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					Party Platforms on Sport and Physical Activity

Party                  Platform                                                                                                       Source       Page no

Conservative Party of - maintain the consistent policy of the federal government not to fund professional sports facilities will      Click here   - 19
Canada                apply it uniformly across the country.

                       - double the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit up to $1,000 to help cover the costs of registration fees for
                       children’s physical activities. This measure will be implemented when the federal budget is balanced                        - 26

                       - establish an Adult Fitness Tax Credit, to cover up to $500 in registration fees for fitness activities for
                       adults. This measure will be implemented when the federal budget is balanced

                                                                                                                                                   - 27
                       - In partnership with interested stakeholders, every recreational hockey arena in Canada will have a
                       defibrillator, and support training for attendants in using them.

                                                                                                                                                   - 56
                       - continue support for the Youth Gang Prevention Fund, and make it permanent. The Fund supports
                       practical initiatives, including recreational opportunities.

                                                                                                                                                   - 55
Liberal Party of      - implement a new Canadian Health Promotion Strategy to support sport and active living and improve          Click here   - 34
Canada                education and promotion of healthy foods.

                      - Work with the Council of Ministers for Education in Canada towards setting national targets for physical
                      activity in primary and secondary schools.

                      - call on Canada’s elite athletes to serve as models for young Canadians

                      - commit to stable and sustained funding for Own the Podium and Sport Canada.

                      - support athletes in future international sporting events.

                      -create a new Canada Service Corps to replace the Canadian Volunteer Initiative to develop networks of
                      voluntary non-profit organizations and fund training and capacity building programs to encourage, sustain
                                                                                                                                                - 58
                      and support volunteerism.

New Democratic Party - implement a Children’s Nutrition Initiative to support and expand provincial and local programs that        Click here   - 11
of Canada            provide healthy meals to school-children;

                      - enact the NDP’s National Strategy for Serious Injury Reduction in Amateur Sport Act

                      - ensure that communities have the resources they need to invest in crime prevention programs,
                      particularly those targeting youth, by increasing federal support to crime prevention from $65 million to                 - 16
                      $100 million per year;

Green Party of        - Promote Fitness, Sport and Active Living                                                                   Click here   -7
                      1.        Promote a broad-based national program of active living as a prescription for better health and
                          lower health care costs, to be delivered in partnership with provincial, municipal and non-
                          governmental bodies to achieve the goal agreed to by all ministers responsible for physical
                          activity across Canada of increasing physical activity by 10% over the next five years.
                 2.       Introduce a national standard of daily, quality participation in physical activity in schools,
                          colleges and universities to combat the epidemic of youth obesity.
                 3.       Make a strategic investment through Health Canada of $500 million over five years to
                          aggressively address inactivity and obesity.
                 4.       Re-introduce a national school-based fitness-testing program.
                 5.       Promote the “Walking School Bus,” as developed by the Toronto Atmospheric Fund, in which
                          adult volunteers supervise neighbourhood children walking to school, thereby reducing
                          pollution, improving fitness, and promoting community street safety.
                 6.       Endorse and promote the Olympic Movement’s Agenda 21 for Sport, which advocates sport and
                          recreation management practices that are sustainable, and encourages sustainable practices at
                          all sports events and facilities.
                 7.       Support the development of high-performance athletes both by encouraging broad-based
                          participation in sport, and by contributing to the provision of essential facilities, coaching and
                          medical support for high-performance athletes, as outlined in the 2003 Canadian Sport Policy.
                 8.       Structure the spending for sports to ensure there is a practical progression of long-term financial
                          support for sport at all levels in the sports continuum.
                 9.       Establish a Canadian Sports Spending Accountability Act, to ensure the effective long-term use of
                          tax dollars provided to high performance sports programs.
                 10.      Sustainable long-term funding support for municipalities to repair decades-old crumbling
                          infrastructure (Sports, cultural and recreational facilities getting $300,000 each year for three

Bloc Quebecois   No mention of sport in platform                                                                                Click here

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