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 Published Fortnightly • Vol: 1; No.2                                                                                    Friday, March 4, 2011

 Generous support helps draft businesses
 KIND support from Laidley’s QN Hotel owner Liz McCormack has enabled two local
 business operators to open their doors again.
 Ms McCormack said she had no thought of seeking personal accolades for her
 generosity, but simply wanted to see people back on their feet after the recent floods.
 On Monday, Jo Jo’s Hair Design began operating from the ground floor of the residence
 at the rear of the QN Hotel. The hairdressers will remain there until their Patrick Street
 salon, inundated by floodwaters, is able to open its doors again.
 Jo Jo’s owner Virginia McMillan said Ms McCormack was an “absolute angel”,
 describing her gesture as incredible.
 The other benefactor of Ms McCormack’s generosity is bookshop owner Andrea
 Kwast whose Tell Me A Story premises were also damaged in the January 11 flood.
 Ms Kwast said Liz, a relative newcomer to the town, had also suffered in the flood.
 “But despite all that, she has shown that she is a women of substance,” Ms Kwast said.
 “She has covered a few weeks rent on my new shop opposite the ambulance station.
 “We need to ensure that we keep Liz in our town. I regard her as a saviour. She had no
 reason to do what she has done.”
 Ms McCormack said she believed that whatever was given out would eventually be
 given back.
 “People are so down at the moment, and I thought if I could help a couple of them get
 up again, the whole town would get a go-on.
 “If any of us has the ability to help someone else, why not do it?” she said. “Even
 though I’m still waiting on an insurance payout for my hotel, we are open and operating
 again thanks to my loyal customers and staff.”
 Absolute angel: QN Hotel owner Liz McCormack is happy to help other business operators
                                                      Story and Photo: Jim Nicholls

 Emily’s back in business
                                LAIDLEY’S          popular   Emily’s         cooking equipment and furniture, and   Photo: Emily’s restaurant
                                restaurant opened for business on            fencing has been completed outside     owner Neil Deakin taking
                                Wednesday March 2, following                 and landscaping done.”                 a break while unloading
                                its inundation during last month’s           Mr Deakin paid tribute to all who      new furniture delivered by
                                disastrous floods.                           had helped him during an extremely     Brisbane-based Stewarts
                                Owner Neil Deakin said his insurance         difficult time.                        Refrigeration Refurb
                                payout had covered the cost of               “The most heartening offer of help     company driver Ronnie
                                replacing lost or damaged equipment          came from the Exchange Hotel who       Webb.
                                and furniture.                               allowed me to continue operating
                                “In a way, it’s all come good,” he           from their kitchen for as long as I    Story and photo: Jim
                                said. “I now have all brand-new              wanted” he concluded.                  Nicholls

      First in town, first in rentals, first in real estate

                                              Shop 1, 235 Patrick Street, Laidley Q 4341
                                                Phone 07 5465 2111 Fax 5465 2100
     Anna Ratcliffe                                                                                              Anthony McDonald
     Phone: 0434 566 738                  CALL US WITH YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS                                   Phone: 0431 205 821

The Valley Weekender
From the Editor’s Desk                                                         NEWS IN BRIEF
OUR first edition of The Valley Weekender was well received, with               Forest Hill
some 3000 copies being snapped up by local residents and visitors              Meetings have been held regularly by the folks at Forest Hill to construct
to our region.                                                                 a disaster management plan in the event of another flood event such
We wish to thank you all for your support, and trust that you will             as what happened on January 11. Money raised by Karen Mitchell for
continue to support this exciting community project by shopping at             those affected by these events, will be distributed March 5 and 12 at
the businesses who advertise.                                                  Mimmis, Forest Hill to provide relief for those with pressing bills.

Plans are in hand to improve your newspaper with the inclusion
of a kiddies’ competition, a police report and community billboard,            Glenore Grove
health notes and perhaps a horoscope, as well as anything else you              It is hard not to see the devastation that hit Glenore Grove during the
would like to see in future editions. Please don’t hesitate to contact          floods, however one of its waterways still has a lot of debris piled up
us.                                                                             against one of its bridge crossings so residents had another scare during
This issue includes a Council Corner which will keep you informed               that last lot of rain with one of their local bridges going under again and
as to what is going on within the Lockyer Valley Regional Council               the creek backing up. No doubt they will be pleased when all the debris
and how their decisions will affect you.                                        can be cleared so that the water can get away more quickly.

Also we will be featuring a recipe each edition from one of our very           Laidley
talented chefs in the area. Keith Drouin kicks this column off with            Who needs a new washing machine? You could win one from Foodworks
one of his delicious favourites.                                               by shopping there and going in the draw due to the generosity of
Another highlight is a focus on some of the home grown delights the            Australian Dairy Farmers.
area has on offer with Debbie Zischke from Dadz Farm featuring in
this edition.                                                                  Mulgowie
We have now established a facility for anyone who wishes to                    Don’t forget to get on out to Mulgowie this weekend to sample their
subscribe to The Valley Weekender via email or to read it online.              hospitality. The markets are on at the hall where a fine array of home
The email address is and the                 grown produce from food to cosmetics is available. Sample much
website can be accessed through                 of the food that is grown and produced right there in that neck of
If you wish to contribute news items, letters to the editor, notification       the woods.
of upcoming events, etc please email to the above address or post to           The pub is a great place to pull in to if you want a coldie.
The Valley Weekender, 1 Kirston Street, Laidley 4341.                          Also mark your calendars on April 30 as that is when the bull ride
Phone inquiries should be directed to Ann on 5465 2500, or Jim on              which had to be cancelled due to the floods has been re-scheduled
5465 3519.                                                                     for.


                                                                               Plainland residents need to keep an eye out for this family. Traffic
                                                                               was held up briefly when they attempted to cross the road. As a
                                                                                                             concerned assistant aided the morning
                                                                                                             waddle safely across the bridge,
                                                                                                             drivers slowed to allow the small
                                                                                                             family to continue on its way.

                                                                                                                The Valley
                                                                                                                Mr Rickuss concluded a recent speech
                                                                                                                to Parliament with these words, “It is
                                                                                                                great to be an Australian and I am very
                                                                                                                proud to be a Queenslander. I remain
                                                                                                                humbled and in awe of the people of
                                                                                                                the Lockyer and surrounding areas.
                                                                                                                Their resilience, their courage, their
                                                                                                                composure, their generosity and
                                                                                                                compassion are to be admired.”

