; The Fate of the Wicked
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The Fate of the Wicked


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									                                                                The Fate of the Wicked


     TAKE them from my heart, Lord Jesus.
       Every sin, and every stain ;
     Wash me in Thy perfect cleansing,
       Till no evil shall remain ;
     Till Thine eye, so pure, so holy,
       Looking from Thy throne above,
     Till Thy Spirit's deepest searching,
       Can discover only love,—
     Love for Thee in all Thy beauty,
       Love for man in all his needs;
     Love for every work and duty,
       Love to follow where God leads.

Vol. 32, No. 2                    Melbourne, Victoria, January 8, 1917
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18                                                            of                                         JANUARY 8, 1917

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                                                                   The Future of the World
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     EDITORIAL—Typhoid Fever—The Preservation of Food                   Industrial Unrest a Sign of the End
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        and How to Cook in Hot Weather—Summer Dietary                   Turkey and the War
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     CHATS with the DOCTOR—Granose Biscuits and the                      The Coming of the King
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                                                                          Warburton, Victoria, Australia,
                                          JANUARY 8, 191T

                                                        and in Christ.        This was admitted
                                                        time after time by the accusers. Even
          NOTES AND                                     lying witnesses could not produce a
                                                        satisfactory charge of criminality. The
                                                        Christians suffered for their faith. But
                                                        what a holy faith! No charge of murder,
                                                        theft, incendiarism, or sabotage was pre­
                                                        ferred against them; they were punished
                                                        for their true principles, their unswerving
A Bad Comparison                                        trust in God, and their unwavering faith.
                                                        They died for Christianity and not crimi­
  DURING recent speeches by members                      nality. What an unfair and odious
of the Industrial Workers of the World                   comparison, then, has been made. It is
in support of their association and as a                casting an unmerited reproach on the
protest against the heavy sentences pro­                pure names of those early Christian
nounced on members convicted of con­                     martyrs, those men and women who will
spiracy, the following comparison is                    one day wear " white robes," those men
made:—                                                  and women who followed in the pathway
  The members of the organisation are like the          of Christ.
early Christians who were driven to the catacombs          They are the ones who suffered for a
of Rome. The imprisoned men are held up as               " noble cause." They are the ones
martyrs in a noble cause.                                worthy of the name of " martyrs." These
  Before considering the accuracy of                     other men are merely suffering the just
such a comparison, let us look at some                   p'enalty of their crimes. The Christians
remarks made by the judge in sentencing                  overcame " by the blood of the Lamb ";
the prisoners:—                                          the I.W.W. workers are trying to over­
                                                         come by the blood of their fellow-men.
   You have been convicted of very, very serious         Love is banished before hatred, and
crimes. You are members of an association which          kindness is displaced by force.
I do not hesitate to state, after revelations in this
case, is an association of the very worst type, and a
hot-bed of crime. . . . You have not hesitated
to devise a devilish scheme, not merely for the
destruction of property, but absolutely regardless      Blind Guidance
of human life that might have been destroyed. . . .
I am going to pass a sentence upon jou which I do          IN condemning the attitude of four
not think personally is really commensurate with        clergymen in their publicly expressed
the terrible crime you have committed.                  approval of a morality play recently pro­
  This conclusion, in terms so definite                 duced in Melbourne, Rev. Father Lock-
and scathing, is from a level-headed man                ington, in an address before the Austra­
who has heard the evidence on both                      lian Catholic Truth Society, said:—
sides.   He calls them criminals, not       These clergyman have in their guidance to God
Christians. And is he not justified in so thousands of Australians. What manner of guides
                                                they who             opinions ? Such
doing ? When we examine the char­ were had to be voiced suchonly by Catholics,opin­
                                          ions            combated                    who
acters of the "early Christians" we see judged everything by the ten commandments in their
how different was their conduct from original form, and not by their suggested revised
that of the I.W.W. members.               edition.
   The only fault found in those early       We would like to know on what
martyrs was that of belief in the Bible authority the speaker made the state-
20                                                       of                                                                        JANUARY 8, 1917

ment we have italicised, when Catholic                      Catholic leaders should bear in mind
leaders for centuries have made the boast                 that they too "have in their guidance to
(yes, boast) that the Holy See has the                    God thousands of Australians." " What
power of altering the precepts of Christ                  manner of guides" are they proving to
and the law of God. But Protestants                       be ? We fear Christianity is being led
may ask, Is this so ? Has the Catholic                    by "blind guides," and that leading will
Church altered the law of God ? We                        result in disaster. Yes, disaster to both
reply, Most certainly it has, and the                     the guides and those who permit them­
majority of Protestants are expressing                    selves to be led. Arouse then, Christen-
belief in its authority by countenancing
Sabbath observance on the first day of
the week instead of on the seventh, the                                    TVi H                  LyAV            * OF GOD
day appointed by the Creator. We could
quote countless Roman authorities to                              AS GIVEN BY JEHOVAH.                                A3 CHANGED BY MAN.

prove our statement, but in our limited                                         PS 89 -34.
                                                                                                                       times and laws." Uan 7 £>
                                                                                                                               Don ay Bible
space, three will suffice:—                                                         I.                                                I.
                                                                                                                    I am the Lord thy God : thou shall not
                                                                                                                   have strange gods before me.
  We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because                                      £1.
the Catholic Church, in the Council of Laodicea
(A.D. 336) transferred the solemnity from Saturday
to Sunday.—" The Convert's Catechism of Catholic              earth ; thou shalt not bow down thyself lo
Doctrine," by Rev. P. Geiermami, a work "blessed" by          them, nor serve them ; for I the Lord thy
                                                              God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity
Pope Pius X, Jan. 25, igio.                                   of the fathers upon the children unto the

   Cardinal Gibbons says :—                                                       III.                                                  II.
                                                                "ihoH shall not take the name of the Lord           Thou s>!iali not lake the n.inip of the Lord
   You may read the Bible from Genesis to Reve­               him puiltlcsa that laketh his name in vain.
lation, and you will not find a single line authoris­                              IV.
                                                                Renipmbt-r the Sabbath day to keep it
                                                                                                                    Remember ihai thou keep holy the Sfli>
ing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures
enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day           bath or the Lord Ihy God ; in it Uiou alwli
which we never sanctify.—"Faith of Our Fathers"
page in.                                                      servant, isorthy cattle, nor thy si ranger thai
                                                              i^ \viitiin thy (rates ; for in six days tbeLorii
                                                              m;xk. heaven and earth. Die sea, and all that
  An Australian Catholic organ puts the                       n Jjcreforc t In- Lord blessed llicS.-ibtath day,
                                                              and hallowed jt.
position thus:—                                                                       V.                                               IV
                                                              th> days ma> be Ion;; "J 1 "" ili« biul winch
   Sunday is a Catholic institution, and its claims to        the Lord thy God sivetU llice.

observance can be defended only on Catholic prin­                                 VI.
                                                                         Thou shall not kill.
                                                                                                                             " Thou sshalt not kill.
ciples. . . . From beginning to end of Scripture                                 VII.
                                                                   Thou slialt not commit adulu. y.
there is not a single passage that warrants the                                  VIII.
                                                                                                                        Tliou shah not commit adulteiy,
transfer of weekly public worship from the last day                      Thou shalt not bteal.                                Thou shall not steal-
of the week to the first.— Catholic Press, Aug. 25,                               IX                                                  VIII.

