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									                What is ITE?                                           Benefits of Joining ITE                                 Georgia Section Committees

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an        There are two ways for joining the Georgia Section of
international professional society with members in 80        the                                                           Committees serve a vital function for the Section. There are
countries. ITE is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and                                                                   over 30 committees that help GAITE accomplish our strategic
includes a worldwide network of almost 15,000                Institute of Transportation Engineers, Inc.                   goals and objectives. Please review some of the committee
transportation    engineers,   planners,     and    others                                                                 descriptions below to determine where your interests lie:
responsible for safe and efficient movement of people        1.   You can join as an International Member of ITE           Ambassador – welcomes member to meetings and assists with
and goods on streets, highways, and transit systems.              through the International office in Washington,          registration
Since 1930, ITE has been providing transportation                 D.C. (see for information about              Awards/Nominations – selects winners for section awards;
professionals with programs and resources for increased           joining International ITE).        If you are an         nominates candidate for office
knowledge and advancement.           ITE programs and             International Member, you are automatically a            Audio/Visual – provides A/V equipment for section events
resources include professional development seminars;              Georgia Section Member and part of your                  Career Guidance – encourages students to pursue careers in
technical reports; a monthly journal; local, regional, and        International Dues will go to the Georgia Section.       transportation
international conferences; publication of technical                                                                        Historian – maintains sections history and takes photos at
manuals; and exchange of opinions, ideas, techniques,                                                                      events
and research.                                                2.   It is also possible to join the Georgia Section as a     Membership – recruits new members to the section and works
                                                                  “Section Affiliate” without belonging to the             to retain members
ITE members are employees of government agencies,                 International Organization. The application is the       Website – keeps the website vibrant, interactive and current
regional planning offices, consulting firms, educational          first step in that process.                              Young Members – develops and sponsors activities to better
institutions, product manufacturers, university students                                                                   engage younger members
and other transportation related disciplines.                     Some of the benefits of joining ITE are:                 Annual Meeting – makes arrangements for the December
                                                                                                                           annual meeting
If you're engaged in planning, designing, operating,                                                                       Engineers Week – assists in planning Engineers Week every
managing, maintaining surface transportation systems                 Weekly e-blasts to keep the membership               February
and equipment, or studying transportation, ITE can meet               updated on current and upcoming activities.          Program – generates ideas and speakers for monthly meetings,
your needs for ongoing professional development.                                                                           including technical tours
Through monthly journals and technical reports, you will             Monthly luncheon programs presented by               Summer Seminar – organizes and hosts a 3-day technical
be apprised of research, applications, and innovations in             transportation professionals (normally held on       seminar program in July
the field. Annual meetings, conferences, seminars and                 the second Thursday of the month);                   Winter Workshop – organizes and hosts a 1 ½ day technical
local section meetings offer top notch technical                     Networking with fellow professionals;                workshop in February
presentations and speakers, along with social gatherings                                                                   Technical – develops technical programs for the section
for informal sharing of ideas. ITE technical committees              Technical committees that provide input to           through six subcommittees, including: safety,
and specialty councils provide the opportunity to                     local policy decisions;                              technical exchanges, webinars, technical papers, joint
participate in shaping policies, developing recommended                                                                    organizational meetings and users groups.
practices and establishing standards.                                Increased awareness of the current and future        GA Engineer Magazine – serves as a liaison between the
                                                                      trends in worldwide transportation technology;       section and editorial board
                                                                                                                           Marketing – supports recruiting efforts by preparing marketing
                                                                     Increased awareness      of   local    trends   in   and promotional materials
                                                                                                                           Newsletter – prepares quarterly newsletter to document
                                                                     Opportunities   to    participate    in   local      section activities; uses social networking to keep in touch with
                                                                      conferences and learn of various aspects of the      members and friends
                                                                      profession;                                          Public Officials Education – prepares and conducts a program
                                                                                                                           to educate elected officials on transportation issues
                                                                                                                           Scholarship – awards annual scholarships to deserving
                                                                     Opportunities to participate in regional and         transportation engineering students
                                                                      international conferences to keep abreast of         Georgia Conservancy – briefs the section on GC issues that
                                                                      the latest innovations in transportation             affect transportation
                                                                                                                           Legislative – provides updates to the section on pending
                                                                                                                           legislation relevant to transportation
                                                                                                                           Student Chapter Liaisons – coordinates with student chapters
                                                                                                                           at Georgia Tech and Southern Poly and supports their
                                                                                                                           participation in ITE activities
              2011 Meetings                                  Application for Membership

February 27-28 Winter Workshop, Rome, GA               Title:
March 11        Joint Mtg. with ITS GA, Traffic Bowl   Business Firm or Agency:
                between GT and SPSU – World            Address:
                Fiber's Ottley Warehouse               City:              State:         Zip:
April 15        Lunch Mtg. - Georgia Tech              Telephone: (       )
May 6           Joint Lunch Mtg. with ASCE -           Residence:
                Holiday Inn, P’tree Corners
June 9          Lunch Mtg. – Maggianos                 City:              State:         Zip:
July 17-20      Summer Seminar – St. Simons I          Telephone: (       )
                                                       Preferred Mailing Address:    home)      (Bus.)
August 11       Lunch Mtg. – MARTA
                                                       References: Please list three references in the
September 8     Lunch Mtg. – Southern Poly             transportation field with at least two members of
                                                       the Georgia Section ITE.
October 13      Lunch Mtg. – TBA
November 10 Lunch Mtg. – TBA                           Name            Agency        Day Phone
                                                                                                             Georgia Section Institute of
                                                       ________________________________________               Transportation Engineers
December 8      Annual Awards Dinner. - TBA            Name            Agency        Day Phone
                                                                                                           c/o Georgia Engineering Alliance
             2011 Board of Directors                   ______________________________________                    233 Peachtree Street
                                                       Name          Agency      Day Phone
President          Mike Holt                                                                                   Harris Tower, Suite 700
                   770-407-7799                                                                                 Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Vice-President      John Karnowski                     State(s) Registered:                                       404-521-0283 Fax
                   770-813-0882                        Engineer-In-
Secretary/         Dwayne Tedder                       by:_________________________________
Treasurer          678-808-8840
                    Mail to:
Past President       David Low                                           Sunita Nadella                       Georgia Section
                   770-594-6422                                     GAITE Membership Chair
Southern Dist Rep           David Benevelli                            3577 Parkway Lane
                   770-246-6257                                       Building 5, Suite 100
                                Norcross, GA 30092
Southern Dist Rep           Keith Strickland                         Phone (678) 969-2304
                   404-946-5744                              E-mail:]
                                For International ITE Information:
Affiliate Director Robert Baker                                         +1 202.289.0222
                   770-971-5407                                       +1 202.289.7722 Fax

        Please remit $35.00 Application Fee
        Payable to Georgia Section ITE, Inc.

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