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									Learning Strategies Course Syllabus
Mrs. Ladner
Course Description:

Learning Strategies focuses on skills and strategies that support students in the general education
classes. The Learning Strategies teacher collaborates with the general education teachers in order to
provide study help and accommodations for testing and assignments. Review for the Mississippi State
Subject Area Test is also provided and required for those students who have not yet achieved mastery.
This course also focuses on self-advocacy skills so that students will be prepared to independently seek
accommodations at the college level.

Required Materials:

      Box of Kleenex
      Germ X
      Notebook Paper
      Pack of Pencils
      Reading Book

Classroom Expectations:

   1. Come to class prepared to work bell-to-bell!
   2. Students are required to keep an assignment book and bring all necessary materials from other
   3. Begin bell work as soon as you enter the classroom.
   4. Raise your hand and receive permission before talking or leaving your seat.
   5. No eating in the classroom except under special circumstances.
   6. Drinks with lids are permitted.
   7. No talking during transition time.
   8. Leave a clean desk for the next class.


Disrespect and sleeping in class are automatic office referrals.

If a student chooses to break a rule:
        1st time - verbal warning
        2nd time – afterschool detention in my class
        3rd time – parent/teacher meeting

                                            Gulfport High School
                                              100 Perry Street
                                            Gulfport, MS 39507

Grading will be based on assignments, bell work, class participation, projects, and keeping assignment
books up to date.

       Participation: Students are expected to work on homework and assignments BELL TO BELL! If
       the student fails to do so then he or she will receive a zero for the day. The daily grades are
       averaged for one weekly grade.

       Bell work: Daily journal assignments include: vocabulary, mathematics, reading, and listening

       Progress Report: Every week a progress report will be sent home on Thursday and is to be
       signed by the parent and turned in for a grade on Friday. Ten points will be deducted for each day

       Projects: The student may choose a project from another class that he or she works on in
       Learning Strategies and may use that as their final project grade.

       Exams: Weekly test will be given to review the previous material covered.

After School Tutoring and Contact Information:

I am available for tutoring on Monday’s afterschool until 4:30 p.m.
I would like to stay in contact with you about your child’s needs and progress. E-mailing is preferential.
However, if you need to talk to me on the phone or even see me in person, please call and/or make an
appointment any time. My contact information is as follows:

       Phone: 228-865-7525 (please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as possible)
       Thank you and we look forward to a successful year!

                                           Gulfport High School
                                             100 Perry Street
                                           Gulfport, MS 39507

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