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									Congratulations on being accepted to the SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery Program!
To assist you in meeting your deadlines and making your presentation a success, we
have compiled the following "Presenter Notebook".

      General Information
      q Calendar of Deadlines

      q   Contact Information
      q   Submitting to the Creative Applications Lab
      q   SIGGRAPH T-shirt Competition
      Documentation of Your Work
      q Electronic Art & Animation Catalog Guidelines

      q   Supplemental Material

      Preparing your work for SIGGRAPH 2000
      q Important Installation Information

      q   Contributor Input Data Form
      q   Shipping and Framing Information

      q Guidelines

      q   Forms

      Onsite Information
      q Important Housing Information

      q   What SIGGRAPH Provides... (Presenter Recognition)
      q   More Information to Follow in the Coming Months...
   To ensure completion of all acceptance requirements, print this page for use as a

Date Due                   Form or Information Due                             Completed

1 March 2000               Online Housing Goes Live

13 March 2000              EAAC Publication Materials Due

28 March 2000              Presenter Recognition Form Due

31 March 2000              Contributor Input Data Form Due

28 April 2000              Supplemental Material for CD_ROM Due

24 May 2000                Creative Applications Lab Submission Deadline

1 June 2000                Insurance Form Due
In the coming months you will have contact with various people. We have listed
their information below for your convenience.

 Art Gallery Chair
   Diane Gromala
 Art Gallery Admin
   Mirtha Ferrer
 Technical Coordinator
  David Hubbard
  AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
  PO Box 684846
  Austin, Texas 78768-4846 USA
  +1.214.905.9912 fax
 Contributor Coordinator
  Carrie Ewert
  5475 Mark Dabling Boulevard, Suite 108
  Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA
  +1.719.599.3075 fax
Congratulations on your acceptance to the Art Gallery from the CAL committee! High
quality submissions like yours are what makes SIGGRAPH what it is!
If you've already indicated that you'd like to participate in the Creative Applications Lab,
thank you! Your involvement in the CAL will not only make your submission more
valuable to your audience, but will enrich the SIGGRAPH experience for everyone! Your
next steps are to proceed to the URL below, sign and mail the submission and
authorization form, and either upload or send your submitted materials.
If you haven't chosen to participate in the Creative Applications Lab, it's still not too late!
By providing demo software, images, animations, or examples in the CAL, you will
enhance your Artwork for those who are interested in your topic. By holding a breakout
session in the CAL, you'll have a chance to have an interactive session with your
students, getting into the details of your Artwork. Hopefully, we've convinced you! If so,
please go to the URL below, and contribute to the CAL!
Once again congratulations and have a great SIGGRAPH 2000!
Rob Lembree
As you prepare to enjoy the 27th International Conference on Computer Graphics and
Interactive Techniques, I invite you to contribute your enthusiasm and expertise, and your
t-shirt. The annual SIGGRAPH t-shirt competition recognizes the abundance of personal
and professional pride that showcases itself each year on the backs of our attendees.
Please be prepared to present your work onsite for this annual event, your paper,
animation, technology or company deserves shameless self-promotion in this delightfully
informal annual event. For information, please contact:
                 Publication Information - Due by 13 March 2000
The Electronic Art & Animation Catalog (EAAC), a four-color catalog and
accompanying CD-ROM, documents work accepted to the SIGGRAPH 2000 Art
Gallery and Computer Animation Festival. To include your information in these
publications, it is your responsibility to provide materials in a timely and orderly
Accepted artworks will be published along with the artist's statement. Installations
will be allowed one page (approx. 400 words with two images) to document their
work. Name, affiliation, and email address will be the only contact information
SIGGRAPH will use the slides and artist statements originally submitted for
publication purposes. If you wish to send a digital file of your artwork for publication
use, you may do so if you meet the requirements below. All accepted artists will
receive a EAAC verfication letter from the Publications Coordinator, Carrie Ewert.
This form will allow you to verify and make corrections to the text SIGGRAPH will
use for publication. If you do not receive this form 3-4 days after your acceptance
notification, please contact Carrie at Presentations that exceed
these limits and supplemental materials will be published on an appropriate
Please email your text as an ASCII attachment or within the body of an email to Text will be reformatted and checked for general
spelling errors.
Images will only be used if they meet the following requirements:
   q 35mm slides; they provide our best opportunity to accurately reproduce your
     visual content. Please label the top front of each slide.
   q Digital images are acceptable if you adhere to the following formats: At least
     300 dpi at 4" by 5", Pixel resolution of at least 1200 x 1500, TIFF or EPS
     formats, no compression, MAC or PC platforms. Make sure to provide brief
     captions for your images.
   q Images may be placed on a zip, jaz, or CD-ROM and sent to the following
     address or you may contact Carrie for ftp information:
      Carrie Ewert
      SIGGRAPH 2000 Contributor Coordinator
      5475 Mark Dabling Blvd, Suite 108
Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA
Submitting Supplemental Material for Conference Publications
This document contains instructions for the formatting and submission of supplemental
material for inclusion on a CD-ROM publication which documents a program at a
SIGGRAPH-sponsored conference or workshop.
"Supplemental material" is additional material which will help better document your main
submission, be it a paper or a course or an animation. This material can include, but is not
restricted to, images, QuickTime or MPEG animations, source code, and HTML or VRML
presentations. You are not required to submit supplemental material, only encouraged.
Overview (or, "The Big Picture")
If you choose to submit supplemental material to enhance your main submission, you'll
need to prepare this material in accordance with the guidelines in this document and
deliver it to the appropriate production editor for the conference's CD-ROM publication by
the deadline noted below.
Deadline Information
The deadline for the receipt of your supplemental material is 28 April 2000. This is a firm
deadline. The CD-ROM production editor who will receive your material will be receiving
material from many other people, and will need to process all of it in a very short time.
Delivery and Contact Information
Please follow these instructions for making your supplemental material available for the
CD-ROM production editor:

