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									While we are young as a
track club, we have much
to celebrate:

       In 2009 we were featured in
       several print and online
       publications to include –AAU
       Youth Runner Magazine, Spring
       Observer, and
       We are a Competitive Youth
       Athletics Program which has
       produced 1 Elite Youth All                                                Partnership Opportunities
       American, 3 Elite Youth Honor
       Roll Members in our inaugural
       year (
       In 2010 we are expanding our
       training year to include a cross
       country season.
        A Youth Athletics Program which
       serves Spring & Klein youth age 6
       – 18 in the area of running fitness,
       track and field and cross country.
       Future plans to host meets, clinics,
       training programs, competitions        Tex as S tall i on Tr ac k cl ub
       and much, much more.                   1010 Spring-Cypress Rd
   Thank you for considering a                Spring, TX 77373
   partnership with the Stallions. We hope
   you join our sponsorship community.
   Your logo could be featured below. To       ph   832.415.0568
   become better acquainted with our fine      fx   832.415.0568
   organization, please explore our web
   site at To
   complete your partnership with the
   Texas Stallions, please complete the
   form on the reverse and contact Amber
   Ward at 832.415.0568 x 107, or via e-
   mail at
                                                            coaches to give athletes individual instruction and    As a sponsor of the Texas Stallions Track
               THANK YOU                                    guidance. The leadership fosters teamwork, mutual       Club, your company plays a vital role in
                                                            respect, encouragement and a fun family                supporting our youth. There are several
Thank you for your interest in partnering with the Texas
                                                            atmosphere.                                                 benefits to being a sponsor and
                                                                                                                   sponsorship can be tailored to meet the
Stallions Track Club (Stallions). We invite you to
                                                                                                                     needs of your organization. Benefits
become a partner in our organization and invest in the
training and development of our youth. It is the generous                                                                             include.
support of individuals and businesses which enables the       “Smaller than most Houston
                                                                                                                  Platinum Club Sponsor                     $2,500
children of our community to experience the many             based clubs. However, bigger is                      Includes Recognition as a Sponsor at our annual
benefits of Track and Field.                                                                                      team banquet, name/logo on the back of team t-
                                                                   not always better”                             shirt, Premium placement of full page ad in
                                                                                                                  Stallions yearbook, logo on team banner displayed
                                                              All monies raised will be used to directly          at all meets across the United States, 728x90
                                                              benefit the athlete’s. Among many others, the       Banner ad on Stallions w/ link business link, a
                  ABOUT US                                    expenses for the 2010 season include:               beautiful sponsor’s plaque, and opportunity to set
                                                                                                                  up booth at team sponsored events.
                                                                   Club Scholarships                              Gold Club Sponsor                         $1,000
History & Philosophy.                                              New uniforms                                   Includes logo on team banner displayed at all
                                                                   New starting blocks                            meets across the United States, name/logo on the
Founded in 2009, the Texas Stallions Track Club is a
                                                                   Stopwatches                                    back of team t-shirt, 1/2 page ad in Stallions
youth track and field organization based in Spring,                                                               yearbook, 468x90 as w/ link on Stallions website
Texas founded to help boys and girls in the North                  Training aids (jump boxes, video tape,
                                                                                                                  and a beautiful sponsor’s plaque.
Houston area excel in the sport of track & field.                  etc.)
                                                                   Cost of travel to meets (gas and van           Silver Club Sponsor                       $500
                                                                   rentals)                                       Includes Sponsor’s plaque, 1/3 page ad in
We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to
                                                                   Lodging and travel to national                 Stallions yearbook, 234 x 60 ad w/ link on Stallions
promote the development of youth track & field and to                                                             website.
provide long-term growth opportunities to athletes                 competitions.
through their association with the sport.                                                                         Banner Only Sponsor                       $500
                                                              Name _______________________________                Logo on team banner displayed at all meets across
                                                                                                                  the United States.
We belong to the noteworthy national organizations            Address______________________________
USA Track and Field ( and Amateur                                                                   Bronze Club Sponsor                       $250
                                                                                                                  Includes Sponsor’s plaque, 1/4 page ad in
Athletic Union ( The Texas              Company_____________________________                Stallions yearbook, 125x125 ad w/ link on Stallions
Stallions Track Club Board of Directors is an all-                                                                website.
volunteer board and our mission is to promote the             Phone________________________________
development of youth running in all its many ways.                                                                Club Sponsor                              $150
                                                                                                                  Includes Certificate of Appreciation, business card
                                                              Athletes Name_________________________              (1/8 page) ad in Stallions yearbook, and 120 x 60
Our Objectives.                                                                                                   ad w/ link on Stallions website.
    To challenge our youth through track and field, and                                                           Discus Advertiser                         $100
                                                                                                                  Includes Certificate of Appreciation, 1/16 page mini
    to strive for excellence in every life endeavor.          Plan_____________ Amount_____________               ad (1.75” x 2.25”) in Stallions yearbook, and text
    To teach fundamental track and field principles that                                                          link on Stallions website.
                                                                Check here if you do not wish to receive a
    will equip youth athletes with the skills to compete                                                          Shot Put Advertiser                       $75
                                                              sponsor plaque.
    on a national level.                                                                                          Includes Certificate of Appreciation, name listed in
                                                                                                                  Stallions yearbook, and text listing on Stallions
    To develop the minds and bodies for future                           Please Include Artwork                   website.
    leadership athletic training and discipline.
                                                              We thank you for your contribution to youth         Baton Advertiser                          $50
    To develop a spirit of competitiveness that will          Athletics.                                          Includes thank you letter and name listed in
    foster a desire to always strive for excellence.                                                              Stallions yearbook.
                                                              Please return form to
In our 1 year we had 20 athletes and expect to                                                                    Spikes                                    $25
                                                              Texas Stallions Track Club                          Thank you letter.
increase that to about 50 athletes per season (ages 6 –       1010 Spring-Cypress Rd, #133
18). We are smaller than most Houston based clubs.            Spring, TX 77373
However, bigger is not always better and our size allows

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