Worksheet for Identifying Leadership Team

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					                                Worksheet for Identifying Leadership Team

   Considerations for developing the Leadership Team in your district
       •   The Leadership Team should be comprised of people who are responsible, credible, positive,
           action-oriented, and who have the ability to relentlessly nudge in order to foster improvement
           and change.
       •   It is important to get the right people on the team.
       •   Except in very large districts, each building should be represented by one or more leaders.

   Use this worksheet as an internal guide when building and communicating with your team. Keep in
   mind that the makeup of this team may evolve and change over time as needs and personnel within
   your district change.

        Name                     Position                  Building                         Email
Each team should include one or more central office administrators responsible for making decisions related
to assessment, curriculum, instruction, and professional development.

Building principals and other building level administrators responsible for curriculum and instruction are
key players for supporting teachers at the building level.

Teacher leaders who embody vision and sound classroom instructional strategies, are credible, and are heard
by their colleagues are key to the team.

Other key district people such as instructional coaches, counselors, curriculum specialists, and staff
developers should also participate as members of the District Leadership Team.