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Task 1

Explain what each role the following instruments have in pop music by
choosing the correct sentence.

Lead Guitar -   Rhythm Guitar -      Bass Guitar -    Drums - Synthesiser

      …this instrument should set the tempo
      …this stringed instrument plays the lowest notes
      …fills in the harmony by either strumming or picking
      …this instrument can play any part and make any sound
      …plays improvised solos in the instrumental sections

Task 2

Explain the following sections found in a song:

Middle 8

Task 3

Other song structures are given below. Match up the words with the correct

Call and response          Riffs        Ballads         32 bar song form

      …are songs which tell stories, each verse having the same rhythm and
      …breaks down into four 8 bar sections, with sections 1,2 and 4 using
       the main theme while section 3 has a contrasting theme giving the
       structure AABA.. The 32 bars are repeated like a chorus and the verse
       is only played once and is usually slow like an introduction.
      …has 2 parts to it, the first asks a musical question, the second
       responds with an answer.
      …can be used to build up a whole song, each instrument having their
       own music which fit together.

Task 4

Complete the following by adding the missing words:

Ballads have been around since the 15th century. During the 15th century the
ballad was a long song with lots of verses that told a _____________.
Usually it was sung by _____________ ____________ . Modern pop and
rock ballads still tell stories. Often they are ____________ and ___________
and tell some kind of ________ __________ . Each verse has the same
rhythm and tune but different _____________ . They are sung in many
different styles, e.g. a rock ballad accompanied by ___________ _________
and _______________ ___________ while a folk ballad is played on an
__________________ _____________ .

Famous ballad writers include Bob Dylan, Elton John and Sting. Boy and girl
bands often sing ballads and they often use multitracking in the chorus to
double up voices to make the sound fuller as well as repeating hooks.

Missing words: rock ballad     love story     story    acoustic guitar

Heavy drums      pop         sad    slow    rock   amplified guitars

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