1900.                                                         thy neighbor.
                                                                                                                  tin- neighbor.       ^
                                                                Thou shall no* covet lliy neighbor's              Thou shall not covet thj neighbor's wife.
   No, there is not a single passage that
•warrants such a change, but there is one                     SL'ivani. nor liis ox, nor Ins ass. nor any­
                                                              thing that is, thy neighbor's.
                                                                                                                    [Sf RiiOn** Catithi-ui, f. ?S, ffft/ftanff
                                                                                                                  1877, i»,Ii!i»heil by Hoffinn,, Bnn,., MI!:,"H-

 that predicts such a change. Let us read                                   (S-T^.zo-. 1-I7-]                     **». «•",$.]

 Dan. 7 : 25 from the Catholic (Douay)
 Bible: "He shall think himself able to                   dom, and hearken to the voice of the
change times and laws." The Catholic                      Lord: "Fear God, and keep His com­
Church has thought itself able to make                    mandments "—yes, keep them, and not
the change, but there is a remnant of                     destroy them or revise them. Watch the
 God's people who keep the command­                       path in which you are being led, and see
ments as given by God and not as given                    that you walk in the "narrow way";
by man. Not only has the fourth com­                      shun the " broad way " which leadeth to
mandment been tampered with, however,                     destruction.
but .one precept of the decalogue has
actually been discarded (to allow for
image-worship), and the tenth command­                      " THE law of the Lord is perfect, con­
ment split into two, in order to complete                 verting the soul: the testimony of the
the number. These changes are plainly                     Lord is sure, making wise the simple."
set out in the accompanying table.                        Ps. 19:7.
IANUA.RY 8, 1917                                          of                                                  21
                                                           produces crimes; but we doubt whether any other
                                                           war in history ever witnessed exactly this spectacle
                                                           of crime so bestial in character erected into a policy,
                                                           as in the present case.
                                                               Continuing, the editor says:—
                                                             But we need not go to other lands, and search
 WABBUBTON, VIOTOBIA, ATJSTBALIA, JAUUABT 8, 1917          under strange skies, in order to find proofs of the
                                                           new and strange energy of wickedness which has
  All manuscript should be addressed to the Editor. For
                                                           suddenly broken out in the world.
further particulars see last page.
                                                              He then speaks of the gross and ter­
              CHABLES M. SNOW, EDITOR                      rible crimes committed by certain mem­
                                                           bers of the I.W.W., and says of those
                                                           who were convicted for these crimes:—
   GOD has faithfully warned us that
" evil men and seducers shall wax worse                      The evidence showed that the men, both in their
                                                           public utterances and in their correspondence, were
and worse, deceiving, and being de­                        consumed with a kind of ferocious hate against
ceived." 2 Tim. 3 :13. The apostle is                      civilised order. " Down with God, with the Church,
telling of conditions that would be mani­                  with the State," was a sentence in one of the letters
fest in the last days; for he says (verse l),              read at the trial. . . . The I.W.W. is something
                                                           more than an absurdity. It is a monstrous an­
" This know also, that in the last days                    achronism. It is as much out of place and out of
perilous times shall come." The terrible                   date as would be some vast reptile creeping out of
deeds that have been committed during                      the primeval slime, if it appeared in the streets of
this war, such as no other war has ever                    Melbourne or Sydney. And ye_t . . . they have
                                                           many sympathisers. These criminals 3 ust convicted
produced, ought to demonstrate that we                     of an attempt to burn down half a city were cheered
have entered upon the " perilous times "                   as they left the court, and public meetings are being
of "the last days." There has recently                     held to raise funds for them. . . . All this may well
been published in London by Professor                      awakea a sense of wonder which leaves speech
                                                           bankrupt. These men and their sympathisers have
Reiss, of the University of Lausanne, a                    not simply broken loose from all Christian ethics;
report of his investigations in Servia                     they have invented a new ethical code of an in­
following the first invasion of the Austro-                verted and lunatic sort.
Hungarian army. The investigations                            Now all this is true to fact. There is
covered a period of several months. The                    now being manifested in this world a
testimony of many witnesses is given and                   " new and strange energy of wicked­
is supported by photographs and official                   ness!" While we deplore the demonstra­
 documents. It is declared to be " one of                  tion, y et it need not cause us wonderment
the most terrible indictments of human                     or surprise; for God has faithfully fore­
nature ever framed." All devices of                        warned us that such would be the case.
cruelty that wicked men and demons                         "Evil men and seducers ['in the last
could invent seem to have been used in                     days' ] shall wax worse and worse." It
 these Servian villages upon all classes of                is only those who have been expecting
the inhabitants. The victims were shot,                    what God has not promised that are as­
 killed with knives, clubbed to death with                 tonished and dumbfounded by such
 sticks, disembowelled, burnt alive, having                wickedness and depravity. It was to be,
their limbs broken or torn off, their eyes                 too, in the last days that the " spirits of
 put out, their skin cut off in strips, and                devils " would " go forth unto the kings
 portions of their faces cut away. Little                  of the earth and of the whole world, to
 girls were thrown to the pigs, and many                   gather them to the battle of the great day
 buried alive. The report states that more                 of God Almighty." Rev. 16:13-15. This
 women than men were burned alive.                         mighty war now in progress is without
 Such wanton cruelty is beyond our com­                    doubt the prelude to " the battle of the
 prehension. The editor of the Southern                    great day"; and no one who reads the
 Cross says of these doings:—                              records of its fearful slaughters and its
   The mutilations are indescribable, and nothing          diabolical crimes can doubt that the
less than devilish. They represent such a bestial          " spirits of devils " are giving the world
spirit, a contempt for.human nature so diabolical,         a foretaste of what is in store for it when
a wickedness so monstrous, that one wonders why
God's lightnings did not leap from the skies to con­       the battle of Armageddon shall be in full
sume the authors of such crimes. . . . War always          swing.
22                                               of                                      JANUARY 8, 1917