        - If you have more than one file to submit, use a archive-creation tool ("pkzip" on
        PCs, "tar" on UNIX, "Stuffit" on Macintosh) and create one archive file to be
        - Make the single file available online at your Web or FTP site, and send e-mail to
        Lou Katz, the CD-ROM production editor for the SIGGRAPH 2000 EAAC and CAA
        CD-ROMs, at "" with the location and name of your file.
        - If you cannot make the file available at your Web or FTP site, please send e-mail
        to Lou Katz at "" and he will create a directory for you into
        which you can upload your file.
Copyright Information
All material used by the author in their supplemental must have proper copyright clearance.
If you are unsure of the copyright status of particular images, sounds, or video clips used in
your supplemental material, please contact the ACM SIGGRAPH Director for Publications,
Stephen Spencer, at "" immediately.
File Formats
As mentioned above, supplemental material can include a number of different formats:
images, source code, HTML presentations, multimedia presentations, or Quicktime or
MPEG animations. There are a few guidelines which should be followed when considering
submitting supplemental material of specific types.
Still Images
The preferred format for still images is TIFF. JPEG and GIF images are acceptable, though
the image quality will not be as high as with TIFF. If you do submit TIFF images, please
make sure they are not LZW-compressed.
QuickTime and MPEG Animations
Animation files in QuickTime and MPEG formats will be accepted as supplemental
material. If you submit a QuickTime animation, please make sure that it is compressed with
the Cinepak codec. Other codecs are not universally readable, and uncompressed
QuickTime movies are far too large to be placed on the CD-ROM.
Papers, Technical Notes, PowerPoint Presentations
Documents such as these should be converted to Adobe Acrobat ("PDF") format or to
PostScript format before submitting. Adobe Acrobat format is preferred.
HTML, VRML, and Java
HTML presentations, VRML presentations, and Java presentations are acceptable as
supplemental material. There are two very important guidelines to follow, however:

        (1) your presentation should not require links to external resources for navigation
        elements (buttons, images, or other artwork)
        (2) the ISO-9660 file naming format must be followed. Presentations which do not
        conform to the "8.3" naming format will not be processed and placed on the
        CD-ROM. (For more information, please see the "File and Directory Naming"
        section below.)

It is suggested that authors prepare "zip" or "tar" archives of material that does not conform
to the "8.3" file naming formats for inclusion as supplemental material, and instructions for
the user on the preparation of that material.
File and Directory Naming
All SIGGRAPH CD-ROM publications follow the ISO 9660 Level 1 standard, in order to
support as many computer platforms as possible.
Certain guidelines must be followed when naming file and directories under the ISO 9660
        (1) Filenames are limited to eight lower-case letters, a period, and a
        three-character file extension. The extension is optional.
        (2) Filenames must contain only lower-case letters, numbers, and the underscore
        (3) Directory names are limited to eight lower-case letters.

