Preparing carbon coated grids by ajizai


									Preparing carbon coated grids
Last updated 02/24/2006

   Cut a sheet of mica to rectangle and notch upper left corner to keep track of top
   Attach a piece of scotch tape to mica and peel to obtain a smooth surface
   Place on Whatman filter paper in an inverted Petri dish
   Make a small paper tent

   See Carbon Evaporators protocol to make carbon film on mica

   Make Whatman paper slightly damp
   Label back side of mica
   Place in cold room for at least 30 minutes.

   Meanwhile attach Whatman to holey, metal disc with two paper clips and wet with
    distilled water
   Place on a stand in a glass dish and fill the glass dish with distilled water to about 1
    cm above the Whatman and place the dish on a bed of paper towels
   Take a bunch of Maxtaform 300 mesh Cu/Rh grids out of acetone and arrange on a
    piece of Whatman
   Place a drop of dichloroethane+glue on each grid and allow it to dry
   Submerge the grids/Whatman onto the disc
   Slice off the end of a carbon coated mica to make a smooth edge
   Float carbon onto the water leading with the smooth edge
   Carefully aspirate water from dish while positioning the carbon into position above
    the grids by blowing gently and guiding with forceps. Take water to about 1 cm
    below the disc.
   Lift the disc, Whatman, and grids out of the dish.

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