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					Eyebrow Regrowth

There are some women who are born with brows to die for, but many of us have to do
a little work to keep them looking great. Many have a great natural shape, but they
need a little work. I have very thick brows, so for me the ideal thing to do is to go in
once every few weeks to get them waxed. Though I should probably do this once a
week I just dont have the time to do so. That means that in between visits I have to
worry about eyebrow regrowth in order to keep things for getting to bushy up there.

There are a few common areas where eyebrow regrowth can cause you problems. All
you need is tweezers to take care of things as they come in. You have to watch for
eyebrow regrowth between your brows above your nose, along the bottom of your
brow, and along the side of your outer eye were it might have grown back out after
waxing. You can use your tweezers to pull these hairs out while you wait for your
next appointment.

You can wax your eyebrows at home if you want to, but you may find that you have
eyebrow regrowth coming back much faster than you would if you go to a salon to get
your waxing done. This is because the stuff you can buy in the store is inferior to the
wax they use in a salon, and it just doesnt work as well. You may be tweezing the
same day you wax because it missed a lot. It also missed the smaller hairs that may be
hiding out, and you will have eyebrow regrowth in a matter of a few hours in some
cases, but it does depend on how fast your hair grows.

You should take care of your eyebrow regrowth even if it doesnt look bad. Some
hairs grow in very fine, and they may not be very visible. They do, however, affect
your makeup. When you have fine hairs below your brow the make up wont adhere
to your skin as it should, and you will find it wears off too fast. If you take care of this
fine eyebrow regrowth in between visits, you wont have to worry about this problem.
It is almost impossible to have your brows stay perfect in between visits with doing a
little extra work yourself, but if you just take a few seconds each morning to pluck
stray hairs you should be ok.

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