       Demolishing Adyentism                       liar, what shall be said of him who pro­
                                                    fesses to love and serve God, and does
     OUR friendly critic, who would de­            not keep His commandments ? Inspira­
 molish the law of God in order to de­             tion is very positive in this matter; and
 molish Adventism, has raised some inter­          it is a tremendously serious thing to be
 esting points in—                                 in a position where Inspiration calls us
     Proposition No. 7. The saints of God          liars; because, for such, there is no hope
  must be governed by the higher law, the          of the eternal reward. Jesus Himself,,
 law of supreme love of God and equal              through John, in the Revelation, declares
 love of our fellows. " If ye be led of the        what their end shall be: " All liars shall
  Spirit, ye are not under the law." Gal.          have their part in the lake which burneth
  5 :18. " Love is the fulfilling of the law.'     with fire and brimstone." Rev. 21 : 8.
 Rom. 13 :10. Read Jeremiah's prediction           Again, who are liars ?—All who say they
 of the new covenant. Jer. 31:33.                  know God and do not keep His com­
     Jeremiah's prediction concerning the          mandments. But what about being "led
 new covenant is this:—                            of the Spirit," and so "not under the-
     "I will put My law in their inward            law " ? Only they are " not under the
 parts, and write it in their hearts; and          law " who are faithfully keeping it. He
 will be their God, and they shall be My           who transgresses the law is certainly
 people." It is difficult for us to under­         under it, condemned by it, held by it to
 stand why our critic should cite us to this       the penalty which it provides. But he
 scripture in proof of the abolition of            who keeps it is not condemned by it, and
 God's law and the error of Adventists,            so is free from its penalty. There is no
 when it so clearly upholds our position           possible way of getting out from under
 regarding the law of God: for when the            the law through breaking or disregarding
 law is written in men's hearts it is more         it. Paul asks this question direct to our
 firmly established than it is when it is          critic, and to all who think and teach as
 merely written on stones. No one can              he does: " Do we then make void the law
 truthfully say that he is living in new          through faith ? God forbid: yea, we
 covenant relation with the Lord, and              establish the law." Rom. 3:31. Are
 therefore has God's law written in his            you a child of faith ? Have you faith ?
 heart, when he is breaking it from week          If you are, and if you have, your very
 to week. The new covenant man has                 faith is a testimony to you that the law
 God's law written in his heart. So as long        is not abolished, but established. If our
 as the new covenant is operative the law          critic holds to his claim that the word
 is in operation also—not abolished, but           " law " here takes in the whole five books,
firmly established.                               of Moses, then the whole Levitical dis­
    " But," says our critic, " Love is the        pensation—ten commandments and all—
fulfilling of the law." Most certainly it         comes over into the Christian dispensa­
is. John says: "For this is the love of           tion and is binding upon us because by
God, that we keep His commandments:               our faith " we establish the law." But
and His commandments are not griev­               Seventh-day Adventists have never made-
ous." I John 5:3. He also gives us a              any such sweeping claim as this, and do-
test by which we may know whether we              not believe that anyone else is author­
love the children of God or not: " By this        ised to do it. Nevertheless, that is the-
we know that we love the children of              inconsistent position into which any
God, when we love God, and keep His               Christian is forced who would have God's-
commandments." Verse 2. John also                 law abolished to get rid of the Sabbath
gives us a text by which we may know              and makes the claim our critic does.
whether we know God or not: "And                      Whosoever is living under the new
hereby we do know that we know Him,               covenant has the law of God written in
if we keep His commandments. He that              his heart. So Christ, the centre and soul
saith, I know Him, and keepeth not His            of the new covenant, declared of Himself z
commandments, is a liar, and the truth is         " Thy law is within My heart." Ps. 40:8.
not in Him." I John 2:3, 4.                       The new covenant Christian is a child of
    If he who professes to know God and           faith, and by faith "we establish the?
does not keep His commandments is a                            (Continued on. page 29)
JANUARY 8, 1917
                                                    all people. For unto you is born this
                                                    day in the city of David a Saviour, which
                                                    is Christ the Lord."

         GENERAL                                       The word gospel means good tidings.
                                                    The gospel is a message of salvation
                                                    from sin. For before this time the same
                                                    angel had foretold to Joseph the birth of
                                                    this infant, and had said, "Thou shalt
                                                    call His name Jesus; for He shall save
          THE UNFAILING LOVE                        His people from their sins."
     I READ in the dear old chapters,                  This gospel message—tidings of great
       In times when weary grown,                   joy—is to all people. It contains assur­
     Of the love that never taileth                 ance enough for everybody ; but as if to
        To find and bless its own.                  emphasise the fact that the poor have
     And sweet are the words with comfort
        As through the land I go,                   equal rights in the gospel with the rich,
     For what the Father has promised               the first announcement of the birth of
        He will make good, I know.                  Christ was to men in the humblest walks
      No matter what ills betide us                 of life. It was not to the chief priests
        Here in the lower land,                     and scribes, nor to the nobles, but to
      We may turn from the cares that vex us        shepherds, that the joyful news was first
       And find the comforting hand.                told. So the gospel is not beyond the
      We can learn of the love unfailing
       Like an arm that is strong and true,         understanding of the uneducated. Christ
      And feel it is sure and steadfast             Himself was born and brought up in
       The whole long journey through.— Selected.   poverty ; He preached the gospel to the
                                                    poor, and " the common people heard
                                                    Him gladly." Since it is thus presented
            A Gracious Call                         to the common people, who constitute the
                                                    greater part of the whole world, there is
       God Pleading With the World                  no doubt about its being a world message.
                  George Teasdale                      But although the gospel is first of all
  Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy    to the poor, it is not mean and ignoble-
laden, and I will give you rest.                    Christ became poor that we might be­
  MAN sinned.                                       come rich. The great apostle to the
   "The wages of sin is death."                     Gentiles, who was called upon to give
   God " is longsuffering to us-ward, not           the message to kings, and to the great
willing that any should perish, but that            men of the earth, said, in view of his-
all should come to repentance."                     hoped-for visit to the capital of the world,
   By the law of substitution the Father            " I am not ashamed of the gospel of
of mercies opened the way to repentance,            Christ; for it is the power of God unto
giving His only Son to be a " propitiation          salvation to everyone that believeth."
for our sins: and not for ours only, but               The gospel call is an expression not
also for the sins of the whole world."              only of God's love for lost mankind, but
This gift is an expression of the great­            also of His great power. Within the
ness of His love for man, and of the in­            heart of every one He has implanted a
tensity of His desire for our salvation:            desire for power. The mad, ambitious
"God so loved the world, that He gave               striving of some to exalt themselves at
His only begotten Son, that whosoever               the expense of others, the unceasing
believeth in Him should not perish, but             struggle for wealth, and the reckless
have everlasting life."                             plunging into a giddy roundof pleasures,
   When the humble shepherds on the                 are all vain endeavours to satisfy this
plains of Bethlehem were astonished by              longing.
the shining of the glory of the Lord round             He who implanted that desire is the
about them, as they watched their flocks             only one who can satisfy it. God is
by night, their fears were quieted by the            manifest in Christ, and Christ is indeed
voice of the angel of the Lord, who said,            the " desire of all nations," although
" Fear not; for, behold, I bring you good            there are so few who will believe that in
tidings of great joy, which shall be to              Him alone is there perfect rest and entire
24                                          of                                   JANUARY 8, 1917