The following examples show valid and invalid filenames:

        VALID           INVALID          REASON
        sponge.doc      Sponge.doc       upper-case letters
        fig_17a.tif     figure_17a.tif   too many characters
        database.htm    database.html    too many characters
        readme.ed       readme (ed)      illegal space and parentheses

Certain standard filename extensions should be used in the preparation of your
supplemental material for consistency and ease of use. The following examples show a
number of these extensions and their file types:

        .mov            QuickTime animation
        .mpg            MPEG animation
        .pdf            Adobe Acrobat PDF
        .txt            ASCII text
        .gif            GIF image
        .tif            TIFF image
        .jpg            JPEG image
        .ps             PostScript document
        .htm            HTML document

Documentation of Your Supplemental Material
If you have instructions that you wish only the production editor to see and read, include an
ASCII text file named "readme.ed" in your submission. This file will not be included on the
If you have instructions for the end user, include an ASCII text file named "readme.usr" in
your submission. This file will be included on the CD-ROM.
Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or comments regarding this document or the preparation and
delivery of your supplemental material, please contact Stephen Spencer at
Important Installation Information

SIGGRAPH Provides:
 * with complete specification of contributor requirements (i.e. The Contributor Input Data
Form completed by 24 March 2000.)
   1. Installation Space
   2. Carpeting and decorated environment
   3. Electricity
        Note: Electrical power in a convention center is always subject to fluctuations. We
      strongly recommend you bring an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or line
      conditioner for any power-sensitive computer or A/V equipment you plan to use on
      site at SIGGRAPH 99.
   4. Furnishings (tables, chairs, scaffolding, etc.) - venue design and furnishing styles
      are at the discretion of the program chair.
   5. Descriptive Signage
   6. Rigging / Lighting
   7. Networking connection to the conference GraphicsNet and Internet 8.Equipment
      Insurance on site at the conference
   8. Security
   9. Documentation
  10. Conference Access
Contributor Responsibilities:
  1. Installation Space Design and Traffic Flow consideration
  2. Providing All Equipment Required to operate the installation (including A/V and
      computers which can be rented from SIGGRAPH 99 contractors)
  3. Equipment Shipping and Insurance to/from conference
  4. Sufficient Staffing to cover the conference week
  5. Travel, housing, and substinence for installation staff
  6. Any optional services or conveniences such as a telephone line, computer rental,
      A/V rental
              Contributor Input Data Form - Due by 31 March 2000
To ensure a sucessful presentation, you must provide complete information
regarding your onsite installation needs including a detailed equipment list (with
insurance, rigging, and power requirements), electrical service, lighting/darkness,
networking, and furnishings.
The Contributor Input Data Form allows you to provide SIGGRAPH with the most
accurate data. Please print, complete, and send the following Contributor Input Data
Form to Diane Gromala by 31 March 2000.
Contributor Input Data Form (PDF)
                         SIGGRAPH 2000
                                Contributor Input Data
For Staff Use:

Contributor # _____________ Contributor Location _______________

           Please return this form to your program chair by 31 March 2000

Contributor Name _____________________________________________________

Organization        _____________________________________________________

Address             _____________________________________________________


Telephone           _____________________________________________________

Fax                 _____________________________________________________

e-mail address       _____________________________________________________


Equipment being provided by contributor
       Based on the space allocation made by your program chair, please let us know what
       equipment you will be bringing for use in your display area along with the dimensions of that
       equipment ... be as specific as possible.
                                                         PLEASE SKETCH OUT YOUR AREA BELOW or
                                                                      ATTACH A SCHEMATIC
                                                                                       Page 1
How and when equipment will arrive at Show Site
    Because of the amount of materials and equipment arriving for SIGGRAPH, it is important
    that those materials be handled in an efficient and effective manner. Your shipped materials
    will be handled on-site by Freeman Decorating Company.

    When requested, shipping instructions will be sent to you that will instruct you on how to
    prepare your shipment, where and when to send your shipment and what will happen once
    your shipment arrives at the meeting.

    Please read it carefully and MARK EVERY CRATE, BOX OR PACKET WITH YOUR

    Literally thousands of crates, boxes and packages arrive before and during the event, it’s
    critical that you follow these instructions to insure that your materials arrive at the right place
    and in time for you to assemble your display - PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THE RECEIPT

    I will be shipping ____ crates / ____ boxes

    I will be shipping them via _______________________________________(carrier)

    by _____/_______/_________ (date).