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The Valley Weekender
Foodworks’ insurers
come good
AFTER enduring 49 days of heartache and uncertainty, Laidley
Foodworks supermarket owners Graeme and Noelene Diamond
were advised on Tuesday that their insurance company would cover
them for loss and damage caused during the January11 �oods.
“It’s been a trying time,” Mr Diamond said. “Things had become so
critical that if they had not paid up when they did, we would have
had no option but to close down.
“In retrospect, I could say we made the wrong decision in reopening
the store. Perhaps things would have been easier if I’d taken the
keys straight to the bank and told them it was their problem; they
could have been the ones responsible for cleaning rotten, maggot-
ridden food out of the freezers.
“However, we are back in operation, and I would like to thank
everyone who has stood by us and offered their support.”
Mr Diamond also paid tribute to his creditors and suppliers who
helped get him going again ten days after the storm at a cost of
During their long wait, the Diamonds went through another period
of hurt when an article in the January 24 edition of popular magazine
Woman’s Day was brought to their attention by one of her staff                   Shane              Paula                  Leisa
members.                                                                      0402 630 997                              0413 588 605
                                                                                                 0448 546 532
“In the magazine there is a photo of a person collecting goods
that had �oated out from our inundated shop on January 11,” Mrs
Diamond said. “The caption gives the impression that this person
is some sort of hero, gathering food to feed his family.
                                              story continued on page 4

                    Laidley Jewellers
               by a QUALIFIED JEWELLER
                All work is carried out in-store, so your jewellery never
                      leaves the premises and most importantly,
                    you can speak directly to our jeweller, Rick Vela.

                                                              We stock an extensive range of gold and silver jewellery, watches
                                                              and giftware for all those special events celebrated in a life time.

                                                                          Phone: (07) 5465 3344
                                                                     Fax: (07) 5465 3388
                                                               113 Patrick Street, Laidley Q 4341

The Valley Weekender
                                                                    story continued from page 3
                                                                “I don’t care what anyone says, looting is looting and this bloke is
                                                                nothing but a thief. Are we meant to feel sorry for these types? The
                                                                real heroes in this saga were our 27 staff who, even though they had
                                                                no jobs for ten days, were willing to give up their time to help us
                                                                Mrs Diamond said she had written to the magazine expressing her hurt
                                                                and utter disbelief that they could run the photo and accompanying
                                                                story about mateship and the “Aussie spirit shining” during such
                                                                difficult times. However, she has not received a response.

                                                                    Persistence pays off
                                                                    A SOLUTION to the delayed insurance settlement for Laidley
                                                                    Foodworks supermarket was achieved by the insistence of Laidley
                                                                    Better Business representatives Nicole Kilah and Kathy McLean and
                                                                    LVRC Cr Janice Holstein.
Up and running again: Laidley Foodworks supermarket owner
Noelene Diamond                 Story and Photo: Jim Nicholls       At an Economic Recovery Sub-committee meeting chaired by Cr
                                                                    Holstein, the urgent nature of the predicament faced by Foodworks’
                                                                    owners Graeme and Noelene Diamond was recognised.
                                                                    Cr Holstein was asked to contact Queensland Rural Adjustment
                                                                    Authority (QRAA) regarding the Diamond’s funding application.
                                                                    “I was also asked to contact the Insurance Council of Australia to see if
                                                                    they could expedite the matter as it was extremely urgent,” Cr Holstein
                                                                    “I also spoke with our police liaison officer as I knew he had contacts
                                                                    that might be able to assist in the QRAA funding area, given he had
                                                                    assisted people after Cyclone Larry.
                                                                    “I stressed to the Insurance Council that if Foodworks’ insurance
                                                                    claim was rejected, and they were forced to close, it would be a huge
                                                                    loss not only to the Diamonds, but to the community of Laidley. Not
                                                                    to mention the effect it would have on the 27 employees and their
                                                                    Cr Holstein said she was pleased to learn that Mr and Mrs Diamond
                                                                    had finally received the call they had been waiting and hoping for.
                                                                    “It is a tremendous result for them and for the Laidley community, and
                                                                    I am pleased to have been able to help in some small way.”

                                                                    Slow food at Mulgowie markets
                                                                    AMONGST all the wonderful stalls at the Mulgowie Markets tomorrow
                                                                    will be a demonstration and talk from Slow Food Brisbane.
                                                                    Markets coordinator Judith Jefferys admitted she had no idea of what
                                                                    Slow Food was until she visited their website and found a mountain of
                                                                    “Slow Food Brisbane is an organisation which promotes and educates
                                                                    all that is good about food,” she said.
                                                                    “Slow Food representatives will be collecting produce from the local
                                                                    stallholders at the markets.
                                                                    Also, this is an opportunity to express solidarity with producers who
                                                                    have suffered through the January floods.”
                                                                    Ms Jefferys said the representatives will give a talk on their activities at
                                                           with lunch being served from to
                                                                    “All money raised will be going to the Lockyer Valley Flood relief.
                                                                    Hang around for lunch with a difference and learn some very interesting
                                                                    facts about what you put in your mouth.”

                                                * Boutique quality handmade items made in Australia
                                                  * Vintage * Collectables and old furniture * Gifts

                                                                OPEN WEDNESDAY TO SUNDAY

                                                                       Contact Miriam (Mimmi)
                                                                                0407 065 307
                                                                    2/33b Victoria Street, Forest Hill Qld 4342

The Valley Weekender
Crafty notions on offer                                                                                              Rickuss calls
                                                                                                                     on insurance
                                                                                                                     companies to
                                                                                                                     stop bickering
                                                                                      IAN Rickuss, Member for Lockyer, has called on insurance
                                                                                      companies to end their bickering with flood victims.
                                                                                      “Insurance companies need to put an end to all the verbal negativity
                                                                                      when dealing with flood victims,” he said.
                                                                                      “Insurance companies need to rethink their practice of being
                                                                                      confident about giving their customers opinions and decisions over
                                                                                      the phone, however, will not put anything in writing.
                                                                                      “I call on local insurance brokers to keep their customers informed,
                                                                                      contact your clients by email, and let them know what is happening
                                                                                      in relation to flood claims.”
                                                                                      Mr Rickuss said it was not good enough for these insurance
                                                                                      companies to be hiding behind delayed hydrological reports.
Mimmis has lots of donated craft and sewing supplies ready to be
collected by those who lost all of theirs in the floods.                               “There is no question that what was experienced in the Lockyer on
Please feel free to come in and pick up what you need to restock so                   Monday, January 10 and Tuesday, January 11 were storm events. It
you can get back on your creative journey.                                            thundered and there was lightning for hour, upon hour, upon hour.
                                                                                      There is no question about that.
There are lots of things available now for collection ranging from
notions to scrapbooking supplies.                                                     “This event has been an emotional and heart-wrenching period
                                                                                      for flood victims and this is not the time for coldhearted and iron-
Items left after a couple of weeks will be donated to the CWA in
                                                                                      fisted approaches from insurance companies. Let’s have some
Toowoomba for distribution.
                                                                                      transparency, openness and compassion.”
Mimmis is open Wed - Sat 9am - 4pm and Sunday 9am- 1pm and is
situated in Forest Hill.
                                                                                        Laidley Landscaping Supplies
         BUFFET LUNCHEON                                                                   For all your supplies of
                  3rd APRIL 2011                                                             Soils, Road Base,
                                                                                               Sand & Gravel
                 Gatton Golf Club                                                         Pavers, Blocks & Cement
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             Pre-Luncheon Entertainers                                                          Garden Pots
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                   Special Guests
                                                                                                                  BOBCAT & EXCAVATOR HIRE
        CHARMAINE WILSON “Spirit Medium”
                                                                                                            Look for the big frog!
            One Hour Demonstration
    Charmaine has kindly offered to sign her book and donate the funds from the                            31 Laidley/Plainland Rd
            sales of the book to the flood victims of the Lockyer Valley                              or phone Chris or Andrea 5465 3327

