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									Date Filmed                      Event Name                         Event Speaker
   2/1/1996 Langford's Broadcast - Quality Learning #1

  2/14/1996   A Doll's House: Play Preview
  3/13/1996   Student/Faculty Panel on Goal Settings
   4/4/1996   Langford's Broadcast - Quality Learning #3
  4/23/1996   Inside the Learning Org. Broadcast           Peter Senge; Charlotte Roberts
   5/1/1996   Langford's Broadcast - Quality Learning #4

  9/12/1996   Ethics and Medicine                          Erich Loewy
  10/3/1996   Ethics and Journalism                        Deborah Blum
 10/15/1996   Award-Winning Faculty Members Speak
 10/24/1996   Domestic Violence
  11/4/1996   Problems in Legal Ethics                     Richard Wydick
  9/11/1997   Emotions of Animals                          Jeffrey Masson
  10/1/1997   Evolution Detective: DNA                     J. Lowenstein

  10/2/1997 Anthropology in Developing Countries           Soheir Stolba

 10/20/1997 What Chimps Taught Me                          Roger Fouts; Deborah Fouts

 10/30/1997 Scientist and Mystic                           Henry Wesselman

 11/13/1997 Creation/Evolution Controversy                 Eugenie Scott

  12/4/1997 Science, Belief, Horselaughs                   Wayne Bartz; Alice Kingsnorth
  1/22/1998 Author, Author!                                Terry O'Banion
  2/24/1998 NASA's International Space Station             Charlie Wade

   3/5/1998 Conservation Lessons from Gorillas             Kelly Stewart

  3/12/1998 Women's Lives                                  Soheir Stolba

  3/19/1998 Close-Up with Bridgette Gordon                 Bridgette Gordon
  3/24/1998 Apple - New Technology

  3/25/1998 Navajo Cultural Constructs                     Wesley Thomas

                                                           Joan Lee; Rita Brandeis; Cordia
  3/26/1998 Older Women on Women's Rights                  Wade
  4/16/1998 Journalism in a Changing Global World          Rick Rodriguez
 4/24/1998 Hate Crimes

 4/30/1998 Debate on Paranormal                      Phil Givant; Terry Sandbeck
 6/30/1998 Becoming a Learning College

 8/13/1998 Our Intellectual Heritage                 Robert Berring

 9/10/1998 Prejudice vs. Justice                     Laurence Geller

 9/17/1998 Doing It Right the First Time             Stuart McRae
 9/22/1998 Celebration of Learning

 10/8/1998 Cloning of Animals                        Gary Anderson

10/22/1998 Growing Up Female in the Middle East      Soheir Stolba

10/29/1998 Gaining People, Losing Ground             Werner Fornos

 11/5/1998 Life in the Family Zoo                    John Platt

11/12/1998 Women and Men in Changing Africa          Barbara Pillsbury

 2/10/1999 Carnival: An African-American Tradition   John Stewart
 2/23/1999 How We Got Over                           Katye Ridgeway; Grayling Love

  3/4/1999 Why Women's History Month?                Molly Murphy MacGregor

 3/25/1999 Cairo + 5: Accomplishments & Failures     Soheir Stolba

 4/15/1999 Urban Sprawl                              Dale Kasler

 4/29/1999 The Age Wave                              Barbara Gillogly

 4/29/1999 Two Poets, One Podium                     Traci Gourdine; Pamela Moore

  5/6/1999 Why Computer Don't Belong in Schools      Clifford Stoll
 9/30/1999 International Issues
 11/4/1999 Distinguished Writer at ARC                  Bei Dao
11/16/1999 Literary Review Fall Reading

11/18/1999 Project Censored                             Peter Phillips
11/30/1999 A Celebration of The Life of Joe Howard

  3/2/2000 Changing Perspectives                        Soheir Stolba

  3/9/2000 Fear and Faith                               McNamara; Bloom; Amer

 3/21/2000 Unbound Feet and Unbound Voices              Judy Young

  4/4/2000 GIS in Business and Marketing                Ann Bossard

  4/6/2000 Theresa Keene: Pianist                       Theresa Keene
  5/5/2000 New Media: 4CNET Video Conference

  9/7/2000 Herbal Supplements - Truth or Fiction?       Peter Forni

 9/14/2000 Working with Women Internationally           Soheir Stolba

 9/21/2000 Some Dangers in Being Religious              Don Fado

 9/28/2000 Implications of the Human Genome Project     Jeffrey O'Neal

 10/5/2000 Listening to Women's Voices                  Dian Self; Soheir Stolba

10/12/2000 The Role of the Media in Science Reporting   Dirk Verdoorn

10/19/2000 The Holocaust: A Survivor's Story            Elane Geller

 11/7/2000 The Russian Road to Modernization            Bill Wrighton
  2/1/2001 Islam and Muslims in America                        Hatem Bazian

  3/1/2001 Tattoos on the Body Politic                         Margo DeMello

  3/8/2001 Crime Scenes and Forensics                          Terry Spear

 3/15/2001 Selling Desire                                      Kathleen Taylor

 3/20/2001 What Does the Veil Mean?                            Soheir Stolba

 3/20/2001 Breakthroughs in Cancer Research and Treatment      Ellene Risas

 4/19/2001 Female Genital Mutilation                           Soheir Stolba

 4/26/2001 Orphans of History                                  Stephen Magagnini

  9/6/2001 Trafficking in Women                                Soheir Stolba

 9/13/2001 Performance Poetry                                  Charles Curtis Blackwell

 9/20/2001 Latinas in Higher Education
                                                               Trina Bloom; Josie Miranda;
                                                               Johanna Rasmussen; Kareen
10/18/2001 Fighting Homophobia and Transphobia                 Roth

 11/1/2001 Majority? Minority? California's New Demographics

           Impacts of Climate Change on California and What We
11/13/2001 Can Do To Help                                      Julia Levine

           A Reading with Dennis Schmitz, Poet Laureate of
11/15/2001 Sacramento                                          Dennis Schmitz

  2/7/2002 World of Afghani Women and The War                  Soheir Stolba
           Sweatshop Warriors: Immigrant Women Workers Take
 2/28/2002 on the Global Factory                            Miriam Ching Yoon Louie

  3/7/2002 Spirituality & The World of Women                         Soheir Stolba

 3/14/2002 ChimpanZoo: Schools and Zoos in Unison                    Kristina Casper-Denman
  4/9/2002 Poetry Reading by Faculty at ARC
 4/17/2002 Legendary Poet Gary Snyder                                Gary Snyder

           Standing Guard Project: Oral History of the Japanese
 4/18/2002 Internment
           Global Warming - Looking to the Natural World for
 4/23/2002 Signs                                                     Ed Harper

  9/1/2002 Women's Issues: A Cross-Cultural Perspective              Soheir Stolba

 9/12/2002 The Costs of 9/11/01

 9/26/2002 The Economies of Southeast Asia                           Whitney Yamamura

 10/3/2002 Bioterrorism in the 21st Century                          Mark Wheelis

10/10/2002 Borderlines: Immigration Between the U.S. and Mexico Francisco Estrada

           Reversing Reality: The Palestinian/Israeli Conflict and
10/17/2002 Its Coverage in the U.S. News Media                       Eduardo Cohen

10/24/2002   Possible Military Action in Iraq: A Discussion          Soheir Stolba; Kathleen Colliham
 11/7/2002   Diversity
  2/6/2003   Fulbright Seminar in Uganda                             Rudy Pearson
 2/12/2003   Techniques of Wildlife Photography                      Ed Harper

 2/20/2003 Performance Poetry                                        Charles Blackwell

                                                                     Paul Andre; Andy Halseth, Carol
  3/4/2003   Peace Corps Panel                                       Hartman; Allyson Joye
 3/11/2003   The Controversy Around Title IX
 3/20/2003   Zoos, Conservation, and Monkey Business!                Maria Baker
  4/3/2003   Kilimanjaro                                             Ed Harper
 4/24/2003   Renee Tully, A Survivor of Auschwitz                    Renee Tully
 5/15/2003 Nutritional Genomics                                       Jim Kaput
 9/16/2003 The Recall (Before the Election)

           Pushing the Envelope: Mid-Life Adventures Seeking
 9/18/2003 Personal and Professional Growth                           Shyama Chakroborty
 9/25/2003 Women's Issues in the Middle East Today

 10/2/2003 HIV/AIDS: Twenty Years Later                               Michael H. Montgomery

           A Trip of a Lifetime: An Anthropologist's Journey to the
 10/7/2003 Galapagos Islands                                          Patrice Gibson

 10/9/2003 Support and Outreach to People Living with HIV/AIDS
10/14/2003 Recall Wrap-Up

10/16/2003 Love Your Body Day! Recognition

10/30/2003 The Importance of Fair Trade In a Global Economy           Dana Geffner

