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									TC Welcome E-Mail
Idaho Education Network

 Copy and paste this form e-mail into MS Outlook. Enter the appropriate
information in the highlighted areas and e-mail to the new TC.
Dear FirstName LastName,

Welcome to the Idaho Education Network community! ENA is excited to be managing the IEN
network and working with schools throughout Idaho. We are dedicated to providing excellent
service and network capabilities for Idaho public schools.

We have developed a web site specifically for the IEN community. To access the web site, go to, and enter the following username and password.

Username: _________________
Password: changeme

Change your password the first time you log on to

1. When you have logged on to the Idaho Service Center, click My Account. The Account
   Management screen will display.

2. In the Usernames section on the right side of the screen, click Change Password.

3. Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.

4. Click Save. The Account Management screen will display again. In the upper right-hand
   corner, the words “Password Successfully Updated!” will appear.

There is an ENA Welcome Package located at
This package includes guides for the tools on the Idaho Education Network Service Center Page,
background on ENA, information on ENA’s products and services, and commonly used ENA and
Network terminology.

We hope that you will find these tools useful. The ENA team is excited to be your network
partner. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Support Center at or (888) 612-2880.



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