph followed              Anthropology.
by slam poet Zaccheus Jackson, renowned
Haida Gwaii storyteller Roberta Kennedy               Ondinnok Up Close - A Film and
plus the groovin’ musical friends of Jamie            Artist Talk
Thomson with musician Brent Joseph; the               Studio 16 (La Maison de la Francophonie)
Murray Porter Band and Helen Duguay;                  1555 W. 7th Ave.
Metis songwriter Janet Panic: and soul                Time: 7:30pm
sounds of Sister Says.
                                                     Sponsored by MOA

FESTIVAL PLUS                                        Quebec’s premiere francophone Aboriginal
                                                     theatre artists, Yves Sioui Durand and
                                                     Catherine Joncas (Ondinnok) present their
Various venues throughout Vancouver
                                                     short film J’entends Crier le Ventre de la
Prices: PYWYC (Pay-What-You-Can)
                                                     Terre, documenting the history of Ondinnok’s
                                                     last twenty years of work. This film is
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2                                followed by an informal and informative
                                                     reception and Q & A.
                                                     Ondinnok Theatre is based upon the quest of
                                                     the roots and the ancient mission of native
                                                     theatre. Through their creations, Ondinnok
                                                     interrogates the actual identity of our people
                                                     and put it in perspective with the mythology
                                                     and the great way of living of the ancestors.
                RYAN                                 Last year, Ondinnok celebrated its 25th
                                                     anniversary with a majestic production of

             MCMAHON                                 XAJOJ TUN RABINAL ACHI based upon a
                                                     Mayan pre-Columbian dance/drama. This
                                                     production was the result of three years
 The Comedy of Ryan McMahon                          collaboration with the Coloch family of
 Zawa’s Restaurant                                   Rabinal, Guatemala, traditional holder of the
 920 Commercial Drive                                ritual.
 Time: 7pm
 Price: Min $10 per person food & beverage

Brutally honest, ridiculously outrageous,
and sometimes silly! “Indian Vaudeville” is
McMahon’s high energy, fast paced mixed
Media Storytelling Style of comedy. He’s
back at Zawa’s where he previously packed
the house.

 Roberta Kennedy (Kwii-Ge-li-Wans)
 Museum of Anthropology @ UBC
 6393 N.W. Marine Drive
 Time: 1pm

Dancer, singer drummer, laugher! Kwii-
Ge-Ii-Wans (Haida Gwaii) is a true Raven
causing mischief wherever she goes in this
world. Her stories tell of a time when the
animals taught us how to be true to the
secrets of life: stories of survival, not just
of the Raven/Yaguulaa-naas/Yaguu-jah-
naas (Haida) but of the entire world and in
conjunction with the works of her Naanii

WORKSHOPS                                           THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3

&PANELS                                              Taking it Live! Marketing Your Live
                                                     Holiday Inn & Suites 1110 Howe Street
                                                     Time: 9am-12 noon

                                                    Sponsored by IPPA

Holiday Inn & Suites                                From your one minute pitch to showcasing
1110 Howe Street                                    your live performance, it’s all about
Prices: PYWYC (Pay-What-You-Can)                    effectively reaching your audience. This
To register in advance, contact                     workshop focuses on developing the tools or 604.683.0497             to open new markets for live performance
                                                    through showcasing. Topics for discussion
Professional Development                            include refining your pitching skills, effective
Series                                              promotional tools, making the most of
                                                    showcasing opportunities, how to identify
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2                               and reach new audiences. Practical and
                                                    useable information. With Debbie Peters
                                                    (Magnum Opus Management)
 Grant Writing
 The Holiday Inn & Suites
 1110 Howe Street                                   Creation Workshop for Dancers with Lara
 Time: 10am – 12 noon                               Kramer
                                                    Dance Center, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver
                                                    Time: 10:00-12:00 noon
Overwhelmed by navigating grant
applications? Boggled by budgets? Addled by
guidelines? What are the funders looking for        Sponsored by IPPA
–and how should you phrase it? If this is how
you feel – this workshop is for you.                Participants will have the opportunity
                                                    to participate in a creative process that
                                                    works with similar elements used in Lara
 Artist Talk and Lunch with Michael                 Kramer’s creation of Fragments. Together,
 Greyeyes                                           with the dancers of Fragments, participants
 Holiday Inn & Suites                               will explore some of the partnering tools
 Time: 12:30 – 2:00pm (includes lunch)              used in the creative process to foster the
 Price: Suggested donation $10                      dynamics of each individual and human
                                                    connection. Storytelling will be used as a
                                                    creative tool and source to propel mobility
Meet, greet and enjoy the opportunity to take       and enter various states as participants
part in casual and enlightening discussion          investigate the history of the children at the
with director, actor, choreographer and             Indian Residential Schools of Canada.
educator, Michael Greyeyes who is here
at TSF to work with Lisa C. Ravensbergen            This workshop is intended for mature
developing her new piece The World is the           dancers (10-15 participants).
World (on stage tonight at the Roundhouse).
                                                     Artist Talk and Lunch with Mike Dangeli
 Meet the Funders                                    Holiday Inn & Suites 1110 Howe Street
 Holiday Inn & Suites                                Time: 12:30-2:00pm
 1110 Howe Street                                    Price: Suggested donation $10
 Time: 2:30-4:30pm
                                                    Converse over lunch with the founder of
This is the opportunity to talk directly to         the Git Hayetsk Dancers – world renowned
those who fund the arts! What makes up a            traditional performing artists. Based out
successful grant application? What are the          of Vancouver, Gits Hayesk is comprised
deciding factors? What do they / do they            of dancers from many different nations,
not fund? Ask the questions you always              including Nisga’a, Tsimshian, Gitxsan,
wanted to ask! With Cathi Charles Wherry            Haida, Tlingit and Haisla and they take pride
(First Peoples Heritage Language and                in the fact that only traditional hand-made
Culture Council) Cherryl Masters (City of           regalia, masks, skin and box drums are used
Vancouver) and other representatives from           to perform their ancient and contemporary
all levels of funding.                              songs and dances.
 Planning Your Success- The Key To                    Artist Talk and Lunch with Elaine Miles &
 Reaching Your Goals!                                 Ryan McMahon
 Holiday Inn & Suites 1110 Howe Street                Holiday Inn & Suites 1110 Howe Street
 Time: 2:30-5:30pm                                    Time: 12:30-2pm
                                                      Price: Suggested donation of $10
From recording projects to touring,
developing a good plan makes sense and
helps an artist see real career progress.            Pull up a chair, grab a bite and dine on some
Funders like FACTOR and Canada Council               great conversation! Chew the fat with two of
want to see a well thought out plan for              the funniest and most successful Aboriginal
moving a project or an artist forward. This          comedians on the circuit! Wanna be a funny
workshop delves into several different               guy? Here is the time to find out how!
planning scenarios: strategic planning for
artists and writing an effective marketing            Let’s Talk Touring!
plan. The participants will look at how to            Holiday Inn & Suites 1110 Howe Street
write a realistic plan that works for them            Time: 2:30-4:30pm
and how to use that plan as an effective tool         Price: Suggested donation of $10
for measuring success. With Debbie Peters
(Magnum Opus Management)