 11/6/2003 Tales of Teaching in the South Pacific                     Andrew Halseth; Walter Deckert

11/13/2003 Inner Cities and the Underserved                           Natasha Fratello

 2/12/2004 Primed for the Primary

           Healing Our World: Tibetan Buddhist Monks' American
 2/17/2004 Tour

           What You See is What You Breathe: Fine Particle
 2/19/2004 Pollution in Sacramento                                    Thomas Cahill

                                                                      Mary Ose; Dan Lungren; Richard
 2/24/2004 Candidate Forum - Third Congressional District             Frankhuizen
  3/2/2004 Richard Rodriguez                                          Richard Rodriguez

           Children in Crisis: Reaching and Teaching Homeless
  3/4/2004 Children                                                   Karen Banker
 3/11/2004 Women in the Middle East                            Soheir Stolba

 3/18/2004 Bears of California: Facts and Folklore

 3/30/2004 Vietnam: A Society in Transition                    Chinh Le

           DNA Fingerprinting: From "Whodunit" to "Who are
 4/15/2004 You?"                                               Ken Kubo

           Polar Journeys: Investigating Climate Change in
 4/22/2004 Greenland and Antarctica                            Robert Christopherson

 4/29/2004 Word Soup Faculty Reading                           John Bell; Christian Keifer

  5/4/2004 Internment: Who's Next?                             Grace Shimizu

           The World of Women: A Journey in Middle Eastern
  9/9/2004 Countries                                           Soheir Stolba

 9/30/2004 Current Issues in International Relations Panel

 10/7/2004 Extreme NIMBYism: Exporting Our Demand

10/14/2004 Geared Up for the General Election

10/19/2004 Surviving Vanuatu                                   Walter Deckert; Andrew Halseth

10/21/2004 American Advertising: Entertaining or Irritating?

10/28/2004 My Favorite Lecture                                 Lori Smith

 11/4/2004 Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

 11/9/2004 What Happened in the General Election?

11/11/2004 The Story of Nicotine                               Gustavo Torrez
                                                                   Soheir Stolba; Shahla
11/16/2004 Violence Against Women: The Crisis in Darfur            Mokhtarzada

11/18/2004 The War in Iraq: Costs and Consequences                 Richard Becker

           Making a Difference in the Lives of Women: A Global
  2/3/2005 Outlook                                                 Soheir Stolba

 2/10/2005 Exploring the Sacramento Floodscape                     John Aubert

 2/15/2005 U.S. Foreign Policy

 2/17/2005 Health Disparities for Underrepresented Minorities      David Carlisle

 2/24/2005 My Favorite Lecture                                     Phil Smith
                                                                   Theresa Keene; Traci Gourdine;
 2/24/2005 Black History Month Concert                             Sheryl Counter; Jean Hooks
  3/1/2005 Event on the School of the Americas

  3/3/2005 The Poetry of Naomi Shihab Nye                          Naomi Shihab Nye

           Geoscience Education in Native America: Working with
  3/4/2005 Indigenous Communities' Knowledge                    Eric Riggs
           Disruptive Students: How to Handle Threatening
  3/9/2005 Situations

 3/10/2005 Honestly, Woman!

           Justice for the Women Victims Along the US-Mexico
 3/15/2005 Border

 3/17/2005 Why Aging is a Women's Issue

 3/23/2005 Women Murdered and Abducted: Tormenting Reports         Jessica Marques

 3/29/2005 Mammals and Birds of Africa                             Ed Harper; Rachel Rosenthal

           Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Deaf         Lyle Hinks; Darline Gunsauls;
 3/31/2005 Culture but Were Afraid to Ask                          Eileen McCaffrey

           Cultural Preservation in the 21st Century: The Maasai
  4/5/2005 Peoples of East Africa                                  Kakta Ole Maimai
  4/7/2005 Sex, Greed, and Geology                                Richard Cowen

           The Life and Death of Politically Active Women in
  4/8/2005 Islamic Prisons in Iran                                Reza Ghaffari

 4/12/2005 Julia "Butterfly" Hill                                 Julia Hill

 4/14/2005 Word Soup Faculty Reading                              Bonnie Shapiro; David Merson

 4/14/2005 Crisis Sudan: Genocide in the 21st Century

           How Goes the Honeymoon? An Update on President
 4/19/2005 Bush's Second Term

           Can We Overcome: Intolerance in America - Past,
 4/21/2005 Present, and Future

  9/8/2005 ARC Chamber Orchestra Concert

 9/15/2005 Iraq: The Inside Story of Today's Post-War Iraq        Soheir Stolba

 9/20/2005 The U.S. Constitution                                  Morrison C. England, Jr.

           Sacred and Secular in South Asia: Critical Issues in
 9/22/2005 Pakistani and Indian Societies                         Husain Siddiqui

 10/4/2005 Driving: Why is Age a Factor?                          Barbara Gillogly

 10/6/2005 Be Smart-Be Safe!                                      Tami Yushida

           Going Global with Your Business Session One: Fair
10/11/2005 Trade                                                  Ron Morris

10/18/2005 Where is Afghanistan Today?                            Shahla Mokhtarzada
           Discussion on Special Vote on Propositions 74,74,76
10/20/2005 and 77.
           My Favorite Lecture: 2005 Student Association
 11/1/2005 Instructor of the Year                                 Ed Hashima
 11/3/2005 The Future of Food: Documentary Film and Discussion

 11/3/2005 Marsden Hartley and I                                 Craig Smith

11/10/2005 ARC Veterans and the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

 12/1/2005 Distinguished Artist Profile: Gary Pruner             Diane Richey-Ward; Gary Pruner
                                                                 Regena Tiner-Miller; Chris Rubio;
 1/13/2006 2006 Spring Convocation                               Joe Gilman

  2/9/2006 Iraq: Three Years of War                              Soheir Stolba

           Sports and Race: The Forgotten Story of Jackie
 2/21/2006 Robinson                                              Keith Atwater

           California on the Move: Today's Earthquake Sciences
 2/23/2006 with Dr. Tanya Atwater                                Tanya Atwater

 2/23/2006 Black History Month Concert
           A Dialogue about the Dream: College Students'
           Education, Goals, and Dreams in the Ukraine and the
  3/8/2006 USA Today                                             Natalia Vysotska

  3/9/2006 Sacramento Poet Laureate Julia Connor                 Julia Connor

  3/9/2006 California Political Decisions 2006

 3/16/2006 Distinguished Writer's Series: Firoozeh Dumas         Firoozeh Dumas
           It's All Grieg to Me! - Piano Music from Around the   Patrick Hoggan; Dierdre
 3/16/2006 World                                                 Wolownick; Joanna Zadia
 3/21/2006 ARC Compressed Calendar Discussion

 3/23/2006 A Virtual Tour of South Africa                        Rudy Pearson; Dean Murakami
 3/28/2006 College Safety Forum: Campus Security                 Suzanne Safley
 3/28/2006 Entrepreneurship Academy Part 1                       Dale Carlsen

 3/30/2006 It Never Rains in California                          John Juskie

                                                                 Greg Baker; Rachna Nagi-
                                                                 Condos; Robert Gonzales; Meg
 3/30/2006 Entrepreneurship Academy Part 2                       Pollard

  4/4/2006 Bill Cathcart: World War II Combat Veteran            Bill Cathcart

           Traditional Gathering, Processing and Transplanting
  4/6/2006 Two Plants Important to Native Culture                Renee Shahrokh

 4/20/2006 "Word Soup" Faculty Reading                           Tina Royer; John Aubert

 4/25/2006 Holocaust Remembrance Day: "A Survivor Speaks"        Renee Tully

  5/4/2006 Preschool for All: How Will You Vote?

