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									                                                                                             NON Profit ORG
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                                                                                             Portland, OR
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Day 11, April, 2010

Dear Benefactors,

        I am pleased to report and share with you my annual visit to Vietnam during Tet Nguyen Dan also know
as Lunar New Year from February 18th through March 15th; just 3 days short.
        As every year, I visited 19 leprosy camps, 2,000 children with disabilities, 6 orphanages, SARA Dao
Ngan Clinic and two small clinics in Thanh Hoa and Hue City, which are oprated by Sisters of The Lovers of
The Holy Cross Thanh Hoa and The Lovers of The Holy Cross Hue. In addition I visited several ethnic
minority villages in Kon-Tum and some remote villages in Bac Ninh Province. These areas are considered
most impoverish and rarely received aids from organizations. Five thousand packages were distributed. Each
package includes a sweater, a shirt, a bottle of cooking oil, 1 small package monosodium glutamate, a small
bottle Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Pain Relief, a package of candy, and either 5 kilograms of rice or 50,000
VND. The cost per package is about 10 dollars. Also with me
visiting the poor villages in Bac Ninh Province were doctors
and nurses to provide free medical care and distribute medicine
to 400 disabled and elderly.
        I began the mission starting from the Bac Ninh
Province in North and ended in at Ca Mau, Soc Trang in the
South. The daily memoirs of my trip are as follows:
        On 2/20 and 2/21, accompanying us were 2 doctors and
5 nurses, who are also nuns of The Duc Me Hiep Nhat Order.
Two hundred patients in the villages of Bac Giang, Cau Chinh
and Bi Noi received free medical and medicine. Eighty poor
disabled and elders received packages. People were joyful
because they have never been visited and received charity help,
especially free medical care.
        The two day examination, doctors discovered that many
cancer patients in the constellation need immediate treatment. Doctors said the majority of poor health is due to
                                                lack of nutrition, hard labor, and hypotension .

