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					Human Anatomy and Physiology Final Exam Review…………………………………………………….Part                      A
  1. Define these terms relating to the liver and gall bladder: cystic duct, hepatic duct, bile duct, common
      bile duct.
  2. The small intestine is divided into three parts for easier study, name the three parts and describe their
      positions in the SI.
  3. Describe the position and function of the vermiform appendix.
  4. Describe the location, structure and function of the plica, villi, and microvilli in the small intestine.
  5. Define the terms: peristalsis, intrinsic factor, enterogastric reflex, , and achalasia.
  6. Make a chart for yourself containing all the names and definitions of all the volumes and capacities
      involved with respiration (tidal volume, vital capacity, etc.).
  7. Describe the “respiratory center” in the brain.
  8. Define the terms: respiratory membrane, annular ligaments, hilus, pulmonary ventilation, pulmonary
      embolism, and pleural cavity.
  9. Describe which mesentery attaches which part of the stomach to the abdominal wall.
  10. List the functions of the stomach.
  11. Describe how a medical professional would treat a peptic ulcer.
  12. Make a chart for yourself listing the phases of digestion, and the location and defining characteristics
      of each.
  13. Describe a meal that would make the stomach contents release fast, and a meal that would make
      them release slowly.
  14. Explain why Alcohol and Aspirin might cause gastric problems.
  15. Define and describe the terms/acronyms: CNS, PNS, ANS, SNS, afferent division, efferent division,
      perikaryon, axoplasm, mixed nerve, thermoreceptor, and Nissil bodies.
  16. Make a chart for yourself listing all the glial cells, their locations, and functions.
  17. Describe the shape and function of tracheal cartilage.
  18. Describe all the different modes of breathing and when they would be used.
  19. Compare and Contrast external and internal respiration.
  20. Name and describe the functions and locations of the spinal enlargements.
  21. Describe how many segments the average human spinal cord has.
  22. Describe at what age the average human spinal cord stops growing and to what vertebral level it
      extends in adults.
  23. Make a chart for yourself naming and describing the three layers of the spinal meninges.
  24. Draw and label a typical spinal cord cross section.
  25. Describe the covering of the spinal nerves.
  26. Describe the contents of the ventral root, dorsal root and dorsal root ganglia of spinal nerves.
  27. Describe what muscles will be effected by spinal nerves in the sacral region.
  28. Describe the function, structure, and position of the diencephalon, neural cortex, and medulla
  29. Make a small chart for yourself listing the 4 major and 2 minor taste sensations.
  30. Describe what is special about the circumvallate papillae with relation to taste buds.
  31. Draw and label the parts of the eye.
  32. Draw and label the parts of the ear.

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