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									                                     Partnership Agreement Assignment
The partnership agreement is likely the most important document that a person will sign before entering a business
partnership. A partnership agreement should outline amongst other important points, how the profits of the business
(if any) will be divided, what role each partner will assume, who is responsible for specific duties, and how the
business will dissolve if it is necessary.

The agreement should benefit both parties. When developing a partnership agreement, both parties should negotiate
the terms of the agreement based on what will benefit not only the business but each partner. These negotiation
demands should be included when handing in this assignment. Note: A good partnership agreement will benefit all
parties through compromise.

Assignment Instructions
You and a partner are to write a partnership agreement and hand in the signed (ensure there is space for each partner
to sign) document. The agreement should be no more than one page for the purpose of this assignment. You are also
to include the negotiation points for each of the two partners, the name of your business and the specific industry you
will be operating in. This information should be included in addition to the agreement.

Partnership Agreement Layout
There are numerous templates online that will guide you on the layout of the partnership agreement including or search
partnership agreements Ontario. For the purpose of the assignment, the following headings should be included:
     Names of the Partners Involved                                 Partnership Demands/Negotiation Points for
     Name of the Business                                              Each Partner
     Partnership Duties (how will the work be                       Dispute Resolution
        divided)                                                     Signatures

Assignment Checklist
 Title Page
 Partnership Agreement
 Business and Industry Identification

Mark Breakdown
    Category          Level 1 (50-59%)           Level 2 (60-69%)          Level 3 (70-79%)       Level 4 (80-100%)
Application          Applies knowledge        Applies knowledge of     Applies knowledge       Applies
(15 Marks)            of partnership            partnership structure     of partnership           knowledge of
                      structure to              to partnership            structure to             partnership
                      partnership               agreement with some       partnership              structure to
                      agreement limited         effectiveness             agreement with           partnership
                      effectiveness                                       considerable             agreement with a
                                                                          effectiveness            high degree of
Communication        Uses business            Uses business            Uses business           Uses business
(10 Marks)            terminology with          terminology with          terminology with         terminology with
                      limited effectiveness     some effectiveness        considerable             a high degree of
                                                                          effectiveness            effectiveness

                     Numerous spelling        Significant amount of    Minimal spelling or     No spelling or
                      or grammar errors         spelling or grammar       grammar errors           grammar errors
                      throughout the            errors

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