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FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION                                                                   CM

COMPLIANCE WITH         The College President or designee shall be responsible for estab-
LAW                     lishing procedures ensuring that all facilities within the College Dis-
                        trict comply with applicable laws and local building codes.
CONSTRUCTION            The Board designates the competitive sealed bidding method as
CONTRACTS               the standard method to be used for each construction contract
                        valued at or above $50,000. To assist the Board, the College
                        President may recommend an alternate project delivery/contract
                        award method if he or she determines an alternate method
                        provides the best value to the College District for a particular
                        project. [See CM series]
                        For construction contracts valued at or above $50,000, the College
                        President shall also submit the resulting contract to the Board for
                        approval. Lesser expenditures for construction and construction-
                        related materials or services shall be at the discretion of the Col-
                        lege President and consistent with law and policy. [See also CF]
PROJECT                 All construction projects shall be administered by the College Pres-
ADMINISTRATION          ident or designee.
                        The College President or designee shall keep the Board informed
                        concerning construction projects and also shall provide information
                        to the general public.
CHANGE ORDERS           Change orders shall be approved by the Board or its designee pri-
                        or to executing any changes in the approved plans or in the actual
                        construction of the facility.
FINAL PAYMENT           Final payments for construction work and/or the supervision of
                        such work in the College District shall not be made until the work
                        has been completed and accepted by the College District.
NAMING OF               The Board reserves the final right of approval for naming College
BUILDINGS               District buildings or any portion thereof. The naming of buildings or
                        areas on North Central Texas College campuses must be con-
                        sistent with the following guidelines:
                        1.    Proposals to name buildings shall be submitted to the College
                              President for submission to the Board.
                        2.    The name may indicate the function of the building.
                        3.    Upon approval by the Board, a building or portion thereof may
                              be named to memorialize a deceased person closely associ-
                              ated with the College District, such as a past president, or to
                              memorialize or otherwise recognize substantial gifts and sig-
                              nificant donors or individuals designated by donors. When
                              the naming of buildings or other major facilities is contemplat-
                              ed as part of a special private fund development campaign,

DATE ISSUED: 3/3/2010                                                                    1 of 2
LDU 2010.01
North Central Texas College

FACILITIES CONSTRUCTION                                                                 CM

                              that campaign, the proposed naming, and the associated pri-
                              vate fund contributions to be sought shall have prior approval
                              of the Board.
                        4.    Except in extraordinary circumstances, the Board shall not
                              approve renaming of buildings.
                        5.    Exceptional individual service to the institution may be recog-
                              nized by a special permanent commemorative placed in a fa-
                              cility with which the individual is closely identified.
                        6.    The Institutional Advancement Procedures Manual shall con-
                              tains guidelines and procedures related to the naming of fa-

DATE ISSUED: 3/3/2010                           ADOPTED:                                2 of 2
LDU 2010.01

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