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4                                   Sponsored by IPPA

                                                     Everything you wanted to know about touring
 Touring- How- To!
                                                     – and more! Q & A with top touring pros!
 Holiday Inn & Suites 1110 Howe Street
                                                     How to pitch! Who to pitch to! Got questions
 Time: 10:00-12 noon
                                                     – time to ask! With Joanna Maratta (BC
                                                     Touring Council), Kevin Bruce ( KBAM,
Sponsored by IPPA                                    ArtsStarts), Renee Iaci (Shameless Hussies)
                                                     and Margo Kane (Full Circle First Nations
Do you have a performance that is ready
to tour? Have you ever wondered how to
start? This workshop help you identify your          MONDAY, FEBRUARY 7
touring goals and inform you about the
steps you can take to reach these goals.              Debajehmujig Theatre Master Class
With Jim Smith (Eponymous Production &                Britannia Secondary School- Drama Room
Management).                                          1661 Napier St. (enter off Commercial Dr.)
                                                      Time: 3:30-6:00pm

                                                     Members of the Debajehmujig Theatre
                                                     Group will guide participants through basic
                                                     theatre techniques utilizing a series of
                                                     interactive improvisational theatre games
                                                     and exercises – Come on out and have some
                                                     fun! For emerging and established artists of
                                                     all levels.

                                                     SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12
                                                      Ondinnok Theatre Master Class
                                                      Dance Centre 677 Davie Street
                                                      Time: 1:30 – 5:30pm

                                                     Ondinnok Theatre is based upon the quest
                                                     of the roots and the ancient mission of native
                                                     theatre. Through their creations, Ondinnok
                                                     interrogates the actual identity of our people
                                                     and put it in perspective with the mythology
                                                     and the great way of living of the ancestors.
                                                     Last year, Ondinnok celebrated its 25th
                                                     anniversary with a majestic production of
                                                     XAJOJ TUN RABINAL ACHI based upon a
mayan precolumbian dance/drama. This                 including Storytelling, How to Have a Career
production was the result of a three years           in the Arts, Métis Jigging and Dancing,
collaboration with the Coloch family of              Traditional Pow Wow Dancing, Contemporary
Rabinal, Guatemala, traditional holder of            Choral Singing, Hip Hop and Beat Making,
the ritual. This workshop will introduce the         Spoken Word and Slam Poetry. These
participants to the method of work used to           events are facilated by leading professional
find the way to our ancestors voice. Through         artists who have worked nationally and
visions, dreams and prayers we access true           internationally and each session is designed
re-interpretations of the ancient function of        to emphasize interaction, participation,
mayan theatre. Participants will work with           dialogue and education in a lively, creative
bones, stones and masks (specially made              environment. The bottom line is fun!
for XAJOJ TUN RABINAL ACHI) and share a
glimpse of the dream that still circulates in        TALKING STICK COLOURING
our blood.                                           CONTEST
                                                     We are also thrilled to be offering the return
COMMUNITY                                            of the Talking Stick Festival Poster Design
                                                     Contest (Gr 4-12) and Colouring Contest
WORKSHOPS                                            (K – Gr.3).
                                                     Details of these all these activities and
To encourage the youth and children of the           events can be obtained from your child’s
community to celebrate the 10th anniversary          school or by visiting
with us, the Talking Stick Festival expanded
our community series by programming
storytelling plus a variety of Workshops and
Artist Talks directly into schools throughout
the city.
Participating schools include Sir William             FEBRUARY 1 - 9
MacDonald Elementary, Britannia
Secondary & Point Grey Secondary schools              Photographic Exhibition
in Vancouver.                                         The Roundhouse
                                                      Time: All day
Through this community program, these
                                                      Price: FREE
Vancouver schools host a variety of events

A photographic exhibition by Nadya                        indigenous languages of the Pacific
Kwandibens of Red Works Studio                            Northwest (BC and adjacent American
(Toronto). Nadya Kwandibens is of Ojibwe                  states). The power of our words, either
(Anishinaabe) / French heritage from the                  in our original languages or English is
Northwest Angle #37 First Nation in Ontario,              manifest in the new and powerful works
Canada. She is a self-taught, dynamic                     by the Aboriginal Writers Collective/west
photographer specializing in artistic natural             coast, a collective of Aboriginal writers and
light portraiture, fashion, promotional                   multidisciplinary artists.
sessions, and event photography. Frames
                                                          Curated by Tania Willard and featuring work
provided by Opus Framing and Art Supplies.
                                                          by artists Sonny Assu, Janice Toulouse,
                                                          Charlene Vickers, Merritt Johnson, Kevin
                                                          McKenzie, Joanne Noble, Dionne Paul,
 The Talking Stick Festival Retrospective                 Duncan Murdoch, Kelly Roulette and
 The Roundhouse                                           more. The Salish Seas exhibition will enrich
 Time: All day                                            the contribution of words and meditations
 Price: FREE                                              offered by writers in the anthology, offering
                                                          insights on ideas of home, origin, identity and
A visual history of the festival’s first 10 years!        honouring the land we come from, the sea
Plus, be sure to check out our TSF Poster                 and the rivers that connect us.
and Colouring Contest display. Keep your
eyes peeled for the work of emerging young                FEBRUARY 14
visual artists whose work will be on exhibit
in select schools and venues citywide from                 20th Annual Feb 14th Womens Memorial
Feb 1 – 13.                                                March for Missing and Murdered Women
                                                           Carnegie Hall (Main and Hastings Street)
                                                           March Start Time: 12pm

OTHER                                                     The first women’s memorial march was

COMMUNITY                                                 held in 1991 in response to the murder of a
                                                          woman on Powell Street in Vancouver. Her

EVENTS                                                    name is not spoken today out of respect
                                                          for the wishes of her family. Out of this
                                                          sense of hopelessness and anger came an
                                                          annual march on Valentine’s Day to express
FEBRUARY 1 & 8                                            compassion, community, and caring for all
                                                          women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside,
 POWOW Night                                              Coast Salish Territories. Twenty years later,
 Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre                   the women’s memorial march continues to
 1607 East Hastings Street                                honour the lives of missing and murdered
 Time: 7pm Price: Free                                    women.
                                                          In its twentieth year, we are hosting a series
This traditional event includes a Grand                   of events leading up to the memorial march
Entry, Intertribal singing and dancing.                   from Feb 1- Feb 14. These events will
                                                          include film screenings, educational events,
                                                          art installations, DTES women’s poetry, a
FEBRUARY 4 - 27                                           music night, and more to honour the voices
                                                          of women and women’s leadership in the
 Salish Sea’s Gallery Gachet                              Downtown Eastside.
 88 East Cordova Street                                   Violence against women is always
 Opening Night: Feb 4 at 7pm                              unacceptable; every life is precious and we
                                                          must continue to honour and work for justice
Salish Seas is an exhibition of works by                  for murdered and missing women.
prominent and emerging Aboriginal artists                 If you would like to make a contribution,
in conjunction with the upcoming anthology                please donate. Make your cheques payable
of the same name. This project offers                     to:
perspective to urban Aboriginal peoples                   The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre
living within these Coast Salish lands who                Women’s Memorial March and mail to
are influenced and inspired by the Salish                 the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre,
Sea and its associated rivers.                            302 Columbia St. Vancouver, BC V6A 4J1.
Salish languages are a grouping of                        All donations over $10 will be gratefully
                                                          acknowledged with a tax deductible receipt.
Please join us (all genders welcome) on               DON AMERO
February 14. March starts at Carnegie                 On September 15th 2007 Don walked off
Hall, Hastings & Main).                               his day job and made that the day he would
                                                      pursue a full time music career. To date
For more information:
                                                      he has released 3 albums, toured across
                                                      Canada 5 times, played over 400 shows and
                                                      has been called one of Manitoba’s hardest
                                                      working musicians! In February of 2009 Don
                                                      released his second album ‘Deepening’,
HOLIDAY INN                                           which produced two #1 singles on the
                                                      national aboriginal countdown. ‘Deepening’