  9/7/2006 ARC Chamber Orchestra Concert                         Steven Thompson

 9/14/2006 Constitution Day Event

 9/21/2006 Intolerance Issues in Our Community                   Booker Neal

 9/21/2006 Tom Goff Poetry Reading: truenature                   Tom Goff

 10/5/2006 Iraqi Women Speak                                     Soheir Stolba

10/17/2006 So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?                    Bill Gillespie

10/19/2006 Election Update
10/24/2006 United Nations Day Presentation                    ARC Model UN Club

10/26/2006 Forum - Los Rios Board Candidates for Area 2       Tom Loree; Robert Jones

 11/2/2006 World Religions Forum

 11/9/2006 Introduction to Nanotechnology                     Gary George

           A Native American Celebration: Tribal People and
11/14/2006 Culture Today

           Middle Eastern Women's Issues: Successes and
  2/8/2007 Challenges                                         Soheir Stolba

           Tuskegee Airmen: Black Americans Become Fighting
 2/22/2007 Airmen

                                                              Nancy Kincaid; Carolyn Ballou;
 2/27/2007 Careers in Communication                           Michael Alcalay

  3/6/2007 Poems from the Battlefield                         David Smith-Ferri

  3/8/2007 Heather Fargo: Mayor of Sacramento                 Heather Fargo

           The Middle East: A Case of Misconceptions and
 3/22/2007 Deceptions                                         Mokhtarzada
                                                              David Viar; David Merson; Betty
 3/27/2007 Spotlight on the American River Review             Nelson

 4/12/2007 Homosexuality: An Anthropologist's Perspective     Patrick Chapman

 4/19/2007 Design 4 Life                                      Patricia Moore
                                                              Michael Crowder; Harold
 4/26/2007 Word Soup                                          Schneider

 4/26/2007 An Anime Analysis and Mini-Film Festival           ARC Anime & Games Club
  5/3/2007 Guide Dog Presentation

 9/13/2007 Constitution Day

 9/20/2007 Managing Difficult Students in the College Classroom   John James

 9/27/2007 African Women's Issues                                 Soheir Stolba

           Darwin and the Bible: A Dialogue about Science and
 10/4/2007 Religion                                               Peter Hess

10/18/2007 A Reading by California Author Gerald Haslam           Gerald Haslam

10/25/2007 Musical Presentation by Pandit Binay Pathak            Binay Pathak

 11/1/2007 Freedom From Hunger                                    Nidal Hijazi

           Honoring Our Veterans - Japanese-American Combat
 11/8/2007 Soldiers from World War II

11/15/2007 Questions of Faith
           Retracing Gender: A Reflection of a Transgendered
11/27/2008 Student                                                Markee Slagel

11/29/2008 A Preview of the 2008 American River Review
 12/6/2007 Islamic Awareness Panel
 1/24/2008 N*W*C

 1/31/2008 Primed for the Primary                                 Political Science Department

  2/7/2008 Current Issues in International Development            Soheir Stolba
          Jazzonian Dream Variation: A Tribute to Langston
2/21/2008 Hughes                                                 Sam Williams

 3/6/2008 Caution! Service Animals Working on Campus

3/13/2008 Dolores Huerta                                         Dolores Huerta

          Dr. Susheel Bibbs Presents Meet Mary Ellen Pleasant,
3/25/2008 a documentary film                                     Susheel Bibbs

          My Favorite Lecture: How Imperfections Help Us
3/27/2008 Understand the Evolutionary Process                    Patrice Gibson

 4/1/2008 Poetry Reading by David Dominguez                      David Dominguez

 4/3/2008 Post Election Political Crisis in Kenya                Kamau Kinuthia

 4/8/2008 The Least Dangerous Branch?                            Cynthia Unmack

4/16/2008 The Fiddling Poet                                      Ken Waldman

          Meltdown: The Rise and Recent Fall of the Sierra
4/17/2008 Nevada Glaciers                                        Greg Stock

          My Favorite Lecture: When it comes to solar energy,
4/22/2008 don't be left in the dark                              Fred Evangelisti
                                                                 Lois Ann Abraham; Kathy
                                                                 Rodgers and the English
                                                                 Department's Creative Writing
4/24/2008 Word Soup                                              Committee
          Alan Weisman: Author of the NYTimes Bestseller The
4/26/2008 World Wihout Us

4/29/2008 Thailand: Land of Smiles

          Benjamin Ajak (of The Lost Boys of Sudan): Plight of a
 5/1/2008 Refugee

          Can We Overcome: Intolerance in America - Past,
 5/6/2008 Present, and Future                                      Kieth Atwater

                                                                   Robert Christopherson; Professor
 5/8/2008 Global Warming : Messages from the Ice                   Emeritus

          The Democratic National Convention: A Delegate's
 9/9/2008 Perspective                                              Cirian Villavencio

9/11/2008 The Changing Roles of Women in the World                 Soheir Stolba

9/25/2008 David & Goliath in the Amazon                            Lawrence Lansburgh

10/9/2008 Caution! Service Animals Working on Campus
10/14/2008 A Reader's Theatre: The Laramie Project

10/14/2008 Gearing up for the Election

10/28/2008 An East Africa Portfolio

10/30/2008 In Defense of Soylent Green

10/30/2008 When Mathematics Changed us

 11/6/2008 How does the Library Renovation Project affect you?

11/13/2008 A WWII Veteran tells his story
11/14/2008 Chancellor Brice Harris: Budget Crisis

           Of Great and Mortal Men: 43 Songs for the 43 U.S
11/18/2008 Presidencies                                          Michael Spurgeon
          Preview of The American River Review Literature
12/2/2008 Magazine                                                David Merson
12/4/2008 Case Studies in Exoticology                             Daniel Welsh

          The Children of Abraham: Common Ground among
 2/5/2009 Muslims, Jews, and Christians                           Kieth Atwater

          International Student Colunteer Opportunities Working
2/12/2009 with Non-Profit Organizations                           Soheir Stolba

          Breaking Barriers with Comic Artistry: Acclaimed
          cartoonist Morrie Turner shares perspectives from his
2/12/2009 life's work…                                            Morrie Turner
2/24/2009 R.A.D. Event - A visit to the Himalayas                 Lynn Ott

          Topics in Contemporary Anthropology: Skeletons Tell
2/26/2009 Their Tales                                             Alexis Boutin & Lauren Taylor

 3/3/2009 Here, Bulle: Readings & Discussion                      Brian Turner, Poet
 3/5/2009 Chocolate and The Ancient Maya

3/19/2009 End of Life Isues: Psychology of Dying               Barbara Gillogly

3/26/2009 End of Life Issues: Funeral Arrangements             Jeff Stephenson

 4/2/2009 The Science of Sexual Orientation                    Tori Bovard

          Not For Sale: A Campaign to End Slavery in Our
4/14/2009 Lifetime                                             Kilian Moote

          Chicano/Latino Students at American River College:
4/16/2009 Transfer Options                                     Rick A. Ramirez

4/21/2009 Uran Forest: What's in it for You?                   Paula Peper

          Hey, Mr. Green: Sierra Magaine's Answer Guy Answers
4/23/2009 your Green Living Questions                         Bob Schildgen
          Teaching and Learning the Flora and Fauna of the
4/28/2009 Sierra Nevada                                        John Muir Laws

4/28/2009 Ghana: History, Culture & Politics                   Rudy Pearson
                                                               Traci Gourdine and English
                                                               Department's Creative Writing
4/30/2009 Word Soup: The Annual ARC Faculty Literary Reading   Committee

 5/7/2009 Monkeys & Myths: Stories form Asia                   Kristina Casper-Denman
                                   Event Info
Langford International Video Broadcast Series: Starting the Quality Journey

Henrik Ibsen's famous play - preview of the ARC production with Director Ted Kulp

Inside the Learning Organization with Peter Senge and Charlotte Roberts

"Individual Rights and Communal Obligation" with Dr. Erich Loewy, U.C. Davis
Medical Center
Presented by Deborah Blum
Tony Barcelos and Delores Campbell speak.
A College Hour talk with WEAVE
A College Hour with Richard Wydick
The Emotional Lives of Animals with Dr. Jeffrey Masson
A College Hour with Dr. J. Lowenstein

Women's Lives: Two Middle Eastern Countries in Transition with Soheir Stolba
"What Chimpanzees Have Taught Us About Who We Are" by Roger and Deborah

Meeting of the Minds Presented by Dr. Henry "Hank" Wesselman. The Professor
explores the bridge between the world of science and his spiritual experiences.

"Truth with Certainty vs. Certainty with Truth: The Creation/Evolution Controversy"
by Eugenie Scott, Director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE),
works to improve how science as a way of knowing is taught in school.

Should we be concerned about the fact that 95% of the American public has been
found by the National Science Foundation to be "scientifically illiterate"?
"A Learning College for the 21st Century" with Terry O'Banion
Project Scientist for the Space Station with Dr. Charlie Wade
Kelly Stewart, PhD Anthropology, whose dissertation work was on mountain
gorillas in Rwanda. She continues her focus on gorilla social behavior, ecology,
and conservation.
An Anthropologist at Work: Unique Challenges in Developing Countries by Dr.
Soheir Stolba, who talks about her exciting work as a medical anthropologist. She
shares stories about the rewards, trials and tribulations of working in 19
developing countries.
Bridgette Gordon plays a forward position for the Sacramento Monarchs. She has
played professionally for 8 years and signed with the Monarchs in 1997. Gordon
also played on the U.S. Olympic teams in 1984 and 1988. The teams won gold
both times.
G3 line, Office '98, Rhapsody, At Ease Networking
Navajo Cultural Constructions of Gender and Sexuality with Wesley Thomas,
Professor of Anthropology, Univ. of WA, talks about Navajo cultural constructs
which identify multiple genders, perhaps as many as 6 in total, a contrast to the
simple 2 genders.
"Living the Legacy of Women's Rights" Joan Lee (Gray Panthers), Rita Brandeis
(Attorney), and Cordia Wade (former ARC sociology instructor) discuss cultural
changes, women's rights and more.
Presented by Rick Rodriguez, Sacramento Bee Managing Editor
A Senna Production
"The Paranormal - Pathway to Insight or Royal Road to Nonsense?" Phil Givant
and Terry Sandbeck, Pres. Of Sacramento Skeptics Society, debate pro and con
of channeling, psychic powers, new age healing, mind over matter, alien
abductions, and time travel.