    " send me shipping forms and labels

Audio/Video Equipment needed
    As a contributor, you are expected to provide your own audio/video equipment. You may,
    however, have additional audio and video equipment needed to supplement your display. If
    you will be renting equipment or having equipment donated for your installation, please
    indicate below. Donated equipment is usually in very limited supply, so please be prepared
    to arrange for the equipment needs of your display early.

    Audio Equipment                                              " NONE




                                                                                                Page 2
    Video Equipment                                             " NONE




    " send me information on audio/video equipment rentals

Electrical Service needed
    Since there is no electrical service available in your display other than what you request, it is
    imperative that you order your electrical service in advance. Electrical Service costs will be
    provided for by SIGGRAPH. The proper electrical service will be run to your area and
    provided to your display... BUT, YOU MUST PROVIDE A REQUEST FOR SERVICE TO

    The following is a summary of how electrical service is to be requested:

    120 volt service (60 cycle - US standard voltage) Ordered by wattage:

      0-600        watt service       # _______ circuits

    601-1200       watt service       #_______ circuits

    1201-1800      watt service       # _______ circuits

    1801-2400      watt service       # _______ circuits

    Single Extension Cord             # _______ length _______

     Multi-Outlet Connection Box      # _______

    120 volt service (60 cycle - US standard voltage) Ordered by amps:

           5       amp service        # _______ circuits
          10       amp service        # _______ circuits
          15       amp service        # _______ circuits
          20       amp service        # _______ circuits

    " Help!

                                                                                             Page 3
    208 volt service (60 cycle - US standard voltage):

         10 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

         20 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

         30 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

         40 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

         50 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

         60 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

         80 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

        100 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___       three phase ___

        150 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___      three phase ___

        200 amp service # _______ circuits             single phase ___      three phase ___

    " Help!

Supplemental Lighting / Darkness needed
    Your SIGGRAPH venue will be generally lit throughout. In some displays, it may be
    necessary to have some additional lighting, or for the display to be in a somewhat darker
    environment. Please indicate how your area needs to be lit and if any additional lighting
    above a general lighting level. In many cases, lighting will need to be hung above your
    display, requiring rigging and additional time and labor. It is important that you consider
    carefully your lighting / darkness issues now to avoid potential disappointment on-site.

    Additional Lighting Required                                 ( ) NONE



    Additional Darkness Required                                 ( ) NONE



                                                                                           Page 4
Decorating / Furniture needed
    In some cases, furniture of some type is required - this furniture will be provided to you by
    SIGGRAPH. Unless you order furniture, it will not be in your display. Tables, chairs, etc. will
    be provided as requested and approved by area chairs - BUT YOU MUST FORWARD

    Indicate what you will need:

    " No Furniture Needed

                                                4’ x 24” x 30”h _______ (quantity) ( ) skirted sides

    30” high                                    6’ x 24” x 30”h _______ (quantity) ( ) skirted sides
    (table height)
                                                8’ x 24” x 30”h _______ (quantity) ( ) skirted sides


                                                4’ x 24” x 42”h _______ (quantity) ( ) skirted sides

    42” high                                    6’ x 24” x 42”h _______ (quantity) ( ) skirted sides
    (counter height)
                                                8’ x 24” x 42”h _______ (quantity) ( ) skirted sides


    Chairs must be contained within your display area. Choices are as follows:

                                                     Arm Chair _______ (quantity)

                                       Tilt Swivel Arm Chair _______ (quantity)

                                       Sled Base Arm Chair _______ (quantity)

                                                    Side Chair _______ (quantity)

                                                Padded Stool _______ (quantity)

                                                                                                               Page 5

      Choices are as follows:

                                            Wastebasket _______ (quantity)

                                           Sign Standard _______ (quantity)

                                    Rope and Stanchion _______ (quantity) ( ) 5’ ( ) 8’ ( ) 10’

      Special Requests:




" Help!

Telephone Service needed
Some displays may require on-line transmissions for their area - this is not a service that
SIGGRAPH provides to contributor, but is available to you at additional cost. Please indicate
below what service, if any, you will be needing in your display - a confirming order with costs will
be provided prior to you.

( ) NONE

Telephone Service Needed:



" Help!

