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Comparison Chart


									Comparison Chart
This chart is a comparison of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504
of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

                         IDEA                   Section 504                     ADA

Requirements      Provides a free,       Requires any agency,           Extends coverage of
in the Law        appropriate, public    school or institution          section 504 to
                  education in the       receiving federal              employment, public
                  least restrictive      financial assistance to        and private
                  environment.           provide persons with           educational
                                         disabilities to the greatest   institutions,
                                         extent possible, an            transportation
                                         opportunity to be fully        providers and
                                         integrated into the            telecommunications,
                                         mainstream.                    regardless of
                                                                        presence of any
                                                                        federal funding.

Definitions       Specific disability   Defines persons with            Definition of
in the Law        categories are        disabilities who:               disability essentially
                  defined in the law;                                   same as Section 504
                  covers students with       have a physical or        and extends
                  educational                   mental                  coverage to persons
                  disabilities that             impairment that         without disabilities
                  require special               limits one or more      who may be related
                  services from                 major life              to or associated with
                  specially trained             activities;             a person with a
                  teachers.                                             disability; Includes
                                             have a record of          HIV status,
                  Not all students              such an                 contagious and non-
                  with disabilities are         impairment; or          contagious diseases.
                                             are regarded as
                                                having an

Who is            Covers students        Protects all persons with      Protects all persons
Covered           with educational       a disability from              with a disability
                disabilities that       discrimination in            from discrimination
                require special         educational setting based    in educational
                education services      solely on disability.        setting based solely
                ages 3-21 or until                                   on disability.

Services        Offers educational      Eliminates barriers that     Eliminates barriers
Provided        services that are       would prevent a student      that would prevent a
                remedial in addition    from full participation in   student from full
                to services available   programs/services offered    participation in
                to all mainstream       to the general school        programs/services
                students (e.g., PE,     population.                  offered to the
                Art, field trips)                                    general school

Funding         Schools receive         Requires that schools not    Requires that
                federal funding to      discriminate based on        schools not
                provide remedial        student's disability and     discriminate based
                services.               must provide appropriate     on student's
                                        accommodations, but          disability and must
                                        schools receive no           provide appropriate
                                        additional financial         accommodations,
                                        support to provide           but schools receive
                                        support services or          no additional
                                        auxiliary aids.              financial support to
                                                                     provide support
                                                                     services or auxiliary

Evaluation/   School district is        Same for elementary          Students must self-
Documentation responsible for           and secondary schools.       identify as having a
              identifying and                                        disability and must
              evaluating                Same for students in         provide adequate
              students with             college.                     documentation of
              disabilities.                                          disability.

                                        Same for elementary
                                        and secondary schools.       Evaluations/
                Evaluations are the                                  documentation of
                responsibility of the   Same for students in         disability are
                school and are          college.                     student's
                performed at no                                      responsibility and
                expense to                                           expense.
                student/parent.         Same for elementary
                                        and secondary schools.
            Parents must            Same for students in          Student has
            consent to              college.                      responsibility for
            evaluations and                                       advocacy,
            placement                                             negotiating
            decisions.                                            accommodations

IEP/        Individual              504 Plan developed with       Accommodation
Accommo-    Education Plan          parents, teachers and         plan developed with
dations     (IEP) developed         school personnel              student, Disabilities
            with parents,           involved (for elementary/     Services
            teachers and other      secondary students).          Coordinator on
            specialists involved.                                 campus.
                                    Same for students in

Classroom   Placement must be       Placement is in regular       All courses are
Placement   in the least            classroom with support        mainstream with
            restrictive             services to eliminate         accommodations
            environment; may        barriers to the educational   provided to students
            be special              experience. (Elementary,      who qualify under
            classrooms,             secondary & college           ADA.
            resource, or regular    students).
            (Elementary and
            secondary students)

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