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Xpannd M7 Combination Platform for Labels and Packaging

                                                                                                           Organizer for Mini-
                                                                                                           Cassettes                  Organizer for Process
                                                                                 REAL Hot Stamping                                    Heads (including Offset)
                                                            Xpannd Offset Unit

                                  Flower flexographic
                                  head                                                                                                              Organizer for hot
     Chilled drums on                                                                                                                               stamping cylinders
     each print unit

                                                                                                                                                          Organizer for
                                                                                                                                                          diecutting cylinders

                                                                                             Short web path, open, robust and accessible platform
                                                                                             The famous “Flower™” flexographic print unit
                                                                                             Robust Xpannd Offset technology for excellent print quality

    The new Xpannd M7 presents a fully interchangeable platform with easy,                   Storage of the Process Heads in front of the press
    fast and safe change of Offset and Flexographic heads, in a true Lean                    Storage of the Mini-Cassettes in front of the press
    Manufacturing environment. The new Offset Cube unit performs easy
    access, reduced floor space and short web path. The new Mini-Cassette                    Digital Offset technology for reduced wastes during set-up
    technology introduces a new standard for reduced costs and high printing                 “Drop-in” easy change silk screen and hot stamping heads
    quality in format change.
                                                                                             Several process heads available for combination printing

Offset Cube: Compact and “Low”                                                                         Universal Platform: No Limits

 UV on chilled drum on                    “Low” Universal                             “Short” Universal                    Organizer for Mini                         Universal Cart for
 each Universal Platform                  Platform for easy                           Platform for reduced                 Cassettes                                  Process heads
                                          access                                      press length

 Digital Offset ink                                                                                                                                                   Organizer for Process
 density and register                                                                                                                                                 Heads, including Offset
 control                                                                                                                                                              Cube

 Remote servo ink keys                                                                                                                                                Universl Platform
 control                                                                                                                                                              for Process Heads,
                                                                                                                                                                      including Offset Cube

 Chilled inking rollers for
 ink temperature control                                                                                                                                              Flower flexo head on

 Removable Offset Cube
 on Universal Platform
 and Organizer

    Easy to access in a “low” and extractable position                                                       Short web path, open, robust and accessible double steel frame
    Digital Offset, ”digital” control on ink density and register                                            Any process head can be interchanged on the Universal Platform
    Servo driven impression, inking , Mini-Cassette rollers (optional)                                       The Organizer performs a true 5S “safe” working environment

      The new Offset Cube performs a compact Head, easy to extract and                                        Universal Platform accommodates different Process Heads with automated
      store on the Organizer. The inking section is the traditional Xpannd “top-                              locking and extraction. The Head goes “with a finger” on the Universal
      quality” Offset print unit, integrated with the new Digital Offset technology                           Cart which takes it to the Organizer, a multi-task storage area for Process
      for totally automated ink density and register control. The Offset Cube                                 Heads, Mini-Cassettes, print, hot stamping and magnetic cylinders. The
      delivers the shortest wastes during set up, and in production.                                          Organizer “lean” working environment is a concept developed by GIDUE
                                                                                                              first in year 1999.

Mini-Cassette: a simple revolution                                                Mini Cassettes vs Offset Printing Sleeves

                                                                                  GIDUE manufactured in 2003. earlier than any other label press manufacturer,
                                                                                  Leonardo Offset print unit using printing sleeves technology. After extensive testing
                                                                                  the decision was taken to continue with the development of the Cassette system.
    Easy handling on           Robust double steel         Effective design for
    the Organizer Cart         frames                      compact storage        Advantages of Mini-Cassettes Vs Offset Sleeves

                                                                                     Printing quality: Offset needs heavy duty pressures and especially on wine label papers
                                                                                     and carton a lot of printing pressure is required. A double frame hard steel cassette
                                                                                     can stand high printing pressure without any deformation keeping an excellent printing
                                                                                     quality during the years. Hollow printing sleeves can show quality inaccuracy, unless fully
                                                                                     in metal. But this increases the weight of the sleeve dramatically, making it heavy to
                                                                                     Durability: GIDUE manufactures Offset Cassettes since over 30 years (more than
                                                                                     3000 cassettes produced), which are working without any maintenance, keeping the
                                                                                     same print quality during the years. Generally speaking an Offset Cassette is forever.
                                                                                     Mini Offset cassettes have no moving elements inside, and practically do not need
                                                                                     maintenance. Offset Printing Sleeves need sliding mechanical elements in the print
                                                                                     unit to allow the format change. These are elements of mechanical weakness and need
                                                                                     constant maintenance, to keep the same print quality during the years.