                                                                                               Page 6
Networking/Data Service needed
SIGGRAPH provides for reasonable networking service to contributors where it is necessary for
the display and approved and arranged in advance. Please indicate below what service, if any,
you will be needing in your display - (# IP addresses, Ethernet 10Mb or 100Mb, providing hub?,


" 10 Base T                             _______ # of Devices

" 100 Base T                            _______ # of Devices

" I P Addresses                         _______ # of Addresses

" I will be supplying my own hub / switch
" I will need to rent my own hub / switch (available through computer rental)

" ISDN service – I will need to rent ISDN services (available through local provider)

Explain your networking needs:


" Help!

Computers needed
You are expected to provide your own computer equipment for your display. In the event that you
will be needing to rent computers on-site, please indicate your needs and the necessary
information will be forwarded to you.





                                                                                          Page 7
Set Up Date / Time Desired:
In order to insure that everyone has the proper services available for set-up of every display, it will
be necessary to schedule the delivery of materials and services necessary for your display area.

             >>Contributors will begin to set up on 20 July, 2000 at 8:00 am / 08:00<<

To facilitate the very best service for your area, please indicate your top three choices of date and
time for your set up on-site. Keep in mind, your set up time will be assigned to coordinate with
other contributors in your area - every effort will be made to accommodate your first choice of date
and time and to allow for set up as early as possible. We do encourage that all contributors select
a set-up time as early as possible so that we may provide you with a maximum amount of working
time within your completed venue.

         1st Choice
    ( ) 20 July ( ) 21 July ( ) 22 July
    ( ) 8am / 08:00 ( ) 10am / 10:00 ( ) 12nn / 12:00 ( ) 2pm / 14:00 ( ) 4pm / 16:00

         2nd Choice
    ( ) 20 July ( ) 21 July ( ) 22 July
    ( ) 8am / 08:00 ( ) 10am / 10:00 ( ) 12nn / 12:00 ( ) 2pm / 14:00 ( ) 4pm / 16:00

         3rd Choice
    ( ) 20 July ( ) 21 July ( ) 22 July
    ( ) 8am / 08:00 ( ) 10am / 10:00 ( ) 12nn / 12:00 ( ) 2pm / 14:00 ( ) 4pm / 16:00

Special Considerations for set-up:



" Help!                                Estimated Amount of Set Up Time: ________________________

For Staff Use:

Received on:       _______________________________
Entered by:        _______________________________

Forms Needed:
   " Audio Visual
   " Computer Rental
   " Telephone Service
   " Freight