"From Papyrus to Palmtops, Who's Minding the Store?" with Professor Robert
Can American Democracy Survive in the 21st Century? Is it possible…to be
impartial? Laurence Geller, Presiding Admin. Law Judge has studied how
prejudices and justice often clash in a courtroom.
Presented by Stuart McRae, Professor of Anthropology. Dr. McRae addresses the
question of how to retain students in our classes from the first day of attendance
until successful completion.
Honoring Award Winning Teachers
"Another Day, Another Double?" with Dr. Gary Anderson, Professor of Animal
Science at UC Davis, shares his insights on the history of cloning, recent
advances in the cloning of adult animals, and how these techniques may help to
save the lives of humans.

"Growing Up Female in India, Yemen and Egypt" with Soheir Stolba, Ph.D. Dr.
Stolba spent last summer working with women in India, Yemen, and Egypt. Soheir
shares her experiences about the lives of women in these countries.
Presented by Werner Fornos, President of the Population Institute in Washington,
DC, addresses one of the most troubling issues facing us as we approach the 21st
Century - the rapid growth of the human population.
Dr. John Platt is a family dynamics consultant, who is also a speaker, author, and
humorist. He talks about how to survive parenthood, raise children you can live
with, and cope with other common family issues.
By Barbara Pillsbury, medical anthropologist specializing in reproductive health &
women's issues in Asia, Near East, Africa & Latin America. She discusses the
changes & challenges as families, gender relationships & cultures experience
John Stewart, Ph.D., African-American and African Studies Program, U.C. Davis.
Dr. Stewart discusses carnival traditions throughout the southern U.S., South
America, and the Caribbean.
A Performance with Katye Ridgeway and Grayling Love
Presented by Molly Murphy MacGregor, Director of the National Women's History
Project. Young women today stand on the shoulders of giants.

Dr. Stolba discusses "Women's Issues for the 21st Century" Dr. Stolba shares
about the preparations for the next International Women Conference later in the
year, and about her recent studies in Egypt, Yemen, Mexico and India.
Dale Kasler, Sacramento Bee, focuses on the creeping urbanization of California,
particularly in the agriculture-rich Central Valley.
"What it Means for California and Beyond" with Barbara Gillogly, ARC Gerontology
ARC Celebrates National Poetry Month featuring Traci Gourdine and Pamela
Presented by Clifford Stoll, author of "Silicon Snake Oil: Second Thoughts on the
Information Highway"
Co-Sponsored by the International Education Committee
Presented by Bei Dao

Presented by Dr. Peter Phillips, Director of Project Censored, Sociology Dept,
Sonoma University. Thousands of important national news stories are under
reported, ignored, misrepresented, or censored by the media corporations in the
United States.

Global and Community Issues. Dr. Soheir Stolba has worked with women and
families in 21 countries on development issues. She shares the success stories
she found and shows slides of the work she has done in Egypt, Yemen, Mexico,
Turkey & other countries
Hate Crimes in the Sacramento Area. Three community religious leaders
(Reverend McNamara, Senior Rabbi Bloom, and Dr. Amer) discuss the recent
hate crimes in the Sacramento Area.
The History of Chinese American Women with Dr. Judy Young, Chair of Ethnic
Studies, U.C. Santa Cruz. This brings together the voices of Chinese American
women in a fascinating and intimate collection of letters, poems, autobiographies
and oral histories.

Ann Bossard, Marketing Representative, Environmental Systems Research
Institute, discusses and demonstrates the applications of high-tech computerized
maps (Geographic Information Systems) in the field of business and marketing.
Theresa Keene is one of today's highly respected concert pianists. She holds a
Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music degrees from San Francisco
Conservatory of Music, and doctoral studies at the Eastment School of Music in
New York.

Peter Forni, Doctor of Pharmacy, shares relevant information on a variety of the
popular herbal therapies that are in common use today. He discusses examples
of herbs proven to be useful and those that may be dangerous.

Dr. Stolba shares her recent summer experience working with women's groups in
Africa and the Middle East that are helping other women improve their lives.

Rev. Don Fado, Senior Pastor, St. Mark's United Methodist Church, Sacramento.
Can there be tolerance for others by those who "know" they are right?
Presented by Jeffery O'Neal, Ph.D., Dean of Biotechnology. Scientists have
almost figured out the entire human genetic code. The result will have a colossal
impact on all of us. Find out how our future will change as a result.
Presented by Dian Self, History and Soheir Stolba, Anthropology. American
women have learned valuable lessons from the past; many of which are the same
ones that women in developing countries are now learning.

Dirk Verdoorn, Meteorologist, KCRA Channel 3, discusses broadcast meteorology
and the role of the media in reporting news on science and the environment.
Elane Geller, Holocaust survivor, imprisoned for over 5 years, Elane was only 9
years old when she was liberated from the death camps. She is one of the
youngest survivors of the Holocaust.
A Tale of Triumphs and Tragedies. Bill Wrighton, scholar of Russian History,
discusses the historical background of Russia in order to help us understand the
core problems Russia is facing in its efforts to modernize.
Hatem Bazian, Ph.D., Director, Al-Qalam Institute of Islamic Sciences, U.C.
Berkeley, discusses various cultural manifestations of Islam and Muslims in
America, including the contributions of Malcolm X and other Black Muslims.
Dr. Margo DeMello, Cultural Anthropologist, talks about body modifications, both
permanent and temporary, that have been used in cultures throughout the world
as markers of social, personal and political identity.

How DNA Profiling has Changed Crime Investigation by Terry Spear. Biological
evidence and DNA examination has changed the world of forensic science.
Images for Consumer Culture by Kathleen Taylor. Come discover the sexist,
racist, and classist world of advertising as you travel through a slide odyssey of
images employed in popular culture during the last five years.
By Soheir Stolba, Anthropology. Dr. Stolba moderates a discussion of the
meaning of the veil and what wearing the veil means to Muslim women.
Cancer can touch all of our lives, but it can no longer be considered a death
sentence. This talk presents a battle plan for dealing with this awesome
Dr. Stolba moderates a discussion on female genital mutilation which is still
practiced in some countries today.
By Stephen Magagnini, Sacramento Bee. The Hmong lost their lives to protect
Americans, they lost their homes during many years of fighting and now in
Sacramento and other cities where Hmong refugees have settled, they find their
culture is vanishing.
A Human Rights Response in Nigeria by Soheir Stolba. Dr. Stolba moderates a
discussion about a major issue of gender-based violence that affects women's
lives. Learn what non-governmental organizations like Share are doing to stop
this outrage.
Sacramento poet Charles Curtis Blackwell, accompanied by a musician, recites
various genres of performance poetry.
This talk focuses on a report that found that many of the old, disparaging and
damaging stereotypes used in the past to keep women from achieving in higher
education are still alive today.
By Trina Bloom, Josie Miranda, Johanna Rasmussen, and Kareen Roth.
Homophobia and transphobia are phenomena that are common in our culture, but
we can learn how to be more tolerant and actively inclusive.
According to the new reports based on the 2000 U.S. Census, the Latino
population is growing exceedingly fast, particularly in California. Come explore
what this may mean for California in terms of politics, power, the economy and

The Earth's average temperature is rising. Critical questions facing climatologists
today are: how will this affect humans and the environment, to what degree is
human activity contributing to the trend, & what can we really do about it?
A retired professor of literature at CSUS, Sacramento, he was a Guggenheim
Fellow from 1978 through 1979, and a three-time National Endowment for the Arts
Fellow. He has six volumes of poetry published, including "About Night: Selected
and New Poetry".
We join Soheir Stolba in learning about the impact of war on women's lives. This
presentation will provide insights into the lives of Afghani women and the effect of
war on their families.
Miriam Ching Yoon Louie highlights the voices of Chinese, Mexican, Korean &
Thai immigrant workers, pioneers of the growing anti-sweatshop movement, and
the role played by worker's centers in pioneering new methods for winning against
global capital.

Soheir Stolba discusses the ways in which women seek spiritual development.

ChimpanZoo was founded by Dr. Jane Goodall in 1984 to study zoo chimpanzees.
The purpose has been to ensure the health and psychological well-being of these
apes and to learn from them as we have learned from their free-ranging cousins.