              REBECCA & ROSS BUCHANAN                                                 OPEN 7 DAYS • Mon to Sat 8am-4.30pm • Sun 9am - 1pm
   who have been through the Victorian bush fires will give a talk on
    their experiences to support the friends & families of the floods
                                                                                       For everything JOHN DEERE
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              Cost $30 per person
                                                                                                                • PARTS
         This is an event not to be missed
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                    3rd April 2011
           Tickets on sale at our office
                  Gatton Golf Club
       23/4135 Warrego Highway, Gatton
                       11am start
                    to raise funds for the
             Pre luncheon Entertainers
             flood victims of the Lockyer Valley                                         Market Drive GATTON                    Ph: 5462 2566
The Valley Weekender
                                                                                                Off the menu with Keith Drouin
Reviews with Andrea
Book Review
TITLE: Always in a Crowd: The Story of Psychic Medium, Juanita
AUTHOR: Juanita
GENRE: Auto Biography
In her book, Juanita shares her life journey as an Australian Psychic Medium in
an amazing story of love, loss and the power of those that have passed over, who
experienced it with her.
Juanita’s story is heartfelt as she tells of her first ghostly experience at the age of four,
and the development of her unusual ability as she grew up. The book is an interesting
reflection of this well-known local that make you laugh, cry and inspire.
Available at Tell Me A Story Bookshop 07) 5465 3565
Review by Andrea Kwast
                                                                                                Welcome to the first of one of our regular features
Movie Review                                                                                    highlighting some of the talented chefs throughout
TITLE: Eat, Pray, Love                                                                          our region. Keith Drouin heads Cafe 4342 in Forest
STARRING: Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, Viola Davis                                              Hill. After leaving school he went to Canada and
PRODUCER: Dede Gardner of Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B                                worked in restaurants where he learned many skills
DIRECTOR: Ryan Murphy                                                                           which thankfully he brought back to the Valley. Keith
PRESENTED BY: Columbia Pictures                                                                 is responsible for the unique flavours and meticulously
                                                                                                prepared wholesome menu of Cafe 4342. Today he
Based on the book by Elizabeth Gilbert, Julia Roberts plays the role of a woman who             shares one of his favourite dishes with our readers.
is unhappy with her marriage and decides it’s time to take her life journey on a new            Chicken, semi dried tomato, pine nut
path. After filing for divorce and experiencing another failed relationship, she travels
overseas to begin her journey with the hope of finding her ‘self’.                               and basil fettucini
This movie is an interesting story offering new life concepts. Robert’s performance is          Ingredients: 2 medium chicken breasts (sliced)
at her usual best.                                                                              120g red onion (sliced julienne style)
Rated PG                                                                                        200g semi dried tomatoes (better if dried yourself!)
Star Rating ✷✷✷✷✷                                                                               40g pine nuts
Review by Andrea Kwast                                                                          2 bunches of sliced basil
                                                                                                75ml extra virgin olive oil
Cultural Centre worth visit                                                                     200g fettucini (egg pasta if possible)
                                                                                                200g parmesan (grated as needed)
The Gatton Cultural Centre hosts good            According to one display, truckies back in     600ml thickened cream
food and interesting displays daily at Apex      the early 1950s had their work cut out for     2 cloves garlic
Park for everyone to enjoy.                      them.                                          30ml sweet sherry or white wine
Visitor    Information     Officer,     Brett     The deep ruts in the dirt roads along          80g butter and Salt & Petter
Reisenleiter offers service with a smile         trucking routes sometimes caused days of       Method: Cook pasta in a large pot of salted water el
receiving patrons into the centre.               digging for the driver by shovel or jack       dente´. Drain, let it cool and then toss in oil, set aside.
The Staging Post Café located at the heart       after becoming bogged.                         Using a large frying pan, heat oil. Once it just starts to
of the centre is a favourite for regular         An old 1963 Bedford Bus operated               smoke, add chicken, onions, tomato, pine nuts, garlic, a
diners                                           by Gatton college for 30 years is eye-         pinch of salt and pepper and half the basil. Move around
                                                 catching.                                      every 30 seconds or so till pan and ingredients start to
One of the displays at the Centre is the                                                        brown.
Queensland Transport Museum.                     The bus was restored by Barrie Watt, and       Add sweet sherry to pan (called ‘deglazing’ - to the
The museum holds an array of heavy-duty          has since featured in several television ads   layman lifts all the yummy stuff off the bottom of the
trucks, old cars, and motorbikes.                and films.
                                                                                                pan), then add cream and stir together until it reduces
There is a huge collection of toy cars and       The Library, Art Gallery and new Movie         by half and starts to get thick and shiny. Remove from
trucks ranging from a model of a Nolan’s         Theatre are also attractive features of the    heat add remaining basil. Once totally combined, add
truck to several models of old and modern        Centre.                                        warmed pasta, toss together and garnish with parmesan
fire-fighting trucks.                              Review: Andrea Kwast                           and shallots.

                                                           Property Management
     Kathryn Seip and Sonya Sullivan have experienced 35 years combined in the Real Estate industry. In
         2007 they moved into their own office which now specialises only in Property Management
          • Careful Tenant Selection • Proper Tenancy Set Up • Strict Rent Control
                       • Regular Inspections • Concise Final Inspections
                  Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team here at
                      ELDERS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT on 07 5465 3999

The Valley Weekender

                                               Floods stop trains again

The January floods and Cyclone Yasi have brought Queensland Rail             flooding; however, 2011 was the biggest flood recorded with the
to a crumbling halt due to damage to the rail lines.                        most damage.
Current repairs are being made to the tracks on the Laidley Road            In his book, The Laidley Shire, William R. E Blake wrote that in 1863
side of the crossing at Grandchester.                                       a new railway policy was needed due to, “progress of settlement in
A spokesperson from Track Maintenance said, “The biggest area of            the west and the constant increase of population” (pp. 71).
reconstruction is the Toowoomba Range.” he said.                            Finally, the train station was built at Laidley but nature stepped in
The spokesperson also said the maintenance was due prior to the             during 1867 when flood waters rose.
flood; however, storm damage prompted immediate reconstruction.              The Lockyer Star reported, “the highest floods ever experienced in
It’s been weeks of quiet for the residents in Laidley with the trains       Laidley”. (pp. 74)
still unable to make their way through town.                                According to Mr Blake, the lines re-opened on April 12, 1867;
One Laidley resident said, “It has been eerily quiet since the trains       however, it may be some time before Laidley hears a regular train
stopped passing our house.”                                                 along its tracks again.                        Story: Andrea Kwast
This isn’t the first time the trains were stopped in Laidley due to          Above: A rare sight in Laidley two weeks ago. Photo: Ann Kirby

               SOLICITORS                                    ABN:47 861 48898

                                      Principal: Neil O’Brien B.A., LL.B., Dip. I.T.