satisfaction. To every unsatisfied mortal    that will save them. The gospel brings
the invitation is given, "O taste and see    to all men this power, and it is nothing
that the Lord is good; blessed is the man    less than God's own power. Jesus Christ
that trusteth in Him. O fear the Lord,       is " the power of God," so that only in
ye His saints; for there is no want to       Him can the longings of the heart be
them that fear Him."                         satisfied.
  " How precious is Thy loving-kindness,         Ho, everyone that thirsteth, come ye to the
                                                                waters, and he that hath no
                                                                money; come ye, buy, and eat;
                                                                yea, come, buy wine and milk
                                                                without money and without price.
                                                                   Wherefore do ye spend money
                                                                for that which is not bread ?
                                                                and your labour for that which
                                                                satisfieth not? hearken diligently
                                                                unto Me, and eat ye that which
                                                                is good, and let your soul de­
                                                                light itself in fatness.
                                                                   Incline your ear, and come
                                                                Unto Me: hear, and your soul
                                                                shall live; and I will make an
                                                                everlasting covenant with you,
                                                                even the sure mercies of David.

                                                              Willingness to repent
                                                           indicates the presence of
                                                          the SpiritofGod, and abil­
                                                           ity to overcome is a mani­
                                                           festation of His eternal
                                                           power. Neither can be
                                                           doubted. Both are infal­
                                                           lible. The silent work of
                                                           regeneration taking place
                                                           in the human heart—the
                                                           subjecting of impatience,
                                                           of talebearing, of hatred,
                                                           and a score of other like
                                                           qualities, to nobler desires
                                                           —is evidence that God's
                                                           call of love is operating
                                                           surely and irresistibly,
                                                           and the operation will
                                                           continue unto perfection
                                                           wherever the conditions
                                                           are. favourable. A deter­
                                                           mination to surrender the
     "FEAR NOT; FOR BEHOLD, I BRING YOU GOOD TIDINGS       human will to the Divine,
                      OF GREAT JOY"                        believing that His way
                                                           is best; confidence in His
O God! and the children of men take dealings with us, knowing that He does
refuge under the shadow of Thy wings. all things well, are the necessary con­
They shall be abundantly satisfied with ditions to ultimate perfection. " Let the
the fatness of Thy house; and Thou shalt wicked forsake his way, and the unright­
make them drink of the river of Thy eous man his thoughts: and let him
pleasures."                                 return unto the Lord, and He will have
  Power is what men desire in this world, mercy upon him; and to our God, for He
and power is what God wants them to will abundantly pardon."
have. But the power that they are seek­
ing would ruin them, while the power          WE can do more good in being good
that He desires them to have is power than in any other way.—Rowland Hill.
JANUARY 8. 1917                               of

     Between Death and the Resurrection
                         The Condition of the Wicked
                                    EDWIN S. BUTZ
   THERE are few questions of greater         thereof thou shalt surely die." Gen. 2:17.
interest, or that have provoked more dis­     This was the warning given to man.
cussion, than those pertaining to the         When man transgressed, God proceeded
place and condition of the wicked after       to inflict the penalty by expelling him
death. There are three general positions      from the tree of life and the garden,
held and taught by the religious world;       " Lest he ... take also of the tree of
viz., First: That the wicked are cast into    life, and eat, and live forever." Gen.
a pit of fiercely raging fire, where they     3:22.
suffer untold agony, with no one per­            Death is the antithesis of life. There
mitted to bring as much as a drop of          is general agreement concerning the
water to cool the parched tongue. The         common use of the term death. It is well
writer well remembers how, years ago,         understood that death means simpiy ces­
the people were stirred to a state of ex­     sation of life. But in its theological use,
cited fear by the fiery tongue of the         death has been given a mystic meaning
"revival preacher" as he pictured the         by some to make it carry the doctrine of
 agonies of the "wicked in hell." The         eternal torment. Others maintain that
 fear thus excited was used as the lever      this mystical interpretation is illogical
of appeal. This style of preaching is         and unscriptural; that death in the theo­
 rarely heard to-day. It is no longer         logical sense means just the same as in
"fashionable" to preach in this way.           the popular sense—simply cessation of
    Second: The second position is that       life.
 the wicked go to purgatory at death.            The Bible ascribes many qualities to
 There they are purified by fire till fit      death. By studying some of these we
 to enter the abode of the blessed.            may understand what Inspiration means
    Third: The doctrine taught by others       by death.
 is that the dead lie in their graves in an               Condition in Death
 unconscious condition till the morning of        In Ps. 6:5 we read, " In death there
 the resurrection.                             is no remembrance of Thee: in the grave
    It is obvious that these positions can­    who shall give Thee thanks ?" The dead
 not all be correct. If the wicked are in      remember not God nor give thanks.
 the orthodox " hell," or " purgatory," in     There, then, is taught the general truth
 torment, they cannot " lie silent in the      that memory is gone and praise for­
 grave."                                       gotten. By a striking contrast Isa. 38:
    Which, then, is the correct doctrine ?     18, 19 shows that it is impossible for the
 How shall we determine ? It is beyond         dead to render praise. The living only
 the ken of philosophy; for there is no        can rerider praise. Or, as the psalmist
 analogy in human experience from which        informs us, the dead are in a condition
 to reason. Personal testimony cannot be       of "silence." Ps. 115:17. There are no
 produced, for no one has returned to give     agonising cries from flame-parched lips,
 evidence. There is one, and only one,         —" silent as the grave."
 way by which we can know the truth.              The psalmist tells us further that in
 It must come to us by revelation from         the day of man's death "his thoughts
 God. .The answer to this question God         perish." Ps. 146:4. There are condi­
 has revealed in the Bible.                    tions in which one cannot speak—hence
    What, then, does the Bible say con­        silent—but still he can think. But here
 cerning the condition of the wicked in        we learn that the silence results from the
 death ? God placed life before man as         inability longer to think. At death the
 the reward of obedience, with the alter­      mind becomes inactive, and rests, locked
 native, death, as the penalty of disobedi­    in unconscious slumber.
 ence. "The wages of sin is death."               In Eccl. 9:5, Israel's inspired king
 Rom. 6:23. " In the day that thou eatest      mentions four leading attributes of mind
26                          &fyt gltptf Of                                  JANUABY 8, 1917

