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What is the latest news on federal unemployment compensation benefits?
On July 22, 2010 Congress passed and the President signed The Unemployment Compensation
Extension Act of 2010 (Extension Act). This law extends the Extended Benefits (EB) 100%
reimbursement and Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC08) benefit programs from June 2,
2010 to November 30, 2010. The Extension Act also authorizes states to accept retroactive benefit
payments for weeks after June 2, 2010. The Extension Act did not add any additional weeks (or Tiers)
to the EUC08 program; the maximum total potential eligibility remains at 99 weeks of benefits.

The Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) program is discontinued for any new claim filed effective
May 30, 2010 or subsequent. However, individuals who have remaining benefit entitlement on a claim
on or before June 2, 2010, who are currently receiving the $25.00 FAC weekly supplement payment
added to their benefits, will continue to receive this additional compensation.

How will my unemployment compensation benefits be affected by this?
The program most affected is Federal Extended Benefits (EB). The expiration of the EB period in West
Virginia is based upon state law that allows EB payments to be 100% reimbursed from the Federal
government as long as West Virginia uses the Total Unemployment Rate (TUR) trigger which is tied to
the end date determined by Congress. Currently November 30, 2010 is the end date. An individual
must begin the Federal EB Program effective November 28, 2010 or earlier to be eligible to receive EB
payments through benefit week ending December 4, 2010. Currently the last week federal EB is
payable is benefit week ending 12-4-10.

What are the requirements for Emergency Unemployment Compensation08 (EUC08) Tiers?
An individual must establish eligibility for EUC08 Tier 1 effective 11-21-10 or earlier. An individual
must establish eligibility for EUC08 Tier 2, 3, or 4 effective 11-28-10 or earlier. Our understanding is
once eligibility is established, based on these effective dates, the claimant can continue to receive benefit
payments until s/he exhausts the benefit balance of that Tier. An individual will not be able to advance
to the next Tier unless Congress extends the November 30, 2010 end date. Currently the last week
EUC08 is payable is benefit week ending 4-30-11.

What are requirements for Federal Additional Compensation (FAC)?
An individual must establish eligibility for FAC effective 5-23-10 or earlier. A new claim with an
effective date of 5-30-10 or later is not eligible to receive the additional $25.00 FAC weekly supplement
added to the benefit payment. Currently the last week FAC is payable is benefit week ending 12-11-10.

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How do I know what type of benefits I am receiving or am eligible?

There are currently four Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC08) federal benefit extensions

   •   EUC Tier I provides up to 20 weeks of additional benefits to claimants exhausting their regular
       benefits, or whose regular benefits expired after May 1, 2007. The last week to apply for EUC
       Tier I benefits under the present extension is the week of November 21-27, 2010. Individuals
       who exhaust regular state unemployment benefits on or after November 27, 2010, will NOT be
       eligible for EUC.
   •   EUC Tier II (14 weeks), Tier III (13 weeks), and Tier IV (6 weeks) provide additional benefits to
       claimants who exhaust Tier I benefits with the payment of week ending November 27, 2010 or
       before. The last week to apply for EUC Tier II, III, or IV benefits is the week of November 28 –
       December 4, 2010. Individuals who exhaust a tier of benefits on or after December 4, 2010 will
       NOT be eligible for the next tier of EUC.
   •   West Virginia does not have the authority, and cannot continue to take EUC claims not
       authorized under the federal law after the dates listed above.

What is next for federal action on unemployment benefits?
The Extension Act modifies payment of EUC08 benefits for new claims effective 7-25-10 or
subsequent, which establish a new benefit year, by allowing a state to defer payment of regular
unemployment compensation until the exhaustion of all EUC08 benefits based upon the prior benefit
year. This action is applicable only when the weekly benefit amount on the new claim would be at least
either $100 or 25 percent less than the weekly benefit amount payable on the individual’s EUC08 claim.

How are changes made to unemployment compensation benefits?
Unemployment compensation benefits are established by federal law. There have been several federal
changes to benefits in the past 24 months, which were posted on the WorkForce West Virginia website
as they were enacted. Most of those changes were intended to provide extended support for claimants
during this economic downturn.

How can I keep up with changes in unemployment compensation?
WorkForce West Virginia is required by law to notify recipients of changes in their benefits. You can
get more information on federal changes to unemployment compensation on the U. S. Department of
Labor’s website at Information about WorkForce West Virginia is available online at

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My unemployment benefits were stopped in June or July, 2010 because the Federal EUC08 and
EB programs expired June 2, 2010. Does the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of
2010, signed into law July 22, 2010 allow me to receive additional benefits?

For those claimants who received their last payment in June and July, 2010, and were not eligible for
EUC08 Tier 1 or for the next EUC08 Tier or for Federal EB, you may be eligible to receive additional
benefits. These claimants will receive a notice in the mail with instructions on how to file a claim for
the next EUC08 Tier or for Federal EB.

We are planning to send out these notices during the week ending 7-31-2010 and 8-7-2010. Most in-
state claimants will have to report in person to their local claims office to file for retroactive benefit
weeks and report any work during the period that they did not receive benefits. We are encouraging in-
state claimants to report in person to file their claim. Out of state claimants will receive instructions
through the mail from the Interstate Claims Office. Claimants who are in continued claims status and
are currently receiving regular UI and EUC08 benefits may continue to file their bi-weekly continued
claims as instructed.

An updated chart on federal unemployment compensation benefits is attached.

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                                              JULY 2010
PROGRAM          EFFECTIVE   NO. OF        FIRST          TOTAL       LAST         LAST WK
                 DATE        WEEKS         PAYABLE        UNEMPLOY    EUC/FAC/     ENDING TO
                             PAYABLE       WEEK           MENT RATE   EB EFF       EXHAUST
                                                          (TUR)       DATE         REG UI/
EMERGENCY        7-6-2008    13 WEEKS      7-12-2008      NO LONGER   11-21-2010   11-20-2010
UNEMPLOYMENT                                              REQUIRED

EUC08 TIER I     11-23-08    7 WEEKS       11-29-2008     NO LONGER   11-21-2010   11-20-2010

FEDERAL                                    2-28-2009      N/A         5-23-2010    12-11-2010

EUC08 TIER II    4-5-2009    13 WEEKS      4-11-2009      NO LONGER   11-28-2010   WEEK
                                                          REQUIRED                 ENDING
                                                                                   THAT TIER
                                                                                   II BENEFITS

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                                        Charleston, WV 25305-0112

EUC08 TIER II    11-8-2009      1 WEEK        11-14-2009     NONE      11-28-2010   WEEK
                                                                                    THAT TIER
                                                                                    II BENEFITS
EUC08 TIER III   11-8-2009      13 WEEKS      11-21-2009     6.5%      11-28-2010   WEEK
                                                                                    THAT TIER
EUC TIER IV      2-14-2010 OR   6 WEEKS       2-20-2010      8.5%      11-28-2010   WEEK
                 WHEN TIER                                                          ENDING
                 III IS                                                             THAT TIER
                 EXHAUSTED                                                          IV
FEDERAL          7-5-2009       13 WEEKS      7-11-2009      6.5%      11-28-2010   12-4-2010
EXTENDED                        20 WEEKS                     8%

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