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					MC       [8M]

1.       Which of the following is not the characteristic of web-based learning?
A.       It is not limited by locations.
B.       It is not limited by time.
C.       Books and notes are used.
D.       Networking devices are used.

2.     The Internet allows users to obtain useful resources instantly. Which of the
following descriptions about this service is incorrect?
A.     Users can download updated patch files and multimedia resources.
B.     Users can share software with others through peer-to-peer networks.
C.     BitTorrent is a file sharing tool.
D.     Users should upload the files to web servers when sharing files.

3.       Which of the following are the problems of using the Internet?
(1)      The computer systems become unstable.
(2)      The private password is stolen.
(3)      Junk mails are received.
(4)      Computers are infected by computer viruses.
A.       (1), (2) and (3) only
B.       (2) and (3) only
C.       (2), (3) and (4) only
D.       (1), (2), (3) and (4)

4.       In a database, the most suitable data type for the field “pass/fail status” will be
A.       Text
B.       Number
C.       Date/Time
D.       Yes/No

Blanks          [8M]

1.     __________________ is a way of working that people can work anywhere
outside their offices.
2.     In a __________________ society, payments can be settled via electronic
means without using cash.
3.     Computer crimes include crimes that are committed via the
__________________ and the illegal activities that are committed by using computers.
4.     Access provides the following 3 ways to filter records: filter by selection, filter
by form and __________________ filter.

True / False    [4M]

1.     A well-designed database enables huge data storage and efficient data retrieval.
2.     A query is an interface created by users to manipulate and display data.
3.     A report is used to present information in a user-defined format.
4.     Design view is the most preferred method to create a table.
Q3     [12M+1 effective communication]
(a)    Computer communication is becoming popular.
(i)    Suggest 1 personal impact of computer communication.         [1M]
(ii)   Suggest 1 social impact of computer communication.           [1M]
(iii) John says that he has installed anti-virus software in his PC. His teacher says
that he is not free from virus attack. Why? [1M]
(iv)   He has found an interesting site with a lot of games and pictures. He wants to
download them and share with his friends. Should he do this? Why?           [2M+1EC]
(v)    He wants to use his birthday as the Internet account password. His friend
disagrees with him. Why?       [1M]
(vi)   His home already has a firewall. Is he safe to surf anywhere? Why?

(b)     Eric works in a travel agent. He stores the information of departing flights in
the following table.

(i) What is the primary key in this table? [1M]
(ii) A customer asks Eric about the flight information which flies to Manila. The
      customer only wants to know the flight which will depart before 12 noon. Eric
      wants to find the related information by using ‘Advanced Filter’. Try to complete
      the following table for Eric.    [2M]
             Field:        To              Scheduled Time
(iii) After filtering, how many records will be displayed? [1M]
MC [8M]

Blanks      [8M]

True / False       [4M]

Q3        [12M+1EC]
(i)       widen social circle
(ii)      cashless society
(iii)     he needs to update the virus signature regularly
(iv)      no, because software from doubtful site may contain virus or hacker program
(v)       the password can be guessed by others easily
(vi)      no, because the firewall can only guard against some security attacks
(i)       flight
              Field:      To              Scheduled Time
              Criterion   “Manila”        >#00:00:00# and <#12:00:00#
(iii) 2

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