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Trinidad and Tobago


									         Date coded
         D format,
Referenc e.g.       Last name           Policy     Name of organization [translation in
e Number 2001FEB15 of coder   Country   Issue Area brackets]
                                                    National Institutions:

                                                         Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
                                                         Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
                                                         Office of the Prime Minister
                                                              Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA)
                                                         Ministry of Education
                                                              National Training Agency (NTA)
                                                         Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries
                                                         Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                         Ministry of Local Government (MoLG)
                                                         Ministry of National Security
                                                              Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF)
                                                         Ministry of Planning and Development
                                                              Environmental Management Authority (EMA)
                                                         Ministry of Tobago Affairs
                                                         Ministry of Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs (MINTI)
                                                              Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS)
                                                              Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority (TTRA)
                                                              Tourism and Industrial Development Company (TIDCO)
                                                                    Investment Division
                                                                    Trade and Industry Division
                                                                    Tourism Division
                                                         Ministry of Works and Transport
                                                              Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT)
                                                         Strategic Services Agency (SSA)
                                                         Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago
                                                         Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

                                                    Municipal Institutions:

                                                         Port of Spain City Corporation

                                                    Representations in Foreign Countries:

                                                         Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in Ottawa, Canada
                                                         Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago in Washington, United States
     Permanent Mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nation

Political Parties:

     People's National Movement (PNM)
     United National Congress (UNC)
                                                                                                 mark "1" if
                                                                                                 seat at       Multiple
                                                                                                 the           functions
                                                                                                 Cabinet       in single
                                                                                                 table,        ministry:
                                                                                                 mark "2" if   "1" if just
                                                             Gateway                             direct        1,
             Name of parent                                  site      Webmaster e-mail          subsidiary    ".5" if 2,
             organization                                    listing   address or URL of web     , mark "3"    ".33" if 3,
             (organization above                             many      form for making contact   for all       ".25" if 4,
             in hierarchy)         URL of organization       URLs      with organization         other         etc.

ublic of Trinidad and Tobago
public of Trinidad and Tobago
e Affairs (IMA)          

 Agency (NTA)            
 Energy Industries       
 rnment (MoLG)           

ago Defence Force (TTDF) 
nd Development
anagement Authority (EMA)
ustry and Consumer Affairs (MINTI)
 ago Bureau of Standards (TTBS)
 ago Racing Authority (TTRA)
ustrial Development Company (TIDCO)
ndustry Division      

  of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT)
 ad and Tobago        
blic of Trinidad and Tobago


High Commission in Ottawa, Canada
                                 States of America
and Tobago in Washington, United
Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations in Geneva

ement (PNM)          
                                                                date on
                                                                main page
                                                                or, if none, a
                                                                key                          T2b:
                                                                subordinate                  provides
                                                                page, within                 phone
                                     T1b:                       the last year,               numbers or
                                     webmaster T1c:             or 0 if no                   postal
                                     appears to provides        date listed                  addresses
                                     be different obvious       on any of                    for
                                     from the one tailoring     these pages:     T2a:        employees
                      Transparency   running the indicating     Use              provides    within
                                     main         agency itself YYYYMMMD         central     agency
                      T1a: agency    government has             D format,        agency non- beyond most
Standard   Other      involvement    page, if one ownership of e.g.              email       senior
comments   comments   with site      exists       site content 2001FEB15         addresses   officials
provides                                                                                T3c:
email          T2d:                          T2f:                                       provides
address to     provides        T2e:          person          T3a:                       organization
person         email           provides      responsible     provides                   al structure   T4a:
responsible    address to      email         for technical   details on   T3b:          in graphic     provides       T4b:
for both       someone         address to    support for     senior       provides      form (give     other issue-   provides non-
content of     solely          someone       the site        official's   mission       "1" for        related        issue-related
the site and   responsible     solely        appears         experiences statement      having org     addresses      addresses
technical      for technical   responsible   NOT to be a     or vision of and various chart, add       for other      for other
support for    support for     for content   commercial      future for   activities of "0.1" for      government     government
the site       the site        of the site   firm            organization agency        every level)   agencies       agencies
                              T4e:                                                                       T5c:
T4c:            T4d:          provides a                                T5a:                             provides
provides        provides      searchable                                provides in                      instructions
issue-related   reports,      index for                                 depth                            for appeal
addresses       research,     archived                    T4g:          explanations of   T5b:           process for
for other       laws, and     newsletters,   T4f:         provides link requirements      provides       decisions or
NON-            regulations   laws,          provides all to or text of imposed on        instructions   address of
government      in easily     regulations,   downloaded public          citizens          on how to      an
al              readable      and            or printed   information resulting from      complete       ombudsman
information     format on     requirement    publications law or        agency            these          inside
sources         screen        s              for free     regulation    activities        actions        agency
                                            security                                                 I2d:
                                            access                                                   agency
                                            method,                                                  avoids
Interactivity                               such as                                                  dictating
                I1b:                        password or                                              format or
I1a:            does NOT                    secure                                                   content of
does NOT use require                        server use,                                              citizen
information     personal      I1c:          is                                                       communicati
gathering       information site entails associated                                                  on, e.g., no
techniques such (beyond       use of        with                         I2b:          I2c:          preset
as cookies to   return e-mail password or transaction                    provides      provides      subject or
gather          address) to transfer user with agency      I2a:          email link to email link to manual
information     communicat to secure        or access to   provides      senior        a number of insertion of
about site      e with        server        personal       email link to agency        agency        contact
visitors        agency        (https://...) information    webmaster official          employees information.
                I3a:             I3b:                                                                                  I5b:
                provides link    provides link                                                          I5a:           provides
                to listed sub-   to sublevels                                                           provides any   online form
I2e:            elements         noted in                                                               required       completion
provides an     within           agency’s        I3c:                                     I4c:          submission     and
online issue-   agency (give     organization    provides                                 provides link forms          submission
related         "1" for          al structure    automatic                  I4b:          to issue-     onscreen for   (give 0.1 for
forum for       having org       graphic (give   update       I4a:          provides link related       download       every form
outsider        chart, add       "1" for         announcem provides link to outside       outside non- (give 0.1 for   accessible
participation   "0.1" for        having org      ent or       to outside    non-issue- government every form           for online
such as chat    every sub-       chart, add      newsletter   issue-related related       al            accessible     completion
lines, and      element          "0.1" for       via          government government information for                    and
listserves.     hotlinked)       every level)    subscription addresses     addresses     sources       download)      submission)
                          I5e:                                      disability
                          provides      I5f:                        access
                          other         provides                    score:
                          language      iconographic                "Priority 1
                          access to     access to                   Accessibility
I5c:                      site for      site for       I5g:         " and "User
provides an I5d:          visitors      visitors       provides     Checks" by
automatic   provides link unable to     unable to      audio        Bobby,
response    to appeal     speak or      speak or       access to    http://www.c
limit for   process for read the        read the       site for
response to decisions     language of   language of    visitors     y               Do not       Do not
online      and/or an     the host      the host       unable the   e.g. "0.3" or   erase: Input erase: Input
submissions ombudsman country           country        site         "3.8"           list         list
                                                                                    Agriculture              1
                                                                                    Communications         0.5
                                                                                    Culture               0.33
                                                                                    Defense               0.25
                                                                                    Government Operations
                                                                                    Science & Technology
                                                                                    Social Services
                                                                                    Transportation & Infrastructure
            Do not
            erase: Input
            Link down
            Loads slowly
            Strange site
            Great site!

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