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					                                                Renfrewshire Council
 Report to:              Scrutiny and Petitions Board
 On:                     8 March 2010
 By:                     Acting Chief Auditor
 Concerning:             Training for Scrutiny and Petitions Board Members
 I.       List of Background Papers

          The foregoing background papers will be retained within Enter department name for inspection by the public
          for the prescribed period of four years.

          The contact officer within the department is Andrea McMahon, Acting Chief Auditor

 II.      Consultation Checklist
          Implications                     None      Minor    Significant    Officer Consulted
          Financial                        x                 
          IT                               x                 
          Legal                            x                 
          Personnel                        x                 
          Property                         x                 
          Health and Safety                                
          Equal Opportunities                              
          Procurement                      x                 
          Risk                             x                 
          Community/Council Plan           x                 
          Other departments                x                 
                                                             
                                                             
          The appropriate officers within the relevant departments have been consulted and have approved the contents
          of the report for their own interest.

 III.     The following Community Planning Partners have been consulted in the preparation of this report.

                             Partner Organisation                                      Officer Consulted

 IV.      The following forums have been/are to be* consulted on the contents of this report:

          disability, ethnic minorities, carers, elderly, youth, tenants *

 V.       A race equality impact assessment has been carried out/is not required* in terms of the Council's race equality

 VI.          This report has been authorised for inclusion in the agenda of the above meeting by:

              Andrea McMahon Acting Chief                      and      Cllr Puthucheary (Convener)
* delete as appropriate

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                                                                                   Agenda Item No   .....
                                      Renfrewshire Council
To:       Scrutiny and Petitions Board

On:       8 March 2010

                                         Acting Chief Auditor

                Training for Scrutiny and Petitions Board Members
1.       Summary
1.1           In line with national guidance produced by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance
              and Accountancy (CIPFA) on the implementation of Audit Committee Principles in
              Scottish Local Authorities, training on audit and risk related matters is being provided
              to members of the Scrutiny and Petitions Board.

1.2           At the Scrutiny and Petitions Board meeting on 25 January 2010 it was agreed that a
              further programme of briefings for members would be provided and would continue to
              form part of the main agenda at every alternate meeting.

1.3      Attached at Appendix 1 is the proposed training programme.

2.       Recommendations
2.1.     Members are invited to approve the proposed programme of briefings.

Implications of this report

1        Financial Implications – none.

2        Personnel Implications - none.

3        Community Plan/Council Plan Implications

         Safer and Stronger – effective internal audit is an important element of good corporate

4        Legal Implications - none.

5        Property Implications – none

6        Information Technology Implications - none.

7        Equal Opportunity Implications - none.

8.       Health and Safety Implications – none

9.       Procurement Implications – none

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10.      Risk Implications – training for elected members on audit and risk-related matters
         reflects audit committee principles.

11.      COSLA Policy Position - Not applicable.

Enter reference text here
                             (author:   Andrea McMahon, 0141 842 5056)

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                                                    Appendix 1

 Date                Topic

 22 March 2010       National Fraud Initiative

 14 June 2010        Data Mining as an audit tool

 28 September 2010   Code of Audit Practice

 17 January          Effective Audit Committee

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