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					Welcome to Kansas Unemployment Update. We’ll send you this newsletter once a
month to answer your questions about unemployment benefits, and to keep you posted
on the latest news and program changes.

In this issue:

   1. What’s happening with the EUC deadline? (See Below.)
   2. Am I going to lose the additional $25 a week I’ve been receiving with my unemployment
      benefits? (See Below.)
   3. KDOL is now on Twitter (See Below.)

1. What’s happening with the EUC deadline?
Despite numerous attempts over the past four weeks, the U.S. Senate has failed to advance
legislation that would extend the deadline to apply for Emergency Unemployment
Compensation (EUC) through November 2010. Further action on the legislation isn’t expected
until after Congress’ July 4 recess.

The Kansas Department of Labor (KDOL) began June 23 to mail applications for the State
Extended Benefits program (EB) to all unemployed Kansans whose applications for EUC Tier I
have been on hold awaiting legislative action to extend the EUC deadline. KDOL began the
week of June 28 to mail EB applications to individuals waiting to move into EUC Tier II or Tier
III. Processing of the EB applications began the week of June 28, but because thousands of
applications are expected to be received within a short period of time, and because the
applications must be processed manually, it could be several weeks before all applications are

The EB program provides up to 13 weeks of additional benefits to qualified individuals.
Applications for State Extended Benefits cannot be completed online or by phone. You must
complete the paper application that will be mailed to you and return it to the Unemployment
Insurance Contact Center. While you’re waiting for your application, be sure to continue filing
your weekly claims. This will keep your claim active and allow for faster payment of benefits for
those weeks between when you exhausted your previous benefits and when we were able to
process your EB application.

Until Congress passes an extension of the EUC deadline, individuals exhausting regular state
benefits, and those exhausting existing EUC benefits, will be mailed EB applications. If an EUC
extension is passed before your EB application is processed, you’ll be placed in the next
available tier of EUC. If you have already begun receiving EB benefits and an EUC extension is
passed, you’ll need to exhaust your EB benefits before you can resume EUC benefits.

2. Am I going to lose the additional $25 a week I’ve been receiving with my
unemployment benefits?
The Federal Additional Compensation (FAC) program has been providing an additional $25 a
week to anyone receiving unemployment benefits as of the week ending Feb. 28, 2009, but on
June 2, 2010, the deadline to establish an unemployment claim with entitlement to FAC
payments expired.

That means that if you are already receiving FAC payments, you can continue to receive them
until you’ve exhausted all available unemployment benefits, or through the week ending Dec. 4,
2010, whichever comes first. Anyone who establishes a new unemployment claim effective May
30, 2010, or after will not be entitled to FAC payments, unless Congress acts to extend the FAC

3. KDOL is now on Twitter
Want the latest news and updates about Kansas unemployment? You can now get the most up-
to-date information on Twitter at

Recently, the Kansas Department of Labor launched a Twitter account to provide instant
updates about unemployment insurance, workers compensation, workplace safety, labor
statistics and other important information. We’ll also post this news to our website, but because
Twitter posts are immediate, we can post information as it happens and before it can be posted
to the Web. Consider it an interactive KDOL news cycle.

So follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and updates from KDOL.

New to Twitter? Click here for a YouTube video explanation in plain English.

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