                  ‘Liability limited by a scheme approved under professional standards legislation

                                                                                                                  160 Patrick Street
     Ph: (07) 5465 1588                                                                                             PO Box 440
     Fax: (07) 5465 2528                                   Email:                             LAIDLEY QLD 4341

The Valley Weekender
Letters to the Editor and other contributions                                                                  Council corner
                                                                                                               Recovery recommendations adopted
Sir                                                                  Sir,
                                                                                                               AT last week’s meeting of Lockyer Valley Regional
I read with interest your first edition of The Valley                 How refreshing it is to see a             Council, four recommendations from the Disaster
Weekender and congratulate you on its publication.                   new printed media starting in             Recovery Committee were adopted.
“The Uniting Church’s Second Chance Clothing Opp                     Laidley and the valley. The               Expressing concern over the spread of noxious
Shop in William Street Laidley wants to say thanks to all            former Laidley Shire is long              weeds following the recent flooding in the area,
our volunteers and those who gave sterling assistance in             overdue in having a paper of              councillors agreed to seek urgent action for their
cleaning out after the flood. It was a magnificent effort              its own.                                  control.
and we are now up and running. Our Opp Shop works                    I look forward to reading the             Other items under consideration included
to provide support for Crisis Care and Accommodation,                many articles that directly affect        improvement of telecommunications in the
School Chaplaincy and our Church’s ministry.                         Laidley and the surrounding               Lockyer Valley, particularly in view of the
To say thanks we are putting on a Coffee Hour at the QN                                                        predicted continuing extreme weather conditions.
                                                                     area, and advertisements for
Hotel restaurant at 10am on Tuesday 8 March. We’d like               the local businesses. I’d like            Council will also provide, as a matter of urgency,
                                                                                                               resources to carry out mapping of all flood-affected
all our volunteers and helpers to advise if they are able            to also congratulate The Valley           properties.
to be with us. Would you please RSVP our Coordinator                 Weekender crew and wish them
                                                                                                               Mayor Steve Jones said he also wanted to discuss
Mrs Heather Parker by ringing the Opp Shop on 0417 600               a long and prosperous run.                with the chairman and CEO of the Queensland
694 or dropping in and advising us of your coming?”                  Peter O’Brien                             Reconstruction Authority his desire to have a
Bob Heathwood                                                        Gatton                                    senior council officer appointed as a liaison officer
Hatton Vale                                                                                                    to the authority.
                                                                                                               Rates on hold
                                                                                                               Mayor Steve Jones said, despite the massive repair
                                                                                                               bill of $176 million following the recent floods,
                                                                                                               he did not anticipate a rise in rates to help cover
                                                                                                               the costs.
                                                                                      This photo was
                                                                                                               Cr Jones said he would “do his best” to not increase
                                                                                     provided by Elsie         rates and would try to maintain the current rating
                                                                                      Oddi and shows           level.
                                                                                      Laidley in flood          Telecom tower for Brightview
                                                                                     in 1959. You can          Council has approved an application for a
                                                                                    see the Old Bakery         40-metre-high telecommunications facility to be
                                                                                       (now Emily’s            built at Cricket Road, Brightview.
                                                                                    Restaurant) and the        Cr Janice Holstein said it was important the
                                                                                        QN side on.            network was extended across the region.
                                                                                                               Council will contact all residents who objected to
                                                                                                               the application, explaining their decision.

                                                                                        occurs in the joints of the hip, knees, neck, spine, lower back areas and
   Healthy Talk with Octavio Mellado                                                    the small hand joints, and is extremely painful. The affected areas are
                                                                                        usually enlarged or swollen, and are characterized by stiffness.
  Osteoporosis vs Osteoarthritis                                                        Osteoporosis can be prevented by achieving a higher peak bone mass in
  Both Osteoporosis (OP) and Osteoarthritis (OA) are common diseases                    the childhood and adolescent phases. This is achieved by proper exercise
  that occur during the middle to later stages of life. Osteoporosis is a               and nutrition, which will delay bone degeneration. Bone density can
  bone-disease where the bones become more fragile due to a reduction                   be increased by jogging, walking and climbing stairs with maximum
  in bone mineral density. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease where there is             effort a few times a week, and a healthy diet should include sufficient
  loss of cartilage (a protein substance which acts as a ‘cushion’ between              calcium and Vitamin D. Osteoarthritis can be prevented by maintaining
  the bones of the joints). It generally results from wear and tear of the              body weight, walking, swimming, and exercising the flexibility of the
  bones; where the joints have been injured by repeated overuse during a                joints during various activities. Moderate exercise also helps to reduce
  particular activity or sport. What happens is that the cartilage is slowly            the pain and improve the functioning of the joints. Constant pressure on
  reduced, causing a lack of flexibility in the joints and development of                a particular joint should be avoided whenever possible.
  bony spurs. Hence the swelling of the joints.                                         We will talk about treatment options in the next issue.
  Common symptoms of Osteoporosis are aches and pains in the bones,
  loss of height, fractures of the hip, spine, waist and other areas of the body,       Octavio Mellado is a Physiotherapist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist
  and a disability that is caused by the lack of bone strength. Osteoarthritis          and Senior Kung-Fu instructor working in Laidley.

          Cruz del Sur Kung-Fu                             Two classes for FREE, no obligation
                                                           Classes every Wednesday: Juniors 5.30pm to 6.30pm
                                                                                      Adults 6.30pm to 8.30pm
                                                           Cost: Juniors      $40 every 5 lessons
                                                                              Adults: $60 every 5 lessons
                                                                     Instructor: Si Hing Octavio Mellado
                                                           Catholic Church Hall, cnr John Street and Edward Street, Laidley
                                                             FOR FURTHER ENQUIRIES PHONE 5465 3001 or visit
                                                             or visit Octavio Mellado at Laidley Physiotherapy Centre or

The Valley Weekender
Sub-branch offers help                                                                                    GOWIE
PENSION and welfare officers at the Laidley-based Lockyer/
                                                                                                   IN MUL
Brisbane Valley Sub-branch of the Vietnam Veterans Federation are
busy helping ex-servicemen and women, and those still serving to              MADE
obtain their correct entitlements.
Max Chambers and Geoff Curl said their main activities these days
focuses on helping maintenance workers involved in the RAAF’s
F-111 reseal-deseal program.
“We meet with the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs every six months
and hold regular meetings with representatives of his department,”
Mr Chambers said.
“These meetings are productive and we receive excellent feedback
in relation to our clients and their concerns.”                              Whoever would think that a request from the Mulgowie Hall
Mr Curl said the sub-branch facilities at the saleyards on Laidley-          committee would lead to a thriving business. Six years ago Debbie
Rosewood Road also served as a handy drop-in centre, open every              Zischke was approached by the committee to hold a stall at a function
Tuesday and Thursday from to                                     to raise money to start restoring the hall, so she picked some vegies,
                             “We are a friendly lot, and anyone who          bottled some yummy beetroot, baked some cakes and bought some
                                  would like to have a barbecue lunch        drinks to sell and things haven’t stopped since.
                                      and a laugh, or just someone to        She no longer bakes but peels, boils and toils to create her huge
                                         talk to is most welcome,” he        range of sauces, jams, chutneys and preserves. They are famous
                                           said.                             throughout the region particularly the Mulgabeets (pictured) which
                                             Sub-branch     assistance       are in short supply at present due to seasonal conditions beyond her
                                             is available by phoning         control. She hopes to rectify this soon so she can restock shelves
                                             5465 2591.                      around the valley. Debbie produces around 30 different products
                                                                             which are mostly home grown (as much as possible) depending
                                                  Vietnam Veterans’          what’s in season.
                                                 Federation pension          She is renowned for her pickled onions and last year hand peeled
                                                 and welfare officers         five ton of them. They are her best seller. Trading as Dadz Farm
                                                 Geoff Curl (left) and       her products can be found in Foodworks Laidley, Big Orange,
                                                 Max Chambers                Windmill Markets, California Farms, Funkadelika, Mulgowie Hotel,
                                                                             Mulgowie Markets, Hand Made Expo the third Saturday of each
                                                 Photo: Jim Nicholls         month in Ipswich.

