Homeopathic Acne Treatment

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					Homeopathic Acne Treatment

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    Homeopathic Acne Treatment
       Homeopathic acne treatment has risen in popularity. Acne is a
common problem for a lot of people and finding an affordable solution
is imperative. Designer creams & doctor visits add up. The most
economical approach is through homeopathic acne treatment.

         Homeopathy usually tries to treat the person as a whole, not a
specific issue. A trained homeopath will prescribe a remedy based on
the patient’s mental and physical state. An important part of any
homeopathic acne treatment is to maintain a healthy and positive
attitude. Studies have shown that severe acne can cause people to
suffer from low self-esteem, especially teenagers that can get picked
on for having acne. Positive encouragement will help them overcome
their negative emotions and feelings of being ugly and unwanted.

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         After the mental side of things is taken care of, we must then
focus on the physical side. An important part of treating acne is eating
right and exercising. This will not only help improve the quality and
appearance of the facial skin, but it will also improve the appearance
of the body overall, which will lead to a better outlook on life and a
positive mental attitude. A healthy diet must be comprised out of a lot
of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Use the fruits to make a lot of
healthy juices and the vegetables for salads. This way you gain a lot of
vitamins and minerals that are needed in order to treat and to protect
against acne like vitamin C, E and A and zinc and chromium.

        There are certain specific plants that treat particular cases of
acne. Silicea is a plant that can be used to treat pustules and pit-
forming acne. Kali Bromatum can be used against deep acne present
on the forehead. Belladonna can be used to fight off inflamed pustular
acne as well as heat flushes. Calendula is a plant efficient against skin
conditions involving blisters or pustules. Hepar Sulphur is
recommended for usage against painful, pus-filled acne.

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        The Main Ingredient in any
       Homeopathic Acne Treatment
         All forms of homeopathic acne treatment have a key
component: water. Homeopathy is based around the healing
properties of water; the belief that a hydrated body is a healthy body.
The usual recommended dosage is a minimum of two liters of water
every day with meals. This can improve the appearance of your skin
because when the skin is dry and thirsty the dead skin cells will remain
longer on the outer layer of skin and will block the pores, which can
lead to acne.
         Apart from drinking a lot of water, there are a few extra tips to
help the treatment: refrain from shaving too often and avoid nicking
the zits and pimples when doing so; wash your hair daily and keep it
out of your face as the oils can get absorbed in the skin; restrain
yourself from popping or squeezing the zits as this can cause an
infection. Follow the aforementioned steps and you will get the most
out of your homeopathic acne treatment.

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