Fall of 2000 was the 60th anniversary of the WWII internment of Japanese-
Americans. Hear about the Standing Guard which merges oral history,
documentary photography & interactive multimedia in a multi-facet education
Hummingbirds, polar bears, bobolinks, butterflies and penguins may all supply
clues to the question of global warming and its impact on our planet.

Dr. Stolba discusses timely women's issues from a cross-cultural perspective.

America has changed since the fateful day of 9/11/01 when the Pentagon and
World Trade Center were attacked by terrorists. Members of our faculty discuss
the impact from a variety of perspectives. What are the costs of 9/11?
Whitney Yamamura spent a summer as a Fulbright-Hays fellow in Southeast Asia.
He speaks on the economic development in the region. How do different
economic models compare and what are the end results? What is the impact of
the currency collapses?
This is a timely and informational presentation on the latest in the field of
biowarfare and bioterrorism.
Mr. Estrada addresses the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education
Fund's (MALDEF) current advocacy efforts in expanding immigrant rights on the
state and national level.
Mr. Cohen lectures on how racism, political bias, propaganda and ethnocentrism
color and distort American perception of U.S. foreign policy and the role the U.S.
plays in much of the world.

Dr. Stolba and Kathleen Colliham discuss the possible military action in Iraq.

Rudy Pearson shares pictures of his Summer 2002 Fulbright trip to Uganda

Northern California poet, Charles Blackwell, recites various genres of performance
poetry. Be motivated, amazed, entertained, touched, and provoked by the spoken

March 1 is International Peace Corps Day. The campus community celebrates this
service organization by hearing the stories of four of our faculty who have served
overseas: Paul Andre, Andy Halseth, Carol Hartman and Allyson Joye.
Dr. Chakroborty tells of his worldwide adventures from an expedition to the North
Pole, perching the base camp of Mt. Everest, swimming the English Channel,
completing Russia's Cosmonaut Training Program, to flying a Mig-25 to 85,000 ft
at Mach 2.5!

Mr. Montgomery, a longtime advocate for people living with AIDS and Chief of the
HIV Care Branch of the Office of AIDS, provides a historical perspective on
HIV/AIDS, both its discovery and its current progression.
Patrice shares her experiences sailing to the Galapagos Islands where Charles
Darwin found evidence for his theories on the natural selection process. Her
pilgrimage to these islands was a journey that led to both personal and
professional growth.

The ARC community recognizes "Love Your Body Day," a national day of action
speak out against ads and images of women that are offensive, harmful,
dangerous and, disrespectful.
Find out how the coffee we drink, the gifts we give & the clothes we wear have an
impact and ultimately should harm no one. Details of corporate exploitations &
sweatshops, "Free" Trade vs. "Fair" Trade & the International Coffee Crisis is also
These two math professors recount their summer spent at a small primary school
in Vanuatu, a country in the South Pacific. They spent six weeks living with host
families on a remote island.
Prior to teaching psychology at ARC, Ms. Fratello was a mental health
professional with the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic and with Head Start,
specializing in working with underserved preschool children and their families.

The ARC Political Science Dept. invites the campus to join the discussion on the
upcoming primary election on 3/2/04. Sorted out are the Democratic presidential
candidates, the propositions explained, and discussion on selected local races.
Six Buddhist monks from Tibet share their profound cultural and spiritual insight.
Exiled from their homeland & living in India, the monks answer questions about
the Dharma, the teaching of Buddha, & explain their ancient religious arts & music
Working with the American Lung Assn & regional air districts, Cahill studied fine
particles in Sacramento air between mid 12/02 & mid 1/03. The studies were
designed to establish the effect of major highways, specifically I-5, on Sacramento
air quality.
Mary Ose, Dan Lungren, and Richard Frankhuizen were scheduled to take part in
a campus forum for Republican candidates for the 3rd Congressional District. The
forum is sponsored by the Political Science Dept.

Karen Banker, found & director of the Mustard Seed School for homeless children
& a Loaves and Fishes board member, informs and inspires as she & a young
teaching staff member recount the trials and triumphs of Sacramento's homeless
Dr. Stolba presents her latest trip to Egypt and Yemen. Dr. Stolba will discuss
Middle Eastern women and their views on Iraq and other issues relevant to
women's issues in these two countries.
Few people have seen a wild bear roam the woods. Unfortunately, fear and
folklore have given these magnificent animals a big bad reputation. Learn about
the natural history of these fascination and clever animals.
Dr. Le was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, and educated in the U.S. and Canada, worked
at Kaiser Permanente as a pediatrician and infectious disease consultant, and
held clinical faculty appointments at UC Davis and UCSF.

DNA fingerprinting is a biotechnology application we hear often about in the news,
but how is this technique done, and what can we understand from DNA identity?
Robert shares photos and stories of his recent journeys to Greenland and
Antarctica. A recurring theme in Christopherson's discussions is the short and long
term effects of global warming in these frozen lands.
John Bell holds a MFA in Creative Writing from Wichita State University & has
published work in Thorny Locust & Teaching English in the Two-Year College.
Poet Christian Keifer is completing his PhD at UC Davis. His work has appeared in
The Antioch Review.

Are you aware that the U.S. captured Latin American citizens of Japanese and
German descent from those countries and interned them in US concentration
camps? These citizens were to be used for prisoners of war exchanges.

Professor Stolba discusses the issue of women's lives in the Middle East. The talk
will include observations from her most recent trip to the Middle East and a
considerable part of the presentation is devoted to discussions of women in Iraq.
This interdisciplinary panel discussion of global issues, particularly related to U.S.
foreign policy, is sponsored by the ARC Political Science Department.

Love Forests? Live in a house made of 2 x 4's? Hear an informative talk and learn
what we and Californians are doing with our own forests--and everyone else's.
The ARC Political Science Department discusses with the audience the upcoming
General Election on Nov. 2, 2004.

Math professors Walter Deckert and Andrew Halseth recount their summer spent
on the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu. Along with four other teachers, the two
spent 4 weeks helping Ni-Vanuatu elementary school teachers in remote areas.
The ARC student chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) co-
sponsored this event to highlight issues in the world of advertising. A speaker from
the advertising community discusses this topic.
Lori Smith, the 2004 Student Association Instructor of the Year in her "My Favorite
Lecture" presentation.
Performed as a readers theatre production in the ARC Theatre, written by Anna
Deavere Smith, following the Los Angeles riots of 1992.
The ARC Political Science Department discusses the results of the General
Election held on Nov. 2, 2004. What can we expect to happen now…and how will
it affect you?
In recent years, citizens have sued tobacco companies for millions of dollars.
Learn where some of that money has gone and what you can do to end the death
toll of tobacco.
Soheir Stolba and Shahla Mokhtarzada in a discussion about Afghanistan. Co-
sponsored by ARC's Amnesty International Club.
Richard Becker, Western Regional Coordinator, ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War
and End Racism) Coalition offers a critical analysis of the war in Iraq. Co-
sponsored by the CTL and the Peace and Justice Club.
Dr. Stolba discusses various ways of making a difference in the lives of women
and children abroad and in the U.S. Soheir highlights projects that she and
SHARE Institute interns have completed in Africa, Asia, and most recently, Central
ARC Geography instructor John Aubert has a slideshow and discussion exploring
the issues surrounding flood risk, preparedness, and prevention in the
Sacramento region.
The Political Science Department has a discussion of the domestic and
international implications of U.S. Foreign Policy.
Dr. Carlisle highlights his research interests in areas of access to care, quality of
care, disparities in care, and medical education, particular to the vulnerable
Phil Smith, the 2004 Patrons' Chair Award winner for Faculty, in his "My Favorite
Lecture" presentation.

Sponsored by the Peace and Justice Club
One of America's leading authors, gives a poignant perspective on the activities of
daily life and on the sorrows of the Middle East.

The Earth Sciences should offer a culturally-accessible pathway into the sciences
for native American students, as many native cultures value deep connection with
the Earth and also manage large tribal land bases on rural reservations.

A compilation of pieces of prose, poetry, and song dedicated to the experience of
being or knowing a woman. This presentation is in celebration of women's History
Mexico Solidarity Network speak about the unsolved murders of nearly 400
women in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua. They share theories about why this
tragedy occurred and why they believe these crimes are connected to illegal drug
A discussion about health and money issues and how women need to prepare
themselves for their future.
Jessica worked with El Rescate in Los Angeles, CA and the Center for Survivors
of Tortured in Dallas, Texas. Sponsored by the Latinos Unidos and Amnesty
International Clubs of ARC.
Ed Harper and Rachel Rosenthal share their visual memories of their recent trip to
Tanzania. Scenes from the varied wildlife - from the diverse mammals to the
numerous bird species.
Questions about deaf students in your class and what you find intriguing,
annoying, wonderful, and interesting about them. Learn some initial greetings
using American Sign Language.
Kakta Ole Maimai was born and raised in the Maasai society in southern Kenya.
He was a warrior for fifteen years before he left to attend college in the U.S. Kakta
speaks about the Maasai way of life, including traditions, culture, and rites of
People usually think about materials from the earth in terms of quality of life for
everyone. However, archaeology and history reveal that breakthroughs in
exploiting Earth resources were made for selfish reasons associated with greed
and sex.
Dr. Reza Ghaffari, former Professor of Economics at Tehran University and a
victim and witness of prison torture in Iran, reviews his experiences and screens
an award-winning film based on his work.