                                                                                     Costs: The new Mini Cassettes cost only 30-40 per cent more than a double set of metal
                                                                                     sleeves, keeping the distinctive technical advantages of Cassettes vs Sleeves (robust,
                                                                                     light, safe, easy storage and handling)
       Light and easy handling on the Organizer                                      Ease of operation: Two offset metal sleeves have to be loaded and unloaded per each
       Fast manufacturing for short delivery times                                   print station (blanket and plate cylinders). This means loading and unloading on at least
                                                                                     4 print units may be 3-4 times a day. The Mini Cassette instead can be literally moved
                                                                                     “with one finger”, at a convenient height, and it is loaded and unloaded with simple, light
                                                                                     and fast operations. No physical effort or handling risk from the operator is needed.
         The new Mini-Cassette allows for excellent printing quality during
         the years without maintenance. It performs efficient, easy, safe
         and organized format change. Multiple format changes can be                 Storage: Mini-Cassettes are stored in front of the press, close to the operator. The
         completed by one operator without physical stress, or risk.                 operator works in a “lean” organized environment and does not need to walk away from
                                                                                     the press or make unnecessary efforts or movements. Metal sleeves are often stored
                                                                                     in racks outside the press area and need to be collected and transported back to the
                                                                                     storage area.

Digital Offset: automated ink                                                                 Xpannd M7 : Unique Features
density and register control

                                                                                                   COMPACT: Xpannd M7 is remarkably short, only 10 meters long for an 8 colours
   Digitally controlled print quality at                                                           offset, flexo combination press. It can fit also into reduced floor spaces.
   low and high speed
                                                                                                   EASY (and safe): the new Mini-Cassette technology allows for a complete changeover
                                                                                                   of 4 Cassettes in 90 seconds. Each new Mini Cassette can be moved “with one

                                                                                                   FLEXIBLE: with the new Universal Platform different press configurations are
The Digital Offset technology is using                                                             possible during the same day. Print units (including Offset Cube) are interchangeable
an HD Camera for each print station in                                                             in minutes.
combination with several servo-motors,
to measure and automatically adjust                                                                FAST: the new GIDUE Digital Offset technology performs “digital” ink density and
the register mark and the ink density on                                                           register control. In few meters of waste the press can print using multiple processes
specific “master” marks. Digital Offset                                                            in–line.
performs press set up in few meters, and
keeps constant print and register quality
                                                                                                   ORGANIZED: cylinders, Mini-Cassettes, Process Heads (including Offset Cube) are
at any speed.
                                                                                                   organized in front of the press in the Organizer storage area, a true 5S working

                                                                                                   EVOLUTIONARY: when multiple Universal Platforms areavailable, process heads can
                                                                                                   be interchanged on different press lines, also between different sites or countries.

Xpannd M7: technical specifications

                                    Universal         Offset             Flexo            Screen           Hot Stamping          Gravure             Embossing          Die-Cutting
                                    Platform                                          (Stork EF/ RSI)      (Ready/REAL)        (Movable/Fix)      (Rotary/Flatbed)

Width (mm)                      370/430/530/630   370/430/530/630   370/430/530/630   370/430/(530)        370/430/(530)     370/430/(530/630)     370/430/(530)        370/430/530

Speed (m/min)                              -           150               150             70/100                  80                 120               80/120                150

Print repeat                               -          16”-25”         8”-24” (32”)       12”-25”               12”-24”             12”-24”         12”-24”/10”-26”      12”-24” (32”)

Snow Ball: waste matrix stripping                                       Process Heads: a range of opportunities

                                                                                 Hot-Stamping            Hot-Stamping
                                                                                 REAL (fixed)            READY (Flower)
    From 30% to 200%
    More label productivity
                                                                                 Automatic               Movable on each
    Available as a retrofit to existing                                          pressure, open          Flower Head,
    GIDUE presses                                                                front door access,      independet storage
                                                                                 lateral extraction,     on trolley.

