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                                                TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

D     I    V     I    S     I    O     N        Goose Repellent
                                                Designed to repel geese, turkeys and ducks from landscaping or any turf areas
                                                where these birds are a problem. Ideal for all public places, from parks to
                                                golf courses – Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent will dramatically reduce goose,
                                                turkey and duck habitation and the unsightly, unhealthy bird droppings they
                                                leave behind.
                                                Geese: Public nuisance number one
                                                With a Canadian Goose population of an estimated 6 million, and the
Features and Benefits
                                                possibility of that number doubling every five years – business owners and
• Guaranteed effectiveness                      private and public facility managers need all the help they can get to rid their
• Works year round                              property of these ever-present birds. Damaging grass and other vegetation,
• Easy-to-use                                   polluting ponds and spreading disease, geese can actually endanger humans
• Won’t harm animals when                       with aggressive, nasty behavior.
  used as directed
                                                How Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent works
Mix / Spread Rate                               The application of Goose Repellent makes the food supply in the treated area
                                                very undesirable to geese, turkeys and ducks. The elimination of the food
• Ratio 8:1                                     source will completely change the feeding habits of these birds and cause
• 8 ppt @ ½ gallon of solution                  them to look for a more desirable feeding location.
• 16 oz. per gallon of water

Coverage Rate
  Blanket Coverage:
  One gallon of concentrate covers
  approximately 16,000 sq. ft.
  Perimeter Band:
  One gallon of concentrate will provide
  approximately 640 lineal feet x 25 feet
  of banding spray
                                                Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent can be applied in two different coverage applications. Blanket coverage
Frequency Rate                                  (left), for a complete, overall repellency and as a perimeter band (right) for more selective coverage.

  Reapply every 2 to 3 weeks as needed
                                                Directions for use
  or as treated turf is mown
                                                For best results, agitate well. Add 16 ounces of Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent
Active Ingredient                               Concentrate per gallon of water. Product can be applied in two ways:
                                                1. Blanket-spray entire turf area with a solution rate of 20 gallons per acre.
  Methyl anthranilate (Benzoic acid,            2. Apply as a perimeter band approximately 30 feet wide around the
  2-amino-, methyl ester) 20.72%                   perimeter of water ways. Do not apply directly to water ways.
                                                Agitate solution frequently. Rinse equipment thoroughly after use.

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                                           TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Liquid Fence® Goose Repellent

Physical and Chemical Characteristics      To insure proper application
Form: Liquid                               1. Mix thoroughly and agitate often during application.
Color: Beige – Gray                        2. Cut turf to desired length and leave clippings when possible to extend life
Odor: Strong Pungent                          of product.
pH: 5.5 – 7.5                              3. Apply solution directly to dry turf.
Vapor Density: Not Determined              4. Do not apply during direct, intense sunlight.
Evaporation Rate: Slower than Ether        5. Do not irrigate until solution is dry.
Solubility in Water: Appreciable           6. Product can be applied year-round when temperatures are above freezing.
Reactivity in Water: None                  Spray Applications / Rate
                                           1. Mix: 8:1 for Geese
Health Hazards                             2. For blanket spraying, apply 20 gallons of solution evenly over one acre of
ACUTE: May cause irritation when              area.
inhaled, ingested or absorbed by skin      3. Product can be co-applied with any non-latex foliar spray with similar
CHRONIC: Same                                 coverage rates.
                                           4. Non-latex spreader / sticker, such as Miller’s Nu-Film 17, can be added to
Control and Protective Measures               increase rainfast qualities of solution.
                                           5. A mild odor may be noticed during application, odor will dissipate once
Respiratory Protection: If vapors are
                                              product has dried, typically one to four hours, depending on humidity.
  present and irritation is experienced,
                                           6. During periods of heavy infestation, product should be repeated one week
  NIOSH approved respiratory protection
                                              after initial application and then reapplied every two to three weeks as
  for organic vapors should be worn.
  Protective Gloves: Recommended
  Eye Protection: Recommended              Storage and disposal
  Other Protective Clothing and            Do not contaminate water, food or feed by storage or disposal.
  Equipment: Optional                      STORAGE: Store in original container, in a cool, dry area inaccessible to
                                           children and pets. Protect from heat and freezing. Store between 40°- 90°F.
Product Size Availability                  Keep containers closed tightly to prevent evaporation. If spillage occurs, dilute
  Gallon Concentrate                       with water and flush away.
  2.5 Gallon Concentrate                   CONTAINER DISPOSAL: If empty, do not reuse container. Place in trash or offer
  50 Gallon Concentrate                    for recycling if available. If partly filled, call your local solid waste agency for
  260 Gallon Concentrate                   disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor
Important: Read product label thoroughly
before application.

EPA Reg. No. 72041-2
EPA Est. No. 72041-PA-001


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