Julia Hill lived 180 feet-high in a ancient redwood tree she named "Luna"
beginning on 12/10/1997, and set her bare feet down onto ground on 12/18/1999.
Her effort to save the tree and the surrounding forest was successful.

Prose writer Bonnie Shapiro and poet/songwriter David Merson, both from ARC
English Area give us 50 minutes of entertainment, refreshment and delight.
Genocide: What is it? Does it apply to Sudan? Government: Are there international
obligations? Culture: What is "life" in Sudan really like? Apathy: "The worst crime
of all."
The faculty members from the Political Science Dept. give an update on President
Bush's second term. Topics include what has changed, what has stayed the same,
and how it affects you.
This powerful multimedia presentation explores root causes and possible solutions
to historical problems of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and
Hear the ARC Chamber Orchestra under the baton of maestro Steve Thompson,
ARC music professor, as he leads this ensemble in a varied repertoire of Baroque
and classical music in concert.
Dr. Stolba visited Iraq in the summer of 2005. She brings more understanding
about this ancient war-torn land.
U.S. District Court Judge Morrison C. England speaks in celebration of the
Commemoration of Constitution Day.
Fulbright scholar Dr. Husain Siddiqui provides his valuable insights into pressing
issues in India and Pakistan: Islam, democracy, and contemporary social issues in
these rapidly changing and modernizing regions.
Seniors cause many fewer accidents than teens, but age-related conditions can
affect driving skills. The ability to drive represents independence and ranks just
behind health as one of the most important issues for older adults.
This workshop will teach you how to protect yourself, how to use preventive
techniques, and how to depend yourself in case of danger. These skills will help
you stay safe at home, in the city, and here on campus.
This session deals with the topic of Fair Trade. A number of countries will be
discussed: their trade policies and their treatment of factory workers and working
conditions in their country.
Afghanistan was liberated from the rule of the Taliban three and a half years ago.
Although the Taliban are gone, the Afghan government faces tremendous
economical, political and social challenges.

Ed Hashima presents the latest in a series of talks by award-winning faculty on
Interested in the consequences that certain food choices have on society, on the
land & on people’s health? The documentary, Future of Food, exposes how
genetically engineered foods have slipped into an estimated 60% of all processed
foods in America.
Craig Smith presents an enjoyable survey of American Artist Marsden Hartley's
career. Works by Hartley currently are on show at Crocker Art Museum, downtown
As part of ARC's recognition of Veteran's Day, a panel of student and faculty
veterans share their stories of military life overseas in a post-9/11 world, notably in
Iraq and Afghanistan.
Pruner, who is retired, will be featured in a documentary video entitled, "Gary
Pruner-Spirit Revealed", produced and directed by Diane. The 15 minute video
highlights his long and prolific career as a popular Sacramento artist and

The Art and Heart of Teaching and Learning.
As American involvement in Iraq continues for a third year, and with military and
civilian deaths continuing to rise, we need to hear up-to-the-minute insights about
this war-torn land and its people.
As part of ARC recognition of Black History Month, we view a segment of a recent
award-winning documentary about baseball legend Jackie Robinson, the first
African-American athlete to play baseball in what was until then an all-white
Dr. Atwater will share her insights into seismic activity in California, focusing on the
study of earthquakes using high technology. Dr. Atwater heads the UCSB
Educational Multimedia Visualization Center.

Featuring Sheryl Counter (dramatic soprano), Jean Hooks (actress with the
Celebration Arts Theatre), Venetia James (choreographer), Nathan Jones (actor
with the Sacramento Black Art of Dance), and Theresa Keene (pianist).
Ukrainian Scholar and Literature professor Dr. Natalia Vysotska speaks to our
students about higher education in the Ukraine and the Ukrainian-American
college experiences, followed by a question-and-answer session.
With a long and distinguished career as a teacher & poet, Julia Connor visits ARC
as the Sacramento region’s literary ambassador. In addition to reading from her
poems, she describes 4 projects that she is implementing in her capacity as Poet
With many well-known state and federal office holders up for re-election this year,
the California political landscape may change drastically. Hosted by our political
science faculty.
Firoozeh Dumas, author of the award-winning "Funny in Farsi". Dumas' visit to
ARC includes readings, conversations, and class visits.
Three ARC professors on a tour of Europe through its music. Get a taste of
Poland, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, and others.
Discussion on the proposed 16-week "compressed" academic calendar.
In 2005, a group of Los Rios Community College teachers traveled to the
Southern regions of South Africa. Professors Pearson and Murakami share color
photos and information about the culture, politics, geography, and the racial
Learn simple techniques to help keep you safe.
The collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association and the Workforce
Education & Business Department are proud to sponsor the Entrepreneurship
Academy. Dale Carlsen discusses his beginnings as an entrepreneur and his
growth strategies.
John Juskie provides an entertaining and informative look at Northern California's
unique weather and climate.

This is an opportunity for you to explore the possibilities of owning and operating
your own small business in the future. You will learn about the steps that you
should take to successfully "launch your own small business".
Sergeant Bill Cathcart, a young U.S. Marine in the South Pacific during World War
II, shares memories of his experiences of military service in Okinawa, Iwo Jima,
and other campaigns.
Professor Shahrokh, Botany, presents details of gathering two plant species
important to California native culture. Saving these plants by transplantation and
issues of concern to native plant gatherers is also addressed.
To celebrate our faculty’s creativity and showcase their literary work, the annual
Word Soup literary reading presents fifty-minutes of prose and poetry by two of the
accomplished writers in our midst, Tina Royer from English & John Aubert from
Renee was just a teenager when she and her mother were rounded up by the
Nazis and sent to Auschwitz as part of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” She and her
mother survived, but six million or more perished.
The “Preschool for All Initiative” provides a free, voluntary, half-day preschool
experience for all four year olds and has many implications for children, parents,
teachers, and our community.
The ARC Chamber Orchestra plays great baroque and classical masterpieces.
Maestro Thompson will provide some background to these works and their
composers as he brings music to students and staff.
Only a third of Americans surveyed know that "we the people" are the opening
words of our Constitution, while over two thirds know what "www" means. Who
were "we the people" in 1787? Who are "we the people" today?
ARC is home to students of many races, ethnicities, and countries of origin.
Booker Neal and a representative from the Sacramento Commission on Racial
Profiling will describe recent anti-immigrant incidents of intolerance.
Tom Goff has graced the Sacramento community of writers since the early 1990s
by creating and hosting frequent poetry events around town, by writing regular
book reviews for Poetry Now, and by publishing in numerous small press
publications in California.

Dr. Soheir Stolba spent her 2006 spring break and part of her summer once again
in and around Baghdad and other "hot spots" in war-torn Iraq. She reports her
firsthand work with many women who have endured three-and-a-half years of war.
If you have ever considered having a business of your own, you need to come to
this event! Meet Bill Gillespie, the owner of Sunrise Natural Foods. Mr. Gillespie is
a very funny and high-energy entrepreneur. His stories and experiences will
amaze you.
Will the Republicans retain control of Congress? What issues will be on voters'
minds as they go to the polls? Who will Californians elect as Governor? Will
Sacramento voters agree to increase their sales tax to help finance a new arena
for the Sac Kings?
The United Nations will be 61 years old this year. The Political Science Dept., the
Model UN Club, and the CTL present and discuss the future of the UN in the 21st
Century. Who will be the next Secretary General of the UN?
An informal forum for Area 2 Candidates Tim Loree (incumbent) and Robert
With a global economy, regional conflicts and wars and a multicultural America
with immigrants from many nations, it becomes clear that understanding each
other's beliefs is vital. Reps from some of the world's major religions share their
Among the most fascinating developments in current science is the seemingly
futuristic creation of devices the size of just a few atoms. Gary George guides us
into this world of carbon nanotubes, bucky balls, nanowires, quantum dots, and
Local Native American students and tribal representatives will address issues
affecting Native American identity in preparation for Thursday's second annual
Native American gathering.
Dr. Soheir Stolba has a discussion about women's issues in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan,
Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Dr. Stolba is an advocate for women empowerment and
In Celebration of Black History month, ARC is honored by a visit from some
surviving members of the all-black 99th Fighter Squadron, the "Tuskegee Airmen,"
who gained fame as the first all African-American combat fighter pilot group in
World War II.
Hear from experts in the field of communications to see if you would like to work in
broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, marketing communications, or
with nonprofit or government organizations.
Poet David Smith-Ferri, author of 'Battlefield without Borders: Iraq Poems,' reads a
selection of his poems about the victims of war in Iraq, written during his three
trips to Iraq and Jordan.
Heather Fargo, Mayor of Sacramento, is here in celebration of Women's History
month. The discussion encompasses the unique challenges and opportunities she
faces as the leader of California's capital.
The media frequently uses words like jihad, suicide bomber, insurgency, and
Taliban. How accurate is our understanding of these terms? A panel of experts
analyze the current situation in the Middle East that goes beyond the 30 second
sound byte.
Learn more about the number-one community college literary and art new media
magazine in the United States.
Dr. Chapman explores homosexuality from a holistic anthropological approach. He
summarizes the leading theory for what causes homosexuality, examines
homosexual behavior among primates, and discusses expressions of
homosexuality around the world.
Gerontologist Patricia Moore, an internationally renowned gerontologist and
designer, talks about creating environments designed for people of all ages and
levels of ability.
The English Area faculty literary reading. The readers are Michael Crowder and
Harold Schneider, who offer an hour of pure poetry.