                                                      From 2/22 through 2/25, we visited the leprosy camps in
                                               Soc Son of Bac Ninh Province, Ba Sao, Xuan Mai, and Phu
                                               Binh near Hanoi, Chi Linh and Quang Yen of Hai Phong
                                               Province. The elderlies were happy to see us. Some of them
                                               told me, “ We miss you so much. We’ve been anxiously waiting
                                               for you everyday like a child couldn’t wait to see her mother.
                                               Your short visit brought us much love, hope and joy. We need
                                               your love. It gives us the hope the you will be back next year.
                                               A year of waiting for you feel like 10 years long.”
                                                      On 2/26, we visited Van Mon leprosy camp and Thanh
                                               An orphanage located in Bui Chu Province. Everyone was
                                               waiting and welcome a little package as a gift of Tet.
        On 2/27 and 2/28, we were at SARA Dao Ngan
Clinic joining the staff there to provide medical exams and
distribute medicine to many people as well as distributing
packages to poor elders and disabled. Each year on this
occasion, many poor patients received free or deep discount
exams and medicines as the courtesy of SARA. Many, who
would otherwise could not afford the cost of a thorough
exams, took the advantage of our visit to have ultrasounds,
x-rays, and blood tests. With anticipation of very large
number of patients, we hired 2 additional doctors to join
SARA Dao Ngan Clinic medical team for that 2 days. The
SARA Dao Ngan Clinic medical team is comprised of 5
doctors and about 10 nurses. All, except 3 doctors, are
members of The Sisters of Duc Me Hiep Nhat Order. The
team had to work through lunch, so people from the remote
villages had enough time to catch buses home. The doctor doing the x-ray commented, “A day of work is like a
month”. Although exhausted after 2 days, we were satisfied with much accomplishment. Number of patients
discovered having cancers at early stage, so they can try to get treatments to remove them. Many people
claimed the drugs either bought or given to them free of charge from the Sisters are more effective. The Sisters
have always treated them with respect and gone extra miles making sure they take medication according to the
        On 3/1, we traveled to Thanh Hoa Province visiting children with disabilities, 30 children in Phuc Da
village and 20 children in Phong Y village. Each child receives a package. We also visited Cam Thuy leprosy
camp near Phong Y village, but unable the leprosy camps in Son La and Lai Chau in the remote areas.
However, I asked Sister Xuan to deliver 200 packages at later time. In addition, I gave $200 to the priest of
Phong Y to help the ethnic minority living around his parish.
        On 3/2, we came to Nghe An area visiting Quynh Lap leprosy camp, 263 children with disabilities, and
36 poor families. According to the schedule, we planned just to visit Quynh Lap leprosy camp due to lack of
funding. However, we alternated the plan when I received the call from Sister Cat-Ti of the Bac Ai Order. She
begged me to find ways to help many families in need. She informed me people were running out of food and
really looking forward to receiving aids from us, because they heard of our coming to the area. It was difficult
for me to turn away such a request. I took a $2,200 loan to provide each family 10kg of rice, 50,000 VND, and
a T-shirt. It wasn’t much. However, people were very happy to receive the help. They promised to keep all
benefactors of SARA in their daily prayers.
        On 3/3, we visited 60 children with disabilities under care of the Sisters of Bac Ai Order in Vinh
Archdiose. Currently, the children are living at 3 separate very small houses. The Sisters has a new building
under construction. Unfortunately, the fund ran out. It’s important that the children to have a decent place to
                                                          live, I decided to contribute $500 and 6 million VND
                                                          to the building fun on behalf of SARA.
                                                                   On 4/3, we came to Quang Binh, a province in
                                                          central of Vietnam visiting 69 disabled children in
                                                          Huong Phuong village. I regretted for not having
                                                          enough time to visit another 171 children in other 3
                                                          villages, because we needed to reach Hue before
                                                          getting too dark. We left the packages for them with
                                                          Fr. Lan Thai Hoang.
                                                                   On 3/5      we visited 196 children with
                                                          disabilities in Hue.           Each child received
                                                          150,000VND; no package. We wanted to save the
                                                          packages for the poor lepers and families in Kon-
                                                          Tum, who just suffered through a major storm.
                                                                   We left Hue on the evening of 3/6 and reached
the convent of St. Paul Order in Kon-Tum in the next day’s morning. The majority people living in this area
are ethnic minority. The first thing we had to do was to assemble 700 packages and completed it by 2pm.
Then, we went to visit Dak Tia leprosy camp and delivered 165 packages. There are 2 Sisters providing
assistants to them. The older nun has been with the camp for 40 years. She spoke on behalf of all lepers in the
camps thanked SARA for giving them so much. I asked her and everyone in the camp to keep all benefactors in
their daily prays. I couldn’t help but notice the people here are much poorer than any other places I visited. It
touched me deeply. I wish SARA’s financial will be stronger and allow me to visit them next year.
         On 3/8, we went to visit 3 places in the area of Kon-Tum. The first place was in the rubber tree forest,
where people of nine small villages gathered. We could not traveled to their villages due to distances and
terrain. I let them know, that the packages are from SARA’s benefactors. One of the chiefs spoke on behalf of
everyone there thanked SARA organization. More than 200 packages were distributed.
         The second place was Konhzing village and 151 packages were distributed. The people here were the
victims of the storm, which destroyed all their homes. The packages brought them some comforts. Fr. Calisto,
also a native, expressed with me that his village desperately needs help . If you’re interested in helping
Konhzing village, please contact me.
         The last visit was at the two villages with lepers living among the non-lepers. We distributed 180
packages. There are no missionaries living with them. However, The Sisters of St. Paul Order often sent
someone to deliver the medicine and look after them. Witnessing people here living in such impoverish, I felt
such sadness. I pray that I will be able to visit them next year. It all depends on contributions from you.
         On 3/9, we arrived Kien Giang in the
south early in the morning. The first stop was
at Tan Hiep Parish visiting 30 disabled
children under the care of Fr. Thinh. We also
witnessed about his small hospital overflow
with about 300 patients. Number of them had
to lie outdoor. We contributed 50 boxes of
instant noodle, just a little gift to comfort
them. Next stop was My Lam orphanage
visiting 100 disabled children under the well
care of the Sisters. I did not visit the
orphanage the last 2 years; so I determined not
to miss it this year. Although I did not visit
them on the 2 previous years, SARA has
continue to send money to buy rice. We also
took the opportunity to visit the tomb of Fr.
Truong Buu Diep in Ca Mau to pray for all
SARA’s benefactors. For years, people came to his tomb to pray and many received miracles. Then, we went
to visit an orphanage with about 50 disabled children in that town. In the late afternoon that day, we came to
the final location of the trip in Soc Trang. We visited 65 lepers and over 100 disabled children, who are under
the care of the dedicated Sisters which of the Lovers of the Holy Cross.
         It would not be possible for SARA to touch many lives without the generosities of many people like
you. The packages brought much happiness and hope to many unfortunate people of Vietnam. I thank God for
a successful trip and kept us safe. Thanks the volunteers in Vietnam for all the work they done. I could not
have done it, without their helps. And much appreciation to all SARA benefactors for your continuing supports.
May God bless you and your family.