Set Up Date / Time Assigned _____________________________________

                                                                                                                     Page 8
Shipping Information

Important! To ensure a successful presentation, please refer to the following instructions
when shipping your Artwork to SIGGRAPH 2000. If you have any questions on the
following information, please contact Diane Gromala.
   1. SIGGRAPH will have it mounted and framed.
   2. Make sure you insure it during shipping to and from the conference.
  3. Send it, via your favorite courier service, to:
     Soho Myriad
     1250-B Menlo Drive
     Atlanta, Georgia USA 30318
     Janie Stanfield, owner
     Contact: Mirtha Ferrer (
     **Please be sure to include your submission number on the shipping label and clearly
     mark the work with your name and submission number. Also, please include a small
     image or thumbnail of the work that indicates its orientation.
     We must receive your artwork by 1 May 2000.
  4. It will be framed in Atlanta and shipped to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center for
  5. SIGGRAPH will ship your framed piece back to you.
   1. Please read the following information on shipping your equipment directly to the
       Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
   2. If you have interactive work, you will need to be at the convention center early
       enough to have your work up and running for the gallery opening, Sunday, 23 July
       2000 at 4 pm. The earliest you can begin set up is after 12 Noon on Thursday, 20
       July 2000.
  q Determine the exact products, items, and goods to be shipped to the SIGGRAPH
    2000 conference.
  q Condense the items, products, and goods that are to be shipped into the least
    amount of containers (boxes, carton, crates, etc.).
  q Determine the strength and stability of the containers to reduce possible damage
    while shipping.
   q   The nature of the items being shipped will determine the type of freight forwarder
       and/or shipper that should be used.
   q   We suggest that you insure your shipment with your freight forwarder. If you have a
       preferred carrier already, feel free to use them.
There are three basic types of freight forwarding companies. Significant additional charges
can be incurred by not selecting the proper freight forwarder:
   q   Common Carrier: This is the most cost effective method, however, your shipment
       may be handled (loaded and unloaded) several times before reaching its final
       destination. There is a greater possibility of damage if items are not packed correctly
       (not suitable for unprotected fragile items). This method requires longer transit time.
       Consolidated Freightways (CF) is the common carrier for SIGGRAPH 2000 to the
       Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCC) in New Orleans. They will be onsite for all
       outbound shipments. If you choose to use another carrier, it will be your responsibility
       to make arrangements to call them for pick up at the close of the show.
   q   Van Line (more costly, but suggested for fragile, uncrated items): Pad wrap, special
       handling, guaranteed door to door in a direct trip. North American Van Line is the
       suggested van line for SIGGRAPH 2000. For suggested van lines in your area,
       contact: Dominick Esposito or Connie Cummings at 714.772.9049 or send email to:
   q   Air Freight: To and from the conference, Freeman Air is available for overnight and
       2nd day delivery. Less chance of damage compared to common carrier if items are
       packaged securely.
DRAYAGE--(handling materials once at the MCC in New Orleans)
   Once at MCC, Sullivan Transfer Company (STC) handles all the materials to and from
your area(s). Empties are held in storage, returned to your area(s) at the close of the
conference and reloaded back onto the trucks. We can also offer accessible storage during
conference hours if required. For storage needs, contact Dominick Esposito or Connie
Cummings, 714.772.9049 or send email to:
There are only two locations that you should ship materials to:
  1. Sullivan Transfer warehouse in New Orleans
  2. Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCC)
If your shipment WILL ARRIVE in New Orleans on or before Tuesday, 18 July 2000, you
may ship to the Sullivan warehouse at the address below. If materials are shipped to the
Sullivan warehouse, those materials will be automatically delivered onsite to the location
specified on the shipping label (as outlined below). Please be as complete as possible on
this label:
       Hold for SIGGRAPH 2000
       Art Gallery
     Your name
     c/o Sullivan Transfer Company
     905 Sams Avenue
     New Orleans, LA 70123
If your shipment WILL ARRIVE in New Orleans on or after Wednesday, 19 July 2000, you
must ship directly to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center at the address below. Again,
those items will be automatically delivered onsite to the location specified on the packing
label (as outlined below). Please be as complete as possible on this label:
       SIGGRAPH 2000
       Art Gallery
       Your name
       c/o Sullivan Transfer Company
       Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
       900 Convention Center Boulevard
       New Orleans, LA 70130
Forms required for inbound shipping will be:
  1. Paperwork required by your freight forwarder
  2. Order for Service--a form that tells us what is coming, when and how to track your
  3. Packing labels filled out as outlined below
After arranging your shipment, an email should be sent to listing
the information that you included on the shipping label below. This provides us with a
double check that your materials will arrive when and where you need them.
Every single box or package must be labeled. Each label must include the following
      SIGGRAPH 2000
      Art Gallery
      Your name
      Program chair name
      1 of # of pieces
Forms required for outbound shipping will be:
  1. Material Handling Agreement Forms--a bill of lading specifying your outgoing freight
     fowarder to be completed for all shipments going out of the MCC.
  2. Shipping label identifying where you want the materials sent.
SIGGRAPH 2000 will insure all equipment brought into the Ernest N. Morial Convention
Center (MCC) for use during the conference if we receive complete prior notification of
your equipment according to the following guidelines.
Note: Unfortunately, every conference experiences some theft. While SIGGRAPH does
provide security at the Center, you should exercise standard precautions in securing
equipment (especially small, mobile items) at all times while at the convention center.
Equipment that should be insured includes the following:
  q Any equipment shipped or brought by you to the MCC for use in your presentation or
     installation onsite.
  q Any equipment that you have arranged to be donated for use in your presentation or
SIGGRAPH 2000 will insure the equipment from the time it is accepted by Freeman
Decorating and/or enters the MCC to the time it leaves the MCC as long as receipt and
outbound shipping occurs while the MCC is occupied by SIGGRAPH 2000. SIGGRAPH
2000 does not insure equipment in transit to or from the conference.
In order for SIGGRAPH 2000 to insure your equipment, you must complete an insurance
form for each class of equipment. Please refer to the Insurance>Forms section of the
Courses Presenter Notebook for blank forms, completed sample forms, and information on
where to send your completed forms. Your form(s) must include the following information:
    q Program Area

    q Contributor contact information

    q Name of presentation or installation

    q Description of equipment

    q Number of items

    q Model and model # (Note: You do not need to provide serial numbers.)