& SUITES                                              also won awards for aboriginal songwriter of
                                                      the year at the Canadian Folk Music Awards

DOWNTOWN                                              and male artist of the year at the Canadian
                                                      Aboriginal Music Awards in 2009. His latest

INDIGENOUS                                            release ‘The Long Way Home’ is on the move
                                                      to become another hit for Amero.

SCHOLARSHIP                                           TAL MINNIE ARONSON
                                                      Tal Minnie is a contemporary dancer living
The Holiday Inn Vancouver Downtown                    in Montreal. She has been a member of the
is proud to present their Indigenous                  OMO Dance Co. and the Integrated Dance
Scholarship Program. Aboriginal                       Artists Collective (IDAC). Tal has worked
guests can enjoy the best of Vancouver                with choreographers David Earle, Heidi
while helping to build a post-secondary               Strauss, Darryl Tracy and Debbie Wilson
educational fund for young men and women              among others. Tal holds a BFA in dance from
of Canada’s First Nations. For every room             Ryerson University. She is truly grateful to
night spent with the Holiday Inn & Suites             have been involved in this project.
Vancouver Downtown, a donation will
be made to the Indigenous Scholarship                 TODD BIFFARD
program in which - each year - one or more            Victim of relentless curiosity, Todd Biffard is
qualified and deserving Indigenous students           a creative and diverse voice on the drumset.
will receive a two thousand dollar ($2,000)           Performing from a young age, Biffard has 20
scholarship towards their post-secondary              years of experience in a wide range of styles.
education. The scholarship is awarded
to the student (or students) that best
demonstrate - academic merit, financial
need and a commitment to continuing
For more information, contact
or go online to:

Formed in January 2009, the AWC/WC is a
mutual help collective of indigenous writers,
working in diverse media. Both an e-group
and an in-person writers group, AWC/wc
has sponsored several events in the last two
years. Salish Seas: an anthology of text +
image is their first book project, presenting
24 writers + 12 visual artists. See the Salish
Seas art show and companion events at the
Gallery Gachet. Performing at the festival
are: Lee Maracle, Joanne Arnott, Janet
Rogers, Wil George, Gunargie O’Sullivan,
Wanda John alongside songwriter /
musicians Russell Wallace and Greg Coyes.
Whether touring Europe with a bagpipe                  (pronounced a-yacht-uh-why) which means
band or playing jazz, samba or Irish folk              working together.
music in all corners of Canada, he draws on
his technical facility, musical intuition, and         NYLA CARPENTIER
tremendous listening skills to adapt to any            Nyla is of the Tahltan/Kaska First Nation
situation. Currently based in Vancouver, Todd          and is an emerging artist who currently
performs regularly throughout Canada with              resides in Vancouver, BC. She completed
a variety of acts, including vaudeville cabaret        her artistic training with Full Circle: First
revivalists Maria in the Shower.                       Nations Performance Training Ensemble
                                                       in 2009 and now works for Full Circle as an
CHIEF IAN CHAMPBELL                                    Artistic Associate and Outreach Intern. Nyla
Chief Ian Campbell, who’s traditional                  has been involved with the performing arts
name is Xálek`/Sekyú Siyám, is one of 16               through dance as a native powwow dancer
hereditary Chiefs of the Squamish Nation.              for over twenty years. Theatre and Dance
As Cultural Ambassador and Negotiator                  have become the two main focuses in Nyla’s
for the department of Intergovernmental                life. Her goals are to blend both her passions
Relations, Natural Resources & Revenue                 as well as pursue a multifaceted career in
and also an elected Council member his                 the arts.
duties and responsibilities are vast. Chief
Campbell is also one of the few remaining              MARK CARTER
fluent Squamish language speakers in his               Mark has been the Artistic Director for DSR
Nation. His understanding of the importance            Productions for the last 19 years. He is a
of our teachings and the critical significance         local Director, Technician and Actor and has
of ensuring the continuation of the cultural           enjoyed returning to work with the Talking
and spiritual presence on the land enters              Stick Festival this season.
everything that he endeavours. “ It is a
purpose to reflect “who we are and where               YVONNE CHARTRAND
we come from” in all that we do, ensuring              Yvonne is a contemporary choreographer
that we are not invisible on our own land”             and dancer as well as a national award-
Chief Ian Campbell. Chief Ian Campbell                 winning master Métis jigger. Her ancestors
will be opening the Talking Stick Festival             come from the Métis community of St.
alongside his dance group Ayateway                     Laurent, Manitoba. She is the Artistic

