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					                                            Authority to Recruit & Advertise

Position Details             (Please complete ALL fields)                                             HR reference no.___________

Faculty/Business unit
Position Classification                                                               Position No
Position Title
Existing Position                       Yes      No       Reason Vacant
Current Occupant                                                                 Last Day of Work
Advertisement Cost Centre                                            Salary Cost Centre
Area contact person                  Name:                                                                Phone:
Position type               Research Only          Teaching Only            Research and Teaching             Other (general/technical

Type of Employment
     Continuing                                    Contingent Continuing                                             Fixed Term
Proposed Commencement Date:                           :                   Fixed term end date:
Full Time                or Part Time                                     If Part Time, no. of hrs per week:

If fixed term, under which fixed term employment category (Refer to Part D of the University of Canberra
Academic, General and UCELI Enterprise Agreement 2009 - 2012)

     Specific Task or Project – D2.2.1 (Provide detail below)             Teaching Fellowships – D2.2.7
     Research – D2.2.2                                                    Organisational Change – D2.2.9
     Replacement Employee – D2.2.3                                        Convertible Fixed-term – D2.2.10
     Recent Professional practice required – D2.2.4                       Apprentice or secondee – D2.2.11
     Graduate Employment Scheme – D2.2.5                                  ELICOS – D2.2.12

If Specific Task or Project please provide project title, and grant number or reference:
If Replacement Employee please provide name of who is being replaced:

Media Details
Please note: unless point 14 is ticked the default for press advertising is a composite advertisement
      Publication                                                             Tick your        Preferred Date(s)
1     UC Web Internal
2     UC Web External
3     The Canberra Times
4     The Higher Education Supplement (The Australian)
5     Weekend Australian
6     The Indigenous Times
7     Koori Mail
8     Seek Online ($97 + GST)
9     Unijobs.com.au
10    Indigenous Employment Australia (atsijobs.com.au) ($165 inc
11    ATEM Website
12    Campus Review
13    OTHER – please provide details:

14    Stand Alone advertisement required?
      Advertising text (Please insert below)
      The default advert is a composite advert which includes generic introductory information about the University.
      This is your opportunity to market the position so that potential candidates want to know more and will go to our
      website. Try to use interesting brief statements. It should not repeat the Position Description The higher the
      position the more information expected. Eg UC5 and below approximately 100 words, Assistant Professor & Exec
      position 200 words.

      Closing day (Sunday recommended) and date for applications

      Advertising checklist
                         Position Establishment Form attached if a NEW position
                         Position Description attached
                         Draft advertisement included or attached
                         electronic copy of both the advert and the position description emailed to

      Selection Committee
      NOTE: Gender balance must be addressed in determining the composition of the Selection Committee

      Name                                          Position Title and Work Area                    Has the Committee member
                                                                                                    attended a Staff Selection
                                                                                                    Session within the last 3 years?
      Chair -                                                                                                  Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No
                                                                                                               Yes        No

      Approval to Advertise
      No recruitment action can be taken by the Human Resources Unit without the required approvals.

      I authorise for all recruitment costs to be charged to the nominated cost centre

      Delegate Signature                                                                             Date
      The Dean of Faculty or Director of Unit

      Print Name                                                                   Position

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