    q Replacement value

    q Signatures

Certificates of Insurance
If you require a certificate of insurance, please indicate this request on the form.
Filing a Claim
In the event it becomes necessary to file a claim for equipment damaged or missing from
SIGGRAPH 2000, you must:
    q Notify your Program Chair and the Exhibition Management office (Hall-Erickson, Inc.)
      immediately. Hall-Erickson will contact building security.
   q   Work with your Program Chair and the Exhibition Management office (Hall-Erickson,
       Inc.) to obtain a police report while at the MCC.
   q   Forward the following documentation to your Program Chair:
          1. Copy of the police report
          2. Copy of the original purchase receipt
          3. Copy of a replacement quote from a vendor or manufacturer
The Program Chair will forward this claim documentation to Conference Administration who
will review and record your claim. It will then be sent to the insurance representative at
ACM for processing.
SIGGRAPH 2000 will insure your equipment, if you complete and fax or mail an insurance
form to Diane Gromala by 29 May 2000.
Please refer to Insurance>Guidelines in the Art Gallery Presenter Notebook for
instructions on how to complete this form. You may also want to view the sample PDF
forms below.

Insurance Form (PDF)                        Sample Insurance Forms (PDF)

Fax:             +1.404.894.1287

Mail:            Georgia Institute of Technology
                 School of Literature, Communication and Culture
                 686 Cherry
                 Atlanta, Georgia 30332 USA
 Contact Information

 Program Area

 Contributor Name


 Street Address

 City                      State/Province                 Country                       Postal Code

 Work Telephone                             Fax


Name of Presentation or Installation

 Equipment Information                       Check box if certificate of insurance is required

Description of Item


Model & Number (Not the Serial Number)

Replacement Value

  Required Signatures

   Contributor Signature                                                          Date

   Program Chair Signature                                                        Date
 Contact Information

 Program Area         Art Gallery
 Contributor Name         Jane Doe
 Organization      Millenium Technologies
 Street Address     247 Parker Street
 City   Any Town               State/Province      Any State         Country      USA        Postal Code   54321
 Work Telephone         222.567.2222                 Fax             222.567.2223
Name of Presentation or Installation        Generational Interface

 Equipment Information                                 Check box if certificate of insurance is required

Description of Item     Motion Tracking System

Quantity    2

Model & Number (Not the Serial Number)              Magnetic Tracker/Flock of Birds

Replacement Value       $3000.00 Each = $6000.00 Total

  Required Signatures

   Contributor Signature            Jane Doe                                 Date       4/25/2000

   Program Chair Signature                                                   Date
 Contact Information

 Program Area         Panels
 Contributor Name      John Doe
 Organization      Computer Graphics University
 Street Address     153 Any Street
 City   Any Town               State/Province     Any State       Country       USA        Postal Code   54321
 Work Telephone         222.567.2222                Fax          222.567.2223
Name of Presentation or Installation       Graphics from Outer Space

 Equipment Information                               Check box if certificate of insurance is required

Description of Item     Laptop Computer

Quantity    1

Model & Number (Not the Serial Number)             IBM Thinkpad 400

Replacement Value       $2500.00

  Required Signatures

   Contributor Signature        John Doe                                              4/25/2000            Date

   Program Chair Signature                                                 Date
Important Hotel Information for SIGGRAPH 2000.

Hotel reservations will be available beginning 1 March 2000. Please make your reservation
as soon as possible after that date. When you make your reservation early, you have the
best chance of reserving a room in your first-choice hotel.
Hotel reservations can be made online through the SIGGRAPH 2000 Web site, or you can
call the SIGGRAPH 2000 travel coordinators at 800.631.5557 (Continental U.S. and
Canada) or +1.312.527.7300 (from all other countries).
If your work is accepted by a SIGGRAPH 2000 program, you will receive a Contributor
Housing Change Form in your registration packet. You can use your Contributor Housing
Change Form to request a different hotel if you did not get a room in one of your preferred
hotels earlier. Every effort will be made to move you to one of your preferred hotels.
Please do not rely on your Contributor Housing Change Form to make your hotel
reservation. Reserve your room as soon as possible after 1 March 2000 to make sure that
you get a room in your preferred hotel.

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