Director of Compaigni V’ni Dansi (created              scenes, aboriginal cellist Derksen is known
in 2000), whose name translates as                     for captivating solo performances. She uses
“Come and Dance” in Mitchif. Dancers                   new school electronics on her old school
perform traditional Métis dance under                  instrument and has toured nationally and
the name of the Louis Riel Métis Dancers               internationally as well as along side Tanya
and contemporary works as Compaigni                    Tagaq, Kinnie Starr & Kanye West.
V’ni Dansi. Chartrand’s most recent solo
contemporary work Stories from St. Laurent             GABRIELEE DESGAGNÉS
premiered in Vancouver and toured to                   Gabrielle Desgagnés received her
Regina. In development is Cooking It Up                diploma from LADMMI, l’école de danse
Métis scheduled to premiere in March 2012.             contemporaine in 2008. Following she
                                                       trained with Noam Gagnon in Vancouver
GREGORY COYES                                          as well participated in various workshops
Gregory is an award-winning film-maker,                in Brussels and Spain. She presented
writer, and teacher. He has directed                   windhorse, thanks to a residence at Studio
programs for all the major television                  303. She also dances for the 2009 and 2010
networks in Canada and his work has aired              editions of OSEZ! Gabrielle is really thankful
internationally. A graduate of Yale University,        to be apart of her work.
Greg is a guitar player, songwriter, and the
proud father of two boys, Sam and Jackson.             DIGAWOLF
                                                       Digawolf is originally from the Tlicho
COMPAIGNI V’NI DANSI                                   community of Behchoko (Rae-Edzo) but
Compaigni V’ni Dansi is the only company               now resides in Yellowknife, Northwest
in Canada to teach and perform Traditional             Territories. He is a passionate singer/
Métis and contemporary dance, creating a               songwriter who performs with great
unique form of expression. Led by Artistic             respect for the land, the Tlicho culture and
Director Yvonne Chartrand, the company                 the community Elders. His music draws
is excited to share the stories and culture            inspiration from the earth and exposes the
of the Métis for Aboriginal and Mainstream             conflicts that arise from the evolution of
Audiences.                                             his native culture and his place in the two
                                                       worlds that dominate northern life. Digawolf
MARIE-JOSÉE DANDENEAU                                  music is refreshingly honest as every song
Marie-Josée (MJ) is one of the hardest-                is an explosion of imagery that takes you on
working freelance musicians (for studio                a ride across the Northern landscapes and
work and touring) in this part of the world.           into the hearts of the people that live there.
She is a French Metis Canadian multi-
instrumental musician from St-Boniface,                YVES SIOUI DURAND
Manitoba. Specializing in upright bass and             Yves Sioui is from Huron-Wendat Nation.
electric fretless bass, she reflects her               In 1985 he co-founded with Catherine
French Canadian and Métis heritage in her              Joncas, Ondinnock the first Native theater
playing.                                               company in Quebec. As a writer, he’s
                                                       written 14 radio-dramas for CBC-radio and
DEBAJEHMUJIG THEATRE GROUP                             16 originals theater-dramas produced in
De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group is a                    Natives communities and the main stages of
professional community based non-profit                Québec, Canada, France, England, Italy and
organization dedicated to the vitalization             Mexico. Through out the years, he has been
of the Anishnaabeg Culture, Language                   invited in numerous writer festivals and he
and Heritage, through education and the                was the first Native director to be invited
sharing of original creative expression with           to give theater master class in France and
Native and Non-Native people. This Theatre             England. Recently, in 2010, he directed Xajoj
Group occupies a unique position within                Tun/Rabinal Achi the unique pre-Columbian
the art form. The company sees its role as             Native drama as told by the traditional
providing an alternative pathway for full              Mayans Peoples from Guatémala. That
participation in the arts sector by Aboriginal         same summer he directed Mesnak, the first
people. Dedicated to native artists and                French speaking Native movie from Québec.
expression, the company has nurtured an
original creation process and methodology              CHRISTINE SOKAYMOH FREDERICK
that reflects and honours an Anishnaabeg               Sokaymoh is a Métis/Cree actor, dancer,
World View – distinct from the mainstream              writer, director and producer. Highlights
worldview and resulting value system.                  of work : co-directed Thomas Kings’ One
                                                       Good Story, That One, directed the Legend
CRIS DERKSEN                                           of White Buffalo Calf Woman for the 2004
A rising star on the Canadian classical/               International Folklore Festival in Korea,
jazz/folk/pop/electronica/what have you                co-wrote/acted in Flint and Feather:
Takahionwake, The Story of E. Pauline                 Nisga’a, Gitxsan, Haida, Tlingit and Haisla.
Johnson, acted in The Rez Sisters by                  This group takes pride in the fact that only
Tomson Highway, actor on Mixed Blessings              traditional hand-made regalia, masks,
on the APTN. She is on the Edmonton Arts              skin and box drums are used to perform
Council and is co-founder/co-director of              their ancient and contemporary songs and
Alberta Aboriginal Arts. With AAA she                 dances.
produced the Rubaboo Arts Festival and
presented Almighty Voice & His Wife.                  LEANNE GOOSE
Sokaymoh has been writing children’s                  Leanne is a country/rock singer/ songwriter
stories and was immediately smitten with              originally from Inuvik, Northwest Territories.
adapting them to the stage.                           Leanne Goose’s style is a unique mix of
                                                      Classic Country with that unforgettable edge
FRIENDS WITH THE HELP                                 of Elvis styled Rock n’ Roll infused beats that
Bring a signature blend of wit, charisma,             flow through her powerhouse voice.
lyrical trading and undeniable stage
presence to all their catchy and clever               MICHAEL GREYEYES
songs. Fresh from their latest projects,              Michael is a director, actor, choreographer
Low Lux and Young Nige have re-united                 and educator. In 2008 he directed and
with DJ K-Rec once again to take back                 choreographed the first Cree opera,
what is “write” fully theirs. This underrated         Pimooteewin (The Journey), with music by
and overdressed dynamic crew prove that               Melissa Hui and libretto by Tomson Highway
they are amongst the dopest ‘rappers’ in              for Soundstreams Canada. Most recently, he
Vancouver who are yet to graduate to the              directed Daniel David Moses’ Almighty Voice
biggs. The unique style and psychology                and his Wife for Native Earth Performing
infused tracks have attracted audiences               Arts and was subsequently performed at the
all over the city in the past few years. Their        inaugural Origins Festival of First Nations
debut studio Album, “Chips in the Club”, is           Theatre in London, UK. He is an Associate
slated for release in early 2011.                     Professor in the Theatre department at York
                                                      University and is currently developing a new
VÉRONIQUE GAUDREAU                                    site-specific theatre work for Nakai Theatre,
Véronique is a young choreographer and                entitled “The River” for spring 2011.
interpreter that holds architecture as a
source of inspiration in her work. Her
latest work, Le Balcon was presented
on the balcony of the Goethe-Institut,
Montreal and during the Festival de
l’Outaouais Émergent. Véronique holds a
BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia

Chris is a two-time member of the
Vancouver Poetry Slam Team (2008 & 2009),
the runner-up in the 2008 Vancouver
Individual Poetry Slam competition, the
champion of Vancouver’s 2008 Haiku Death
Match, finalist in the 2010 Write Bloody
Press manuscript competition and winner of
the Vancouver’s 2009 CBC Poetry Face-off.
He is a director-at-large of the Vancouver
Poetry House and the program coordinator
of Word Play, Poetry in Schools program.
His literary work has been published in
Geist, Poetry is Dead, Vancouver Review,
42opus, and many others. He performs as
part of the interactive multimedia clown
rock supergroup Awesome Face.