Kids Contributions                          Joke:
From the pen of: Abbey Bichel (age
                                            Why should pirates be
                                            the only people to learn
Danny, who was far too young to have
experienced all that he had been through,
leaned forward a few times. His muscles
still ached from the bullet, and had not
                                            Because they need to
                                            find the X
                                                                                        11 LOWE STREET, LAIDLEY Q

quite gotten used to movement after
being held prisoner during the war. He
didn’t want to see any doctors.
                                            My Dad
                                                                                              SAWMILL &
                                                                                             TIMBER YARD
Compared to some of his mates, Danny        My dad is funny.
believed he’d returned with little          My dad is a hard worker.
wounds but the scarring across his heart    My dad is tricky.
was great. He saw much blood, and too       But most of all, my dad                      • Quality Hardwood Timber
much death. The war was not what he         is BIG!
expected…                                                                                • Landscaping Sleepers
(Year 8, Lockyer District High School)      Jaida Buckley (age 5)
                                                                                         • Weatherboards
                                                                                         • Dressed Hardwood
                                                                                         • Fencing Material
                                                                                         • External Step Material
                                                                                         • Woodchips & Sawdust
                                                                                         • Hardwood Pegs & Stakes
                                                                                        Ph: 07 5465 1222
                                                                             Fax: 07 5465 2176 A/H: 07 5465 1983

                                                                                Suppliers of Strong & Durable Quality Hardwood

The Valley Weekender
                                                                                                to advertise here phone 5465 2500 ask for Ann
                                                                                                2 sizes avail: Display 3cm $10 • 6cm $20 per fortnight

 Air Conditioning                                          Cleaner                                                   Earthmoving                                   Mechanical & Tyres

                                                                                                                                                                   3 Kirston St., Laidley Q (opposite State School)
                                                                                                                                                                               Lance & Helene Shipston
                                                                                                                                                                   Call in or phone: All • Vehicle Service • Roadworthies
                                                                                                                                                                       Phone: 5465 2756 • Fax: 5465 3758

Servicing the Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba & Ipswich areas
   Domestic & Commercial                                                                                                                                            3 Kirston St., Laidley Q (opposite State School)
       Refrigeration                                                                                                                                                          Lance & Helene Shipston
     & Airconditioning                                                                                                                                                   Call in or phone for all your Tyre needs

            FREE QUOTES
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  Moreton Hydraulic
      Services                                                                                                       KERRY RUDDLE
     plumbing services design
                                                                                          ABN: 15 776 042 533
          hydraulic design                                 DOG & CAT                                                 ABN 87 091 023 442 • Lic No. 41422

         fire service design                                 WASH                                                                • All Electrical installation
                                                                                                                                                                             • Post Holes • Trenching • 4 in 1 • Rippers
                                                                                                                                                                         • Hydraulic Blade • Concrete Bowl • Landscaping
    waste water treatment design                          Herbal or Flea Washes                                                    & repairs
                                                          Optional Blow Dry • Nails done on request                                                                          0438 104 619
                                                                                                                                 • Installation of split system
                                                          Discounts for Additional Dogs
                                                                                                                                   air cons
                                                                                                                                                                            Ph/Fax: 5465 6586
                                                            Ph: SHARON 0408 033 272 or
                                                                JAMES 0439 669 280

                                                          CLIP SHOP
                                                                                                                      • Installation of phone &
                                                                                                                        data points                                  Mowing
                                                           ABN 15 778 042 533

               Mark Harnett                                 Pamper your Pet
                  BSA Lic.No. 45325
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        phone    07 5465 1154
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                                                                      for the past 15 years

Catering                                                    Dog Wash/Grooming                                        Glass Repairs                                  JOHN’S RIDE-ON MOWING
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        AAA Bayside                                                                                                   Totally Smashed??
         Catering                                                                                                                                                    Pool & Spa
Spit Roast & Finger Food                                                                                                       Call Marty
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                  Mob: 0408 771 476                                                                                                                                                      Maintenance,
 Catering for all occasions                                                                                                                                                Pumps, Filters Chlorinators
                                                                                                                       • Windows • Doors • Shower Screens              Sales Service and Repairs in the
                                                                                                                        • Security & Fly Screens • Table tops                          Lockyer Valley
                                                                                                                                    • Shelving etc                            Ph Mick on 0419 196 600
Cake Decorating                                             Earthmoving
                                                                                                                       All Domestic & Some
                                                                                                                       Commercial Glazing
                                                                                                                           Pensioner Discount
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                                                                                                                                                                  publication of this newspaper, The Valley
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                                                                                                                                                                  effects. The opinions and views expressed
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                                                                                                                                                                  Valley Weekender or the editor, but those of
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    Birthdays and Special
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  Refrigeration                                             Septic Pumping                                             Thanks from Foodworks
                                                           LOCKYER VALLEY WASTE
                                                            MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
                                                                   John Schollick
                                                                     The Local Bloke -
                                                           We clean: Septic & Grease Traps
                                                                 also Sewage Systems
                                                                    (Regency Downs)
 Servicing the Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba & Ipswich areas    Lockyer Valley Regional Council approved
                                                              Somerset Regional Council approved
    Domestic & Commercial                                                E.P.A. Licensed
        Refrigeration                                                                           your
      & Airconditioning

                                                           Ph: (07) 5411 4550
             FREE QUOTES                                   Mob: 0412 419 945
      24 Hour Emergency Service
                                                            Service remains long after the price is forgotten
           0419 269 116                                                                                                                         Yvette is pictured cooking
                                                                                                                       POSITION VACANT          sausages for shoppers in
   Scrap Metal                                              Slashing                                                                            Laidley’s main street last
                                                                                                                         DELIVERY               Friday. Foodworks held a
                                                                                                                                                sausage sizzle to say thank
                                                           Chopper Weeds
                                                                                                                          DRIVER                you for everyone’s support
                                                                                                                                                after the floods.
                                                                                                                          Early morning,
 CASH FOR ALL SCRAP METAL                                                                                                                       POSITION VACANT
                                                                                                                            local area
         • COPPER • BRASS • RADIATORS                                                                                  Manual Licence a must   GUILLOTINE/LETTERPRESS
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   • Commercial stainless steel benches/sinks
                                                                     All Areas                                                                     Phone Warwick for details
     • Conveyors/Tanks/Pumps/Steel lengths                         Fully Insured                                        Phone 5465 4343
             • Used building products
              33 VAUX ST, LAIDLEY Q
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           mobile 0408 724 221                                     0447 742 687

