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					Food Allergies at School                     In the Classroom: In respect for students        order on the Allergy Action Plan. Please
                                             with nut and other food allergies, our           see the nurse for more information.
Tips for Parents:                            school prohibits classroom snacks that
                                             contain nuts. Food Permission Forms will
   1. Meet with the School Nurse to plan     be sent home before a classroom party or
      your child’s medical care              celebration. Please sign and return.
   2. Every school year, you and your        Students will not be permitted to have
      doctor need to complete the            snack if food permission slip has not been             Cranbury School
      Allergy Action Plan. The form can      returned to teacher. Provide a safe
      be downloaded from                     alternative if student is not permitted to       If you have questions, please contact the Please          have the snack.                                  nurses in the Health Office.
      submit the forms after July 1 prior
      to the start of the new school year.   In the Cafeteria: Meet the cafeteria staff          Barbara O’Connell and Penny Corey
   3. Please bring in the medicine and       and review food ingredient lists. Make a list
                                                                                                       609-395-1700 x238/239
      current school picture to the school   of safe cafeteria foods and give it to your
      nurse on the day before school         child’s teacher and the cafeteria staff. It is                Fax# 609-860-8563
      starts. Do not have your child         helpful to give the cafeteria staff a photo of
      bring in the medicine.                 your child.                                       e-mail:
   4. Alert your child’s teachers about
                                             We have allergy free tables for all food-
      his/her food allergy.
                                             allergic students in grades K-4. Food
   5. Provide a supply of safe foods for
                                             allergic students may invite a friend with a
      your child’s use during snack,
                                             “safe” lunch to join him/her at the allergy-
      classroom parties, or celebrations.
                                             free table. Food-allergic students, in the
      Provide a safe lunch in case of
                                             upper grades, are not required to sit at the
                                             allergy-free tables.
   6. Teach your child to refuse any
      food that he/she thinks may be         On the School Bus: Our school policy             For forms or medical information go to
      unsafe, and never to share food.       prohibits eating food on the school bus Under
   7. Teach your child to immediately        (Cranbury School Board of Education              resources, click on Health Information, and
      tell an adult if he/she feels ill.     Policy).                                         then click on Forms.
   8. Consider an allergy alert bracelet
      for your child to wear at school.      Self Medication: Self Medication: Your
                                             child, Grades 6-8, may carry an Epi-pen
                                             and single dose of Benadryl of there is an       5/15/11 bo

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