The Git Hayetsk Dancers are Vancouver
based, and have been performing as a
group since 1999. The dancers are from
many different nations, including Tsimshian,

OSTWELVE (RON DEAN HARRIS)                            ghetto poet” will leave you counting syllables
Ostwelve, was born in the Coast Salish -              in your sleep.
Sto:lo Territory of British Columbia. Os was
experimenting with the art form of Hip-hop            JAKUB EVOLVED
by the age of 12 years old, got his first song        Born in Eastern Europe, Jakub has spent
on the radio at 14 years old and went on to           the last 5 1/2 years circulating stages
be one of youngest radio hosts in Canada.             and cyphers from his current home on
He landed a lead character role and music             Commercial Drive to his old stomping
composition credits on the APTN dramatic              grounds in Northern Ontario. After a number
series “Moccasin Flats” and movie of the              of collaborations and guest appearances,
week: “Moccasin Flats: Redemption”. He has            Jakub is set to release his solo debut
shared the stage with acts such as Coolio,            ‘The Story of How’ co-produced by Kerry
Snoop Dogg, Guru, K’naan, Masta Ace, Living           Galloway (N.R.O. Records). Always actively
Legends, Abstract Rude, Swollen Members,              creative, Jakub has been working with
Moka Only, Litefoot, Rez Official, Digging            Kelvin (4AM Styles) on ‘Stereoscope’, while
Roots and Kinnie Starr.                               laying cuts with Jay Mizz (S.D.O. Ent.). Since
                                                      coming together for a Summer 2010 tour, the
KIM HARVEY                                            three men have dedicated aggressive studio
Kim is part Chilcotin and Okanogan and is a           time to producing new works and perfecting
graduate of the U.B.C BFA Acting program.             their craft.
She has been working in theatre since she
completed the program in 2008, selected               CATHERINE JONCAS – Ondinnock Theatre
credits include; “Ernestine Shuswap Gets              Catherine graduated from the Conservatoire
Her Trout,” “The Rez Sisters,” The World              d’Art dramatique de Québec en 1973. In
Premiere of “Gordon Winter,” and the                  1985, she co-founded along with Yves Sioui
Governor General Award winning play and               Durand and the late John Blondin, Ondinnok
National tour of “Where the Blood Mixes.”             the first francophone native theatre company
She was hired on with Full Circle in the              in Quebec. Since its beginning, Catherine
summer of 2010 as an artistic associate               participated in all Ondinnok’s creation,
and was apart of the team in charge of                as an actor, writer or director. Among her
the educational community programming                 realisations, in 2000, she wrote, performed
series. Kim hopes all the students enjoy the          and directed Le rendez-vous,/Kiskimew,
workshops and events!                                 a poetic inspired by the Cree language
                                                      co-produced by the National Arts Centre of
RENEE LACI (Shameless Hussy Theatre)                  Canada. In 2006, she assured the direction of
A Jessie award nominated actress and                  Contes d’un Indien Urbain de Darrell Dennis
award winning director, Renée is Co- Artistic         that has since been touring in Montreal, in
Director and one of the founding members              the Native communities of Quebec and in
of shameless hussy productions. Recent                France. She is actually pursuing the writing
credits as a director include the hussies             of a series of tales, Fox Woman Gone Mad.
award winning production of FROZEN and
RED by Jordan Hall that was part of the               MARGO KANE
Neanderthal Festival. Renée performs the              Internationally acclaimed Cree-Saulteaux
role of Lucy in Summer of My Amazing Luck,            performing artist, Margo Kane is the
which premiered at the Waterfront Theatre             Founder and Artistic Managing Director of
and has toured throughout BC and Ontario
(four times this past year). A UBC grad with
her BFA in acting, Renee teaches theatre at
Arts Umbrella and the Delta Arts Council.
Renee’s favourite role is mama to her 3 year
old daughter, Sofia.

Raised by wolves since birth, Zaccheus
Jackson came of age on the streets of
Western Canada. Having battled through
addiction, apathy and a nasty case of ‘Virgo’
- Zaccheus has twice been honoured to
represent Vancouver and Western Canada
at the Individual World Poetry Slam, placing
26th in 2009. Usually infusing rapid-fire
delivery, gritty street tales, intricate rhyme
patterns and social criticism, this “East Van

Full Circle: First Nations Performance. For         LARA KRAMER
almost 40 years she has been recognized             Lara Kramer’s choreographic talents
as an artist, producer and manager as               have been recognized early on. She was
well as an active mentor and community              a recipient of the James Saya Memorial
development worker for many Aboriginal              Bursary for Excellence from the Concordia
communities. She founded the annual                 University in Montreal, where she completed
Talking Stick Festival and an Aboriginal            her BFA in Contemporary Dance in 2008.
Ensemble Performing Arts Training                   Fragments is Lara’s first full-length
Program in Vancouver where she lives.               creation. It was co-presented with The First
                                                    Peoples Festival and Le Gesû in Montreal
She has received various awards,                    in 2009 and has since brought further
nominations and recognition for her                 recognition to her work. Lara also works as
performances for TV, film and stage most            a performer, collaborates on projects with
recently in 2009 from the Union of BC               other choreographers in Canada and abroad,
Performers, the ‘Lorena Gale Woman of               and continues her research into movement
Distinction’ award; a 2009 Jessie Theatre           vocabulary while developing workshops
Award for Best Supporting Actress (“Where           based on her creative processes.
the Blood Mixes”); a 2007 Leo Award from
BC Film for Best Supporting Female                  JASON KROWE
(‘Unnatural & Accidental’).                         Jason Krowe, of Cree/Czech/Irish heritage
                                                    hailing from Saskatchewan, is a multi-
KWII-GE-LI-WANS (Roberta Kennedy)                   disciplined storyteller who is excited to be a
Kwii-Ge-Ii-Wans is a traditional Haida              part of this year’s Talking Stick Festival.
storyteller. Kwii-Ge-Ii-Wans loves dancing,
singing, drumming, laughing, and eating             NADYA KWANDIBENS
— she is a true Raven causing mischief              Nadya Kwandibens is of Ojibwe
wherever she goes in this world. Her stories        (Anishinaabe) / French heritage from the
tell of a time when the animals taught us           Northwest Angle #37 First Nation in Ontario,
how to be true haada laas (good people).            Canada. She is a self-taught, dynamic
They were our sisters, brothers, mothers,           photographer specializing in artistic natural
fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers. We             light portraiture, fashion, promotional
understood them because they already knew           sessions, and event photography. She has
the secrets of life.                                worked for several groups and organizations