  Secondhand Dealer                                         Small Engine Repairs
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                                                               19 Vaux St., Laidley Q 4341
                                                                     (opposite timber mill)                                                              Executive Office Desk
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                                                            See Bob for FREE friendly Service                                                              mobile drawers
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                                                                    • SPARE PARTS
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                                                                    • REPAIRS
                                                                • CHAINSAW SHARPENING                                            149 Patrick Street, Laidley
                                                                                                                                 Phone: (07) 5465 1214

                                                                Proudly Servicing the Laidley District

 FOR SALE                                                       WRECKERS
                                                              Glenore Grove
model, AS IS $600                                               We are still
Phone: 5466 5773 nights                                    OPEN FOR BUSINESS
LOUNGE SUITE 3 seater, fold-                                 9.30am - 2.30pm
ing sofa bed, 2 recliners. All in                            Monday - Friday
good condition $550
Phone 5465 2500                                            Phone: 07 5466 5300

The Valley Weekender
Laidley artist shines at exhibition                                                        Community billboard
                                                                                 Home League                                 C & K Kindergarten
YOUNG Laidley artist Chris Underwood came away from Saturday’s
                                                                                 Non-denominational ladies’ fellowship       William Street, Laidley. Working
Youth Art Exhibition with a first prize in the school leavers’ section.                                                       Bee Saturday, March 4. Everyone
                                                                                 every Thursday – At the
Chris’ stunning work “Best Bonnet” was readily named a winner in its             Salvation Army Hall, William Street.        Welcome.
class, obviously impressing the judging public.                                  Enjoy a morning of friendship.              Farmer Meetings
18-year-old Chris is well on the way to making a name for himself in             Lions Club International, Laidley           Glenore Grove Hall, Tuesday March
the art world, having previously won a Laidley Art Society year 12                                                           15 - 5pm to 7pm
                                                                                 Meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of
award.                                                                                                                       Ma Ma Creek Hall, Thursday, March
                                                                                 the month at Emilys Restaurant. New
                                                                                                                             17 - 5pm to 7pm
“I’m about to begin bachelor of media studies at Griffith University, and         members welcome.
                                                                                                                             Focus Group
eventually would like to study classical art at a European academy,” he          RSL Sub-branch Laidley Cultural             Lockyer Valley Artists Inc
said.                                                                            Centre. Service pensions and welfare.       THE Lockyer Valley Artist’s Inc.
Event organiser Regina Samykanu said a total of 68 entries made the              Monthly meetings the second Friday of       is going from strength to strength
third annual exhibition, held in the Gatton Shire hall, a success.               each month. Phone 5465 1738.                since their conception in late 2009.
“As from next year, we are planning to hold two separate exhibitions,            Vietnam Veteran’s Federation                Their aim is to provide people of the
                                                                                                                             Lockyer Valley Region with access
one for younger artists and one for older ones. We are                           Brisbane- Lockyer Valleys Sub-branch.       to tuition and social interaction with
looking forward to the event becoming bigger and better                          Sale yards, Laidley – Rosewood Road.        other artistically minded people
as it goes along.”                                                               Drop in centre, pensions and welfare from   from local and surrounding areas.
Other winners were primary school: Mikayla Shea with                    every Tuesday and Thursday.           They meet every Wednesday at
“Yellow River Bank”; and secondary school: Tiffany                                                                           the Laidley Cultural Centre at the
                                                                                 Bingo                                       Function Room. They are supported
Kleidon with “Man’s Best Friend”.                                                Three sessions per week: Tuesday 7.30.      by the RADF Fund granting and the
An effigy of Vincent van Gogh, created by members of                              pm; Thursday; Friday       Lockyer Valley Regional Council
the Lockyer Valley Artists group, greeted patrons at the                         Air-conditioned venue at Shop 5, Laidley    in their efforts to bring in outside
door.                                                                            Shopping Mall. All welcome. Phone           professional tutors for the benefit
Pictured is Laidley artist, Chris Underwood                                      Paula on 0412 108 045.                      of many local residents, who would
at the recent exhibition                                                                                                     not be able to travel the distances to
Story & Photo: Jim Nicholls                                                                                                  attend any workshops.

                                                                                In the first 3 days we delivered more than an average month’s
Community Views with Neil Williamson                                            services for local people. We saw many generous and resilient
                                                                                people, and a few who only cared for their own conveniences. Most
You don’t see with your eyes; you see with your brain.                          of all, we saw our communities in action!
                                                                                While it’s easy to look at our own personal flood impacts, it is as we
Apparently the eyes receive the images (light and colour) but the               look at the rest of our community and realise that “we’re all in this
brain assembles them into something we can “recognise”. So it’s                 together”, that we really “see” what went on.
not really what we’re seeing, it’s what we’re interpreting – often
based on previous experience – that determines what we believe we               If we focus only on the negative, we’ll feel sad, angry, depressed
“see”. So what..?                                                               or even hopeless. But if we also look at those who helped, the lives
                                                                                not lost that could have been, the donations of so many Australians,
When you look at the local community you most relate to, and the                etc – we can restore hope, energy and thankfulness.
wider community we’re part of, what are you seeing. Are you seeing
a happy, healthy, safe community?                                               So when you read this paper, or talk with others, and stop and think
                                                                                about your community... what are you seeing?
Maybe you see it as disconnected, struggling, and sad? Do you see
opportunities or problems? Do you see blessing or disadvantage?
My team at Laidley Community Centre has been flat out since                      Neil
Wednesday 12 cleaning up and supporting many families throughout                Laidley Community Centre
our community.                                                                  Your local charity!

                                               YOUR LOCAL CHARITY
                           Centrelink Agency                                                      Internet Cafe
                       Volunteering Opportunities                                        Emergency Relief Distribution
                        Laidley Women’s Group                                          Indigenous Support Coordination
                         Laidley Youth Service                                        No Interest Loans—household goods
                        Information and Referral                                      Assistance with Funding Applications

     Support Groups
     Developed in response
                                                         Laidley                                                        Visiting Services
     to community interest
                                                       Community                                                             Lifeline Counselling
     We’re here to help in
     times of need!                                      Centre                                                              Tax Help

                         13 Mary Street, Laidley                                        
                   Ph: (07) 5465 1889 Fax: 5465 1861                                     
                        Manager - Neil Williamson                                            Like & Follow us on Facebook