                                                                                 Silk Screen             Silk Screen
                                                                                 RSI (Platform)          READY (Flower)

The revolutionary SnowBall waste matrix                                          Movable on each         Movable on each
stripping system performs a sliding                                              platform, servo         Flower Head,
rewinding shaft for unprecedented                                                driven, Organizer.      independet storage
stripping speeds in the label industry.                                                                  on trolley.
Snow Ball is available on all Combat,
Master and Xpannd press lines.
                                                                                 Embossing               Embossing
                                                                                 Rotary                  FlatBed

                                                                                 In die-cutting unit,    Possibility of
                                                                                 with dedicated cart     combined embossing
                                          Xpannd LTO 530-630                     for male-female         hotstamping. Heavy
                                                                                 cylinders presetting.   duty pressure, high
                                          Dedicated to Packaging                                         speed.
                                          Lottery Tickets, heavy duty
                                          Carton production.                     Gravure                 Ink Jet
                                                                                 Fixed                   Fixed

                                                                                 Easy change of          Numbering for
                                                                                 print cylinder and      security projects,
                                                                                 ink tray. Highspeed     with in-line 100%
                                                                                 dryer.                  security inspection.

GIDUE: “robust” innovation for Labels and Packaging

Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. collects the printing and converting competences of high-technology manufacturing companies:

Offset presses for paper and packaging (Nuova Castagnoli - Form Consulta S.r.l.).
Flexographic presses for labels and packaging (GIDUE S.p.A.).

1981      MiniPrint: Offset printing press for business forms, with variable format cassettes.                                                                             VS 760™
1984      CS 50 / FC 50: Offset unit produced for Harris Graphics USA
1986      VS 1050: Offset unit produced for Harris Graphics USA with plough folders, sheeters, fan folders, high pile deliveries.
1993      VS 650: Offset printing press for business forms and commercial printing
1995      VS 760: the first Offset mid-web press (760 mm. print width) for the flexible packaging market (BOPP 38 micron).
1999      Flower™: the most successful flexographic print unit in the history of the narrow web industry. An “inspiring” technology for
          press manufacturers. The secret of success for hundreds of label printers worldwide.
                                                                                                                                                                 Intelligent Combat™
2000      E-Combat™: the first “true” full-servo press in the label industry (servo print and impression cylinders)
2002      READY “Drop-in” silk screen and hot stamping heads movable on each Flower heads. A GIDUE idea, today a standard.
2003      Unipro™: the first mid-web press with print sleeves followed in 2005 by the *Athena™ press line.
2004      Leonardo™, the first Offset print unit for the label industry using printing sleeves with metal side bearers.
2004      Intelligent Combat™: the first GIDUE flexo press with fully automatic print pressure adjustment
2005      Nemo™: the first HD Camera operated register system with PC integrated navigation system.
2005      Galileo™: the “compact” rotary offset press for the label industry.                                                                                              Athena™
2006      Intelligent Camera™: the first truly “universal” register control operated by HD Cameras for each print unit
2006      HD Carton: heavy duty converting for cardboard, with interchangeable die-cutting sections on platform.
2007      Xpannd™: the only “Lean Offset” press in the label market, with press-integrated cassette storage and handling.
2008      HD Hot Stamping: hot stamping tools to a fraction of the costs (150 Euro per plate) and set-up time to less than 15 min.
2009      Universal Platform™: interchangeable Process Heads movable on a platform, in a “Lean” working environment
2010      Master™: the “universal” flexographic press, designed for any substrate in the labels and packaging industry.
                                                                                                                                                                       Master 630™
2010      Snow Ball™: the revolution in waste matrix stripping. After 60 years, a movable rewinding shaft increase waste rewinding
          speeds from 30% up to 200% more than traditional waste “fixed shaft” rewinding systems.
2011      Digital Flexo™: print set-up and production are ”digitally” operated by the press, with “digital” wastes and quality.
2011      Offset Cube™: Compact Offset Cube™ featuring the Mini-Cassette™ “Super-Lean” technology.                                        Mission
                                                                                                                                          We provide technologies which
                                                                                                                                          are easy to handle and stay
Nuova GIDUE S.r.l. manufactures printing and                                                                                              robust during the years. We look
 converting machines for the labels and packaging                                                                                         for the profitability of Labels and
industry in Florence (Italy).                                                                                                             Packaging converters.
                                                                                                                                          Quality wins.
                                                                     Flower™                Mini Cassette™           Snow Ball™

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