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Step 1: Set all stainless Universal Termination Posts UTP39 vertically at their location.

 Note: Make sure that all the Termination Posts UTP39 that have an extra set of holes drilled for the Lock T
Terminals LTHS249 are set in the correct position. Remember the lock T side has holes drilled on one side
of the post ONLY.

Step 2: Mark center of all flange holes. Remove post.
Step 3: Pre- drill 15/64" pilot holes. (Drill ½” if using Red Head Anchors in Concrete)
Step 4: Set post and shim the post plumb if needed.

Step 5: Insert lag bolts SLB325 with flat washers LBW25 and lock washers LBLW25 into pilot holes
Step 6: Tighten all lag bolts until post is tight to the deck. Blocking must be installed at all lag bolt locations.
Step 7: Set string line on outside face of termination posts.

Step 8: Set all stainless Universal Intermediate Posts UIP39 on string line and equal post spacing for that
run. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the rest of your runs.
Step 1: Insert and pop rivet fast all transformer caps at their pre - determined location. Insert Intermediate
Post Shims IPS180 in intermediate posts only.

Use a 3/16” bit to drill the pilot hole on the top of the posts and through the transformer caps on BOTH
sides. Note: Tape transformer caps in place with blue masking tape. Remember drill SLOW at MEDIUM pressure for

Insert BOTH pop rivets in the drilled holes. Pop the rivets into the posts with the supplied SCS pop rivet
gun. Note: Make sure that BOTH rivets are in place before pop riveting the transformer cap in place. The
other rivet captures that side and insures that the cap will stay flush with the top of the posts. If you do not
capture both sides with the pop rivets you will cock the transformer cap when riveting one side.

Step 2: Measure and purchase the correct amount of 5/4"(1") X 6" wood top rail at your location.

Step 2B: If you are using SRS skins purchase 5/4” X 4” pre- primed finger jointed pine for the wood core.
Slip the wood core inside of skins. WEAR GLOVES THE SHEET METAL CAN BE SHARP! Miter all corners and
butt all joints on top and center of intermediate posts. A small bead of silicone should be applied on all butt

Step 3: Set table saw fence to the width of the stainless posts (2 “). (Set a post in table saw and slide fence

Step 4: Rip a 2" block out of the 5/4" (1") X 6" (5 1/2") board. (The 3.5“board will be your top rail or wood
core and your 2” piece will be the blocking.)
Step 5: Router all outside edges of the 3.5“top rail and 2" blocking with 1/8” round over bit.

Step 6: Measure, cut and set blocking underneath transformer caps and mark outside edges of transformer
caps fastening Ts on top of blocking.

Step 7: Router out a 1/8" deep channel to accept the transformer caps mounting Ts. Router along lines
marked from transformer caps. The transformer caps fastening T's are 1/8" thick. This insures that the blocking lays
flat on the bottom of the top rail. Also, drill a small 3/8” hole in the end of the blocking so blocking fits flush to the posts
and the pop rivet PR316 will slip inside this hole.

Step 8: Set all blocking in between all posts. Insure all blocking is flush with outside edges of posts. Drill a
1/8” hole down through the transformer cap hole and through the blocking. This will indicate where you
need to screw fast the top rail from underneath.
Step 9: Measure, cut and set top rail on top of posts and transformer caps. Miter all corners. Make sure
your reveal is even on both sides of railing. Screw fast the 3 1/2" top rail through the pre drilled holes in the
blocking from underneath with the Transformer Top Rail Screw TTRS50.
Step 10: Continue to screw fast top rail from underneath through blocking. Stagger the screws
approximately one every foot of hand rail.
Step 1: Unroll cable assemblies and set by each appropriate run.
Step 2: Slide all the cables through the appropriate holes on the stainless posts until termination fitting
bottoms out.
Step 3: If hand swaging the last fitting follow the instructions included with the SRS tools. HSTT Instructions.
If you are using the Lock T Hand Swage Terminals LTHS249 hand swage three times. See LTHS249
instructions with SCS rental tools.
Step 4: Insert tensioning fitting on opposite termination post.
Step 5: Tension all cable strands to 300 lbs per strand. Start from the middle and work out back and forth
to top and bottom of the post.

Step 6: After all cables are tensioned to 300 lbs per strand install a sacrificial nut (double nut) on all
tensioning terminals. *Tighten with a 10 mm wrench to insure that the nut will not spin off.
Step 7: Cut off excess bolt with 1/8" cut of disc on a 4" grinder. *You may use any type of metal cutting devise
that you see fit. PLEASE wear safety glasses!

Step 8: Remove burrs from tensioning terminal bolt with bastard file. Then remove the sacrificial nuts.
Step 9: Install stainless acorn nuts and tighten with 11 mm wrench.
Step 10: Enjoy!

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