and heart; viz., knowing, loving, hating,       Jesus said, " Our friend Lazarus sleepeth ;
envying. These four attributes include          but I go, that I may awake him out of
about all there is of the intellectual and      sleep." John II: II. His disciples mis­
spiritual natures of man. He informs us         took His meaning. "They thought that
that all these qualities of mind and heart      He had spoken of taking rest in sleep."
cease at death. " The living know that          Verse 3. Seeing that He was misunder­
they shall die, but the dead know not any­      stood, " Then said Jesus unto them
thing." Could a contrast be more pointed ?      plainly, La/arus is dead." Verse 14. The
                                                                  writer of the Acts of the
                                                                 Apostles, when record­
                                                                  ing the stoning to death
                                                                  of Stephen, the first
                                                                 Christian martyr, says,
                                                                 "He fell asleep." Acts
                                                                 7 : 60. It is recorded of
                                                                 one of the most wicked
                                                                 of Judah's kings : " And
                                                                  Ahaz slept with his fath­
                                                                 ers."    2 Kings 16 : 20.
                                                                  Sleep is the term we
                                                                 apply to an individual
                                                                  when in the state of un­
                                                                 conscious rest.
                                                                    Sleep in the Grave
                                                                   We are informed by
                                                                Job (7 : 2l) that the dead
                                                                " sleep in the dust."
Cognition ceases at death. Love, hatred,       Dan. 12:2 announces the same truth.
envy perish I These strong emotions no         The dead lie in the grave in uncon­
longer swell the breast. They have             scious repose till the morning of the
perished.                                      resurrection, when "All that are in
  The dead have no longer a part in the        the graves shall hear His voice, and
knowledge and affairs of the living.           shall come forth ; they that have done
" His sons come to honour, and he know-        good, unto the resurrection of life;
eth it not; and they are brought low, but      and they that have done evil, unto the
he perceiveth it not of them." Job 14:21.      resurrection of damnation." John 5 :
                                               28, 29. The day is coming when " all
         Death Compared to Sleep               that are in the graves shall hear His
  In speaking of the death of Lazarus,         voice, and shall come forth."

               The Fate of the Impenitent
                                  THOMAS H. CRADDOCK
                            The wages of sin is death, Rom. 6:23.
         The Meaning of "Death"                He, Himself, told Adam: "In the sweat
   THE first time the word " death " occurs    of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou
in the Scriptures is in Gen. 2:17. Refer­      return unto the ground; for out of it
ring to " the tree of knowledge," Jehovah,     wast thou taken; for dust thou art, and
speaking in words of warning to our            unto dust shalt thou return." Gen. 3 :19.
first parents, said: "In the day that thou       This is so plain that it really leaves no
eatest thereof thou shalt surely die."         room for quibble or doubt. From the
Just what God meant by the word " die,"        nature of the case the penalty must be
JANWARY 8, 1917                               of $* CHtnes                             27
understood literally. It is judicial lan­     called so is only a transition, man chang­
guage where metaphor or figure is inad­       ing one place for another. According to
missible. Dr. Ives, in "Bible Doctrine        this, the emigrant from Europe to Aus­
of the Soul," page 36, says: " The terms      tralia may be as truly said to die as he
of a law is the last place in which to        who leaves this world to enter upon
look for figurative language. Words           another. But then, men should remember
there can only be used in their primary,      that it was God who gave to a certain
literal meaning. If death is threatened,      condition the name of death, and that if
death in its primary sense is meant—the       there is illusion in the name, it is God
cessation of existence. This rule of          whom they charge with deceit!
human jurisprudence admits of no de­             It is passing strange that men, clear
parture therefrom.""                          upon other questions, do not see the
   Clearly, then, the sentence of death, as   absurdity of the language which they
applied to man, means that he returns to      use on this whole question of death.
the original elements from which he was       Hymnology is full of it, and is supposed
created; and this process in the case of      by its admirers to breathe the very essence
Adam commenced the very day that he           of the gospel. I quote just one instance,
fell, and continued until death was fin­      selected at random:—
ished in him, at the age of 930 years.
Gen. 5:5. From the day that Adam                          With my latest breath,
                                                          Overcoming death,
 sinned until to-day, the dread sentence                From the body disencumbered.
of death has not been withdrawn from
 his descendants. "In Adam all die."              How can a man be said to overcome
 The human body is constantly dying.           death in drawing the last breath of life ?
 The excretory organs are constantly           Surely, when he has drawn the last
 throwing off dead matter. That this           breath, it is then that death has over­
 continual decay is included in the death      come him! As long as any breath of
 sentence is evident from the expression :     life is in the man, death is kept at bay.
 "In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat      Death may be near at hand—visibly
 bread, till thou return unto the ground."     seen to approach—but as long as breath
 From Adam's day to the present time           remains, death certainly has not con­
 death, with two exceptions, Enoch and         quered in the strife. And yet the hymn
 Elijah, has been the lot of all mankind.      above quoted tells us that this is precisely
 Every man's record ends with the words:       the moment when man has conquered
 "and he died."                                death. Death has overcome the man,
                                               and the man has overcome death, by one
     The Theological Definition of Death       and the same last drawing of breath!
   Believers in natural immortality vigor­     We ask the thoughtful reader can "ab­
ously combat the idea of a literal death       surdity go further ?
sentence, contending that the body only The Bible Meaning of "Soul" and "Spirit"
dies, and the soul, or spirit, lives on
eternally in the joys of heaven or misery    The Bible uses the word " soul," in its
of hell.                                   primary meaning, to denote a material
   A sound theory of human nature and organisation: that is, it denotes matter
of man's condition in death, would re­ organised as to be susceptible to life. It
lieve millions of Adam's great family applies the term equally to men and
from an amazing amount of hopeless animals. In a secondary sense it not
confusion of thought and of positive and infrequently denotes the life of ail earthly
most serious error. It is upon the popular creatures.   The fact, however, is ex­
view of man surviving what is called plicitly stated that such beings are
death that a very large portion of the formed of material elements, and no
doctrinal errors of the Church of Rome account whatever is found in the Biblical
is based.                                  writings of anything beyond this enter­
   Following the teachings of Plato, ing into their composition. The lan­
modern theology denies that there is guage of the inspired apostle, in I Cor.
truly any such thing as death, and 15 :45, 47, is most decisive on this point.
teaches that what is most improperly He states: " The first man Adam was
 28                                              of                            JANUARY 8, 1917
 made a living soul," Greek, psuche; then          22: II. Against this decree there can be
 he describes this first man (in the Greek)        no appeal. The case of every member
 as being />swc/i-ikron, which we may              of" Adam's great family will then be
 translate psuch-ica\, or, to coin a corre­        eternally settled.
 sponding English word, s0M/-ical. And                At the close of the judgment and in
 this so-designated "sowZ-ical" being he           harmony with its decisions Christ will
 declares is ek ges, of earth, earthy. If          come to our world again to gather to
 this be materialism, so let it be. It is the      Himself those whom the judgment has
 materialism of the Bible, and rests upon          declared worthy of eternal life. At that
 an authority that man cannot assail.              time all the righteous will be raised from
    In the Scriptures the word " spirit "          their dusty beds, but the wicked will not
 means the "breath of life." In Eccl. 8:8          be resurrected until one thousand years
 we find these words: "No man hath                 have passed. Of these two resurrections
 power over the spirit to retain the spirit."     the Patmos seer writes : " But the rest of
That is to say: No man- hath power to re­         the dead lived not again until the thou-.
tain the breath of life. The Hebrew word           sand years were finished. This is the
is ruach, corresponding to the English            first resurrection. Blessed and holy is
word " spirit," the latter from the Latin         he that hath part in the first resurrection:
spiro, meaning "I breathe." It relates to         on such the second death hath no power,
the vital principle, the breath of_ life, that    but they shall be priests of God and of
returns to God the Giver of it; not a             Christ, and shall reign with Him a thou­
conscious being, who can return to God            sand years. And when- the thousand
only as having previously existed with Him.       years are expired, Satan shall be loosed
A plain example is found in Gen. 7:21,            out of his prison, and shall go out to
22, where Moses records the result of the         deceive the nations which are in the four
flood, both to beasts and to man.                 quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog,
                                                  to gather them together to battle: the
         The Destiny of the Wicked                number of whom is as the sand of the
    One of the first principles of justice        sea. And they went up on the breadth
 requires that parties threatened with a          of the earth, and compassed the camp of
  penalty for transgression should have           the saints about, and the beloved city :
 the fullest opportunity of understanding         and fire came down from God out of heaven,
  what the penalty is. Accordingly, God           and devoured them." Rev. 20: 5-9.
 has informed us in more than one hun­               The use of the expression, " second
 dred inspired utterances that the wicked         death," implies a similarity, or likeness,
 shall be destroyed, sent to perdition, con­     of the two deaths. The first death,
 sumed, devoured by fire, slain, come to an      which we call " natural," which is suf­
 end, be cut off, burned up.                     fered by righteous and wicked alike,
    During their years of resting in the         comes from a gradual wearing out of the
 grave the wicked have not been suffering        vital forces caused by disease or ex­
 punishment. Peter tells us that they are        haustion. The second death is caused
 reserved unto the day of judgment to be         by the visitation of God's wrath against
 punished. 2 Peter 2:9. Job speaks of            sin, in harmony with the decision of the
 them as being reserved to the day of            judgment. The result, however, will be
destruction, and being brought forth to          the same—a return to the original ele­
the day of wrath. Job 21:29, 30.                 ments from which man was made in the
   With certainty and great emphasis the         beginning. _________
 Bible, both in Old and New Testaments,
sets forth awful judgment scenes and                NEVER trifle with one sin. It is like a
all-important decisions of the judgment.         little cloud which, as a poet has said,
At the close of the judgment, the reve-          may hold a hurricane in its grasp. The
lator tells us that the fiat will be de­         next sin you commit may have a mighty
clared : " He that is unjust, let him be         effect in the blighting of your life. You
unjust still: and he which is filthy, let        do not know the streams that may flow
him be filthy still: and he that is right­       from that fountain; for sin is a fountain
eous, let him be righteous still: and he         —not a mere act, but a fountain of evil.
that is holy, let him be holy still." Rev.       —Andrew A. Bonar.
JANUARY 8, 1917                                         of                                                     29
                                                           funeral at Vienna and another train, sixty-eight
                                                           persons were killed, and two hundred were injured.