The Valley Weekender
Big job ahead for new chaplain
                                                                                    AT his installation ceremony on Sunday afternoon, Faith Lutheran
                                                                                    College’s new chaplain was warned that he had a big job ahead of
                                                                                    Recently arrived from the United States, Pastor Reid Matthias and
                                                                                    his family were being welcomed to the new position at Plainland
                                                                                    by Pastor Noel Noack, president of the Lutheran Church in
                                                                                    “This is a very special day,” Pastor Noack said. “For a variety of
                                                                                    reasons, the Lockyer Valley has become known internationally. It
                                                                                    will now become more famous because you are here
                                                                                    “You have a big job ahead of you; this school is growing like you
                                                                                    wouldn’t believe.”
                                                                                    Following many years working around the world as a youth
                                                                                    counsellor, Pastor Matthias trained as a pastor at Rockford, Illinois
                                                                                    before taking up his appointment at Plainland.
                                                                                    He, along with his Australian-born wife Christine and their three
 Lockyer Valley Elders                                                              daughters now live in Laidley. In addition to his chaplaincy duties at
                                                                                    Faith Lutheran College, Pastor Matthias will also become pastor of
Pictured are our Lockyer Valley Elders, Uncle Milton Walit and Aunty
                                                                                    the Green Pastures Lutheran Church in Lockrose.
Therese Webster. Uncle Milton has formed the Men’s Support Group, and
                                                                                    College principal Janelle Anderson described Pastor Matthias’
is looking at ways he can present programs for youth within the community
                                                                                    installation as a “blessing”, adding that he will be responsible for
while providing much needed support. He strives for positive outcomes.
Uncle Milton and his brothers have formed a Torres Strait Islander Dance            forming the lives of young people.
Troop which showcases their culture throughout the region.                          Pastor Matthias thanked the congregation for their welcome and for
                                                                                    being “his family” for a while.
Aunty Therese has presented programs and implemented the Women’s
                                                                                    “We’re excited to be here,” he said. “Even in the midst of the recent
Support Group and programs. She has also held Girls Gatherings. Her
endless support and assistance to her community during the past 10 years
                                                                                    tragedy, I can see the seeds of joy emerging.”
has been endless. Her latest achievement is encouraging Resource Providers          Welcome to the Lockyer Valley: Noel Noack (left) president of
to bring their services to the Lockyer Valley, to prevent the community             the Lutheran Church in Queensland and Faith Lutheran College
having to travel.                                                                   principal Janelle Anderson welcome new chaplain Pastor Reid Ma
Aunty Therese and Uncle Milton call themselves the Lockyer Valley Elders            tthias                                 Photo: Jim Nicholls
and are available to provide a service for the community, regarding Cultural

                                                                                                  C.W. Hooper
awareness, visiting Elders for the Schools and Community Groups, assisting
with Acknowledgement to Country and supporting the Aboriginal & Torres
Strait Islander members of our community.

                                                                                                   & Hooper
                                                                                                      Established 1895
                                                                                                     Will Preparation
                                                                                                   Powers of Attorney
                                                                                                  Estate Administration
                                                                                                  and are able to provide services
                                                                                                   in the following areas of law:-

ABN: 29 704 027 957
                         INFORMATION                                                                Family Law matters
                   TECHNOLOGY SERVICES                                                                 Civil Matters
               FOR COMPUTER SALES,                                                                          c Matters
              Ph: (07) 5465 1105                                                                   Phone 5465 1399
                                                                                                  Fax 5465 1667 • 123 Patrick St Laidley
            Fax (07) 5465 3348
        Email:                                                             Email:

The Valley Weekender
Glenore Grove greats
Two of Glenore Grove’s children have achieved high recognition
for their hard training in Taekwon-do by being selected to represent
us in the Australian team that is going to the Untied States in June
this year.
James Rogers and Ebony Whinfield are only two of the students
from the Lockyer Valley Clubs that have been training hard to beat
their competition in this event so they will be able to represent their
country to the best of their ability.
At the try outs held in Brisbane, they proved this time and time
Along with their team mates from Gatton, Lowood, Rosewood and
Ipswich, they have numerous trophies to show off.
Everyone will be watching closely to see them excel to the heights
of their older members who represented the Lockyer in 1999, 2003,
2007 at the World Championships in North Korea, New Zealand
and Canada.
These events are held every four years and to be invited is a great
They will demonstrate their abilities at the National Woman’s Day
celebrations, Laidley Cultural Centre in March where all women
aged 12 and above, who would like to try Taekwon-do, are invited
to do so with no obligation to join.
James Rogers and Ebony Whinfield proudly show off their trophies.
Story and Photo: Dalray McCarthy                                               Lockyer Indoor Bowls
                                                                               The inter association game of indoor bowls was held at Laidley Culture Centre on
      If you would like your sports results published,                         Feb 20. The association consists of Redcliffe, Caloundra, Caboolture, Brisbane and
                    please email these to
                                                                               Winning team was Caboolture.
        or fax them to 5465 3700 we will do our best                           February 14 Laidley Indoor Bowls club played their first round of fixtures against
                                                                               Gatton RSL Club.
                       to publish them
                                                                               Gatton RSL defeated (Gatton Laidley. RSL 112 points 6 win; Laidley 103 points 3
                                                                               Feb 28: Laidley Indoor Bowls hosted a social night of bowls at Laidley Cultural
                                                                               Centre. There was a good roll up from all clubs including Esk. Prizes were given
                                                                               to winning teams, with supper provided and lucky door prizes. There were three
                                                                               successful raffles and the night was enjoyed by everyone.
                                                                               Everyone is welcome to come along Monday nights starting 7pm to enjoy a game of
                                                                               indoor bowls. It’s open to all ages. Ring Gordon on 5465 1724 for more information.

       Award winning 12 Hole Golf Course
  overlooking picuresque Lake Dyer, only minutes
                                                                               Ladies fours title decided
                                                                               A TEAM consisting of Lee-Hannah Lee, Merle Gardner and
            from Laidley or Forest Hill
                                                                               Cheryl Kellond, and skipped by Dorothea Moyle are the Laidley
                                                                               Ladies four champions for 2010/11.
               Club House available                                            The winning combination defeated Therese Sadler, Jenette
               for Special Occasions                                           Wilkinson, Christine McGuire and Shirley Reck 20 – 14 in
                                                                               Saturday’s final.

     FRIDAY 6 - 8pm
 SATURDAY 6.30 - 8pm
      Nothing over $25!

            • Fully Licenced • Poker Machines

                PHONE (07) 5465 1518
                       Fax (07) 5465 1544                                      Photo: Winners are grinners: (from left) Lee-Hannah Lee, Merle
              Email:                              Gardner, Dorothea Moyle and Cheryl Kellond celebrate Saturday’s
                                                                               championship victory.

