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Lesson Plans-Week 8 - SchoolRack by linzhengnd


									                                           Choir Lesson Plan           Week 8
Focus: concept and skills to
emphasize                        Objectives:
Rhythm          Melody
                                    Singing 2-3 part
Singing          Listening
Form            Harmony             Reading music score/Sight Reading
Moving          Creating            Learning to sing as group
Tone Color
                                    Review past knowledge (note names, note duration, musical
Expressive Qualities
Playing Instruments
                                    Learning Performance Etiquette
Materials/Equipment:                Learning and understanding about our voices individually

                                 Junior High                               High School
                                      Warm-ups and Rounds
National Music                        Sight Reading-Do-Sol                    Warm-ups and Rounds
Standard(s) Achieved:                                                          Sight Reading-Do-Sol
 Singing, alone and with
    others, a varied
    repertoire of music
                                            That’s What the Devil                   Inscription of Hope
 Performing on instruments,                    Detail work
    alone and with others, a                                                              Dynamics
    varied repertoire of music
                                                Ending
 Improvising melodies,                     Something Told the Wild                       Introduction
    variations and
    accompaniments                          Geese                                   Jubilate Deo
 Composing and arranging
                                                  Nuance                                 Fix parts-ALTO!!!
    music within specific
    guidelines                                    Dynamics                               Nuance
 Reading and notating music
 Listening to, analyzing, and
    describing music                        Can’t Buy Me Love                       Build Me Up Buttercup
 Evaluating music and music                      Belt Voice
 Understanding relationships
                                                                                          Belt Voice
    between music, the other                Build Me A World
    arts and disciplines                           -singing while spread            Build Me A World
    outside the arts
 Understanding music in                           out                                    -singing while spread out
    relation to history and

                                                                           Same as Monday PLUS….
                                  Same as Tuesday PLUS….
                                                                               Learning about our voice at our
                                      Learning about our voice at our                   various ages
                                               various ages
Differentiated                                                                     Hand-out
                                           Hand-out                            
Learning                                                                           Discussion
Auditory/Visual/Spatial                    Discussion
                                                                                   CONCERT RUN
Verbal/Linguistic                                                                    THROUGH!!!
Naturalistic                                                                     Expectations
Intrapersonal                                                                    Etiquette
                                          CONCERT RUN
                                            THROUGH!!!                           Music!
                                        Expectations
                                        Etiquette

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