                                             Kim-Dung Vu
                                             President of Southeast Asian Relief Society
                   Financial Report For The Vietnam Trip From 2/18-3/15/10

1. Dedicated funds for the visit:
    Funds from SARA account: $40,000
    From benefactors in Australia: 1120 Australian dollar (about $1,000).
    Fron benefactors in Europe and Canada: 610Euro + $30 Canadian (about 1,000 dollars).
    Relatives of Kim Dung Vu: $3,210
                                   Total: 45,210 dollars.
2. Expenses:
    Cầu Chính Village: $110 + packages.
    Bỉ Nội, Bắc Giang Village: $110 + packages.
    Tân Bình Village: $110 + packages.
    Sóc Sơn Leprosy Camp: $260 + packages.
    Phú Bình Leprosy Camp: $320 + packages.
    Xuân Mai Leprosy Camp: $320 + packages.
    Ba Sao Leprosy Camp: $350 + packages.
    Đồng Lệnh Leprosy Camp: $260 + packages.
    Chí Linh Leprosy Camp: $418 + packages.
    Văn Môn Leprosy Camp: $1,412 + packages.
    Thanh An Leprosy Camp: $260 + packages.
    Khuyết tật Trà My Leprosy Camp: $80 + packages.
    Medicine distributed at SARA Dao Ngan Clinic : $1,000
    Grant to SARA Dao Ngan Clinic: $2,000 .
    Medical device: $3,100 .
    Kon Tum: $2,590 .
    Cẩm Thủy Leprosy Camp & Disabled Children in Phong Ý: $430 + packages.
    Disabled Children in Đa Phạn: $80 + packages.
    Disabled Children in Thanh Hóa: $400 phần packages.
    Quỳnh Lập Leprosy Camp: $800 .
    Disabled Children in Nghệ An and Thanh Dã: $2,200 .
    Disabled Children in Ba Nội - Vinh: $710 .
    Disabled Children in Quảng Bình: $600 .
    Hướng Phương Orphanage: $500 + packages.
    Disabled Children in Huế: $1,500 .
    Disabled Children in Bình Thuận: $300 .
    Tình Thương Cà Mau clinic: $230 .
    Disabled Children in Mỹ Lâm - Kiên Giang: $342 .
    2 villages at Tắc Xậy - Kiên Giang: $150 .
    Sóc Trăng Leprosy Camp and Disabled Children Orphanage: $330
    Transportation: $2,000 .
    Food and Miscellaneous: $550 .
                     Tổng cộng: $25,642 cash + $25,000 food and T-shirts = $50,642

* Package: Include a sweater, a shirt, a bottle of cooking oil, 1 small package monosodium glutamate, a small
bottle Eagle Brand Medicated Oil Pain Relief, a package of candy, and either 5 kilograms of rice.

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