         CURRENT                                              ROVING gipsies are following the German advance
                                                         . in Roumania, committing every kind of lawlessness.
                                                           Pitiful scenes are presented, but no effort is being
          EVENTS                                           made by the Central Powers to stop the devastation.
                                                              THE German Government has prohibited electric-
                                                           lighted advertisements, and closes nearly all shops
                                                           at 7 p.m. Theatres must close at 10 p.m. This order
                                                           also applies to private houses and street lighting,
                                                           in order to effect a saving of fuel and light.
  THE Danish Government has prohibited the ex­
port of matches.                                                GREAT use is being made of the motor-cycle for
                                                             doing ambulance work at the front. The cycles are
  THE value of the German mark has dropped from              " double-deckers," that is, they carry two stretchers,
II%d. to below S%d.                                          one above the other, in the place where the side-car
                                                             is usually attached. A first-aid cabinet is placed
  GERMAN submarines have been sinking vessels to             below the lower stretcher.
the number of twelve a day.
                                                                THE Turks are repoited to have committed ter­
  THE British Government has arranged a loan of              rible atrocities in Medina, one of the sacred cities
£10,000,000 from banks in Japan.                             of the Mohammedans, which recently threw off the
                                                             Turkish yoke. Many of the inhabitants were
  A FRENCH battle-ship has been lost in the Bay of           hanged or crucified, and women and children have
Biscay with all hands. She had a crew of 730.                been forced into the firing line.
  THE Manchester authorities have decided to con­              A NEW method of replacing a lost eye has been
vert 300 acres of public parks into potato fields.           invented by two French scientists. The artificial
                                                             eye is made of rubber, the front of which is vulcan­
   IT is reported that the Germans used armoured             ised and enamelled to represent the natural eye,
cars, or "tanks," with great success in the recent           while the back is composed of soft, pliable rubber,
fighting in Roumania.                                        thus obviating the friction with the socket usually
  THE British Government has arranged to take                attendant on the use of glass eyes.
over compulsorily all unoccupied land in England                 COMPLETE plans have been laid, says the Scien­
for agricultural purposes.                                   tific American, for the construction of a bridge five
  THE number of deported Belgians now exceeds                miles long to join San Francisco to its largest
100,000, although, under pressure of neutral powers,         suburb, Oakland, across the bay. The estimated
some are being allowed to return home.                        cost will be £5,400,000, and it will probably take
                                                             four years to complete the structure. It will carry
  ACCORDING to latest figures there are 45,130               four railway tracks and three roads.
German prisoners in England, while Germany has
32,865 English prisoners in Germany.                           IT is asserted that 1,600,000 Poles have been de­
                                                             ported arid forced to work in Gf rman mines, agri­
  IT is stated that a crowd of many thousand Mos­            cultural areas, and munition factories. The men
lem women gathered outside the Sultan's palace in            are paid Qd. per day and the women 6d., with which
Constantinople and demanded peace.                           they must feed and clothe themselves. If they
                                                             refuse to work, soldiers beat them, and they are
  THE British Minister for Munitions has prohibited          imprisoned on starvation diet until they submit.
the use of copper in manufacture and the sale and
purchase of copper outside the United Kingdom.
   IT is reported that flying from the trenches in           Demolishing Adventism
France to London and back again on the same day                            (Continuzd from page 22)
is not an uncommon experience for British officers.          law." Furthermore, if Christ had the
   THE French aeroplanes now carry double-                   law within His heart, and if we are to
barrelled machine guns. They are mounted paral­              " walk even as He walked " (l John 2:6),
lel to one another, and may be fired singly or               we will have its blessed principles written
                                                             in our hearts also, and will not be teach­
  THE vice-chancellor of Oxford University says              ing that it is abolished, nor encouraging
that 10,500 members of the University are in the             others to break it. See the penalty for
navy and army, and nearly 500 in Government em­
ployment in other ways.                                      doing that as declared by our Saviour
                                                             Himself in Matt. 5 :19.
   IT is reported that another deluge tablet has been          So we find that proposition ^ is as un­
discovered among Mesopotamian relics. It is
stated to date back to 2250 B.C., thus antedating            tenable as the others, and is opposed to
most of the deluge inscriptions.                             the teachings of our Saviour and the in­
   As the result of a collision between an express           spired writings of Paul and of John.
train laden with people returning from the royal                              (Continued next week)
30                                             of                           JANBASY 8, 1917

