dna_project___________________1st_nine_week1 by panniuniu


									DNA Project             1st nine weeks

Choose a type of Cancer that is caused by environment issues.

Write a detailed, researched, personal story about this type of cancer.   You could write
from the perspective of:

   a.)   A magazine article for a health/science magazine
   b.)   TV reporter investigating the cause of the cancers
   c.)   A doctors journal as he researches for a cure
   d.)   The cancer patient
   e.)   Something of your own choice

The story or article must include:

   a.)   4 page double spaced story/article   MUST BE TYPED
   b.)   Type of cancer
   c.)   4 facts of the cancer
   d.)   Cause of the cancer
   e.)   Symptoms of the cancer
   f.)   Prevention of the cancer
   g.)   Warning signs of the cancer
   h.)   Treatment for the cancer
   i.)   3-D model of DNA
   j.)   Originality
   k.)   Bibliography

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