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					              The Cup
Cup Fillers – what has given you a sense of

Cup Drainers – what has drained life from

What do you observe?
      Do you notice any patterns in what has
       filled you or drained you?
      Is there anything you need to do
      What do you need to let go of?
      What do you need to embrace?
      How full is your cup at the moment?
      How can you replenish your cup?
      How can you replenish others cups?

Barry Pearman
                How to use this Cup
1. Grab a journal and pen.
2. Imagine your life as a cup.
3. Write down your Cup fillers and Cups drainers.
Cup Fillers - It might be the smallest of things such a smile
from a stranger, something you have read, something you
have achieved. It is anything positive that has been
poured into your life.
Cup Drainers – what has drained life from you?
Write down those things that have stressed you. It might
be a relationship, a conflict or a work situation. It could
be anything, but for whatever reason this has drained life
from you.
4. Prayerfully look at the Fillers and Drainers. Examine
them, ponder them. Use the questions listed. You might
like to problem solve some of the drainers. Set yourself
some goals that focus on both filling your cup and
attending to the drainers.
By the way, some things will always be drainers; it’s just
the nature of them. Some things can be both drainers and
fillers. For example, I love talking with people; it both fills
my cup but also drains it, and that’s ok, as long as I
manage it.
4. Prayerfully give thanks for all

Barry Pearman

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