                                                balanced and beautiful in character ? It
                                                means giving pleasure as well as pain;
                                                encouraging more than disheartening,
                                                carrying sunshine more than shadow.
        THE HOME                                In this age of pinprick methods of life, if
                                                we wish to keep from ugliness and un-
                                                sightliness of life, we must praise far
                                                more than we do.
                                                  Is it not better for man himself, and
     Don't Forget to Give a Word                for those with whom he lives, that he
                                                should be appreciative more than cen­
              of Praise                         sorious ? It is so easy to censure, to see
            Rev. James Learmount                the bad, the blemishes upon all lives,
   A WORD of praise is like a magic             that we need the praise spirit to redeem
 wand, it ena&les its author, like some         our lives from destruction.
 magician, to shake out of another person         The Bible is never afraid to praise
 something better than that other person        men; it seems to love to praise men. It
 ever hoped to achieve. And it would be         never stints its eulogies, nor constrains
 a hard thing to convince me that anyone        praise into narrow limits. Deserving
 was ever injured by having his well­           merit always receives its meed of praise.
 doing judiciously praised. Our good            God delights to praise. Christ was full
 deeds and words are like plants, they          of the same sweet spirit. He praised
reward any kindly attention bestowed            Nathaniel, the man without guile; He
 upon them by growing better and better.        praised Mary, who " wrought a good
 Most of us English people are a little too     work on Him"; He praised the gift of
reserved, a little too cautious and stinting    two mites; He praised the centurion for
 in our praise. We are terribly afraid of       his faith; He praised the woman for her
spoiling people. Do you know that it is         importunity; He praised the disciples
only a very exceptionally strong man            for their loyal continuance with Him
who can be content and happy with only          through all His trials—" Ye are they
his own approval ? And all modest men,          which have continued with' Me in My
do they ever so well, are strengthened by       temptations"—all instances, glimpses of
the kindly opinion of others.                   the general working of the mind and
                                                heart of Christ. And could we have been
   Praise, as George Meredith says, is          with Him long, doubtless we would have
"our fructifying sun." You know what            found that these were but a few number­
that means ? To fructify under the sun's        less cases for which no place has been
rays is to bear not only fruit, but ripe,       found. Even His appeal to the bad was
lovely fruit.                                   an act of encouragement. In Zacchseus
   One feels how good a thing a little          he found a son of A.braham, and in the
praise, a little hearty, wholesome encour­      woman who was a sinner, a sister. And
agement can be, when we read of the             in the end Christ will still be the same—
face of a dying man in hospital lighting        the Great Encourager. "Well done, good
up with a smile as he looked after a            and faithful servant, enter thou into the
tender-hearted nurse who had not only           joy of thy Lord."
given him attention, but loving-kindness           To work hard and receive no recog­
at the same time. "I have never been            nition beyond that of cash—" the cash
spoiled," he said; "how good it is to be        nexus," as Carlyle savagely calls it—is
a little spoiled! "                             to reap a harvest of icicles, irresponsive-
   " Praise," someone has said, " comes to      ness, and incapability. If nobody cares
the man who waits for it—under six feet         when we do our work a little better than
of earth!" It ought to be an impossible         we need to, then why do it a little better?
saying, yet deep down in our hearts most        Indeed, why not do it as badly as will
of us admit the saying to be generally          enable it just to pass muster? That is
true.                                           the natural tendency of disheartened
   Does it not seem absolutely necessary        humanity.
that we should praise if we are to be             A modern writer tells of his picking a
JANUARY 8, 1917                               of tfe Ctme«                             si
book up on a stall with this inscription:—        "Well, admitting all that," said his
      " A. B. Y. . . . Z. . . . .              grandmother,"! imagine you will have
As a reward of her tribulation in term         a good many doors to shut, if you ever
time.                     From Herself.        make much of a man."
    " New Year's Day, 1902."                      " What kind of doors ?" said Edward.
                                               "Do tell me, grandmother."
    As the writer says, that inscription          " Sit down a moment, and I will give
opened up a long vista of the long, lonely     you a list," said the old lady.
road in which her tormented spirit had
to travel. Just two words, "From Her­             " In the first place, Edward, the door of
self "; but how deep they cut. She             your ears must be closed against bad
looked for someone to have pity, and           language and evil counsel of the boys
there was no one. The burden threat­           and young men you will meet with at
ened to crush, but no hands were               school and college, or you will be ruined.
stretched out to lighten it or to help         Let them once get possession of that
carry its load. The bitter tears began to      door, and I would not give much for your
 make furrows in the young face, but no        future life.
eyes saw the tragedy, and none had                " The door of your eyes, too, must be
 balm for its healing. The spirit was          shut against bad books, and wicked
 smitten with pathetic loneliness, but no      papers, or your lessons will be neglected,
one pressed up and came near enough to         and you will grow up an ignorant, use­
 heal it all with sympathy and friendship      less man. You will also close them some­
 and love. Then she fell to self-comfort­      times against the fine things exposed for
 ing !—not to self-pity, for that would        sale in the shop windows, or you will
 only have heightened the tragedy—but          never learn to save your money, or have
 to self-encouragement. It is a deep,         'any left to give away.
 deep need in our nature, and it is a great       " The door of your lips will need special
 ministry to cultivate the spirit of praise    care, for it guards an unruly member,
 and appreciation.                             which makes great use of the bad com­
    If you are feeling that you can do         pany let in at the doors of the eyes and
 nothing great or memorable, go through         ears. The door is very apt to blow open;
 life like a garden of flowers swinging        and, if not constantly watched, will let
 incense of praise and appreciation wher­      out angry, trifling, or vulgar words. It
 ever you see a worthy thing or hear a          will backbite sometimes more than the
 good word. Praise is a great sweetener        winter's wind, if it is left open too long.
 of life. No servant works so well as the      I would advise you to keep it shut much
 one who knows that her work will be           of the time, till you have laid up a store
 appreciated. Praise for work done to­         of knowledge, or at least until you have
 day will add ten per cent to the value        something to say which is worth saying.
 and completeness of the work done                "Above all, the inner door of your
 to-morrow. A word of praise to the            heart must be well shut against tempta­
 woman at home will come back in songs         tion, for Conscience, the doorkeeper,
 and comfort to the man who speaks them.       grows very careless if you keep on not
 —Sunday Companion.                            heeding his calls, and sometimes drops
                                               asleep at his post. And when you may
                                               think you are very well, -you are fast
             Shutting Doors                    going down to ruin.
   " DON'T look so cross, Edward, when I          "If you carefully guard the outside
call you back to shut the door. Grand­         doors of the eyes, ears, and lips, you will
mother feels the cold, wintry wind; and         keep out many cold blasts of sin, which
besides, you will have to spend all your       get in before you think. This'shutting
life shutting doors, and might as well         doors' will be a serious business—one on
begin now."                                    which your well-being in this life and the
   *' Do forgive me grandmother. I ought       next depends. But the heart, the heart!
to be ashamed to vex you. But what do          Give that to God at once. Say to Him,
you mean ? I am going to college; and          'Create in me a clean heart, and renew a
then I am going to be a lawyer."               right spirit within me.'"—Selected.
32                                                                of                                            JANUARY 8, 1917
                                                                    owing summary of the situation, as viewed by
                                                                   Rev. Harold Buxton, honorary secretary of the
                                                                   Armenian Refugees' Fund. He has spent three
                                                                   months among the devastated vilayets of that long-
                                                                   suffering people, and declares that there has been
                                                                   no exaggeration as to the multitudes said to have
                                                                   been done to death. A portion of his report reads:
                                                                   "The Armenian race numbered over 4,000,000. Of
                                                                   these 1,500,000 lived under Russia, 2,000,000 under
    We send out no papers that have not been ordered; if           Turkey as she was before the war, and 1,000,000
persons receive THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES without ordering,           were scattered elsewhere—many in the United
it is sent to them by some friend, and they will not be            States. Of the 2,000,000 Turkish Armenians per­
called upon to pay.                                                haps 1,000,000 have been deported and 500,000 mas­
                PEIOE, PAYABLE m ADVANCE                           sacred. Only 200,000 escaped into the mountains,
12 months, post free in the Commonwealth and N.Z. - 5/-            and so across to Russian soil
6 months, post free in the Commonwealth and N.Z. - 2/6                "There are some hundreds of thousands in con­
3 months, post free in the Commonwealth and N.Z. - 1/6             centration camps between Aleppo and Mosul, and
To other countries in the Postal Union ...        ...   ... 91-    in the neighbouring regions of Mesopotamia, where
Single copies, postage extra     ...   ...  ...  ...   ... Id.     Turkey continues to be supreme over their fate.
    All orders sent direct to the publishers or their agents,      Many are employed in forced labour on the Bagdad
either for single subscriptions or for clubs, must be accom­       Railway. To this considerable population we have
panied by cash.
     SIGNS PUBLISHING COMPANY LIB., Melbourne and                  no access, and it is still in danger. According to
               Warburton, Victoria, Australia.                     reports which come through, it is being ravaged by
   When Forwarding Money Orders or Postal'Notes, please            sickness, famine, privations of every kind, outrages,
make same payable to SIGNS PUBLISHING COMPANY                      and murder, all of which means a high mortality
LIMITED, WARBURTON, and not to individuals. All                    among the victims."
remittances from Ne-w Zealand should be in the form of
Money Orders, as Postal'Notes or stamps are not negotiable
»» the Commonwealth.                                                         r*i£E LITERATURE FUND
                                                                     IF any of our readers would consider it a privi.
                 OUE GENERAL AGENTS                                lege to forward small donations for the purpose ol
 •Melbourne Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., 327 Collius St..
                                                                   supplying free literature, we would be pleased to
       Melbourne, Vie.                                             receive same, and will' acknowledge receipt in this
  fiobart Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., Franklin Chambers,          department.
       Macquarie St., Hobart, Tas.                                   We have many requests from worthy individuals
  Sydney Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., "Tereora," The
       Avenue, StrathPeld, Sydney, N.S."W.                         who, although not able to purchase, would willingly
  Brisbane Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., cor. Peel & Grey           distribute our publications in profitable ways. A
       Sts., Sth. Brisbane, Q.                                     small fund devoted to this worthy purpose woulcj
-Adelaide Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., 116 Grote St.,
       Adelaide, S.A.                                              assist the publishers to meet this ever-increasing
  Perth Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., "Warwick House," St.          demand.
       Georges Terrace, Perth, W.A.                                  Remit by money orders or postage stamps.
  Auckland Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., 108 Ponsonby Eoad.
       Ponsonby, Auckland, N.Z.
  Christehureh Agency Signs Pubg. Co. Ltd., Battersea St.,
     , Sydenham, Christehureh, N.Z.

