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					                       Pop art History Lesson
Objective              Students will review the predetermined pop art pieces onto the
                       instructor’s website using cellblock’s slideshow capabilities. They
                       will then pick their favorite and write a short paragraph on what
                       they like about the artwork. Then they will create their artwork in
                       the style of the piece they have chosen the next day in class. After
                       this we will upload the student artwork onto a new cellblock
                       allowing it to be seen by other classmates and parents.
Learning Environment   The students will be using a computer with internet access outside
                       of school. Then they will also be in a classroom environment with
                       appropriate art materials. They will also use a computer and
                       scanner in the classroom.
Types of students      The students will be in middle school.
Standards              Indiana State Standards
                       Responding to Art 6.2
                       Creating Art 6.6, 6.7
Materials              Computers with internet access outside and inside of school
                       Paints (non toxic), Markers, Colored Pencils, Crayons, Colored
                       Scanner connected to a computer in the school
Procedures                 1. Each student will review the cellblock of predetermined
                               pieces of pop artwork displayed on the instructor’s
                           2. They will then select their favorite piece and write a short
                               paragraph about why they chose that particular piece of
                           3. The next day in class they will turn in their paragraphs and
                               use different mediums to create their own artwork inspired
                               by their chosen piece.
                           4. After the student’s artwork is completed and dry (if they
                               used paint) we will scan each piece into a computer and
                               upload them on a new cellblock that can be embedded
                               onto the instructor’s website.
Application            The students will create their own pop art inspired work based on
                       the image they were shown on the cellblock on the instructor’s
Evaluation             The students will be graded on how well they described what they
                       liked about the artwork. Also how clearly the relationship
                       between their own piece and the piece that they have chosen.

                       Evaluation Based on
                          1. Written Paragraph- 25
                          2. Finished Art Work
                                  a) Completion- 10
                                  b) Relationship to chosen piece- 10
                                  c) Effort- 5

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