including the: imagineNATIVE Film + Media             sings occasionally, and is always ready
Arts Festival, Winnipeg Aboriginal Film               with a quick quip and some interaction
Festival, Tecumseh Native Arts Festival,              with the audience which adds to the overall
Native Earth Performing Arts, Centre                  experience of seeing him play live. Dennis
for Indigenous Theatre, Thunderstone                  has a wealth of experience in the studio,
Pictures Inc. as well as over 70 individual           having written and recorded everything from
artists, actors, musicians and role models.           original soundtracks to jingles and songs.
In October 2008, she founded Red Works
Studio, a photography company that                    ELAINE MILES
empowers contemporary Indigenous                      Born on April 7th in Pendleton, Oregon,
lifestyles and cultures through photographic          Elaine Miles was raised in the Seattle
essays, features, and portraits.                      area and is a member of the Cayuse and
                                                      Nez Perce Tribes. As a youth she rodeo’d
DAVID LAROCQUE                                        and pow wow’d and even rode around
David is a versatile guitarist who has worked         on the combines trucks! She is also an
on the Winnipeg music scene for over 25               accomplished beader and corn husk weaver
years. He has performed with the «Winnipeg            and has been beading and weaving since she
Symphony Orchestra», the «Winnipeg Jazz               was 8 years old. Only by chance did Elaine
Orchestra» as well as Winnipeg’s premier              find her calling as an entertainer. With no
show band, the «Ron Paley Big Band», in               previous acting experience, Elaine was
addition to many credits as music director            discovered by Northern Exposure’s casting
for CBC regional and network productions.             agents when she accompanied her mother,
Career highlights include a «Prairie Music            Armenia Miles, an open audition. Currently
Award», a «Prix Galaxie» and «le Concours             Elaine is focusing again on her career and
phonogramme» from la Société Radio                    has been emceeing and making “celebrity
Canada. He has participated as a juror                appearances” once again. Along with doing
for arts councils and music competitions              more of her Adult Humor comedy! So watch
including the Canadian Juno Awards. David             for her.
holds Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of
Education degrees from the University of              GIA NAHAMENS
Manitoba, is currently enrolled in a Master’s         Gia has been working as a stage manager/
of Education program.                                 production manager in Vancouver for the
                                                      past four years. She is a graduate of UBC,
WAYNE LAVALLEE                                        where she came to study theatre seven
Wayne both defines and transcends his                 years ago from Venezuela. Selected works
genre at the same time. His music walks               include: Tony and Tina’s Wedding (Hoarse
a path between Led Zeppelin and Robbie                Raven Theatre), Wild Rose (Fringe 2008/
Robertson and rides a trail from rock                 Bumpershoot 2009), The Honeymoon (Pick
anthems and country/folk storytelling to              of the Fringe 2009), Back to You: The Life
Aboriginal chants thousands of years old.             and Music of Lucille Starr (Apprentice
All of this is delivered with Wayne’s haunting        Stage manager: Musical Theatreworks),
melodic approach to create a contemporary             The Talking Stick Festival (Stage Manager
take on old world Native mysticism                    2010) A Picasso, The Edward Curtis Project
                                                      and Queen Lear (Production Manager,
RYAN MCMAHON                                          Presentation House). She now works for
Ryan is an Ojiway/Métis comedian who                  Left Right Minds Initiatives as a production
is turning heads as the fastest rising                assistant.
Aboriginal Comedian in North America.
Known for his brutally honest, ridiculously           BARRIE NIGHSWANDER
outrageous, and sometimes silly material/             Barrie Nighswander, guitarist
content - McMahon delivers a high energy,             extraordinaire, began his career at an early
fast paced mixed Media Storytelling Style             age as co-founder of Tacoy Ryde. Versatility
he calls, “Indian Vaudeville.” A graduate of          and technical prowess in his flawless
the Second City Toronto Conservatory and              playing make Nighswander an in-demand
armed with a degree in Theatre – McMahon              guitarist and session player. He has toured
brings characters and stories to life in a            Canada extensively with Tacoy Ryde who has
fresh and invigorating way.                           shared the stage with well-known Jamaican
                                                      groups Third World Band and Steel Pulse.
DENNIS MENEELY                                        He has toured Germany with Cori Brewster
Dennis is a perfectionist with a lot of soul.         and continues to perform with Big Hank and
He can boogie-woogie or tickle the keys               a Fist Full of Blues, Al Brant and The Broke
off any song as he weaves his great feel              Ensemble.
and touch into the fabric of the tune. He

MICHELLE OLSON                                        newspapers and magazines, nationally
Michelle Olson (Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in First               and internationally, and on postcards and
Nation) is the Artistic Director of Raven             posters promoting the creations of the
Spirit Dance. Her work as a performer and             majority of choreographers and dance
creator embrace dance, choreography and               companies in Vancouver. As well, Chris is
theatre. She is deeply rooted in her passion          the resident photographer for the Vancouver
for telling the stories we hold in our bodies.        International Dance Festival, the Dancing on
Choreographic credits include George                  the Edge Festival, the Chutzpah! Festival,
Ryga’s The Ecstasy of Rita Joe, and The               the Talking Stick Festival and shoots
Death of a Chief. Her new work, Gathering             regularly for the Scotiabank Dance Centre.
Light, will premiere at Dancing on the Edge           Music and theatre are other areas where
2010. Michelle is the president of Indigenous         Chris ventures with great joy, and he recently
Performing Arts Alliance (IPAA).                      shot the Pemberton Music Festival, one of 2
                                                      photographers hired by Live Nation.
Over the past twelve years, Magnum                    LISA C. RAVENSBERGEN
Opus Management founder Debbie Peters                 A multi-hyphenate artist and Jessie
has been guiding artists through career               nominated performer, Lisa is fresh off
development, from the creation of a unified           the PUSH Festival bandwagon with City
vision through to the nitty gritty of making          of Dreams (Urban Crawl). Favourite roles
that vision a reality. With experience working        include Rita Joe (Firehall, WCT/ National
in the arts as a performer, producer,                 Arts Centre), Rebecca – The Unnatural and
consultant, agent and manager, Debbie now             Accidental Women (NEPA) and premiere
focuses much of her energy on developing              performances of Annabelle - Ernestine
new audiences for some of Canada’s finest             Shuswap Gets Her Trout (WCT) and Rose -
musicians nationally and internationally.             Burning Vision (Rumble/ urban ink). Lisa’s
Debbie received the 2009 – 2010 Artist                excited to begin a dramaturgy residency
Manager/Agent of the Year Award with                  at Playwrights Theatre Centre as she
the Canadian Arts Presenting Association              continues her work as Associate Artist with
(CAPACOA) and was nominated 2010 Agency               Full Circle and Associate Playwright with
of the Year with the Western Canadian Music           PTC. Lisa is a graduate of SFU School for the
Awards.                                               Contemporary Arts.

MURRAY PORTER                                         JANET MARIE ROGERS
Murray Porter is Mohawk from Six Nations              A Mohawk writer from the Six Nations
of the Grand River Territory in southern              territory in southern Ontario, Janet was
Ontario, but now makes North Vancouver                born in Vancouver British Columbia January
his home. Through his blues he tells the              29th 1963. She began her creative career as
Aboriginal side of history with a mixture             a visual artist, and started writing in 1996.
of country, blues and humour. Murray is a             Since then, she continues to stretch her
self-taught, singer, songwriter and piano             abilities as a writer working and studying
player, who’s spent the last 30 years playing         in the genres of poetry, short fiction,
the blues throughout the world. He’s shared           science fiction, play writing, spoken word
the stage with hundreds of Artists including          performance poetry and video poetry. Her
B.B. King, Etta James, The Neville Brothers,          most recent accomplishments include the
Tom Cochrane, Burton Cummings, Bruce                  creation of a video poem entitled “Rightful
Cockburn and The Funk Brothers. His                   Place” and hosting Victoria’s only native
voice was recently heard on the ‘Aboriginal           radio program every Tuesday at 2:30pm on
Welcoming Song’ at the Opening Ceremonies             CFUV 101.9fm called “Native Waves.”
of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.
Murray new CD `Songs Lived & Life Played’             DAVE SAY
will be released in February 2011.                    Dave Say is a well-respected, versatile
                                                      saxophonist with rich soulful tones and
CHRIS RANDLE                                          powerful improvisation. His sound is
A commercial photographer by trade,                   inspired by likes of John Coltrane, Wayne
Chris has earned a living in his field since          Shorter, Sonny Rollins, Gene Ammons,
1978, when he graduated from Langara                  Paul Desmond and Stan Getz. He has
College’s photography program. In the                 been a professional musician for 25 years
mid-seventies, he began to shoot dance and            covering all styles of Jazz, R&B, and Funk.
has photographed and videoed the dance                He has collaborated with George Mcfetridge
community since then. Acclaimed as one                (Strange Weather) Claude Ranger (Dave Say
of Canada’s finest dance photographers,               Claude Ranger Duo) Al Weirtz (Say/Wiertz
his work has appeared in countless                    Band) Kevin Elaschuk (ESQ) Tony Wilson

