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Bachelor of Science degree                       trips to surrounding areas both along the         BA and BS in Geology
  with a major in Geology                        coast and inland. Our program has many            Geology Core, plus:
Bachelor of Arts degree                          opportunities for independent research and
                                                 field work. At Humboldt, you will also be able    Lower Division
  with a major in Geology
                                                 to use research tools including petrographic      CHEM 109      General Chemistry
Bachelor of Arts degree                          microscopes, x-ray diffractometer and x-ray       CHEM 110      General Chemistry
  with a major in Geology—Geoscience             fluorescence instruments, a high-pressure/        MATH 109      Calculus I
  option                                         temperature experimental petrology lab,           MATH 110      Calculus II
Minor in Geology                                 geophysical exploration equipment and a
                                                 real-time kinematic GPS unit. Employers seek      One of the following two series:
For the master of science degree program,        out Humboldt geology graduates because of         ƒ PHYX 106 College Physics:
see Environmental Systems.                       their competence in the field and rigorous                   Mechanics & Heat
                                                 scientific background.                              PHYX 107 College Physics:
Department Chair
Lori Dengler, Ph.D.                              Career opportunities include positions with                  Electromagnetism
                                                 local/state/federal government scien-                        & Modern Physics
Department of Geology
                                                 tific and resource management agencies,              OR
Founders Hall 7
                                                 geotechnical and environmental consulting
                                                 firms, nonprofit conservation agencies, and       ƒ PHYX 109 General Physics I:
                                                 universities/colleges/K-12 schools. Job                      Mechanics
The Program                                      titles of Humboldt geology graduates include:       PHYX 110 General Physics II:
The geology and geosciences programs             geologist, petrologist, volcanologist, consul-               Electricity, Heat
provide students with a solid foundation in      tant, technical writer or editor, seismologist,
                                                                                                   One of the following:
Earth system science, how the Earth and its      emergency manager, hazards mitigation
processes affect humans, and how human                                                             MATH 210 Calculus III
                                                 specialist, field geologist, marine geologist,
activities affect the Earth.                                                                       STAT 108 Elementary Statistics
                                                 hydrologist, geomorphologist, museum cura-
                                                                                                   STAT 109 Introductory Biostatistics
Students completing this program will:           tor, and science teacher.
ƒ understand the fundamental concepts of         Preparation                                       Upper Division
Earth’s many systems                             In high school take mathematics, chemistry,       GEOL 314      Optical Mineralogy-
ƒ be able to find, analyze, and assess sci-      physics, biology and any environmental stud-                    Petrography
entifically credible information about the       ies that may be available. Students need          GEOL 344      Geobiology
Earth in both printed and electronic forms       to be able to write and speak effectively in      GEOL 435      Geology Field Methods III
ƒ communicate about Earth science in a           English and are expected to be proficient in      GEOL 475      Geology Field Camp
meaningful way both verbally and in writing      computer applications.                            GEOL 490, GEOL 491, GEOL 492 Senior
ƒ be able to make informed and responsi-                                                                        Thesis [BS degree only]
ble decisions regarding the Earth and its        REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MAJORS                       Note: The Senior Thesis requirement is
                                                 Geology Core Courses                              what distinguishes the BS degree from the
ƒ have the background to gain employment                                                           BA degree.
and/or admission to graduate studies in the      Lower Division Core
Earth sciences.                                                                                    Six units of approved upper division geology
                                                 GEOL 109      General Geology
                                                                                                   areas of specialization, including at least one
The BS and BA degrees in geology are rec-        GEOL 235      Geology Field Methods I
                                                                                                   of the following:
ommended for students who plan to seek
work as professional geologists and/or           Upper Division Core                               GEOL 445      Geochemistry
enter graduate school in the geosciences.        GEOL 306      General Geomorphology               GEOL 457      Engineering Geology
The BA degree—Geosciences option is              GEOL 312      Earth Materials                     GEOL 460      Solid Earth Geophysics
aimed toward students who are interested         GEOL 332      Sedimentary Geology                 GEOL 482      Instrumental Methods
in careers or pursuing graduate work in          GEOL 334      Structural Geology                                in Geology
environmental science, hazard/resource           GEOL 335      Geology Field Methods II            GEOL 531      Advanced Physical Geology
management and planning, environmental           GEOL 485      Seminar                             GEOL 550      Fluvial Processes
policy, and teaching.                                                                              GEOL 551      Hillslope Processes
                                                                                                   GEOL 553      Quaternary Stratigraphy
Humboldt’s setting provides a natural                                                              GEOL 554      Advanced Geology Field
laboratory to study earthquakes, tsunamis,                                                                       Methods
landsliding, river processes and rapid coastal                                                     GEOL 555      Neotectonics
erosion. The area also contains good expo-                                                         GEOL 556      Hydrogeology
sures of nearshore marine deposits and                                                             GEOL 558      Geomorphology of Soils
fossils recording the late Cenozoic history                                                        GEOL 561      Applied Geophysics
of the region. Students frequently take field

2011-2012 Humboldt State University Catalog                                                                                   Geology        131
BA Geology — Geosciences Option              REQUIREMENTS FOR THE MINOR
Geology Core, plus:                          GEOL 109     General Geology
Lower Division                               GEOL 110     Field Geology - Western US
                                             GEOL 306     General Geomorphology
GEOL 110 Field Geology - Western US          GEOL 308     Natural Disasters
CHEM 107 Fundamentals of Chemistry           GEOL 312     Earth Materials
MATH 105 Calculus for the Biological
         Sciences & NR                       Plus 3 additional units of approved geology
PHYX 106 College Physics:                    courses.
         Mechanics & Heat
One of the following:                                                
BIOL 105      Principles of Biology
BOT 105       General Botany
ZOOL 110 Introductory Zoology
One of the following:
STAT 108 Elementary Statistics
STAT 109 Introductory Biostatistics
One of the following:
OCN 109       General Oceanography
WSHD 310 Hydrology & Watershed

Upper Division
GEOL 300  Geology of California
GEOL 303  Earth Resources & Global
          Environmental Change
GEOL 308 Natural Disasters
GEOL 308L Natural Disasters Lab
          (option in place of 1 unit of
          GEOL 700)
GEOL 455 Geology Colloquium
GEOL 465 Geosciences Senior Project
GEOL 700 In-Service Professional
          Development (2 units or 1
          unit & GEOL 308L)
One of the following:
GEOG 352 Regional Climatology
CHEM 370 Earth System Chemistry
PHYX103 Introduction to Meteorology
One of the following:
GEOL 305 Fossils, Life, & Evolution
GEOL 344 Geobiology
One of the following:
EMP 377       Introduction to GIS Concepts
GEOG 216 Introduction to Mapping

132       Geology                                                                2011-2012 Humboldt State University Catalog

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