In honor of Asian-Pacific Islander Month (May), ARC's anime fans and experts will
explain this fascinating and popular contemporary Japanese art form, tracing the
genesis of animated movies in Japan from their roots to current spin-offs.
Students, their dogs, staff with dogs-in-training, and our counselors have an
informative session that explains what these valuable dogs do, how they are
trained, and how the campus community can help those who have helping dogs.
On September 17, 1787, in just four handwritten pages, the U.S. Constitution was
signed, giving us a type of owners' manual to the government.
The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech has prompted us to learn more about how to
diffuse difficult situations with students who have emotional or behavioral
Today many African women face challenges from scarce employment
opportunities to fear of HIV/AIDS infections and blatant discrimination in legal
issues. In this presentation, Dr. Soheir Stolba shares case studies of women's
successes and challenges.

Can religion and evolution be taught in the schools? Should they be taught? What
are the current trends and arguments that affect our schools and our society? Dr.
Peter Hess explores these controversial issues and clarifies misconceptions.
Distinguished author Gerald Haslam, reads from his works of fiction and non-
fiction. Some of his works are taught in California high schools and colleges. A
noted writer praised for his literary evocations of the people and spirit of
California's Central Valley, Mr. Haslam, a native of Bakersfield, reads from his
novels, stories, and essays.
Pandit Binay Pathak is a classically trained musician, composer, a graduate of
Calcutta University, and an award-winning Indian film and television music
director. His vast knowledge of raga, matched by his technical expertise, energy
and vibrant live performances creates an enthralling and unforgettable concert

This session addresses the problem in general, then focuses on various self-help
solutions to ending hunger. Freedom from Hunger is a nonprofit, international
organization that promotes innovative and sustainable self-help solutions.
In honor of Veteran's Day, we are privileged to host Japanese-American (Nisei)
veterans of World War II. Their unit, the 442nd Infantry, distinguished itself for its
outstanding record, including many medals for bravery, and many casualties.
Learn about these patriotic men who fought while their families lived in internment
To promote the college goal of maintaining "an educational environment that
respects and accommodates a diversity of individual backgrounds, abilities,
interests and opinions" (ARC Mission Statement). This presentation attempts to
provide a means for promoting responsible and respectful relations among various
spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions.
Student Markee Slagel on a truthful, personal, and self-revealing talk on identity
and constructed cultural roles.
American River College's "Best in the Nation" literary and visual arts magazine, the
American River Review. This is an amazing collection of literary and visual arts
creativity, created by the students of ARC.
Presented by the ARC Muslim Student Association
Speak Theatre Arts in a performance of scenes from the play N*W*C
The political science department has a discussion on the February 5, 2008
California Presidential Primary.

Dr. Soheir Stolba has a discussion on current issues in international development.
This musical presentation is a tribute to Langston Hughes. Professor Sam
Williams utilizes drama, dance, and music to celebrate Black History Month.

Students, their dogs, staff with dogs-in-training, and our counselors have an
informative session that explains what these valuable dogs do, how they are
trained, and how the campus community can help those who have helping dogs.
Dolores Huerta shares her experiences as a community activist. For over 50
years, her mission has been to build active communities that work for fair and
equal access to healthcare, housing, education, jobs, civic participation, and
economic resources for disadvantaged communities.
Join Dr. Bibbs for a screening and discussion of her award-winning documentary
film about Mary Ellen Pleasant. Mary Ellen Pleasant, “the Mother of Civil Rights in
California,” was a daring African American -- a 19th-century abolitionist, activist,
and entrepreneur.
Why do some disorders like sickle-cell anemia occur in high frequency in some
populations? Join Anthropology Professor Patrice Gibson, recipient of the 2007
Patrons Chair Award and Honorarium, in a presentation of a favorite topic from her
anthropology courses.
Renowned Chicano poet David Dominguez will read his poetry in honor of Cesar
Chavez day and to celebrate National Poetry Month. The ARC Latin Jazz
Ensemble will perform as the opening act.

Please join Kamau Kinuthia, Economics, for a presentation on the 2007-2008 post-
election political crisis in Kenya. What caused the death of over 1,000 and the
internal displacement of over 300,000 Kenyans? Learn the answer to these
questions and many more during this illuminating and informative presentation.
Join Professor Cynthia Unmack for an evaluation of the "Roberts Court". We'll
discuss the impact of the new appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court, how their
decisions may shape public policy in key areas such as abortion, criminal justice
and civil rights, and how the Court may become an important factor in the
upcoming Presidential election.
Ken Waldman comes to American River College for his first Sacramento area
appearance in more than three years. From Waldman, expect new poems, old
favorites, Alaska-set storytelling and some first-class Appalachian-style old-time

Modern glaciers in the Sierra Nevada are rapidly retreating. How does this retreat
fit in the context of global climate change? Dr. Greg Stock, geologist for Yosemite
National Park, will present recent research on both modern and ancient glaciers in
Yosemite and what they tell us about the changing climate of the Sierra Nevada.

Prof. Evangelisti, recipient of the 2007-2008 Studen Association's Instructor of the
Year Award, has a presentation on a topic he is passionate about - solar energy.
Learn how solar energy systems work and what effect they will have on your future
energy needs. Also learn about the new GreenForce Initiative and the Solar
Energy Technician Program that will soon be offered here at ARC.

This is a public literary reading of original works by ARC faculty. For information
on authors involved, email Lois Ann Abraham at abrahala@arc.losrios.edu.
In one of the most audacious thought experiments of our time, Alan Weisman
imagines what might happen to the earth if humans vanished. The World Without
Us, Weisman's phenomenal New York Times bestseller, shows us humanity's
true impact on the environment un a wholly original way, and challenged each of
us to re-imagine our planet -- an our place within it. His book was also named by
Time Magazine as the number one nonfiction book of 2007.

Why is Thailand known as the land of smiles? This and other questions about Thai
culture will be answered in this talk by Oranit Limmaneeprasert (ESL), originally
from Thailand. In celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.
Benjamin Ajak has a discussion on the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. Benjamin is
a survivor of the crisis and a member of the "Lost Boys of Sudan," who were
orphaned or seperated from their families when government troops attacked
villages in Southern Sudan.
This powerful multimedia presentation explores root causes and possible solutions
to historical problems of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia, and
Robert Christopherson, popular textbook author and ARC Professor Emeritus,
hihglight the latest global climate change science, including dramatic video,
photos, and observations from his August 2007 trip to the Arctic Ocean. Robert
also includes photographs with his discussion on his latest book project, On
Melting Ice, The Fate of Our Polar Bears, which he is co-writing with Dutch Author
and expedition leader, Rine can Meurs.

Cirian Villavencio, ARC Political Science Professor and delegate to the recent
Democratic National Convention, has a discussion of his experiences at the
historic event. The presentation will include an overview of US Presidential politics
and elections, specifically the functions and activities related to the 2008
Democratic Convention. Specific topics include the process of becoming a
delegate, the daily functions and responsibilites of a delegate, effective
networking, and how to get involved in the current presidential campaign.
Dr. Soheir Sotlba speaks on the changing roles of women in the world. She also
will present her curent field research results.
Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-wininng documentary film maker Larry
Lansburgh has a compelling presentation "Dream People of the Amazon." Larry's
presentation focuses on the Achuar, indigenous people who live in a part of the
Amazon rain forest that has hardly changed in a thousand years. To defend their
right to live as their ancestors did in an unspoiled part of the greatest rain forest on
earth, the Achuar have developed ingenious and effective strategies to deal with
the modern world.