(Say/Wilson Group), and Above Ground                   dedication to the solid beat and oneness with
Sextet to name a few.                                  the drummer. His soulful chops are in the
                                                       pocket on every note in every tune. Duane
SANDY SCOFIELD                                         is an accomplished musician, songwriter
Sandy Scofield is a multi-award winning                and recording artist. He has played bass
composer, musician and singer. She has                 professionally for over 40 years and also
studied classical, jazz and electro-acoustic           plays guitar, keyboards and sings. Several of
music. A Métis from the Saulteaux and Cree             Duane’s compositions have received national
Nations, she hails from four generations of            exposure and airplay. He has played on
fiddlers, singers and musicians. She has               numerous recording sessions with a wide
toured to festivals on four continents, and            range of artists and remains one of Western
composed for dance, film, television and               Canada’s first-call bassists.
theatre, including the Aboriginal Welcoming
Song for the 2010 Olympic Opening                      JARED SOWAN
Ceremonies, which received international               Jared Sowan is a multi-talented singer/
broadcast. Recently, she completed her                 songwriter originally from
degree at the esteemed Simon Fraser                    Swan River First Nation, Alberta. He was
University School for Contemporary Arts,               recently honored at the Canadian Aboriginal
studying under the likes of Owen Underhill             Music Awards in Toronto, for Best Blues
and Barry Truax. This summer she will                  Album and Best Male Artist. In 2007 he was
be playing to an international crowd at                awarded The Indian Summer Music Awards
the Rainforest musical festival in Borneo,             for best blues album as well. Jared has
Malaysia.                                              played with a variety of bands in many parts
                                                       of the world such as Hawaii, Costa Rica,
SHYAMA PRIYA SINGH                                     L.A., New York, and throughout Canada.
Shyama-Priya was born and raised in
Vancouver B.C. Her mother is Icelandic                 RUTHIE SUMIKO TABATA
Celtic and Cree and her father was from                Ruthie Sumiko Tabata has worked behind
Bihar India. She attended Full Circle’s                the scenes with the Talking Stick since 2005
Performance arts program from 2007-2009.               to celebrate and be inspired by the diverse
One of her highlights was being selected               and talented aboriginal cultures of Canada.
to dance in the Vancouver 2010 opening                 Ruthie produces events, productions and
ceremonies. Recently she fancy danced                  festivals.
with The Native Pride Dancers, a world
champion dance group from the states. Her              GILLIAN THOMSON
passion for the arts continues to develop              Nominated “Best female Artist” in 2010 at
and grow through every dancing and acting              the “Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards”,
opportunity.                                           Gillian Thomson is a force to be reckoned
                                                       with. Original, jazzy and smoky, Gillian’s
SISTER SAYS                                            alto voice is multi-faceted, just like her
Sister Says wake you, soothe you and bring             personality. Her background as a live singer
you to that place in your heart that is soulful        dates back to the age of 16 when she was
and dreamlike. Like the vibrant intensity              performing at all the major blues venues
you feel when you are placed in the midst of           in Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg with
something new to the deep crimson brush                her family band “Intellifunk”. Currently
strokes in an abstract painting. Sister Says           she performs with her soulful pop band
is sister and brother Gillian and Robert               “Sister Says” with her brother throughout
Thomson. They released their debut album               Vancouver and has toured Beijing, Toronto,
“The Only Way” in February 2010. The Only              Boston and New York with the band. Gillian
Way is a dreamscape of pop-soul with                   can also be heard performing jazz standards
unique songwriting that is at the same time            with some of Vancouver’s finest musician’s
classic. Gillian’s smoky alto ties the stories         throughout Vancouver.
together while Robert’s bass and arranging
are the foundation of each song. With subtle           JAMIE THOMSON
strings, pads and percussion one can give              Jamie Thomson has been a member
meaning to a broken heart, an epiphany, or             of Vancouver’s music scene since he
an unsent letter.                                      was fifteen years old, both as a fan and
                                                       participant. His lifelong addiction to the
DUANE SMITH                                            guitar and the sound of it, has surfaced in
Duane is a founding member of Tacoy Ryde.              almost every aspect of his personal and
He has developed a reputation for his ability          professional life! He is currently working
to adapt to many styles of music but one               with many singers (Dawn Pemberton, Gillian
thing stays constant and that is his steadfast         Thomson), virtuoso musicians and talented

producer (David Maszaros). As he played                credits include: the smash hit Tony n/ Tina’s
with his family R & B band, Intellifunk, he            Wedding, the Jessie Awards & MAS Theatre
honed the framework of his songwriting and             Conference. She is the Artistic Producer of
melodic techniques. While Jamie continues              Hoarse Raven Theatre and the president of
to play around Vancouver he is focusing his            the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre
time on songwriting. He has released his               Alliance.
newest C.D., Sessions @ BAKERSTREET,
which will be available for purchase at this           VALRI WRIGHT
year’s Talking Stick Festival.                         Valri Wright is a native Vancouverite who
                                                       has grown up in the local arts community.
ROB THOMSON                                            For sixteen years she has worked in
Multi talented and of Haida descent, Robert’s          dance as a performer, choreographer and
diverse bass playing has seen him cross                teacher. She has continued to support her
a variety of genres and styles playing with            passion for dance and theatre through
Sister Says (Soul), Intellifunk (R&B), Bitterly        various administrative jobs within the arts
Divine (Rock) and One Human Race (African/             community. Since 2004, Valri has been the
World). Robert has toured across Canada,               Volunteer Manager at Bard on the Beach
in the USA and China. During his travels               Shakespeare Festival where she manages
Robert produced, performed, composed and               more than 200 volunteers who contribute
garnered a number of film and TV credits.              over 12,000 hours to the Festival. She is
In 2010 Robert and his band Sister Says                also the long-time volunteer co-ordinator
were nominated for two Canadian Aboriginal             for Full Circle First Nations Performance’s
Awards for their album “The Only Way” and              annual Talking Stick Festival. Valri lives
performed on the live show in Hamilton,                and breathes volunteering. From building
Ontario.                                               flower beds to stuffing envelopes to serving
                                                       as president of her co-op board, Valri
JANET PANIC                                            believes that we build community and
Métis artist Janet Panic has built a                   empower ourselves by volunteering and
reputation as one of Canada’s premier                  that as leaders we create strength in an
songwriters over the past ten years. The               organization by empowering others to lead.
Vancouver Sun called her “a cross between
Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen”.                           MAGPIE ULYSSES
                                                       Magpie Ulysses is a performance poet,
TANJA DIXON-WARREN                                     now ex-pat Vancouverite, living in the cold
Tanja (freelance actor and producer) is back           North. Her “confessional poems hit hard
for her 2nd year coordinating TSF. Other               and take the reader through intense visceral
                                                       terrain, but never wallow” (Robert Priest,
                                                       NOW magazine). Over the last 6 years,
                                                       she has performed at hundreds of venues,
                                                       house parties, high schools, and festivals
                                                       throughout North America. Magpie has
                                                       been a member of two national champion
                                                       poetry slam teams, and is the winner of
                                                       Vancouver’s 2008 CBC poetry Face off. She
                                                       is an anthropologist of the heart who doesn’t
                                                       apologize for her vastness when she sets
                                                       fire to the shade you took for shelter from
                                                       this thing we call living.