The Valley Weekender
Sport in the Valley
Laidley Golf Club notes
Wednesday 16th February was the women’s single stableford for Jenny Paroz’s Trophies
and the winner was Margaret Brown with 36 points from Judy Logan and Flo Lee with 34                   Welcome to the first inclusion of Out’n’About. All photos
points.                                                                                               featured in The Valley Weekender are available for purchase
Others: C Sternberg 32, C Scheiwe 32, J Paroz 28, L Ballantine 27, J Sippel 27, J Blaney 26,
M McKinlay 24, R Matthews 22, P Davis 19, P Millican 18, L Taylor 10.
                                                                                                                 and are in colour. $6 for A4 size print
Thursday was the Midweek Open and John Ward was the winner with 41 points from Terry
Madsen, Wayne Jordan and Bob Porter with 39 points.
Others: D Lund 36, G Lever 36, L Hoffman 36, M Clem 36, C Potter 36, J Struhs 34, K                  Regular diners
Belgrove 35, R Newsham 35, J Taylor 335, P Bolderman 35, J Morris 34, D Hatcher 33, D
Thomas 33, I Dobbie 33, C Weier 32, I Millar 32, N Emmerson 32, B Davis 31, R Hampton
                                                                                                     at the Staging
30, B Thorpe 29, R Struhs 29, E Hindson 29, P Davis 29, G Dawson 28, R Davis 28, J Lewis             Post Cafe
26, J Panzram 26, M Conlan 25, K Ellis 24, J Ormaechea 24, R Bodsworth 24, G Milady                  Restaurant, the
23, J Radke 23.                                                                                      Cultural Centre
Saturday was the women’s qualifying round for the single match play for Audrey
Brimblecombe’s trophy and the winner was Christine Scheiwe with 70 nett from Judy
                                                                                                     Gatton are Trudy
Logan with 75 nett.                                                                                  Townson and
Others: J Kane 77, C Sternberg 77, M Voorma 79, M Brown 80, L Knopke 82, L Ballantine                Rob Bauer.
84, J Blaney 85, R Matthews 86, F Lee 87, L Taylor 95.
Pins: 2-14 Chris Scheiwe, 5-17 Chris Scheiwe.
The 1st round of the single match play is the be played on or before 26th February is
as follows: Lesley Ballantine to play June Blaney, Linda Knopke to play Rae Matthews,
Margaret Brown to play Flo Lee.
The members played a flag event for Zischke Fuel and Gehrke Transport Trophy and the
winner was Alex Van Ansem who finished on the 19th green.                                              Below: Betty Taylor cuts her birthday cake with the help of
The scores for the day were: J Taylor 66, A Van Ansem 68. P Lucas 69, G Zischke 69, L                 granddaughter Carrie and great granddaughter Trinity.
Hoffman 70, C Potter 71, S Luck 71, M Smyly 71, W Hawthorne 71, J Lee 71, K Goebel
72, B Morrow 73, R Hampton 73, J Panzram 74, K Gardiner 74, G Rodgers 75, C Lee
75, S Bundy 75, K Luck 76, T Dennien 76, D White 76, G Dawson 76, T Madsen 76, R
Holmes 77, G Burgess 77, S Kajewski 78, N Emmerson 79, J Struhs 80, L Zischke 81. K
Belgrove 81.
Pins: 8 J Gardiner 2-16 Sean Bundy, Eagle Nest Peter Lucas, 1-13 Colin Potter (Eagle) Pro
Pin Warwick Hawthorne.
Wednesday 23rd February was Pam Millican’s Trophies and the winner was Maureen
McKinlay with 68 nett from Jill Darley with 72 nett.
Coming Events: Sat 26th 1st round of the single match play, Single Stableford for the rest
of the field for Colin Potter’s Trophy.
Wednesday was the women’s single stroke for Pam Millican’s Trophys and the winner was
Maureen McKinlay with 68 nett from Jill Darley with 72 nett.
Others: F Lee 74, C Sternberg 74, S Lee 74, M Brown 75, J Sippel 75, J Logan 76, P Davis
77, L Ballantine 79, M Voorma 80, J Blaney 84, P Millican 86, L Taylor 101.
Saturday was the 1st round of the single match play and the winners were:
Division 1: S Luck defeated T Larkin on a forfeit, K Belgrove defeated C Potter on a forfeit,
Ken Goebel defeated S King 4/3, M Smyly defeated S Kajewski 1 up, K Luck defeated J
Neuendorf 3/2, A Van Ansem defeated D Bowles 3/1, T Madsen defeated C McKay 4/3, R
Reddacliff defeated K Gardiner 3/1.                                                                  Terry and Val from
Division 2: J Dennett defeated D Luck 1 up, D Sippel defeated J Lee 1 up, C Panzram                  Lockyer Colonics
defeated C Lee 1 up, R Holmes defeated J Cullinane 1 up, J Taylor defeated B Morrow 4/3,             are pictured here at
R Hampton defeated T Cook 3/2, M Ford defeated D Laughlan 1 up, L Hoffman defeated
N Emmerson 3/1.
                                                                                                     the recent ‘Hidden
Womens: L Ballantiner defeated J Blaney 1up, L Knopke defeated R Matthews 4/3, F Lee                 Day’ at Spicers
defeated M Brown 4/3.                                                                                Hidden Vale via
The rest of the field played a single stableford for Colin Potters Trophies and the members           Granchester. There
winner was Colin Potter with 40 points from Garry Wild with 39, Garry Rodgers 38, Davie
White 38, W Anderson 36, Barry Morrow 35, David Ross 35, Lindsay Hoffman 35, Greg                    were horse and
Zischke 34.                                                                                          carriage rides,
Others: J Anderson 34, D Sternberg 31, T Stapleford 31, P Lucas 31, S Luck 31, A Anderson            pony rides for the
30, J Panzram 30, S Bundy 30, G Burgess 28, T Dennien 27, E Hindson 27, J Taylor 27, G
                                                                                                     kids and live music
Trimble 26, L Zischke 23, G Sternberg 20.
Pins: 6-18 Colin Potter, 8 Dave White, 7 Peter Lucas, 11 Colin Potter, Pro Pin Dave White,           making it a great
Womens 2-14 Judy Logan 4-16 Linda Knopke.                                                            day out for all
The women’s winner was Cheryl Sternberg with 33 points from Judy Logan with 30                       involved.
Others: L Knopke 30, S Lee 22, C Scheiwe 23.
Coming Events: Wed 2nd Womens Monthly Medal and Putting a 1st round GQ Brooch,
                                                                                                                                            Nic Zischke belts out one of
Thu 3rd Vets Challenge 4 person teams event Sat 5th Monthly Medal and putting Sun 6th
Twin Valley Cup at Laidley.                                                                                                                 his own songs at the recent
                                                                                                                                            Open Mike Day held in the
Mulgowie Cricket News                                                                                                                       beer garden at the Lockyer
26 February, 2011
                                                                                                                                            Hotel, Forest Hill. Andy
A Grade - Mulgowie versus Glenore Grove in a do or die game for final points.
Mulgowie batted first and scored a solid 8/189 after their alloted 40 overs. Mark                                                            Makin is hoping to make
Adamski top scored on 59 and Terry Emmerson contributing a handy 38.                                                                        this a monthly event for
Glenore Grove’s innings started with Mulgowie’s veteran wicket keeper Simon                                                                 any interested muso and/or
Emmerson (new licencee of Mulgowie Hotel) taking to the field with enthuisiasm                                                               potential audience.
after not being required to bat. Mulgowies bowlers, attacked from the outset putting
                                                                                                                                            The last Sunday of the
pressure on the Glenore Grove batsmen from the opening over. Brendan Lawson
opened the bowling and applied early pressure to have the impressive figures of 1/7                                                          month is the planned date
after four. As the pressure mounted wickets started to fall and Glenore Grove were                                                          for this event so mark your
dismissed for 117. As Mulgowie Captain Grant Dean said afterwards “It was a great                                                           calendars and come along
win.”                              U16                                                                                                      to not only enjoy the great
A2 = Bye                           Won by Forfeit from Hatton Vale                                                                          afternoon of music but also
B Grade Gold - Bye                 U 12
B Grade Green - Semi               Versus Helidon are playing a two day competition                                                         Marnie and her crew’s warm
final versus Glenore                and after having a day in the field are chasing                                                           hospitality.
Grove unfortunately had a          120. Best bowlers James Crosby, Ian Ayre &
close loss.                        Jake Ranse.

The Valley Weekender

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