Students, their dogs, staff with dogs-in-training, and our counselors have an
informative session that explains what these valuable dogs do, how they are
trained, and how the campus community can help those who have helping dogs.
In honor of the 10th anniversary of Matthew Shephard's death, ARC English
composition honors students present a readers' theatre of the play, The Laramie
Project, by Moises Kaufman. Who can forget that day on October 7, 1998 when a
young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside os Laramie,
Wyoming, savagely beaten and left to die in a n act of brutality and silence. The
Laramie Project chronicles the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the
murder, and the result is a play that dispels the simplistic media stereotypes and
explores the depths to which humanity can sink and the heights of compassion
which we are capable.
Are we ready for the general election on November 4, 2008? The political Science
Department gets informed and gets out the vote.

Ed Harper presents a virtual safari of one of the most stunning places on earth -
East Africa. He will share the beautiful photos and amazing knowledge of East
Africa's legendary wildlife. Whether it is an image of a leopard so close and sharp
you can count its whiskers, or an intimate view of Masai homes and villages, these
photos will broaden your knowledge and delight your senses.
David Denman's presents a moral argument that cannibalism is sometimes
permissible, and that for the very reasons that make this true, imply that eating
animals is often immorale.

Dr. Kieth Devlin's presentation focuses on three times in recent history when
mathematical developments have fundamentally and dramatically changed how
people understand the world, and how they live their lives. Besides Devlin's
appearances on NPR's Weekend Edition, he is Consuliting Professor os
Mathematics and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Language and
Information at Stanford University. His most recent book is The Unfinished Game:
Pascal, Fermat, and the 17th Century Letter that Made the World Modern. Other
works include The Language of Mathematics, and the Numbers behind Numb3rs.
Devlin's presentation is sponsored by the American Medical Student Association
at ARC, the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Math Department, and the
ESA Community College Program.
The Library Staff gives an overview of the exciting features in the new library.
Learn about the interim library location and services. Get a head start with your
research and study plans for the spring semester.
Lieutenant Commander, USNR (Ret) Theodore Robinson will sahre his
experiences as a PT Boat Skipper in the Solomon Ilands of the South Pacific
during World War II. Robinson was a member of the crew that rescued Hon F.
Kennedy and the crew of the PT 109.

Christian Kiefer and J. Matthew Gerken discuss their new trile-CD project. Of
Great Mortal Men: 43 Songs for 43 U.S. Presidencies - an indie rock romp
through American History - Hosted by ARC English Professor Michael Spurgeon.
Kiefer and Gerken will also perform a few songs from this project, with the help
from drummer (and Presidential trivia maniac) Chip Conrad. Nick Miller, in a
feature article on the group in the September 4, 2008, Sacramento News and
Review writes the project is "dynamic, both stylistically and thematically, exploring
ambient, prog and funk, while portending a darker view of U.S history."
The writers, artists, and staff of ARC's nationally acclaimed arts and literature
magazine present a preview of the latest issue of literary and visual arts creativity,
created by ARC students. This is an amazing collection of literary an visual arts
creativity, created by the students of ARC! Some of the published writers read
their work.
Case Studies in Exoticology with Daniel Welsh.
As we enter 2009 still in combat in the Middle East and with divisive issues related
to these three faiths from Jacksonville to Jerusulem to "Jihad" (holy struggle), now
more than ever our ARC community needs experts who can answer our questions
with knowledge and sensitivity. This event is co-sponsored by the Muslim Student
Association and the CTL.

There are many reasons why thousands of students volunteer abroad every
summer. Whether you want to explore the world, learn a new language, or
experience other cultures, you'll have the opportunity to do this and much more
while lending a hand to those who are working to improve life in their communites.
You'll also learn a lot about yourself, as you take on the challenge of living and
working in a completely new environment. This presentation will offer students,
faculty and staff information about Non-Governmental Organizations and
international volunteer opportunities with NGO's.

In recognition of February as Black History Month, you are invited to join Morrie
Turner, ground breaking African-American cartoonist and author/illustrator of the
nationally syndicates comic strip Wee Pals, as he shares his work, wit, and
wisdom. Morrie has authored numerous other books and anthologies, includinf
Explore Black History with Wee Pals and his recent Super Sistahs: Featuring the
Accomplishments of African-American Women Past and Present.
American River College Professor Lynn Ott shares her visit to the Himalayas.
Two Faculty from American River College showcase the radically different ways
that anthropologists can study human bones. Alexis Boutin will share fictive
narratives from ancient Syria, which she developed through the study of skeletons
and gravesites. Lauren Taylor will present her research into the variations in
reproductive skeletal anatomy among females, including possible evolutionary

Brian Turner is a soldier-poet whose debut book of poems, Here, Bullet, won a
number of awards including the 2005 Beatrics Hawley Awards and the New York
Times "Editor's Choice" selection. Turner served seven years in the US Army, to
include one year as an infantry tem leader in Iraq with the 3rd Stryker Brigade
Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division. Prior to that, he was deployed to Bosnia-
Herzegovina in 1999-2000 with the 10th Mountain Division. Brian Turner's Here,
Bullet is a harrowing, beautiful first-person account of the Iraq war. The poems in
this remarkable collection reflect Turner's experiences as a soldier with
penetrating lyric power, compassion, sensitivity, and eloquence, while deploring
the violence and acknowledging the grief and terror of war.
This program explores the history and mythology of cacao as a sacred "food of the
gods" from the Ancient Maya of the rainforests of Central America. While
chocolate is one of the most popular and cherished of all foods, many are
unaware of the fascinating history and mythology of chocolate from the Ancient
Maya. This talk has been previously presented in several museums, including the
curated exhibition: The Tree of Xibalba. This is an opportunity for the public and
the ARC Community to learn about chocolate and the heritage and cultures of the
people of Mexico and Central America.
Barbara Gillogly discusses the emotional and psychological needs of people
appraoching death. How do cultural attitudes affect how we think and talk about
death? It is important to define our own values as they relate to death and the
steps we can take to protect those values.
Jeff Stephenson. Funeral Services Education, has a discussion on traditional and
alternative beliefs about and options for funeral arrangements. He also addresses
lefal requirements of the State of California regarding funeral arrangements and
the pricing of funerals.

Have you heard peopl;e say that sexual orientation is simply a personal choice?
Professor Tori Bovard reviews current research into factors which influence sexual
orientation. Students, staff, faculty, anc administration are all welcome.
Kilian Moote, polotocal direcor of Not for Sale, a campaign to enf modern world
slavery, comes to American River Colelge to speak about slavery form the
chocolate industry to the sex industry. The Campaign "aims to educate and
mobilize an international abolitionist movement through innovation and
implementation of open-source activism." Kilian will show how every "single
person has a skill that they can give to free an individual living in bondage."
Students, staff, faculty, and administrators are welcome.
 Chicanos and Lations represent the largest non-White student group at American
River College as wel las at other Los Rios colleges. They also represent the
fastest growing population on national, state, and local levels. A majority of
Chicano/Latino students choose to attend community college out of high school
with the intentions of transferring to a four year institution; however, many do not.
When comparing 2007 enrollment and transfer output data, ARC transferred 2.6%
of its Chicano/Latino students to California State Univeristy and 0.6% to the
University of Califonia. Theis presentation will provide an overview of literature
related to Chicano/Latino studen access and findings of a qualitative study
conducted in Fall 2008. The presentation is designed to provide
recommendations on how to institute a "transfer culture" that includes supporting
Chicano/Latino students.
U.S. Forest Service Ecologist Paula Peper, discusses the bniologic and economic
benefits of urban forests. Through slides and discussion, the audience will learn
how trees can be used to clean air, store carbon, and keep pollutes stormwater
from entering creeks and rivers. This event is free; students, staff, faculty, and
management are all welcome.
Bob Schildgen (aka Mr. Green) was managing editor and book review editor of
Sierra Club's magazine for many years and continues to write Sierra's popular
"Hey Mr. Green" environmental advice column. In celebration of Earth Day (April
22), Mr. Green has a lively, interactive discussion of green living.
John Muir Laws, reknown naturalist, educator, author, and artist, has a discussion
of his passion and life's work, the Sierra Nevada. Mr. Laws is author and
illustrator of the popular book The Laws Field Guide to the Sierra Nevada, which
will be available to purchase and have signed after the talk. Students, faculty,
staff, managers, and members of the general public are welcome.

Listen to history professor Rudy Pearson's presentation on Ghana. The lecture
will provide a brief insight into the history, culture, and sights of a nation that views
itseld as one of the leading democracies on the African Continent. The slides will
show historical monuments, aspects opf African slavery, politics, a traditional
festival, rural and urban scened in various regions of Ghana, and the food. This
program is intended to prompt questions and dialogue.

This is an annual public literary reading of original works by ARC faculty.
In honor of Asian-Pacific Island Heritage Month, learn about mythology from
several Asian countries and the nonhuman primates featured in those myths.

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