   MANY. Christians have been earnestly praying
 that God would not permit His work to suffer as a
                                                                   THE SYDNEY SANITARIUM
 result of the great war. He has answered that
                                                                           — WahrooMg», New South Wales ——
 prayer. We have seen the answer in our own                                           is not a Sanatorium (or Consumption, but
 work, in the progress it has made and in its financial                          an up-to-date Health Institution where
 affairs. Other missionary organisations have had                          modern methods of treatment are employed in all
 similar experiences. The Church Missionary So­                            non-contagious cases.       Surgical and Midwifery
 ciety has emerged from an anxious year with an in­                        patients, as well as all others, we ad.nitted. Resi-
 come £8,000 above that of the pre-war year. The                           dent surgeon, lady physician, and a large staff ef
 London Missionary Society finds its funds increased                       well-trained nurses in attendance. Special dietaries
 by a similar amount. The Wesleyan Missionary                              provided in Digestive Disorders, Constipation, Dia-
 Society repDrts an increase in its funds of very                          betes, Rheumatism, Gout, Bright's and other dis=
 nearly that amount         The Baptist Missionary                         eases. Massage, Electric Light, and all other forme
 Society has closed its accounts for the first time in                     of Baths and Hydropathic Applications are given
 many years witrout a deficit. The income of the                           by experienced attendants.
 China Inland Mission for the second year of the war
 is £5,600 above the average for the previous ten                            Just the place to find Health, and have
 years of peace. Other lesser organisations have                                     a happy, helpful holiday
 fared similarly. Intensity has taken hold of the
 world, and it is not in the direction of war alone.
                                                                            Ask the Manager to send you "Booklet C,"
   THE fate of the Armenians at the hands of Tur­                                    this gives fall information
 key is an apt example of what Satan would do for
 the whole world, and will do for so much of it as he
 can bring under his control. We can imagine some­                     Published by the Signs Publishing Co. Ltd., Melbourne, printed
                                                                         at Warburton, and registered as a newspaper in Victoria
 thing of what Armenia has suffered from the fol -

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