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					How Does the Acne Laser Treatment

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 How Does the Acne Laser Treatment
        Before we learn about acne laser treatment,
it is imperative that we get a clear idea of what
acne is. Acne is pimples that cover part of the face,
neck, shoulders and at the back-side when the hair
follicles block up under the skin. The blemishes
most are unsightly and can cause a lot of
unnecessary suffering to the sufferer. There are
several notable ways of treating acne, but the most
and current one currently used is the scientific way
of using laser. Due to its success a lot of acne
sufferers prefer it to the standard creams that have
been with us.
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      The procedure takes less time and has proven
results. The infected skin should be cleansed of all
dirt and any creams before any procedure begins.
After all the above has been done, an aesthetic
cream is then applied by a dermatologist or doctor.
The cream’s goal is to deaden the skin or surface
area under treatment. It is then that the
dermatologist use laser beams that are computer
controlled to provide controlled heat pressure
beams on the acne glands. The glands and the
blemishes are then removed scientifically through
the acne laser treatment procedure. This is a
painless and one of the secure ways to treat acne.

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      Facts Acne laser treatment
      This type of treatment manages to kill the
offending bacteria and restore the skin around the
surface to its original form. The recovery period for
laser treatment varies from patient to patient. The
normal healing procedure usually takes between 1
to 2 weeks for full restoration of a new skin. The
treatment time also varies depending on the
intensity and the damage done to the skin by such
scarring blemishes. A compelling and worth noting
point before going for treatment is that only the
affected skin is targeted by the laser beams.

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        Acne laser treatment is a faster and quicker solution in
eradicating the acne blemish. It is secure as once the blemishes have
been removed, they do not or rarely reoccur. It might become a little
uncomfortable after the procedure. This is because once the skin is
removed, it might get a little raw, and, however, it takes only a few
days for new skin to start re-appear filling up the removed skin.
Despite the cost, nothing would bring back a smile to sufferers than
having to gain their confidence back with clear blemish free skin.

         Finally, laser treatment is relatively new, and it is worth noting
that there are different types of the laser treatment. Dermatologist
will best advice on the best type of treatment for each particular type
of scarring. Some of the known types include erbium lasers, carbon
dioxide lasers and the nonabrasive lasers. The effect is the same, but
they work differently. Acne sufferers are advised to avoid using any
acne cream after completing the full treatment program. This is to
avoid any further flare-ups. Amongst the some acne treatment
regimes, acne laser treatment is still considered the best solution in
reduction of these horrible blemishes
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