                                                       FULL CIRCLE
                                                       Our website:
                                                       Our website serves the Aboriginal and Arts
                                                       community. If you are an Aboriginal artist
                                                       or arts organization you can submit your
                                                       biography or company profile and post your
                                                       upcoming events to the National Aboriginal
                                                       Arts Calendar.
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  employment and volunteer opportunities.                IT Consultant: David Archer
                                                        Sponsorship, Fundraising & Marketing:
                                                         Sponsorship, Fundraising & Marketing:
Ensemble Training Program                               Chanelle Dupre
  Ensemble Training Program                              Chanelle Dupre
Created in 2002 by Margo Kane and led by                Publicity: Bonnie Allan, Bridge
  Created in 2002 by Margo Kane and led by               Publicity: Bonnie Allan, Bridge
program Co-Director, David MacMurray                    Communications
  program Co-Director, David MacMurray
Smith, this two-year training program is                Volunteer Coordinator: Valri Wright
                                                         Volunteer Coordinator: Valri Wright
  Smith, this two-year training program is
generously funded through the Canadian
  generously funded through the Canadian                Production Manager: Mark Carter
                                                         Production Manager: Mark Carter
Arts Training Fund of Department of
  Arts Training Fund of Department of                   Bar Manager: Jason Krowe
                                                         Bar Manager: Jason Krowe
Canadian Heritage. The program promotes
  Canadian Heritage. The program promotes                Transportation/Production Assistant:
                                                        Transportation/Production Assistant:
the development of professional Aboriginal
  the development of professional Aboriginal            Barrie Nighswander
                                                         Barrie Nighswander
artists who are attuned to, and rooted in,
  artists who are attuned to, and rooted in,             Training Program Director: David
                                                        Training Program Director: David
their traditions, who can explore their art
  their traditions, who can explore their art           MacMurray-Smith
  and their voice with range of performance
and their voice with aa rangeof performance             Trainers: Sheila Langston,Tasha Faye Evans,
                                                         Trainers: Sheila Langston,Tasha Faye Evans,
techniques (traditional and modern), who
  techniques (traditional and modern), who               Michelle Olson, Lisa C. Ravensbergen
                                                        Michelle Olson, Lisa C. Ravensbergen
  will contribute to robust contemporary
will contribute to aa robustcontemporary
                                                        Full Circle: First Nations Performance
                                                        Full Circle: First Nations Performance
Aboriginal artistic practice in Canada
  Aboriginal artistic practice in Canada                                       Great Northern Way
                                                        Box 12, #206-02, 555 Great Northern Way
                                                        Box 12,
and internationally, and who will practice
  and internationally, and who will practice            Vancouver, BC V5T 1E2
  their art to standard of excellence. Past
their art to a a standard of excellence. Past
                                                        604.683 .0497 phone
graduates who have been featured at the
  graduates who have been featured at the               604.683 .8953 fax
Talking Stick Festival have gone on to launch
  Talking Stick Festival have gone on to launch
their own theatre companies and create
  their own theatre companies and create
exciting new works, including: Kevin Loring
  exciting new works, including: Kevin Loring           Board of Directors:
                                                        Board of
(2009 Governor General’s Award winner
  (2009 Governor General’s Award winner                 Alannah Young President
  for English Language Drama); Yvonne
for English Language Drama); Yvonne                     Greg Coyes
                                                        Greg Coyes Vice President
  Chartrand (Compaigni V’ni Dansi) Lisa C.
Chartrand (Compaigni V’ni Dansi) Lisa C.                Doreen
                                                        Doreen Sinclair, Secretary Treasurer
                                                                         Secretary Treasurer
  Ravensbergen (Cheyikwe Performance) and
Ravensbergen (Cheyikwe Performance) and                 Michael
                                                        Michael Huppe, Director
  Michelle Olson (Raven Spirit Dance).
Michelle Olson (Raven Spirit Dance).                    Woodrow
                                                        Woodrow Morrison, Director

  professional Aboriginal artists who are
professional Aboriginal artists who are
  attuned to, and rooted in, their traditions,
attuned to, and rooted in, their traditions,
  who can explore their art and their voice
who can explore their art and their voice
with a a range of performancetechniques
  with range of performance techniques
  (traditional and modern), who will contribute
(traditional and modern), who will contribute
   a robust contemporary Aboriginal artistic
toto a robust contemporaryAboriginal artistic
practice inin Canada and internationally,and
  practice Canada and internationally, and               We would like to thank our sponsors for
                                                        We would like to thank our sponsors for
who will practice their art to aastandard
  who will practice their art to standard                their support and contribution to this year’s
                                                        their support and contribution to this year’s
   excellence. Past graduates who
ofof excellence.Past graduates who                      Festival.
  have been featured at the Talking Stick
have been featured at the Talking Stick
  Festival have gone on to launch their own
Festival have gone on to launch their own
  theatre companies and create exciting
theatre companies and create exciting
  new works, including: Kevin Loring
new works, including: Kevin Loring
  (2009 Governor General’s Award winner
(2009 Governor General’s Award winner
  for English Language Drama); Yvonne
for English Language Drama); Yvonne
  Chartrand (Compaigni V’ni Dansi) Lisa C.
Chartrand (Compaigni V’ni Dansi) Lisa C.
  Ravensbergen (Cheyikwe Performance) and
Ravensbergen (Cheyikwe Performance) and
  Michelle Olson (Raven Spirit Dance).
Michelle Olson (Raven Spirit Dance).

 Artistic Managing Director: Margo Kane
Artistic Managing Director: Dixon-Warren
 Project Coordinator: Tanja Margo Kane
Project Coordinator: Tanja Dixon-Warren
 Associate Producer: Ruthie Sumiko Tabata
Associate Producer: Ruthie Sumiko Tabata
 Administrator: Cornelia Wyngaarden
Administrator: Cornelia Wyngaarden
 Artistic Associates: Lisa C. Ravensbergen
Artistic Associates: Lisa C. Ravensbergen
 Artistic & Production Interns: Nyla
Artistic & Production Interns: Nyla
 Carpentier, Kim Harvey
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